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I love cum, anal, giving blowjobs but for long periods of time, hours on end, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, just not enough, ever. The thing is only 1 person knows that im gay (besides the one night stands in towns I have only been to once), my c***d hood bff Lisa, now 23 we still talk every day. We share storries, talk about sexy men, even compare dicks we have sucked, or taken, cumshots we have seen, kinky times we have had. We have been comfortable naked around eachother since we were 9. Im not 100% gay, so we have fooled around a lot over the years, she has agreed to someday wear a strap on for me. We have always seen eachother as best friends, but I never tried to date, and she always rejected every guy that came her way but we have both had plenty of one night stands. I think it was just always known that it would just be me and her forever, she loved the fact that I was bi, loving dicks was just another thing we had in common with one another. We just called eachother friend because we loved the freedom that we could just fuck anybody so we choose, and not make the other mad.

I am about 5'9" and worked out the past few years so I am a little cut, I keep my dark brown hair long because thats how she likes it, everything else is shaved though, and have an average 6"-7" and have been told I have a nice looking and tight ass. She is has nice brown hair like mine, one of those cute teen faces and a little innocent quiet voice. She is about 5'6" and skinny, with B size tits, ass that is just so squeezable, and a very nice tight pussy that I just can not get enough of.

We live together now, sl**p together, share money and basically act like a couple would. She was telling about about her new job, its at a sex shop, she started telling me that they had booths were to watch videos, but were basically used as glory hole booths. Most of them just had one hole, but there were two or three special ones with holes on both sides of the booth. Lisa asked me to go meet her there at 6pm when she got off, so we could get one of the two hole booths before they were all taken, and we could stay for a while and suck dick for a while. I jumped at the opertunity, but the day and a half until then, she told me not to cum, so it would be a better time, while she was there I stayed occupied just hanging out with her, but while she was at work, I had a hard time, but I made it there at 6, still full of cum. We went to the double hole booth closest to the door, hoping to get the most action. She said people didnt start showing up until 7 or 8. I had brought food since it was so late, we got naked first, then at our burgers, then to kill time we just made out and felt eachother up. When lined up at our holes, the room was small, so we were pretty much back to back and touching eachother. A last minute suprised she had for me, she had gotten a double sided dildo earlier in the day while she was working. We would both be fucked while we sucked. Her side was the first to get a cock, she laid a hand on it to let him know she was comming. We both got to our holes, and she put one side of the dildo in her pussy, I put the other in my ass.

When her guy got hard, he was only about 4 inches, and not very thick, I could tell she was dissapointed, so when I got one about 7 inches, I did what any good friend would do, rub it in her face that I got the better one. She finished him quick while I went slow to savor the big cock that I got. Her second one was about my size, which she liked. We started at 7, It was now 8:30 and we were on the same two guys, I was not working the fake cock in and out of me and her, making her moan and me just want some real dick in me. A little after, my dude came a pretty sizable cumshot, and staying until I swallowed and cleaned his dick off. He was replaced by a massive, 9inch monster of a cock, I gave a winning laugh as she saw what I now had.

I remember it was about 9:00 when her guy came, and she stood up, taking the dildo with her, keeping one side in her pussy, and putting the other in her ass as I gave a kind of angry moan. She replied saying "my mouth hurts, have fun, I want to see little cum slut bff in action." I slowly sucked the 9" dick I had infront of me until I heard her say "hey cumslut, you have another cock waiting for you" I looked back to see a 5" cock, I turned my body to suck it, and rubbing the big one and quickly I heard "cumslut, he wont settle for a handjob, give him more." I k**dingly snapped back with a "just play with your toy, I got this" and stood my ass up, and lowered it onto the big one. Just pretty my hole against the glory hole letting him do the work while I sucked. We both kind of giggled as we could hear his body slamming into the booth beside us, and I let her know that with each slam into that wall, my spot was getting slammed aswell, and she mentioned the almost constant flow of precum comming out of me. I made both of them cum at the same time by some odd stroke of luck they both came at the same time and left. I kept my ass where it was and stood up to give my back a rest.

Aparently the booth behind me was busy, because within a minute, I felt another cock slowly come in and poke the entrance of my ass, I figured he would go in slowly, Instead, this cock, bigger than the last, thrusted into me, making me moan very loud, and making Lisa crack up. As he kept thrusting in and out I moaned loving it, as his big cock rammed my prostate over and over. When another cock poked throught the other hole, I bent over to suck it. After the one in my mouth came and another showed up, my ass was still getting rammed, but it was getting close to midnight, Lisa took about an hour and a half long nap, without removing her dildo, so about 1:30 after some more cocks, while being fucked still, I started working the dildo in her, waking her up, she was amazed that I was still fucking and sucking cock, without a break. I continued sucking and fucking throught the night, while she just fiddled with her dildo, and kept calling me a cumslut.

At 4:45am a guy came by knocking on each door saying we had to be out by 5, so the cocks I was servicing quickened their fucking pace so they could cum and go. I had been blowing cock for 10 hours, and getting my ass pounded for 8hrs, I counted, by the end of the night I had swallowed 12 guys loads, and 6 cumshots were still in my ass. As we were leaving, Lisa went on saying "damn boy, you could hold down a fulltime cumslut job" joking on and on then said "but I loved watching, was the time of my life, even though I fell asleap for a bit." On our way home she said "hey, we should get married, were like a married couple anyway, lets just go make it legal, and still have the same fun we do." I said "alright" and when we got home I fucked her pussy until the sun came up, then collapsed and we both slept until 5 the next day. We got married a month later. To be continued, on more of my fun storries with my new wife.

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