My highschool girlfriend 2

It had been a week and me and my girlfriend had not done anything else, but ofcourse we talked about it. Her mostly, saying "I was so sure you were so strait, im so happy your okay with my cock" all I would say was "I was so sure I was strait too, but being with you, just changed that I guess but I love it, you make me hornier than a girl with a vagina ever could." She also brought up another point, that the anal can go both ways, and ask if she could be on top next time. I was kinda scared it would hurt, but thought it may be fun, and told her that and she said she would make it painless, by then I trusted her a lot, so I agreed to let her be on top, if came to my house in cut off jeans and shirt, with no underwear, and leave it all on until I decide to take it off of her, because I think that is really hot for "girls" like her.

So saturday she showed up it her cut off jeans, showing half of her ass, I was suprised her balls werent falling out. Her top was white, and really tight, showing her belly, nipples poking through, I could almost see right through the top. She went way over the top, dressing like my little slut, and it made me hard instantly. As soon as she walked in I shut the door and grabbed her tits, when we got to the bed I grinded my cock on her leg and her dick on my leg. I quickly took off my shirt an pants and underwear, still rubbing my leg into her cock, and letting my cock rub against the cut off jeans she had on. She took of her shirt, then grabbed at her shorts, I took her hand away and said "leave them on" "but theyr making my cock hurt" I put my hand in them and straitened her cock out, but left it in her shorts and said "there, leave them on, they are so hot."

We made out and played with eachothers parts for a bit, and then she licked her finger and stuck it in my ass, I jumped. She said "I thought this was okay?" "it is, it is, just shocked me, keep going, please." She said she was just slowly stretching my ass so it didnt hurt, but she was going to be carefull to not hit my prostate, so when her cock hit it, itd be the first time. She was just working one finger in me, then two, at two it felt amazing, I couldnt imagine it feeling better, but there was still a cock to come and my prostate that hadnt been touched. She slid in a third finger, and pretty soon it was sliding in and out easily, it was ready for her cock.

I sat up on the bed, and she stood infront of me, I began rubbing the bulge in her sweet cut off jeans, and it throbbed. She neerly screamed "its hurting, let it free please", I pused it through the leg of her shorts. It showed her glorious cock, but the denim at the base still pinned it against her leg. I laid her on the bed, and liked from the denim of her shorts the to prucum at the tip of her cock, and kept licking the one side of her cock. I then moved it back into her shorts, then to the top, and let the tip stick out from the top of her shorts. I licked it some more before grinding the hole of my ass on her cock an rubbed her balls though her denim. "Stop teasing me you fucker!" she said as she giggled with a horny laugh.

I unzipped her short shorts, finally setting her juicy cock free, but not her balls, they still stayed confined in her shorts. I licked her cock all around to get it wet, told her she looked sexier than I could ever imagine anyone being, bent over the bed, and told her I was ready. She stuck her fingers in me one last time, then said "get ready, first time my cock enters you, im going to ram it into your protate then wildy fuck you until I cum, your about to get more pleasure than your cock would ever get." When she placed her cockhead at my hole I said "do it". Before I could think, her big cock slammed into me, with one quick thrust, hitting my spot and going deep. This set my ass on fire with pleasure, it felt like I was going to cum buckets, but I didnt, the pleasure kept comming as she began ramming in and out. It was 10 times better than an orgasm, but it lasted through the whole time. I thrembled and moaned uncontrolably, neerly screaming into my sheets. She giggled as I was having the time of my life because of her cock.

I rolled over to get a nice view of the fucking I was getting, I was able to lay on my back at the edge of the bed and she just held my legs. Her thrusts were so feirce, shaking the whole bed, slamming it into the wall, my cock was flopping around, slapping us both as we fucked. Her boobs were giggling, to this day I believe there is nothing better than looking up seeing the girl of my dreams pounding away at my ass, which just added to the pleasure. Enough to make me cum hard, all over my chest, stomatch, and one shot landing on my face and in my mouth. It tasted pretty good, so I licked the rest off my face, and she used her hands to scoop the rest off me and feed it to herself, but did not stop fucking me. I told her nothing could be hotter than that moment right then.

It felt like forever, but her pace quickend, and she jerked off my dick a little bit, and as her cum shot into the back of my ass, it sent me over the edge once again, cumming all over myself. She let her cock slowly slip out, and the licked off the cum, took off her shorts, and laid ontop of me, we woke up the next morning and took a shower together before she had to leave.

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2 years ago
Hot story... keep 'em coming!
3 years ago
I have never been fucked so I can't talk about that, but sure have fucked several tgirls in several states. The story turned me on so much.
3 years ago
3 years ago
great flip floping!
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
ohhhhhh my