return to work

Return to work.

After the events at the works party I was apprehensive about returning to work on the Monday. I put on my longest skirt, tightest bra, loosest blouse and flat shoes. As we got into the car hubby remarked “Your looking a bit dowdy today – feeling all right?” I couldn’t tell him I was dressed like this to , hopefully put the lads at work minds off the works party so I said “yep just fancied a change of style”.

When we go to work I sneaked in by the back stairs and into my office without seeing any of the employees. The morning passed uneventfully, but when it came to the lunch break my husband went off to see a client. Shortly after he left my four colleagues came into my office – “here we go I thought.” Sure enough James opened proceedings by saying “we won’t say anything is you don’t”. I pretended not to understand and asked him what he was talking about. Some hope! “you may not remember us fucking you in the toilets” he said “ but you sure enough remember all four of us fucking you at the table with you husband across the table half d***k”
“don’t worry we wont tell him if you behave”

That was it out in the open no chance were they going to consider it a one night lucky event with their employers wife. I tried one last time “if you tell him I will deny it and who will he believe his loving wife or his randy employees” that was when they produced their ace card – pics of me being fucked in the gents loo – blasted camera phones!

“What do you want then” I asked. “Just that you be nice to us all when ever hubby is out on business” replied James. “ I suppose by that you mean fucking you again” I said. “Oh that’s just for starters” said Fred with a leer. I began to get really worried at his tone. “You see we’ve never had a woman at our beck and call before so we intend to make up for lost time”. Jim has always dreamed about fucking someone in the ass, whilst George has always fancied a bit of bondage whilst James has always wanted to bring a woman to a shattering climax with a machine driven dildo”. “And what fantasy do you have not that I am going to be involved in any of them” I sneered. “Oh I just want to see a gang bang said Fred”

It looked like I had no option but to fulfil their fantasies or become a divorcée! Oh well work was going to get interesting

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Wow.... talk about some black mailin' men! I love it! Give us the scoop on what happened next ( although it's already been posted lol )
2 years ago
what happened i need to know
2 years ago
Please tell us what happened, in lots of nice juicy, horny, sexy detail :)
2 years ago
u going to be turned in to a fuck bitch
2 years ago
Looks like your going to be taking some dictation in the office?
2 years ago
Pls what's next?
2 years ago
Please tell....