DAncing Fuck the wifes story - the Results

You need to read “Dancing fuck the wife’s story” for background to this story

As we went to bed I asked Hubby “Why didn’t you stop me?”
“Well you were obviously enjoying yourself and I thought you should try everything once – even a small gang bang” was his response. On that note we went to sl**p.

Hubby had already gone to work when I awoke the next morning. As I lay there waking up I realised that my cunt felt a bit tender. Then I remembered the night before and realised why. Half awake I found my hand drifting down to feel my cunt which was damp with slightly swollen lips. I started to masturbate slipping two fingers into a cunt that was definitely more open that usual in the mornings. AS I worked up to an orgasm I realised that despite Hubby talking of trying everything once I was definitely going to try gang bangs more than once.

But where to find the opportunity – Hubby always went out with me and might be suspicious if I started to go out on my own. Then it hit me – of course three of the guys fucking me last night worked at my new office so that would be the place to start.

With this thought in mind I dressed for work - but with a few changes from normal. Oh I wore the same slightly flared skirt, white blouse and heels however the Heels were a couple of inches higher than normal, A platform bra instead of a normal brassier and most important of all no knickers. At a casual glance I looked to be dressed the same as other days but a closer look would reveal that my bottom stuck out a bit more thanks to the higher heels and my nipples could just be discerned through my blouse.

When I got to work there were the usual hellos from colleagues as I went through to where I worked. When I got to my office there were slightly embarrassed hellos from Joe, Fred and John who all then immediately pretended to be buried in work. All the other workers treated me as normal.

After a few minutes I went across to Fred’s desk on the pretence of asking to borrow his ruler. I leant across the desk facing him ensuring that when he looked up he got a good view of my nipples through the stretched blouse. I saw his tongue lick his lips as his gaze locked on my assets - got him I thought. Then I went back to my desk making sure I provocatively swung my hips to keep hi eyes on me. When I got to my desk a quick glance round told me no one else was looking in my direction so I deliberately bent over to retie a shoe making sure my skirt rode up a high as I could. I didn’t know what he saw but I definitely felt cold ait hit my cunt so hopefully it was visible to Fred.

I sat at my desk and smiled across to Fred who was sitting there as if mesmerised – so he had obviously seen my bare cunt – good, now to trap Joe and John. I saw them head for the coffee machine so immediately followed them. Remembering how Fred has reacted I decided I could risk a more direct approach so I slipped up behind them at the machine and whispered “My cunts swollen you bastards”. They froze then Fred said “I have a cure for that” “I hope so seeing as you are the cause” I replied and reached down to squeeze his groin just in case he had not go the message.

“So do you fancy meeting for a drink later?” asked John with a leer. “Sorry lads but I have a husband who goes everywhere with me.” I said. “But there are plenty of hidden areas around the office” I said with a smile and glancing round to make sure we were unobserved I grabbed John’s hand and pushed it up my skirt to my bare cunt to emphasis the message. “Last night really turned you on by the feel of it” said John.

“You don’t know how much” I replied “I want another gang bang as soon as we can” “That wasn’t a gang bang” said Fred – “you were only fucked by two of us and sucked off the other two you need a few more men for a proper gangbang – are you up for that” he asked. “She sure is” said John” her cunt just spasmed when you mentioned more men” – the bastard still had his hand up my skirt squeezing my bare cunt.

“Ok Here’s the deal” said Fred “you know that old store room at the back of the first floor that no one knows where the key is anymore?” he asked “Yes but what good is that if no one has key?” I asked. “Just be there at 12:30” snapped Fred and walked off with his coffee followed by John after giving on last squeeze of my now dripping cunt. Then Fred turned back and said ” no wanking off in the toilet we don’t want you work out before we start”

I still don’t know how I lasted until 12:30 – certainly didn’t get much work done but as asked I went to the old store room dead on time and knocked on the door. It was immediately opened by Fred and I was literally jerked into the room and the door slammed shut. I looked round and gasped – there was a double bed and a sofa in the room but what made me gasp was the five guys standing there bullock naked.

“Well you wanted a gang bang so here we all” are said Fred dropping his trousers as he spoke to make it six pricks staring at me – literally.

“Don’t stand there gawping “said Joe “get them clothes off we only have an hours lunch break”. I snapped out of my shocked state and quickly stripped out of skirt, Blouse bra and heels with just s little thought – “what the hell has happened to the slightly prudish wife I was until last nights happenings”. Fred did the introductions – “You know Joe and John, well the 7 inch guy is Alf; the 6 inch but thick guy is Harry and the last guy is called Long for obvious reasons” he said pointing to the lad with a 9 inch boner. “And this is today’s lunch cunt Ann” he said to the guys.

Then Fred and Joe grabbed me like last night and laid me on the bed John immediately latched onto my left nipple, Harry on my right nipple and Fred started finger fucking my cunt. “Slow down Guys” I gasped – sorry luv only got 40 minutes left of lunch break said Joe as he started playing with my clitoris. At that Long sat astride my face ad fed his cock into my mouth. I was in ecstasy!. Suddenly I started jerking under these guys as I had an enormous orgasm. The guys stood back and watched as I thrashed on the bed and my cunt opened and closed in orgasmic spasms.

“Right that’s got the cunt nice and wet” said Joe lets get to fucking and without a by your leave they hoisted my up onto my knees and elbows on the bed. Joe slipped under me and thrust his cock up my cunt, at the same time Alf fed his cock down my throat, John lay down to suck and squeeze my left tit and Long started on the right one. I was soon moaning with pleasure and found myself saying “more more more”. That’s when I felt Someone lick my arse hole and then push their cock slowly up my arse. I vaguely realised it must be Harry and screamed Ye Harry Yes Harry as he fucked my in time with Joe fucking my cunt.

Just as I was really getting into a rhythm both Joe and Harry came filling my cunt and arse with lovely warm spunk. Alf immediately followed and filled my mouth with his offering. “God that was great” I gasped thinking it was all over. “that’s just to warm you up” said Fred. Before I could ask what he meant Long slipped into Joe’s position and thrust 9 inched straight up my cunt . “God that feels great” I said just as John slipped his cock up my well lubricated Arse. Both guys proceeded to fuck me like a rag doll for about 5 minutes causing me to have multiple orgasms before I was again treated to a cunt and arse full of fresh spunk.

“right” said Fred “get cleaned up and back to work lunch time is over. Same time tomorrow Anne? – God yes please” I gasped as I slowly came down from all those glorious orgasms and wondered if every lunch time form now on would involve me being fucked – If only I had known what was in store!!

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