Dancing fuck the wifes story

My husband had recently moved jobs and was just getting to know his new workmates. One of them, John, suggested that we might like to go to a club he knew. He said it was a quite club with a small dance floor. I was doubtful but Ann said we should go to bond with her new workmates so I agreed. My wife decided to wear something conservative as she didn’t know what the form would be. She dressed in a long flowing skirt zipped up the back, a blouse and normal bra and panties and low heels for dancing.

When we arrived John was already at the bar with a couple of mates so we went across and joined him. Introductions were made and the two guys were Fred and Joe. They seemed a nice enough pair but I was a bit surprised there were no ladies with them although they explained their wives were at a book-group that evening so couldn’t join us. My husband looked a bit put out at this news as it left me as the only lady with four men.

After a few drinks the music started and my husband and I had a couple of dances. When we go back to the bar drinks were already waiting for us. As we chatted my husband was very interested in something John was saying so when Joe asked me ot dance I agreed. During the next couple of hours I danced with all the men. Gradually the bar emptied until there were only a few hardened drinkers and our little group left. The band went home but I was enjoying the dancing and I have to admit also enjoing being the centre of attention for four men.. The barman put on a few records with slow dance music and Joe and Fred kept me company on the dance floor as hubby and John were still locked in conversation.

During the next slow record I found myself dancing between Joe and Fred with Joe dancing behind me and Fred dancing in front of me. After the drinks I had consumed my defences were a bit lowered and I thought nothing of this. However when I felt Joe bump into my bottom at the same time as Fred bumped into my front I did feel a little unsure. But I glanced at my husband and he just smiled at me so I thought “no worries then”.

Next I knew Joe had his arms around my waist and was grinding his groin against me arse. Fred was now dancing right up against my front so I had no room to move away from Joe. Suddenly I didn’t know why but I felt comfortable and relaxed between these two men and just enjoyed dancing between them even with the constant “bumping” against me.

Then I realised that Joe had his hands around me cupping my tits and it felt good. Again I glanced at hubby but he just nodded and smiled at me even though it was obvious he could see Joe feeling up my tits. Next I knew was Fred dancing right against me and I could feel his hard cock through my dress. Despite never having been in this sort of situation before and not considering myself to have a high sex drive I started to find I was enjoying the close contact and as hubby didn’t seem to be bothered I thought “lets see where this goes then”

The barman kept putting on slow records and we three just snuggled closer then I felt a draft on my back and realised that Joe had unzipped the back of my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders, then his hands found my tits again but this time with only a thin shelf bra to protect them. And my nipples were fully exposed to the sir which caused them to swell as Joe found out when he took them between his finger and thumb. At this treatment I lost what little control I had and started to grind by arse against Joes cock. Joe took this as a go signal and immediately removed my bra to fully cup my naked tits. Seeing this Fred unzipped my skirt and slipped it off along with my panties. There was me naked on a public dance floor trapped between tow men ( or should it be between two cocks?).

However a glance around told me it was no longer a public dance floor as there was only Hubby, John and the barman left and Hubby and John had their cocks out and were slowly stoking them – god was I turned on at that sight.

Whilst I was occupied with Joe fondling my tits I suddenly felt Fred’s cock against my bare thighs – the bastard had dropped his trousers whilst I was looking around. However instinct took over and I simply spread my legs to give him access to my now dripping cunt.

As Fred was rubbing his cock along my wet slit I leant back into Fred for a long deep kiss whilst he continued to pull on my nipples and massage my tits. God I was melting with desire. Suddenly I was picked up and laid on the table in front of Hubby and John. In a sexual haze I was vaguely aware of Hubby but my needs overrode any worries as I shouted “Well come on who’s going to fuck me first”. Immediately Joe thrust a meaty 7 inches up my cunt as Fred slipped his 6 inches into my mouth and proceeded to throat fuck me.

Seeing me being spit roasted was obviously too much for John as he was suddenly alongside me sucking my left tit and wanking my clitoris, then Hubby was latched onto my right tit and had wrapped my hand around his throbbing cock. Hubby must have been really worked up at the sight of his wife getting treated like a sex slut because I only had time fro a couple of rubs on his cock before he sprayed my stomach with a massive load of spunk. This triggered all of us into a mass orgasm with Fred filling my mouth and Joe filling me cunt as I screamed “I’m CUMMING” and had the best orgasm of my life.

As I came down from that I saw that the barman was watching and that he had his helper with him and both were wanking their cocks. “Don’t wast them” I said “there is a cunt and mouth here for that.” Immediately I again had a cock in y cunt and one im my mouth and was getting another spit roasting. These two had a great rhythm and as one thrust up my cunt the other thrust down my throat and in no time all three of us came. I looked at the 5 men with their limp cocks and said ”Thanks guys but that is enough – I’m Fucked”

AS we cleaned up and dressed to go home Hubby asked what had come over me – all I could say was “it felt right – and when can we do it again” I’m definitely a gang bang wife from now on!

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8 months ago
Great story I hope you write about your next time also.
8 months ago
great story