caught out again

For the next few days I could not stop thinking about the night I was gang fucked by 3 lesbians. Whenever I was not occupied I had flashbacks to what they had done to me and how much I had enjoyed it all. Getting my arse and tits slapped and my cunt royally fucked with a big fat dildo/ It was great!!! Every remembered detail had my cunt dripping and I was wanking it every chance I got.

After three days of this I just had to find a way for a repeat performance so I dressed as I had that night, Short skirt, high heels, no bra and this time no knickers either – I was ready!

I walked into the same area of town pretending I had lost my way. After about 10 minutes of wandering from street to street I heard what I was hoping to hear – a female saying to another who does that bitch think she is walking onto our turf dressed like that. As soon as I hear this I felt my nipples harden and my cunt swell in anticipation. When I turned around I saw four women glaring at me – I recognised on of them from the last time (Joyce) but the other three were strangers. “Come here bitch” shouted Joyce so I obediently walked over to them. I later found out the others were called Ann; Mary and Liz. “Oh its you again” said Joyce. “Do you know this bitch said Ann?” “Sure do – Jane, Joy and myself gave her a going over last Tuesday night”. “Bet she’s here for more then” said Mary.

“Well are you?” asked Joyce. “Of course not” I snapped not wanting to look too easy. “Oh just happened down here did you then?” “Just out for a walk nothing else” I stated. “A walk! You’ll be lucky if you can walk for a week when we’ve done with you “said Liz with a smirk making a fucking motion with here hands.

Look like my luck is in I thought as the four women surrounded me. Immediately they grabbed my arms and frog marched my into a narrow dim side ally. As soon as we were far enough from the street not to be noticed Liz ripped open my blouse and exposed my naked tits. “hey no bra” said Joyce “I think this girl was looking for me again. Must have enjoyed my fist last time” “What you fisted her and she still comes back” asked Ann “She must really be a randy bitch – are you?” “not at all” I said I just got lost!”

Liz then slipped her hand up my skirt and found a bare cunt – “Just got lost did you – lost you knickers as well I suppose”. “Ok so I liked what happened last time and wanted it again” I admitted. “Oh we have alive one here” said Liz “lets strip her and get the show on the road. Without any further discussion my skirt was pulled off and I stood in the middle of them naked except for my high heels. “ Wow look at that cunt” said Mary “ its already puffed up and dripping” and without any hesitation she grabbed hold of my swollen lips and started to pull on them. “Ouch” I cried. “Oh don’t pretend you don’t like them pulled said Mary – how else did they get so long and puffy” As she was squeezing and pulling my lips Liz grabbed my left breast and Joyce grabbed my right breast both of then squeezing and pulling them. Not to be left out Ann stated to maul my ass cheeks. They didn’t yet realise it but I was in heaven!

Should I continue????

85% (8/1)
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doh yes
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Wtf do you think
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without a doubt!
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oh please do!