Alice in the woods.

Alice stood in the woodland glade the warm autumn breeze gently blowing against her pale skin and tossing her russet curls. She stood captivated by the sight of the Lord of the Forest; at least that’s what local legend had him to be. Not 10 meters away stood the most handsome creature Alice had ever laid eyes on. From amongst the ancient oaks the Lord of the Forest gently walked forwards eyes searching through the trees and shrubs as he went, each footstep deliberate and certain an almost royal air to his confident and assured movements. He was truly magnificent, Alice was awestruck her heart missing a beat before increasing in tempo. As his gaze swept the glade it was only a matter of time before their eyes met, when they did Alice suddenly understood why he was known as the Lord of the Forest. His eyes pierced her soul filling her with a warmth she had never experienced before, all her troubles vanished and she felt like a renewed woman.
Alice felt a hand touch her shoulder and gently turned her head to see a tall blonde lady in her mid thirties dressed in the olive and black of the woodland ranger service. In a silky and gentle tone Louise whispered “I see you have met the Lord of the Forest..... Magnificent isn’t he?” Alice held onto Louise’s hand and gently replied “Wonderful, truly wonderful.”
The Lord of the Forest turned slightly away from the two ladies glancing back at them over his shoulder causing them both to catch their breath. “I’ve been following him all day” whispered Louise softly into Alice’s ear “you are lucky that he noticed you so quickly! I’m Louise by the way, Lou for short if you want”
The breeze increased slightly blowing a few golden leaves in the direction of the Lord; he shook himself slightly and sat down, once again glancing at the two women who were still watching him with awe.
“Have you heard the ancient local prophecy Lou?” Alice asked in hushed tones. “I’ve heard one or two stories yes but until now I never believed them what about y...” Lou’s question was cut off by Alice kissing her fully on the lips with a passion Alice herself didn’t understand. Her tongue was dancing inside Lou’s mouth within seconds, only then did Alice contemplate what she’d done.....
Luckily Lou was now kissing Alice with vigour and passion now, soft moans emitting form her as she did so. Passion and instinct had consumed the pair by now and Alice was desperately unbuttoning Lou’s shirt. Lou meanwhile worked feverishly on Alice’s bra clasp under her T shirt before grasping her small pert breasts in her hands and caressing them. Alice pulled away from kissing Lou and finally removed her olive shirt revealing a large pair of breasts nestled firmly in a sports bra. With the bra discarded on the floor in an instant Alice concentrated on fondling and caressing the wonderful breasts she had before her, gently kissing each nipple as she switched from breast to breast. Gently cupping Lou’s breasts together Alice kissed her passionately once more the lips.
Alice’s own T-shirt and bra were now cast aside as Lou licked and sucked her nipples before teasing them hard between her soft lips. With Alice leant against a tree trunk Lou gently stroked her stomach with her long, tender fingers before kissing a path from her erect and sensitive nipples down to the top of her skirt. Alice grabbed her own nipples and tweaked them excitedly as first her skirt and then her knickers were deftly removed leaving her naked except her black hold up stockings. She moaned gently as Lou’s warm breath caught in her pubic hair quickly replaced by a probing tongue.
Lou lay Alice down on the discarded clothing before removing her trousers and briefs. She knelt over Alice’s face before burying her own face deep between Alice’s legs. Her tongue and fingers worked gently in and out as well as all around Alice’s pussy stroking and licking, probing and teasing the redhead and making her writhe with pleasure. With her tongue lapping up Alice’s sweet juices Lou upped the ante by rubbing Alice’s clit before sliding a pair of fingers deep inside her tight vagina.
Alice gasped and held her legs high into the air as Lou brought her to a shuddering and delightful climax, her body bathed in pleasure Alice kissed Lou’s moist and puffy pussy lips. Alice kissed and kissed Lou’s shaven area before probing gently with her tongue, gently licking with the tip before more fevered licking with the whole of her tongue. Gently and carefully Alice held Lou’s lips apart and licked deeper into the blondes body, juices covering Alice’s face in the sweet musky smell of passion. She carefully kept returning to Lou’s clit teasing it with short flicks from the tip of her tongue before gently rubbing it with her fingers. Now Alice started plunging her tongue deep into Lou, keeping it rigid as it entered before flicking it about as she exited.
Lou had never felt penetration like this before and squealed with delight. This only encouraged Alice more and she increased the speed with which she penetrated her gorgeous lover. Finally she switched her tongue to Lou’s clit, flicking gently and rhythmically as she pushed her fingers into a very moist and responsive pussy. With subtle and gentle movements of her fingers as she worked them in and out Alice brought Louise to a multitude of small orgasms before some vigorous licking and fingering gave Lou a climax she had never experienced in her life before.
The pair lay in the 69 position for a few minutes gently licking the juices from each other’s legs before cuddling together. “Well the stories are true I guess” whispered Lou “the Lord of the Forest does indeed bring passion and desire to couples who find him.....”
When you are walking in the woods make sure you have your partner close by if you meet a pure white stag, the Lord of the Forest is a powerful b**st!
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Good post...more from you, please.