arab girl frist time sex

hello every body my story about my Arab girls

first time I'm meet here at yahoo chat room
she is very beautiful
and sexy
i told here i need to see ur pic see say no
because she first time chat with me
she ask me about see my cam and I'm on my cam for here as respect man she ask me for see my toll (short or toll) so I'm stand up for show for her my high
after that she told me take of ur clothes i said nooooooo
as respect man she say to me bye and closed her mail

and next day
i found her online i said hi friend i hope to make u happy today are u steel need to see my body ?
she say noooooo
i don't like u
after more talk i said I'm sorry because sometime when I do that at cam MAYBE U SAY I'M BAD MAN so sorry for that but now i hope make u happy

she said ok let's make me happy and show ur dick
i show my dick like that

i told her are u have photo for u or have cam
she say will send u some photo for u
she write my mail name at paper and do that for me

i love her and I'm happy to see that pic by my name and she said i love u
and we start great love relation
and every day we talk together and after long time she
told me i need u fuck me i said OK and she live with her f****y house and no way for meat her at her house i try to rent room at hotel and hotel say are u have paper for ur wedding to be sure that is ur wife
i say not now
that will take long time because we are new wife and husband
so hotel say sorry you can rent room here
i think that is very big problem when we go to get fuck happy time and we haven't place for do that
she told me my father and my mother at work and my b*****r go to club and all will back at 4 pm and now its 1pm we can do it for 2hours i
i think that is great answer
and we go to her home and
we do more hugs and deep kiss at the door of her house and i take of her clothes and she take of my clothes and i suck her boobs and her nipple and she play in my dick and suck my dick when i finger her pussy
then we do 69 position and we suck allllllllll
,and at end we do hard fuck for 2 hours and she go fast to clean my cum and her cum and make check for every thing at home is well and i say for here i love u and i'm happy to make sex with my lover i will call u when i be at my home

at end we spend sexy and horny day together

i love sex and that girl now are marry for other man

because that is live we do great sex with man and marry other

good bye every body hope for u happy days


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2 years ago
Lol You took that picture of this hijab girl from the internet and copied it here to fool us hhhhh
2 years ago
هاي انا سامي ممكن تضفوني
3 years ago
that is a shame as you sounded like you had started to love her
3 years ago
i like thattttttttt