Submission 8

As I left Bev's, I took the long way back to my house, so that I could think through some of the delicate aspects of the ever expanding complications of my i****tuous life. I had originally acted solely on my desire to seduce my mother, and to have her be my willing slave. It was a great fantasy, and an even better reality. This whole master plan of mine had been sent hurdling down the track at a blazing speed. In the process, it had taken several side trips, and it looked as though it was going to take a few more. It was out of control, and I feared that the entire thing could easily derail. All it would take is for one person to have a change of mind or a sudden heightening of moral ethics, to bring everything crashing down.

I knew if that happened, it would be my fault. Yet many others, people that I cared for, would be harmed in the process, as the authorities dug into the details of it all. This fun thing that I had started had far more serious ramifications than I ever gave thought to, before I began. I had been foolish, selfish and careless. However, I couldn't see any way to stop it now. And to be honest with myself, I didn't want to. The bizarre sexual situations which I had created were extraordinary, even better than I had dreamed. I would have to figure out a way to put my mind at ease, or I was going to go crazy.

One thing for sure, I had to have a serious talk with my friends and relatives about what we were doing, and why. Hot sex just wasn't a valid reason to risk ruining everyone's lives.

My mind moved on to another subject. I thought through tonight's actions, and decided to tell mom everything that had happened with Bev and her mother. However, I felt that the part about my father's intervention would best be told to mom by Tina. She and mom would have to work on a new relationship as lusting mothers. At least they could lean on each other's shoulders for emotional support, as they needed it.

After I had reduced his access to mom, Fred had loudly proclaimed his need for his own slave. It occurred to me that Tina just may be a possibility, although Beverly would have the final say on that. I would bring it up with her tomorrow night, and see if she was opposed.

Beverly. Wow! What an unexpected surprise she was turning out to be. It was thanks to my extensive reading about S&M relationships, that I felt she was going to be a switch hitter. By that I mean that she could be both a mistress and slave. At no point would I allow her to dominate me, yet I had no problem with her dominating some one else, especially if I ordered it.

While strolling home, I stumbled when I recalled her naked form, as she masturbated and screamed at Fred to whip mother's tits. She was an incredible beauty; the kind of woman who would be gorgeous at eighty, and probably still horny. I never thought that I would find a pair of breasts as pretty as my mother's. Yet Bev's firm, large, fresh white bosoms, with their light pink nipples, while different, were certainly as lovely. Oh, how special tomorrow night was going to be.

I would have to give some serious thought about making love to her. It must surpass the passion of this evening's performance. I felt a definite obligation to place her pleasure before my own, due to the fact of her virginity being sacrificed to me.

Our mutual life long friendship had burgeoned into a raging love affair for both of us. It was plain to me that we would be together for a very long time, perhaps forever. That was fine with me. I knew that many relationships declined because of a lust for other sex partners. But as a master of slaves, I could have whomsoever I wished. And if my dear Beverly lusted for another, I would have no problem with it, providing she shared the details with me. I would have to find a delicate way to suggest it to her, lest she think that I didn't have long term feelings for her.

Something else flashed into my mind. My mother had flipped me the finger, as I was talking to Bev. Now what in the hell was that about? Then I remembered what I was saying at the time. I was telling Beverly how to gradually take control of her mother by finding faults and punishing her for them, just as I had done with my mom.

I knew then that mom realized that it was in this manner that I had manipulated her into a subservient role in our household. Shit! Had I screwed up our relationship, by revealing too much? Well, she had been smiling, so apparently not; at least I hoped not. I decided to deal with her honestly, as she was obviously aware of my perverted strategy to enslave her.

As I walked up the drive to my house, I wondered if Fred was still there. Probably not. All but the kitchen light was off down stairs, and mom's bedroom light was on. When I entered the house I heard nothing. It was getting late, so I assumed mother had gone to sl**p. Upstairs, I looked in on mom, only to find her reading a book.

"Hi mom, what'cha reading?"

She put the book down, revealing her huge naked breasts and said, "Oh just a story that I think you'd like."

"Really! What is it?"

"It's called 'The story of O"

"I've seen it mentioned several times on the internet, but I haven't read it. Is it good."

With a lecherous grin she answered, "Oh yeah! It's right up our mutual alley. It's about a woman's submission to a master. The writing is so beautifully erotic, and explains the woman's emotions, as she goes through the transformation. I just love it, and I've read it many times over."

Thoughtfully I said, "Well then, I must definitely read it. I'm sure that I'll get some good ideas from it."

"Well I certainly hope so." Her expression changed and she asked, "How did it go with Beverly? You were gone a long time."

I began to undress as I spoke, "Now don't get your hopes up. Nothing's going to happen between you and me tonight. However, I have a great deal to tell you."

I crawled under the covers and snuggled up to my mother's warm inviting body. I placed my head on her right breast and fondled her left tit, as I told her of the extraordinary events of the last two hours. She would stop me to clarify a point, and then urge me to go on.

Mother became quite aroused as I related to her my oral assault on Beverly's hot cunt. When I started to tell her of my sexual domination of Bev's mother, my mom began to stroke her own moist pussy. But when I described the details of my taking Tina, mom could hold off no longer. As she fingered her pussy to a thundering climax, I pinched her throbbing nipples, which helped to send her over the edge.

After mother recovered, she let out a large breath of air saying, "Wow, I didn't think I had another one in me. Of course your story got me all worked up. I know that I had no right to cum without my master's permission, and I stand ready to suffer his punishment."

She lifted the covers and looked down to my still flaccid cock. With some surprise she said, "Damn, I thought for sure that you'd be hard as a rock. My poor master must be all fucked out for the night."

With a smile I quipped, "I sure as hell am. Between Bev and Tina, I don't think I've got any cum left. But I'm glad that you found my adventure as exciting as I did." Sternly looking at her I announced, "As for your coming without permission, you are forgiven. If I had wanted to deny you pleasure, I would have told you so."

"Thank you, master. I am a very fortunate slave to have such a benevolent man to handle me; a man who knows just how to manipulate a distressed woman into becoming a slave. A man who twists and turns her around by the harsh application of severe punishment for the minor crimes which she had committed, in order for her to be found guilty. And by maneuvering her into a position where she could naught but fail to perform; thus her pain and suffering was inevitable, was it not?"

I was peeved at her for the verbal attack. Yet she had done it tongue in cheek and with a large smile. I just wasn't in the mood to take vengeance on this dear woman. Nonetheless, I couldn't let it stand without some retribution.

"You're damned right I manipulated you. You were in an emotional tail spin, after dad's death, and you know it. I've lusted for you for some time now, and I never would have made a move on you if it hadn't been for that one night that I saw you preparing for dad. I was never jealous of him. But after he died, you fell apart and our mutual need for bizarre sex became a huge factor in my behavior. I'll not apologize for that behavior; but I'll remind you that I gave you ample opportunity to back out before you made your commitment to me."

I paused as I realized that I was preaching to her. I knew that I had to put a nicer ending to this. "Mom I love you very much. I did manipulate you and took advantage of your condition. I don't want you to be angry with me. So, if you feel that you should back out of our agreement I'll go along with you. We'll never have sex together again."

With misty eyes I gazed at her for a response.

Mom pulled my head down to those marvelous soft bosoms and said, "I have no intention of giving up my slavery to you, my dear sweet master and son. I have been lucky to have found the one man who could have pushed me back into reality. I have had much time to ponder my sexual nature...and yours as well. I wouldn't change a thing my dear.

"As for you and Beverly, I think it's wonderful that the two of you seem to be going in similar directions. I will never be jealous of anyone you wish to screw, because I know that only I shall always be your mother, and that no other woman will ever replace me."

She caressed my face and lowered her voice, almost as though she was talking to herself. "I'm a painslut through and through; I know that now. Not only do I know it, I need it; I love it. When pain is inflicted on me, no matter what part of my body receives it, my mind turns the pain into pleasure. It's always been that way for me. I need to suffer my darling boy. I love to suffer, knowing how much joy it gives you. We truly are a perfect pair."

I held mother tightly, with my head nuzzled between those huge tits, as we drifted off to sl**p. I dreamed of a time when dad and I had gone fishing. We had some small success and I proudly presented five trout to my mother to cook. While I cleaned them, mom and dad disappeared upstairs. When they returned half an hour later, mom was wearing a long robe. Dad had changed as well and he kept smacking her on the butt.

I was only six years old, so I just thought that he was teasing her. Evidently it made some sort of impression on me, because there could be no other reason for that incident to show up in my dreams. As much as I loved fucking my own mother, I still missed my father.

When we awoke the next morning, I told mom of my dream, and how much I missed dad. I told her that I would gladly trade everything we had done, if only we could have him back. She had tears in her eyes, as did I.

In a soft gentle motherly voice she said, "Son, if your father was alive, he certainly would not approve of our behavior. But he's not alive. I sometimes think that I feel his presence, and I'm sure that he understands how far down I had fallen. If he could communicate with us, he would tell us that he knows you saved my life, and that together we overcame the horrible loss of the man we both loved so dearly.

"Timmy you haven't taken me from your father; you have given me a special lover that I desperately need. He would understand that, in this unusual circumstance, we've helped each other. I'm quite positive that, as he looks down on us, he approves of our i****tuous affair. I believe he is guiding you, as you discover your own sexual nature. Furthermore, I think he is pleased that I have been able to provide you with the opportunity to explore the world of S&M with someone who has your best interest at heart, and yet can be the submissive slut that you desire.

"So you just go right on humiliating and torturing me. And I want you to do it without guilt. As long as you do these things with someone who submits willingly, you must feel no shame.

"As for Beverly, I do hope that what ever happens between the two of you will be by mutual agreement. You must never f***e her to do anything; and that goes for her mother as well... Understood?"

I had teared up as she spoke of my father, so I just nodded my head.

We showered together, without any shenanigans. We washed each others backs, and I spent a good bit of time making sure that mom's tits were very clean. But it wasn't for sex; it was just light and playful.

I donned shorts and a T-shirt, but I limited mother to the dog collar and high heels. She told me that she always felt extra horny when she was so blatantly displayed as a submissive slut. She begged me to fuck her, but I refused, reminding her that I was saving my energy for the evening's grand affair. I wasn't a total jerk however. I did have her get on the kitchen table and finger fuck her asshole with one hand, while pulling on her clit with the other. Mom quickly crossed over the threshold of bliss. It was a nice cum, but not a great cum.

A little later, as we ate breakfast, we chatted about what mom would say to Tina. We both felt that it could be very awkward for each of them if Beverly and I just disappeared upstairs as soon as they arrived. I told mom that Tina had a story that mom needed to hear, regarding her final abuse at the direction of her ex-husband. Mom asked me to tell her, but I just said that she needed to hear it from Bev's mom; and that it would get them started on a conversation. So mom let it drop.

I told mom about my command that both Beverly and Tina should go shopping for the type of attire that I demanded of them. I let mom know that she was to be dressed as a complete slut, so that Tina would know immediately what a filthy whore my mother was. Mother was to wear a black, fishnet bodystocking, with holes for her tits and pussy. Furthermore, she was to wear the dog collar and have nipple and pussy clamps on to leave no doubt as to her status as my slave.

Mother had grave misgivings about that kind of introduction to our i****tuous relationship, but she agreed after I slapped her twice, to remind her that she must obey.

Mom wisely suggested that I use her bedroom when the time came. Mine was well organized, but much smaller. And mom's king sized bed had the posts on each corner, so if I wanted to do a little bondage, it was an easy thing to manage. I agreed of course. We even tied ropes to the posts, but tucked them under the bed to be out of the way.

Mother smiled at me lovingly as she insisted, "Candles my dear seducer, candles are an absolute necessity. You must use no lights. If we arrange twenty or thirty candles, you'll have plenty of light, and it's so much more romantic. She knows that she's coming here for you to fuck her, but she'll still want the romance...Oh you guys are going to have a great time, I just know it."

She had gone into complete 'Mother Mode'. I hadn't seen her like this since she helped me pick out my first bicycle. It was fun, but kind of weird. I mean here was my mom all excited and helping to plan my fucking a girl that we had both known my whole life.

Mom was really getting carried away. She made sure that there was a tube of gel lubricant by the bedside table, just incase Beverly was nervous and maybe a little bit dry down there. She placed a few towels under each side of the bed, so that we could clean up. "You know son, not every woman likes to have cum all over her like I do." I pointed out that I was a master and that Beverly would have to wear my cum if I so ordered.

With an incredibly lecherous grin mom suggested, "Why don't you have her enter the den completely nude and command me to clean her cunt? I'd love to suck my master's slimy load from her fresh young pussy."

I got an instant erection. I just loved my mom's dirty mind, and I told her so, after agreeing to her idea. Another of her ideas was to fabricate some misdemeanor for her to commit, so that when I came down stairs, I could punish her severely in front of Tina and Beverly. Well hell, with that suggestion, I was horny as the devil himself. I actually had to order mom to "Shut the fuck up! You're killing me. I don't want to be this horny until Bev gets here, but all I can think of is how much I want to ram my cock into my mother's nasty cunt."

Her last words, before I smacked the hell out of her, were, "Oh son, you say the nicest things to me."

There were a few things that I had to discuss with Beverly, before she came over to my place for the evening. So I called her home, but got no answer. I realized that they must be shopping, so I tried her cell phone. She answered on sixth ring.



"Tim? Oh Tim, I'm sorry. You caught us at an awkward moment. We're in the lingerie store and we're sharing a changing room. Mom got all worked up when she put on the garter belt and stockings. But it was the French bra that really got her juices going. She started to finger her pussy." I heard Tina in the background say, 'Oh Beverly'. "Be quiet mom, or I won't let you cum. Anyway Tim, mom got all worked up, so when she started digging her fingers in her pussy, I smacked the heck out of them. Then I made her beg me to finger fuck her. I insisted that she use some nasty talk because it makes me hot. It turns out that my mom gets off on it too...oh wait a minute, she's going to pop."

Beverly must have held the phone close to her mother's mouth, because I heard Tina trying to be quiet, as she let loose a bunch of filth. "Please make me cum Beverly; make your dirty, slutty mother cum. I need to get fucked so badly. Twist your fingers in my pussy. Oh God, I'm such a whore; I love it."

That was followed by a muffled grunt and some unintelligible rants, as Tina quite obviously came. Beverly didn't hang up. She was breathing hard when she came back on the line. "Tim, can you believe this slut? She couldn't wait till we got home. It's a damn good thing that I have a bunch of tissues in my purse, because she got really sloppy down there at the end." There was a pause, and then, "Hey cunt, clean my fingers like an obedient slut." Another pause and, "Christ almighty, since last night, she's a completely different person.

"She begged me to let her serve me anyway that I wished. She said there would be no limits. It seems that she didn't tell us everything last night. When dad would send her on some of the fuck dates, to pay off his debt, she discovered that she really got into S&M play and total submission. She offered to be dad's slave, but all that damned fool wanted was to beat her with his fists, and for her to help pay off his debt. What an asshole."

To me, it seemed as though everyone that I came into contact with lately was a pervert. Was there no one normal? If not, why in the hell should I bother being kinky. That would be normal. If I wanted to be kinky, then apparently I had to be into straight sex. Well that wasn't going to happen.

It occurred to me that Beverly was really aroused and I didn't want her to get off before tonight. "Beverly...Beverly, calm down will you. I'm actually quite happy that your mom can open up and be honest with you about her needs. And I think you're just beginning to see the potential for some fun sexy stuff to do, but you've got to be careful. And another thing baby, I absolutely forbid you to have an orgasm before we hook up tonight, OK?"

In a surprisingly contrite tone of voice she promised, "I solemnly swear that I will not have a climax of great or small proportions, until my master plunges his beautiful cock into my anxiously awaiting pussy. I serve as your slave, as mother serves as mine."

I didn't doubt the sincerity of her statement. Yet it amazed me once again, just how quickly she could go from mistress to slave to mistress. Damn bitch was scary as hell, but I was crazy about her...God help me.

Time for a bit of tweaking on my part, I thought. "You're not my slave yet my dear, although I love to hear you say it. You must go through a training period to learn how to please me, and to see if you're sure that you can handle it. If you can't I'll still love you baby...that's forever, no matter what. As an intro into the life of groveling at my feet, I want you and your mother to wear matching dog collars. The best place to find them is at the sex shop on the corner of Fifteenth and Howard. They have collars that are lined with velvet, so it won't hurt your lovely, sexy necks."

"Oh just listen to you. You are so thoughtful. Wait a minute; mom wants to ask you something."

I could hear the shuffle of the phone, as she handed it to Tina. "Hello Tim. I wanted you to know that Beverly told me everything that happened at your house last night. It's alright; I'm OK with it. She told me how she stripped naked and you tied her up but left one hand free so she could masturbate. I know that you and Fred tortured your mother. I think that so hot; I'm getting wet again, just saying this. Beverly told me how she screamed for you guys to beat your mother's tits while she got off. My daughter is a kinky little bitch isn't she?

"Bev also told me that you and Fred would want to fuck me. I want you to know that I'll fuck anybody that my mistress commands me to please, so I'm sure that she'll have no problem with you and Fred using me. A dirty slut like me will love every minute of it. Oh, and I think that you should be very, very rough with me. As she told you already, I really get into the pain and humiliation. There's one more thing Tim. After you fuck Beverly's brains out, I would like to be tied up and brutally whipped. I want you, your mother and Beverly to see that I'm serious about being a slave."

Damn! Was there nothing predictable in this world?

"Tina...if it is decided that you will be whipped, that decision will be made by Beverly and me. You may as well start learning right now...a slave may request something, but she may not demand it. The proper way for you to ask that would have been to say 'I ask that I be whipped.' However, I shall converse with you daughter about this matter, when we meet tonight. Put Beverly back on the phone."

"Yes sir." I was not surprised by her submissive response.

"Tim, I'm a little pissed that mom told you all of that without my permission."

"Keep a lid on it baby; I've got some thoughts on the appropriate punishment for her. Don't mention that to her though. If she's as big into submitting, as she would have us believe, then I've something special that just might make her night."

"Oh good!"

Another idea crossed my mind, "One more thing honey, have Tina buy two, not one but two, strapon dildos. Don't ask why, just do it."

"Shit Timmy, I get ideas of my own just from your ideas. I just love how incredibly kinky you are. We are going to make such a great pair, you and I. Is there anything else I should know?"

I thought for a moment and then said, "Yeah, I want you to let Tina get off as many times as she can today. Keep a total of how many times she cums. As a matter of fact, tell her that I order her to cum as often as possible. Have her wear home the clothes that you've purchased. I don't want you to wear them home, just her. Make her walk twenty feet ahead of you, so no one will know that you're together. Point out to her that everyone will know what dirty whore she is. Order her to masturbate in the car, while you pinch her nipples. When you get home, slap her a few times and have her get naked. Then command her to put on the dog collar and high heels, nothing else. Call her a slut a whore and anything else, only don't call her mom or mother. That's plenty for now."

There was silence on the line for a moment. It lasted so long that I thought we had lost the connection. In a very meek voice Beverly asked, "Tim is this how I'm to be treated?"

I had reached a very precarious point in the relationship. Beverly was smart as a whip and realized immediately that I would probably be giving her the same treatment.

In a soft and gentle voice I responded, "Baby, yes. At first I'll treat you as a common whore; someone to be used as a fuck toy. But as you learn how I like things to be...I mean how you can do the best job of turning me on, then I will become more pleased and we will have a somewhat more normal relationship. There's something else too, I need to find out what your hot buttons are. I want my slave to enjoy her master, not hate him."

With a soft tone she said, "Oh Timmy...I mean master, you always know the right thing to say and do. I guess that's one of the reasons I love you so much."

In a more jovial way I asked, "And how about giving me one more reason that you love me."

She giggled like a little k**. "Silly boy, your big fat cock, of course," and then she hung up, getting in the last word again. I suppose I'd have to get used to that.

When I brought mom up to date on what had just transpired, she got all hot and bothered. "Son, may your slave cum all day, just like Tina?

I gave it a little thought, and then told her, "You're such a horny bitch. I can't just let you blow all damn day. If I did, you would be worthless tonight. I'll allow you to cum three times between now and this evening; but that's it."

She quickly began to finger her pussy, and begged me to pinch her nipples. I did. I'm just a pushover sometimes. She had me tell her again how I fucked Tina the night before. I didn't get very far before mom went rolling around in ecstasy on the floor of the den. What an incredible slut she was.

I insisted on both mother and myself taking a nap, so we would be fresh for the night of lust. I took a shower alone, and then dressed for the night. I put on one of dad's white shirts, and only buttoned three at the bottom, revealing my manly chest. Mother gave me a heavy gold necklace to wear. She said dad wore it sometimes, when he used her, and she thought it was very sexy.

One of the smartest purchases I had made recently was a pair of black leather trousers. They fit me rather tightly, and they made me feel sexy. (I know, a weird thing for a man to say.) Mom had done an amazing job on the crotch. She had cut out a hole for my cock and balls to protrude. She said dad had owned a pair, but they wouldn't fit me, so she did the adjustments. When I looked in the mirror, the guy staring back at me looked like some porn star; and it felt really weird to have the cool air on my naked cock and balls.

I felt a little foolish in them, with my dick hanging out. When I confessed that to mom she told me, "Listen to me now son, I know where of I speak. You are a master. Your slaves must accept you as you are. Believe me when I say that you must present yourself as the consummate stud. If you act the part, then they will see you as such, and they will acknowledge you as a true master. If Beverly laughs at my master, then she must be punished immediately. I would think a few harsh slaps should do it, and the same for Tina, if you feel it is appropriate.

"What ever you do, don't make fun of your own attire. It will only diminish your stature in their eyes. You have to maintain a serious atmosphere at all times tonight. You will be establishing you dominance over them. You already have dominance over me. Perhaps I should do or say something inappropriate right off the bat. Then you could demonstrate just how serious you are. I won't tell you what I'll do, but when it happens, you must make me suffer immediately. I promise that I'll submit to whatever you wish to do."

Mother knelt at my feet and pressed her head to the floor saying, "My master rules in this house."

She was right, of course. If I was a true master, then I must rule. I realized that my aura must project my dominance of everything around me. Mom was still bowed before me. I leaned down, placed a gentle but firm hand beneath her chin and lifted her lovely face to me. I slapped her hard on the right cheek. She squealed, but sat back up and offered her other cheek to me. This was something that she knew I expected, without being told. I laid another crisp smack upon her left cheek.

"Mother, you come up with some of the best ideas. I have something rather brutal planned for you later this evening. It really goes along with what you were getting at. Beverly and Tina must witness just how cruel of a master I can be. It will be easy to back off from that point, but I must set a very high standard of pain and humiliation first. When they see how badly I'm going to make you suffer, they'll know what to expect, and they'll deliver accordingly or else."

Mother dropped her head to the floor again. "My master is harsh but wise."

Just before the appointed hour, we placed out more candles in the den, and then we went around the house lighting all of them. I must say, the bedroom looked great. It was warm and inviting. I knew that Beverly would love it.

At five minutes to six the doorbell chimed. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Mother quietly said, "Calm and in control. Remember, this is your kingdom."

I casually walked to the door. The chime went off a second time, as I reached for the handle, and flung open the door.

There before me stood my darling Beverly. My eyes went to her chest immediately. The see through blouse was extremely sheer, and her gorgeous breasts were held high by a black half bra. Her nipples were erect and plump, just begging to be sucked. Her tight black skirt was so short that I was surprised that I couldn't see her sweet pussy. Of course, she was wearing the dog collar, which I had insisted that she purchase.

As I gazed at her, she gazed at me. Or to be more accurate, she gazed at my rapidly rising cock.

We spoke at the same time. In unison we said, "Damn you look hot!" Then we both laughed at our mutual reaction.

It was then that I realized that Tina was on all fours, and that she was wearing a dog collar with a leash, which Beverly held. Tina was dressed much as Bev, but I couldn't see her breasts. I told Beverly, "Have your bitch sit up, so I can see her big tits."

Bev yanked on the leash and commanded, "You heard him cunt, sit up and show him your tits."

As Tina rose, I saw that she was wearing nipple clamps. "How wonderful," was my only comment.

I returned my attention back to Bev. "You truly do look fabulous, my delicious slut. I want you and your whore mother to come into the den." I grabbed Bev's free hand and e****ted her inside. She pulled on Tina's leash and she followed on her hands and knees.

Mother was waiting for us in the den. She was a vision of sexual delight. Those huge tits protruded from the holes of the body stocking, and on each nipple a clamp, from which swung four inch long chains of imitation ruby and jade gems that matched mother's dangly ear rings. Hanging from mom's inner labia, were two more clamps with foot long silver chains. Her attire was praised by Beverly, but Tina said nothing. Mom looked at Bev asking her, "What the hell's wrong with this slut, can't she say anything?"

Beverly announced, "I've forbidden her to speak unless Tim wants her to."

I knew that mother had given me the opening gambit in our little game. With obvious anger, I stormed over to her and slapped her hard, knocking her to the floor.

"You fucking cunt. Who in the hell do you think you are? Get back up and go to the bookshelf. Then reach up and hold onto the top brace."

Mom quickly did as instructed. She was standing, facing all of us, and with her hands above her head, her breasts were lifted and stood out just begging to be abused.

I slapped her several more times, and then asked her, "Do you know what you did?"

With misty eyes she replied, "Yes master."

"Well then look at them and tell them what you did to deserve the punishment I'm going to give you."

Mother looked at Beverly and Tina saying, "I was rude to my master's guest. It was not my place to comment on anything they did or didn't do. I'm so sorry to have offended you. I know that I will be punished and I freely give myself to the pain that my master is about to inflict on me."

I didn't wait another second. I began slapping her huge tits. Her yelps and muffled screams filled the room, as I brutally peppered those magnificent mounds. I stopped when her tears were falling on her chest. She stood there sobbing, as I carefully inspected my handy work. Her breasts were a bright pink, thus my assault must have been very painful, yet she never let go of the book shelf, and by some miracle the clamps stayed on her large nipples.

"Beverly my sweet, get your lovely ass over here. My slave offended you and I think that you should administer some justice of your own."

Bev practically ran to my side. "Beverly I want you to pinch my mothers nipples, and I mean brutally. Do you understand?" It hadn't been a request; it had been an order, delivered in command voice. I used that tone without even thinking about it.

Bev actually cowed a little as she answered, "Yes master." However, she didn't hesitate. Taking mother's areolas in her fingers, she gouged her thumb cruelly behind each vulnerable nubbin. Mom's head swung around, as the pain shot through her large tits. I knew that the pain would keep moving until it landed in her loins. Mom bounced back and forth between pain and pleasure. Bev finally released mother's poor abused tits, causing mom to let out a deep breath of air in relief.

I asked Bev if she wanted her mother to punish mom as well. "Hell no! She's just my slutty slave mom. Just look at what kind of whore she is."

Glancing back over to Tina, I saw that she was pulling on her nipple clamps with one hand and driving fingers into her pussy with the other.

To Bev I asked, "May I have your permission to punish your slave."

"Of course...after all, she's really your slave too," and then to her mother, "Isn't that right slut? Isn't Tim your master?"

"Oh yes mistress. He is my master and I deserve to be punished."

I didn't allow her time to relish her depraved self debasement. I slapped her cruelly, knocking her backwards and onto her side. I grabbed a handful of hair and began rapidly slapping her face. With each vicious blow, I said one word at a time.

"YOU," smack, "WILL," smack, "NOT," smack, "PLEASURE," smack, "YOURSELF," smack, "WITHOUT, smack, "PERMISSION."

Then I threw her to the floor. Tina was breathing so hard that I though she would suck all of the air out of the room. She had tears streaming down her face, but it was obvious that she loved every painful, humiliating moment of it.

I had worked up an anger, for no legitimate reason, and I realized that I had better calm down before taking Beverly upstairs. I cast a stern look at mother and commanded her to bring us all some wine.

I ordered Tina to sit in the large lounge chair where I had screwed mom so many times. I positioned her arms over the back of the chair, which caused her huge tits to be more prominent, I then move her legs wide to the extent that they hung over the arms of the chair. She was still dressed, but with the short skirt on, her pussy was in plain view. Her shear blouse left nothing to hide of her still clamped nipples.

"Tina, it is obvious that you become easily aroused when you are abused or humiliated. But being a slave isn't about your needs or your pleasure. It's about your master's pleasure. Furthermore, you need to be controlled and controlled quite closely; otherwise you're going to become a complete sex addict. That's not really enjoyable. I believe the term is 'Nymphomaniac'. You'll find no actual release or pleasure, no orgasms, just the need to be fucked.

"We are going to provide you with many bizarre situations, in which you'll revel in their depravity. However, you will be limited to just so much pleasure. You absolutely must learn to control your sex drive. No master wants a slave who is out of control.

"Some slaves need to be brought along a little bit at a time. You my dear Tina, must be trained to back off from your lust. I think you'll find that when you do, it will make for a greatly enhanced experience at those times that you are allowed to climax."

Tina just nodded her head in agreement.

Mom returned with an open bottle of chilled rosé and four glasses. I poured four times, passed around the wine and proposed a toast.

"To masters and mistresses, to slaves and whores, may they all be responsible to their rolls in life."

I had mother and Beverly remain standing and ordered Tina to remain as she was in the chair. I sat on the sofa, facing them all.

"Mother, slowly unbutton and remove Beverly's blouse. I wish see my future slaves delicious bosoms in that magnificent brassiere."

As the blouse slid from Bev's shoulders, in the dim candle lit room, I was greeted with a vision of perfection. Her firm breasts needed no support, but the demi bra did frame them beautifully. While mother's and Tina's nipples were dark brown and inviting, my Beverly's areolas were light pink, plump and begging to be kissed with loving attention. My cock had been going up and down ever since her arrival, but as those bosoms came into view, it had grown to its full potential.

"My dear sweet Beverly, you really are quite something to see. Mother, aren't her bosoms incredible?"

Mom knew that I had changed modes, and was now into my soon to be realized conquest of this hot babe before me.

"Yes son, she has the most gorgeous set of tits I've ever seen." Beverly actually blushed like a shy young girl.

"Kiss her nipples mother. I want you to see how they explode, when they're aroused."

Beverly arched her back, offering them to my mother's lips. Mom used her tongue to trace an outline around each nipple, and then slowly sucked the right one into her mouth.

Bev had a sharp intake of breath. "Oh ...oh God."

When mom captured the other little bud in her mouth, Bev swooned. For just a second I feared she would pass out. "Oh God, I almost came. Oh Timmy you're getting such a slut. I'm as bad a whore as my mother."

"Don't worry Bev; I'll get her straightened out and you too. Now come and sit next to me while we finish our wine. Mom I want you to kneel before us, but don't block Tina's view."

Bev cuddled up to me then kissed my ear, teasing it with her tongue. Wow, it was like a jolt of electricity ran through me. She then lowered her head to my crotch, as she wrapped her warm fingers around my erect prick. Her lovely long blond hair fell around her head, blocking my view. But I knew what was coming. I could feel her hot breath teasing my cock, and then the wet velvet tongue licking my dick, before plunging it into her mouth. She slid her face down on it until it hit the back of her throat. It was fantastic. She slowly pulled off of it and sat up.

"That's enough for now baby. I'll give my master the full treatment when we get upstairs."

I looked around the room at the three women who would be my slaves. I thought that this must be what it's like to be a sheik with a harem full of hot obedient women. Not a bad life. I also noticed that everyone was a bit worked up, and would need to calm down, but not quite yet.

I had Beverly pull up her skirt to her waist, revealing her enticing wispy haired pussy. Tina moaned at the site of it and mother actually licked her lips, which gave me an idea.

"Mother, crawl over to Beverly and kiss her cunt for me. Bev, spread your legs so my slut can taste the cunt that I'm going to fuck." Both Tina and Beverly moaned. Mother did a nose dive between Bev's thighs.

As soon as mom's lips hit Bev's pussy, Beverly's head shot back and she screamed, "Holy shit. You better tell her to stop or I'm going to cum right now."

I quickly yanked back hard on a handful of Bev's hair, telling her, "Oh no you're not! Mother, suck her clit into your mouth and tease it with your tongue. Beverly, don't you dare cut loose. You need to learn to control your self for your master's wishes to be properly served."

She looked at me with a furrowed brow and a silent plea for release. But I would not give in.

"That's enough, mother."

Mom pulled back to reveal that her face was covered with Beverly's lubrication all over her cheeks and chin. I ordered mom to go to Tina, and for Tina to lick her daughters scum from mom's face. Mom leaned over her offering her face, and when I looked between Tina legs, I could see the glistening wet lips of her puffy pussy. I knew that it was time to bring us all back down to earth.

"That's enough for now mom." Tina's head followed mom's face, licking it as she stood up. Then looked at me and was about to speak. "No Tina you may not play with your pussy. You may not cum. However, I want you to know that I will amend that order after I have thoroughly fucked you daughter." I paused, looked around and said, "Now let's all enjoy our wine and chat for a few minutes."

No one spoke. It took me a minute to realize that if anyone had something to say, it would almost certainly have something to do with sex. Then we'd be right back to being hot and bothered.

"Listen ladies...we need to calm down a bit. There are things we can discuss that are not directly related to lust. For instance, I want my slaves to dress nicely in public, yet still be somewhat alluring. You are all smart and I'll trust your judgment on that. If I'm not pleased, there won't be any punishment because you didn't really do anything wrong. I like long dangly earrings. I like cleavage, and short skirts. Both Fred and I enjoy our bitches in garter belts, stockings, high heels and a brassiere that doesn't restrict the movement of your ample breasts.

"A good slave can wear the same undergarments, with decent attire or a much sluttier look, if that's what the master dictates.

"On the subject of my candidacy for president of the senior class, I really have so much going on that I don't give a damn if I win or lose. Oh we'll make an effort. We'll put up the posters and talk to a few people, but that's it. If I win great, if I don't, so what."

That brought a protest from mom and Bev. Even Tina felt that I should make a complete effort. We discussed it briefly, but I would not be deterred. And at least the mood had died down a bit. We had finished our wine and I was ready to do some serious love making.

I stood up and announced, "It's time."

I offered my hand to Beverly. Once she was on her feet, I had her remove her skirt. After all, it really wasn't hiding anything. I took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly on the lips. I could detect the flavor of the rosé on them, yet it seemed sweeter somehow. Maybe that was just my lust playing tricks on me.

I turned to mom and Tina. "Mom, Tina has a story to tell you about the last days with her ex-husband. Now one more thing, no matter how long we take up there, I forbid either of you to cum. There will be no kissing, no licking, no sucking and certainly no fucking. Otherwise you may enjoy each others company."

The whole time I was talking to them, Beverly was stroking my cock. Finally she could wait no longer. Yanking on my erect appendage she pleaded, "Come on baby, I need to get nailed before the sunrises."

Mom, Tina and I all chuckled at her urgency. I turned Beverly around, aiming her at the stairs, and shoved her ahead of me. As we went up, I began caressing her lovely rear end. "Stop!" I ordered. Beverly froze, with one foot on the next step, leaving a beautiful view of her moist pussy. I stroked the inside of her left leg, slowly bringing it up across her inner thigh then cupping her hot mound and gently squeezing.

"Oh God, that feels fabulous Tim. You could fuck me right here and I'd be happy."

I inserted a finger into her slimy cunt and said, "Trust me Bev; you'll like it even more on a king size bed." She wiggled her derriere saying, "My pussy is yours anytime, anywhere that you want it master."

I removed my finger and placed it under her nose. "Taste yourself. I want you to know the flavor of my slut's pussy."

Mother had told me that this was not something that a woman got into easily. Yet Beverly took it in her mouth and sucked it as though it was my cock. My arousal jumped another notch and I told her get on upstairs.

The only light was coming from mom's bedroom. As we entered, Beverly was greeted by the flickering of all those candles that mother and I had placed.

"Oh wow Tim! This is beautiful." As a last thought, I had placed a fresh rose in the middle of the bed. She picked it up then turned to me, smelled the full red blossom, and then held it to her lips, while she inserted her tongue into it. Sweet Jesus, Bev could be sensual at just the right moments.

I lunged at her, sweeping her off of her feet and plunging both of us onto the huge mattress. We landed in a lustful kiss and damned near knocked both of our teeth out. We couldn't help but laugh at our over zealous passion.

"Bev, how about we slow it down a bit and enjoy each other? I want to explore; flip over on your tummy." After she turned over, I commanded her to spread her arms out and her legs wide. "Now don't move and don't talk, just relax and let it all happen."

I placed my face at her neck and began telling her what a beautiful body she had. Then I started the kisses and delicate little nips on her neck. She moaned quietly, as I slowly trailed my lips down her back to her sweet behind, where I bit her on each cheek, but not too hard.

When I had given her oral pleasures the other night, I had kissed from her feet up to her pussy, on the inside of her thighs. This time, I kissed and licked up the back of her calves and thighs. Once I had finished the second leg, I planted wet kisses all over her butt.

"You know baby, I'm definitely a tit man. However, your ass is so gorgeous; I may have to add that to my favorites list." She chuckled at that and wiggled it for me.

I was now laying face down, between her thighs. Using both hands, I pulled her firm young ass cheeks apart, revealing the light brown pucker of her asshole. It was beautiful, and I knew what I had to do...was compelled to do. I took a deep breath and squished my face as far into the crack of her ass as I could get. I passionately kissed that lovely brown rosebud, circling it with my tongue.

Beverly moaned loudly and squirmed at first. But as I began to f***e my tongue past her sphincter, she relaxed her muscles, allowing me to invade her virgin ass.

"Oh God Tim, I can't believe you're doing that; and I can't believe how much I love it." I had to hold her tight at that point, because she was moving around uncontrollably. "Oh fuck Timmy, my love, tongue fuck my asshole. Oh shit, I love it."

Now I know that my actions were not exactly what a master would do; but look at it this way. One of the strongest controls that a master can exercise is the power to control his slave's pleasure. And I knew that she would go nuts over this. So I was merely dominating my slut in a very nice way.

I pulled away from her and her ass tried to follow my tongue, but of course, it couldn't follow very far. I smacked her hard on the ass, and ordered her to turn over. She yelped, and then amazed me by begging me to, "Please baby, please whack my ass some more. I need my master to punish his bitch."

The girl was incredible! I certainly wasn't going to disappoint her. I began a slow, steady series of hand spanks to each of her quickly reddening butt cheeks.

She was reacting with little yelps at every smack. "Does that hurt my little bitch? Is your ass on fire?"

"Yes baby, it hurts so good. Oh Timmy, make me your dirty whore. Make your slave hurt for you.'

After a few more wallops, I stopped, and commanded her flip over. As soon as she was on her back I grabbed her nipples, but not hard. "I hadn't planned on a rough session tonight bitch. Is this how you want it? Do you want it hard and nasty, because if you do, it means that you could be in for a brutal fucking? I mean, I'm pretty worked up. I'll hurt you Bev, I'll hurt you bad."

I froze in place, as the silence hung in the air, while I waited for her response.

"What better time to suffer for my master, than as he rips open my cherry. I'm yours Tim; I belong to you now. Yes please hurt me. I want to give my master the joy of my pain."

I didn't say another word. I placed her spread eagle, on her back, and then used the pre-positioned ropes to tie her to the four corners of the huge bed. Bev's breathing was deep and spoke to her level of arousal. I got on top of her, sitting on her ample chest, placing my erection at her lips.

"Kiss your master's cock slut." She put her mouth around my cock and proceeded to suck it. I quickly pulled it out and slapped her face a half dozen times.

"You fucking bitch. Do as you're told. I didn't say suck it; I said to kiss it."

Beverly looked hurt by my admonition, but began kissing my dick, without comment. As she did, I leaned back behind me and grabbed a handful of her wispy blond cunt hairs. I pulled slowly at first, watching her facial expression change to one of pain, as I brutally lifted her lovely vaginal mound in the air. Her eyes were tightly shut and a tell tale drop of tears leaked down one side of her beautiful face. Yet, she never stopped kissing my cock.

I released her pussy, and then took her head in both hands. I went up on my knees, in order to get just the right angle, and then plunged my cock into her mouth, not stopping until I banged into the back of her throat. I used her mouth for six or seven strokes then pulled out. I moved back a bit, putting my butt on top of her hips. The heat emanating from her pussy could have boiled water.

My slut's breasts were rising up and down, in her body's effort to fill her lungs with air. The sight of them fed the flames of my own lust, as I gazed at those extraordinary bosoms.

"Your tits Beverly, your great big tits, are you ready to sacrifice them for my pleasure? I intend to make you scream. However, because I love you baby, I'm giving you one last chance to change your mind."

She looked at me with pleading eyes. "Master, don't you see, I want to be worthy of a harsh cruel master, who'll show me no mercy. Do your worst my love. I gladly give my pain for your pleasure."

I leaned forward and kissed her gently. "I'm going to hurt you now, my darling.'

My hands moved up her sides and slowly encircled her large breasts. She arched her back for me, nodding her assent to the impending abuse. My fingers captured her vulnerable pink nipples and began the inevitable pinching torture. At first I pulled the delicate nips far out from her chest, and then began to twist them, as I applied more pressure on those poor little buds.

Beverly's face was etched in agony, yet her only sound was a series of grunting moans, as though she was fighting the urge to let loose. I dug my thumb nails into her nipples, applying the final torture to them. It was more then she could stand. She cut loose with a scream that was ear shattering. I was very pleased. My fingers released her abused nipples, but I wasn't quite finished with her tits.

I began a steady rain of blows on her bosoms, slapping them back and forth. From Bev I got a series of ohs and ahs, which corresponded to each painful strike.

"Dear Beverly, you must get used to having your tits slapped. It is a particular favorite of mine."

She said nothing, yet she managed to arch her back, offering those magnificent orbs to the slaughter. Again, I was very pleased.

A few more smacks and I knew it was time for the main event. I shifted my body around placing myself in a position to give her an oral warm up, but I needn't have bothered. As my lips approached her pussy, I could see that her natural lubrication was oozing prolifically from her sloppy wet cunt. Still, I felt the need to jack her up to another level. I wasted no time in driving my tongue up the length of her slit, and then focusing on her clit.

"Holy fucking shit! Oh God, I'm ready baby. Fuck your slave. Take my cherry. Ram your cock into me; please master I need you inside of me so badly."

Briefly I weighed the option of drawing out her pleasure through denial. Perhaps another time, I thought. Tonight was a time for her to receive, and I would not disappoint her. I shifted once again, and then took my cock in fist and spanked her clit with it.

"Oh shit Tim, that's incredible. You own me completely baby. I'm yours forever, however you want me. I'm your slave, your whore, your slut. Please, darling, please, fuck me."

I wasn't about to let her down. I inserted my cock into the entrance to her hot pussy and slowly pushed in until the head of my prick was inside of her. Her whimpering moans were music to my ears. She was thrusting her hips up toward my pelvis, trying to get more of my meat inside her cock hungry cunt. I eased another inch or so and was rewarded with more extraordinary grunts and moans of extreme pleasure. Finally, I met resistance, and I knew that her hymen was trying to fend off my assaulting organ.

"It's time Beverly. Are you ready to lose you virginity?"

I was being so gentle.

"God damn it, just fuck me will you? I need some dick for Christ sake."

Sometimes my best intentions are not well received. Nonetheless, I couldn't allow that to dampen a very special moment for her. My temporary kindness was over with. I drove my cock forward with all of the power that my engine could provide. I exploded through her thin membrane, and didn't stop until my pelvic bone crashed into her up thrust loins. Beverly screamed, and I feared that I had really done some serious damage. I froze, with my prick buried deep inside my beautiful love.

Her hips began to move back away from me and then forward again, impaling herself upon my rock hard manhood. She might have been in pain briefly, but she sure got over it quickly. I too, began the ancient movements, as we glided together in lustful joy. I was going to set a nice easy pace for her, but she was so hot, she was grinding her pussy down on me faster and faster.

I looked at her face and knew that she was already close to her final reward.

"You're about to cum aren't you my little slut."

"Oh God yes Timmy. I'm so close. Fuck me fast and hurt me baby, please hurt me. Hurt my bosoms."

I picked up the pace substantially, banging our loins together with each thrust. I assaulted her nipples again, pinching and twisting them, yet not as cruelly as I had done earlier. For the coup de gras, I leaned down and thrust my tongue into her unsuspecting mouth, fucking my oral muscle in and out in time with my pounding cock.

Beverly became an earth quake, shaking and vibrating with every cell of her lovely body. She moaned long and hard against my tongue, giving me shudders of pleasure, which threatened to send me over the edge. But I fought my desire. After all, this was all about Beverly tonight.

As she went into the land of infinite pleasure, I slowed my thrusts to a snails pace, drawing out the orgasm. She seemed to go on forever, which was fine with me. I knew this was a huge one for her.

Beverly finally came to a stop, so I lifted my weight off of her, yet remained firmly and deeply in her pussy. I was surprised and worried when she began to cry.

I wanted to comfort her. "Baby, baby, it's all right. Are you in pain? What can I do for you?"

My face was close to hers, and she kissed me saying, "Oh Timmy, it was the most beautiful experience in my whole life. I'd read about multiple orgasms, but I'd never had one, so I didn't know what to expect. And when they hit me, one after another, I thought that I would die from ecstasy. Oh baby, it was perfect. You're a rough but loving master, and I am the luckiest slave in the world."

I eased my cock out of her moist tunnel and proceeded to untie the ropes that had held her immobile.

With a look of serious concern Beverly asked, "You didn't cum, did you? Oh Tim I'm so sorry. I was so selfish. Let me make it good for you."

I gently stroked her cheek saying, "Baby this was your time for pleasure, and I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it so much; but it's not over."

She had a puzzled expression, as I lay on my back and commanded her, "Get on top slut. I want to see those huge tits swinging as you fuck yourself on my cock."

With a smile she answered, "Yes master, what ever you desire." She glanced at my semi-inflated prick and said, "It looks as though I'm going need to get this big boy hard again."

I watched her, as she lowered her face to my cock. She was getting a good look at it in the dim candlelight, and she froze. My cock was covered with the slime of her pussy, but it also had a slight tell tale sign of her lost virginity. I realized that the light pink color must have been a small bit of bl**d that was sacrificed for her full access to womanhood, and she didn't like the idea of taking it in her mouth.

I was about to tell her that I would clean up first, and then she could suck my cock. She looked me in the eyes and announced, "If I'm to be a grateful slave, I must be willing to be as dirty a whore as my mother." Beverly sank down to the filthy hunk of meat and began kissing the head of my growing manhood. Then her wonderful velvety tongue began the process of licking and cleaning the scum from it. Finally I felt those marvelous lips sliding down the length my now fully erect cock. She never ceased to amaze me.

When she began to moan, I gazed down to see her fondling her swollen mound, and I knew that it was time for her to go riding.

"Alright my delicious little slut, place your pussy on the end of my cock and slowly lower yourself down onto it."

Bev did as she was told. Once in position, and with her eyes closed, she placed one hand on my chest for balance. Then she used her other hand to smear her juices on the outside entrance of her anxious cunt. I badly wanted to drive into her, but I fought the urge, letting her control the insertion of my stiff prick. There was no delay. Beverly held my dick in her fist and guided it into her hot box, easing down slowly, as I had ordered.

Jesus H. Christ! I watched through squinted eyes, as she bottomed out and thrashed around. Her head was thrown back, her eyes tightly shut, as she announced, "Oh God Timmy, I love being your whore. I know, with you, I can let myself go. I can be a complete and total cock slut, and you'll still love me. Thank you darling. Thank you for allowing me to be your slave."

Bev rode my cock, and as she did so, she leaned forward, giving me a great view of her large tits swinging and banging into each other, with a slapping noise. That gave me an idea. I wanted to do some slapping of my own.

"Put your hands behind your back, and offer me your tits. I want to hurt them."

"My master's wish is my command." With her hands behind her, and her back arched forward, she said, "Please hurt me master. Please allow me to suffer for you."

She owned my heart and my cock. I know that doesn't sound very dominant, yet it was true. How could I not love someone who gave herself to me so completely?

With careful aim at those awesome mammary, I spanked them hard, taking delight in her yelps of pain, and her anguished expression. Yet never once did she shy away or avoid my assault. Her plump pink nipples were my next target. Gripping one in each hand, I viciously pinched and twisted them, as I thrilled to her cries of agony.

"Oh God it hurts so much master; it hurts so much. But I love it anyway...fuck me baby. Hurt me and fuck my brains out. Use you slave as you wish. Oh shit...I love it. I'm such a dirty slut."

I was close by then, and decided that it was time for me to take control. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting in and out rapidly, grinding my pelvis into her with each cycle. I was grunting like a wild b**st and delighting in ravaging my prey. My bliss was attained as I stared at my slave's perfects breasts, bouncing up and down. It seemed as though I felt ever millimeter of cum that coursed down the length of my cock and erupted into my loves scalding cunt. Holy shit, what a fuck!

I was vaguely aware that Bev had experienced another huge climax. I was happy for her. After all, this was supposed to be her night. She collapsed on top of me, but she was light as a feather. Her warm soft bosoms were pressed into my chest, and I swear I could feel her heart beat.

We held one another in a loving embrace, whispering sweet terms of endearment to each other, as I stroked her back. My once swollen prick, now a mere memory of its former angry countenance, exited sloppily from the pleasant warmth of her greedy cunt.

With a shit eating grin Bev said, "Oops! I guess I'd better get to work."

She shifted around and proceeded to cleanse my poor deflated cock. Bev kissed, licked and sucked until I was left with an immaculate penis.

Looking at me she asked, "Would my master like to see me scoop out his cum from my pussy and eat it?" Damn, she was special.

"No baby. Your master has two cunts downstairs who can suck you clean, let's go see what they've been up to."

Naked, arm in arm, we entered the den to find mother and Tina in tears.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Mom spoke, as Tina was actually sobbing. "Well, Tina told me about Mike and how he had been so kind. I sort of fell apart when she explained in detail the whole thing. We were both doing a lot better after a few hugs, and then we heard Beverly begging you to hurt her. Well, that's when Tina fell apart and said, "Oh dear God, she's going to be a painslut just like her mother."

Tina was sitting in the lounge chair. I went to her and took her chin in my right hand, lifted it and said, "Tina, you've done nothing wrong. Beverly is the brightest, most level headed person I know. She is a painslut, just like you are, but you didn't make her that way. All you did was to pass along your genes. Nature did the rest."

She was looking at me, begging for approval with her eyes. "My dear Mrs. Bryson, you've been a good and loving mother. Why else would Bev care such much for your well being? It's going to be all right now, because you're with people that share your needs and understand what you've gone through.

"You're a dirty slut Tina, and you need to be treated like one. Are you ready to perform as your daughter demands?"

There was a long pause as she wiped her eyes of their tears and looked around the room. She hugged my hand while reaching out for Beverly. When my love came close to her mom, Tina hugged her and asked, "How may I serve you mistress?"

Beverly blew me a kiss, and then grabbed a handful of her mother's hair, tilting her head back. "I want my dear sweet slut of a mother to suck my master's cum from my cunt."

Tina moaned loudly, as she slid down to her knees. What an amazing slut. She began kissing Bev's thighs and working her way up to her daughter's blond patch of fur. Bev backed away and in a surprising command voice said, "Hey wait a minute. Let me get comfortable so you can do a good job of it bitch."

Bev sat in the big chair, placing her ass at the very edge, and lifted her legs up over the arms. A small amount of my cum was oozing past those beautiful pussy lips. Tina quickly moved in, and the sounds of her sucking gave proof to her efforts. She came up for air occasionally, and to swallow. It was actually quite erotic.

After a few minutes, I knew that Bev's pussy had to be pristine, yet Tina continued to work on her daughter's cunt. Then I realized that Beverly was really getting into it. Her breathing expanded and her head began to roll around.

"That's right mom, suck your daughter's pussy, you fucking whore. Eat cunt bitch. At least you know what you're doing. God you're good."

I was totally shocked. I found it hard to believe that Bev could be so hot, so fast, after just having had two huge orgasms. Yet that fact was being portrayed before me, and couldn't be denied. Neither would Beverly. She came with a series of shouts and loud moans, as she brutally pulled her mother's hair, forcing Tina's face into her hungry cunt.

I gazed at my mother and recognized the burning lust in her eyes, as she glared at the scene before her. Damn it! There was no way that I was ready for another go round just yet. I would have to come up with something that would have the ladies servicing each other.

As Bev calmed down, Tina remained kneeling at her daughter's feet. Finally Bev asked Tina, "Mother, what do you want?"

Tina went forward and kissed her daughter's feet and hugged them. "What ever my mistress wishes."

My sweet Beverly pulled her mother's head up by the hair and slapped the hell out of her. "You stupid fucking whore, I asked you what YOU wanted. Now answer me."

After a brief pause, and with a bit of mist in her eyes she said, "Sara told me how Tim had punished her one night, by tying her up on the bookshelf and...hurting her. That's what I want. And then I want a brutal fucking, while everyone watches."

Tina said all of that with her face pointed at the floor. She looked back up at Beverly, and then at mom and me saying, "It excites me to be displayed before an audience when I'm tortured. I know that I really get off on it. I suppose that it's because knowing that people are witnessing what a dirty nasty slut I am. That's what I would like, if my mistress will allow it."

I think all of us were awestruck by her request. Yet it was Bev who responded quickly. "We are in my master's home. It will be his decision."

As three sets of eyes regarded me, waiting for my answer, I had an epiphany.

"Mother, go up stairs and get the large towels. Beverly, look under the desk. I have a box of toys there. Everyone stay right here until I return."

I ran to kitchen and called Fred. "Hey man, have I got a deal for you. Do you remember when you once complained about needing your own slave?" I didn't wait for him to answer. "Well I have someone here, right now, that badly needs to be dominated, and I think that you're the perfect man for the job."

"Come on man, don't fuck with me Tim."

"I'm quite serious Fred. It's someone you know."

"Oh yeah, who?"

"It's Beverly's mom, and let me tell you, she just might be a bigger painslut than my mom."

"You're shitin' me."

"No Fred, I am not shiting you. Look, last night Bev and I shared oral sex while her mother watched."

"God damn!"

"A little later I fucked her mother, while Bev watched. Then tonight, Beverly and her mom came over so I could finally take Bev's cherry. Now Tina and my mom are all hopped up and need to be worked over. Tina actually asked to be abused like we've done to mom a few times in the know the book shelf routine.

"Don't screw around Fred. Get over here ASAP, and tell your mom that we're working on the campaign and you'll spend the night here."

"OK Tim. Be there soonest."

100% (12/0)
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6 months ago
an exelent piece of script, well done the writer
1 year ago
3 years ago
10********** stars wow superb
3 years ago
ooo need to read the next bit but i have to go out! thankyou once again SIR