Submission 7

More than any other chapter thus far, it is important to read the previous chapter (6), in order to have a good grasp of the beginning of this episode.


The four of us, mom, Beverly, Fred and, I had just had an amazing experience together. Yet, I felt like shit because of Beverly's deep concern about her reaction to it all. I openly expressed my thoughts about it to Fred, in the hope that he might have some insight. But he was as puzzled as I was.

"Tim, when it comes to awkward situations, you're as slick as anyone I've ever seen or heard of. If anyone is ever going to get Beverly to grovel at his feet, it's you. I caught most of what you said to her, and I thought it was brilliant."

"Thanks for the compliment Fred, but I'm afraid that she was just overwhelmed this evening. You know, mom is always cautioning me about moving too fast, and I fear that is exactly what I did tonight. I wanted so badly to make Beverly mine, and now she probably thinks that I'm a monster."

"No I don't," claimed Bev, as she waltzed into the kitchen. She had dressed, and apparently was feeling better. Mother entered behind her, nude but for heels and the dog collar.

Beverly smiled at me as she went on, "However, I do find that what's going on here is sort of scary. Your mom and I had a little talk and she explained some things to me, you know about your dad and her. But what I found most interesting was how beneficial it was for her, when you began taking control of her behavior.

"See, I can relate, in a small way, to what you saw your mom going through. My mom has really been down and out, ever since the divorce from my dad. She doesn't think of herself as a person worthy of having a man again. She doesn't even try to look decent anymore, and it's kind of embarrassing for me at times. But of greater importance is that I've been very worried about her mental state.

"The idea of using harsh discipline to snap her out of it just might work, as it has for your mom. As a matter of fact, your mom has agreed to help my mom to get in better physical shape, and to find her sexual self. I'm going to shame my mother into talking with your mom about readjusting her self image. I have reason to suspect that my mom is inclined toward being submissive and I hope to play on that.

"Your mom suggested that I ask you and Fred for help. She also told me that you guys would probably love to...have sex with my mother. I'm OK with that, as long as it pulls her out of her funk, and doesn't screw up her brain. It would be worth it to see a smile on her face again. What do you think?"

I looked at Fred and he seemed as astonished as I was. Wow! What a bizarre turn of events this was. My mind began to coalesce into a plan for a direction that would lead to my ultimate goal, which was to have this beautiful hot girl submit to my bizarre demands. I stared at Beverly. There was complete silence, as the others all looked at me for my response. Beverly's total submission to me was my ultimate goal, but I shouldn't ignore her plea for assistance in helping her with her mother. I realized that I had plenty of time to bring Bev around, providing that I didn't screw up in the mean time. Nevertheless, my gut instinct said that I should be perfectly honest with her.

I smiled at her and opened my arms to her, indicating my desire to have her come to me. She grinned back, and slid into my embrace, deliberately brushing her boobs back and forth across my chest, before settling into my enfolding arms.

"Bev, I have a few points to bring up for your consideration. First, and most important to me, is my desire to have you submit your magnificent body to me. However, we have the rest of our lives to work that out, if we can. I want you to know that I'll not pressure you to crawl into my bed.

"Second... your mother is an unknown commodity to me. I've know her as long as I can remember, but I don't know her like you do. What I'm getting at is this. You must be the controlling factor in you mother's life altering change. My mother, Fred and I will aid in that, but for it to be effective, you must take charge. In doing so, you will become the attachment for her latent sexual desires.

"I am of the opinion that eventually you will have to have dominant sex with your mother. I can see no other way for her to be changed using this method; and I know of no other means that you could employ to get her to alter her behavior so quickly. You must develop command of her, and use that power to control her day to day existence.

"As she begins to obey your instructions, you should compliment her on any progress she makes. And of course, you'll have to point out her failings as well. Once she begins to accept your taking her in a new direction, you can begin to get her thinking of herself as a sexual being again. This will require you to have very specific and honest discussions with her about what turns her on. You must get her to talk openly about her need for pleasure. Urge her to masturbate more often. Show her how open that you want your relationship to be, by masturbating as she watches. Then insist that she perform in front of you.

"Honey, I've got to have a long talk with you about how she is behaving now, in order for me to make suggestions to you that might help bring about the results that you wish later. If you decide that you would rather not have Fred or I use her, then that's how it will be. Although, I'm sure that Fred would love to fuck her, and I know that I would. After all, she's really a pretty woman; and you'll have no problem finding a man or men to take their pleasure with her.

"I think I would like to see more of her, so I can get a better picture of her current state. And I think I know how to arrange it. You, Fred and I will start to meet at your house to prepare for my campaign at school. Be sure to tell your mom how important it is to you to have her looking good and to have the house in good order for our visits. It shouldn't be too hard to find some flaw in her performance. And when you do, you will be justified in demanding, and I mean DEMANDING, that she be punished. I highly recommend that the first time you apply a really harsh spanking on her bare butt. Then you immediately follow up with a threat of harsher punishment, if she trips up again.

"All of these ideas are just suggestions off the top of my head. We can go into specific details after you've had a chance to think it through. She's your mother, and I know that you love her. Any actions that any of us take will only be done if you approve of them first."

I paused, looking over Bev's shoulder at mom, and was shocked to see her smile and give me the finger. I had no idea what that was about, but I would pursue it later. In order to break up the awkward silence that hung in the air, I said, "That's all I've got at the moment. Any body else have any thoughts?"

Beverly had listened carefully to what I had said. She had reacted by stiffening and blushing, when I told her that she was looking at the possibility of having sex with her mother. But I didn't regret saying it, because I truly felt that such a scenario was inevitable.

Now we were all looking at her, for her response.

Taking in a deep breath and then letting it out before she spoke, she finally said, "'ve certainly given me a lot to think about. Off the top of my head, I would say that I'm not totally opposed to any of this. Although, I've never thought of going to bed with my mother and it doesn't sound enticing to me, I'll seriously consider the need for that. I guess you can give me your insight about it later. I think that I'll want your mom to give me some in put as well."

She looked deeply into my eyes, and pressed her awesome bosoms against me, as she told me, "As for you and me getting it on, Mr. Jorgenson, I'm all in favor of it. In fact the sooner the better, but not tonight baby. Let's do some planning so it's special for us. After all, I have but one cherry to give to my master." With her last comment, she fondled my cock lovingly.

To my ears, the best part of that comment was the reference to me as her master. Although she did say it rather tongue in cheek, she didn't seem to be upset at the prospect.

Mom spoke up then, "Let's not forget that you people have a political campaign to run. If each of you does your best, then Tim should be the next president of the senior class."

I announced to mom and Fred that I was going to walk Beverly home; of course no one objected.

As we were leaving, Fred told mom that he was going to run a nice hot bath for her. Once outside, Beverly commented that one moment Fred was whipping my mother, then the next moment he was screwing her, and then he was being so kind to her. It was all very weird to her.

She asked me, "Doesn't it bother you that he might have sex with your mom while you're gone?"

I pondered the question for a minute, and realized just how strange it was that it did not bother me.

"Bev, I'm just going to think out loud here; so bear with me, because I don't know exactly what I'm going to say. You brought up an excellent point. It's really very bizarre isn't it? I mean, it doesn't bother me at all, and yet it should I suppose.

"This may sound rather arrogant, but I think that it's because my psyche is that of a very dominant male. That would cause you to think that I wouldn't want the competition from another male. However, I've commanded my mother to please Fred in every way; so he isn't competition for me. He is actually a tool to help train my slave.

"The fact that I've known him all of my life fulfills the necessary trust factor in the equation. You see, I know that he would never do any permanent harm to my mother. I also know that mom loves to be dominated and abused. Being humiliated and degraded is a huge turn on for her as well. So if he fucks my own dear sweet mother, it is by my authority and helps to achieve my goal. Weird ain't it?"

As I spoke, we walked slowly and she listened while holding my arm, caressing it with her firm young bosom. Neither of us said anything for a few moments, and then Beverly broke the silence.

"It's very strange to say the least. I mean look at my actions. I strip naked in front of the boy that I love, his mother and his best friend. I asked to be tied up, and then I masturbate for all of you to see. The whole time I'm doing that, either you or Fred is whipping you mother and then fucking her right in front of me. Furthermore, I was telling you guys to whip the hell out of her so I could have a bigger climax. And the most bizarre thing just might be that I'm still a friggin virgin."

With a serious grin I quickly said, "We really must address that ASAP."

We chuckled together, but in a more serious voice I told her, "Beverly, it wasn't all that long ago that I was a virgin. I gained some good experience in the arms of a mature woman (Well, Patty was kind of mature.) It would have been wonderful to explore the joys of our two bodies as mutual virgins; but it would have been very awkward too, because of our inexperience. At least when we do share our first time together, I can focus on your pleasure, without trying to get my own."

She looked at me with a puzzled expression. "What about making me your slave?"

I stopped, faced her, placed my hands on her shoulders and said, "I've always loved you Bev. I've loved you ever since we were little k**s. But the way that I feel about you now is totally different, and a little scary. I think I'm falling in love with you. Yet I still want you to be my slave. I don't have this all worked out yet. I'm confused just like you seem to be.

"I love my mother Beverly...and I'm going to go right on dominating her. She needs to be dominated and I need to dominate. I'm going to keep on fucking my own mother. You're going to have to come to grips with that, just as I did.

"It's one hell of a responsibility to have an obedient slave. It's very easy to get carried away and perhaps do some serious harm. I'm constantly thinking before I speak, so as to not let the cat out of the know getting us both arrested for i****t. Having you and Fred is a tremendous help. Just knowing that I can talk to someone about my situation is a great comfort. But believe this, if nothing else; I accept that responsibility and take it very, very seriously.

"I've had to look at myself and see myself for what I am, a kinky twisted pervert, by any measure of society. I've had to find something in myself that would counter balance the weird side of me. Otherwise, I couldn't live with myself. I'd just be pure, selfish evil. Setting aside my bizarre nature, if my other attributes are considered, I'm a very nice and decent person. I'd like to think that it is those qualities that attract you to me.

"I want you to know that any unusual sexual desires, that you may possess, won't scare me. How could they? They couldn't be more bizarre than what you have learned of me today. If things don't work out between us, I'll always be your friend, and I'll always love you."

Beverly stood quietly as I held her at arms length. But when I finished speaking, she dove at me, pressing her lush body against me and crushing her lips on mine. When we pulled back a bit, I saw that she had tears in her eyes.

"Oh Tim, I have loved you as a best buddy all my life, but I've been 'In Love' with you since we were sophomores. You never seemed to notice me then, other than as a friend, and it broke my heart. But last year, my boobs started to attract some attention from some of the guys, especially Fred. I love Freddy, but I'm in love with you. Lately, my boobs got even bigger. Finally you started looking at me. chest anyway. But at least I was being noticed by you, and now today. It's such a leap for me emotionally, just to realize that you might have a serious interest in me. And then to experience that mind blowing sex...holy shit.

"And as for me having any weird sexual thoughts, hell yes, I'm human. But we won't go into that now. I will say that I can relate to having to face yourself for what you are. After today, I've got some soul searching to do."

We walked together without talking until we were a few doors from her house. My mind was in high gear, and I knew that I didn't comprehend every aspect of the situation. I was behind the curve on all of this. I came to one realization; everything was moving way too fast.

"Bev, I like to be in control. I mean to say that I like to SEEM to be in control, but that isn't always the case. I hate to admit it, but I'm a little concerned that I might do or say something that could put us all in some serious trouble. It's very, very important that if you think we're headed in the wrong direction, you absolutely must tell me. I may not agree. But you've got to slow me down sometimes and make me think things through. When I do that, I usually get it right 99% of the time.

"I can't deny that much of my motivation is based on my desire for you to give yourself to me. And while I love planning and following through on some kind of kinky activity, it's a different sort of climax for me. When I achieve success in the exercising of my game plan, it's like a mental orgasm. Ultimately, the thought of your fabulous hot cunt wrapped around my cock is a powerful driving f***e for my planning now. You know that. However, I promise you that I'll try not to make all of my decisions with my dick."

She shifted slightly toward me, as we walked closer to her home, placing one warm breast one each side of my arm. Jesus was she doing that consciously to arouse me, or was she just a naturally sensuous female? She made it all seem so normal that I was sure that it was the latter. And after all, did it really matter?

"Oh Tim, just listen to you. In your own weird way, you're saying that you care about me, and your mom, and Fred, and anybody else that finds out about all of this. That's so sweet honey; I just love that."

She paused for a moment, obviously collecting her thoughts, and then in a more serious tone, "On the one hand, I love the thought of you being in charge of everything. Yet, on the other hand, I can understand your concern about everything blowing up. But as long as you'll listen to advice from the very people that you're worried about, I'm convinced that we can all make this work."

By then, we were walking up her driveway. She pulled me up the five steps to the front porch, which ran the width of the house. She stood just close enough to me to start rubbing the tips of her breasts back and forth across my chest. "Oooh Timmy! I love doing that. It makes my boobs tingle, and pussy wet."

"Damn Bev, I'm rather fond of it myself, as you can see by the growing problem in my jeans. I must admit that I like to be able to talk and say anything that I want to around the people that I trust. And by the way, if you're going to mention your breasts, I prefer 'Tits' or especially 'Bosoms,' that's my favorite. I've only told mom that."

She moved in snug and close, plastering her ample form against me. Using her hands to gently pull my head toward hers, Beverly began a long and sensuous kiss, thrusting her talented tongue into my sucking maw. We ground our loins together, as we moaned in lustful desire. My right hand snaked its way between us, and began to massage her large, soft left breast.

Without warning, the front door to her house flew open and her mother stepped out saying, "I take it that you two are becoming an item."

Beverly quickly backed away, like a k** caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I jerked a bit myself, yet recovered rapidly. I turned toward her mom, looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Yes, we are definitely an item, and thank you for noticing." I arched my eyebrows, smiled and asked, "How are today?"

"Timothy Jorgenson, I've known you your whole life. What took you so long?"

"Mrs. Bryson I guess I'm just a late bloomer."

With a sincere warm grin she warned, "Better be careful where you bloom. I don't think that my front porch is the appropriate place for the two of you to be clutching and groping one another, in front of God and everybody."

Beverly stepped forward and announced, "We're going to be doing a lot more than kissing and groping. I'm probably going be the last girl in the senior class to lose her virginity; and I intend to lose it soon, tomorrow night as a matter of fact."

Well damn, that was great news! I'm sure that my look of surprise was matched by her mother's. However, I sort of wanted to have some say in that. I realized that her jumping in like that opened up an opportunity for me to punish her for her brazen proclamation.

I wanted to take over the situation, but Bev's mom started out before I could. "Beverly Bryson that's a hell of a thing to tell your mother. I certainly hope that you two take precautions so you won't get you pregnant." Looking at me she said, "Tim I trust that you don't have some kind of sexually transmitted disease. It would be a tragic way to start and quickly end this relationship."

Bev shot back, "Mom, I've been on the pill for over a year. And as for his health status, I'm quite confident that he has been smart enough to take precautions with all of the women with whom he has fornicated."

I was shocked again. She had been on the pill for over a year and still a virgin...damn. Her mom jumped right back with, "Well as long as you're both being safe, you have my blessing. Frankly, I've wondered if you were sexually active baby, and now I know. Hey listen; have you decided where the grand event is going to take place? Are you guys going to get a hotel room, or what?"

This whole conversation was moving things along way to fast for me to keep up with. Every time I comprehended some new surprise, someone else would start to talk before I could say a word. I felt that if I didn't jump in, I just might find myself married before I left the damn porch.

I shouted, "Hey wait just one fucking minute...pardon my French. Let's all go inside before we announce 'The Great Deflowerment' to the whole blasted neighborhood."

They laughed and agreed. I took Bev's arm in mine and led the way inside. I knew the house quite well, as I had played with Bev here many times, when we were k**s. Once in the living room, I pointed to a chair and ordered Mrs. Bryson to "Sit!" I guided Beverly to the sofa and we sat down together. I d****d my arm around her shoulder, with my hand sort of hovering above her right breast.

They were both looking at me, obviously waiting for me to speak. Good!

"My dear Mrs. Bryson...Tina, if you don't mind." She nodded her acceptance of my familiarity, so I began. "To put your concerns aside, I want you to know that I am germ free. I always have taken the utmost care with the women to whom I have given pleasure. Beverly and I have only recently become seriously involved. And while I've not made a full court press to get in her darling little pants, the thought has been upper most in my mind of late."

I paused, took a breath and no one interrupted. My dominant side began to kick in. "Tina I'm a bit thirsty. Go get me a drink of ice water or better still, a soft drink if you have it. And bring one for Bev too."

"Oh sure Tim, I'll be right back."

As soon as she left the room, Beverly jumped on top of me and began a long drawn out kiss with lots of tongue. She pulled back and said, "Damn, I just love the way you take over. I see what you mean by taking command. Mom just hopped right up at your order."

She took my left hand and placed it on her right breast. Then she leaned close to my ear and subserviently asked, "Please sir, will you kindly pinch the hell out of my tit. And keep doing it until mom comes back in. I want her to catch us."

There were some things wrong about the way she semi-submitted and then gave an order. But I didn't really mind. So I began pinching her lovely bosom, and then moved to the other one. She leaned way back, arching her boobs out at me, which allowed me to abuse her tender tits with both hands. Bev was moaning loudly when her mother returned.

"Can't you k**s wait until tomorrow? And don't you think that it's just a little inappropriate to be behaving like that in front of your mother?"

Beverly grabbed my hands and f***efully held them to her breasts. She gave her mom the most evil and lecherous glare as she proclaimed, "Mommy dearest, I'm so fucking hot that I want his cock in my pussy right now." She pulled me forward and launched her open mouth at mine, driving approximately one mile of tongue down my throat.

Things were racing along way to fast, and I could do nothing to slow them down. I was horny as hell and responded to her assault by brutally pinching one of her nipples. With a pained expression, she threw her head back shouting, "Oh God I love it when you pinch my nipples really hard. I might be a virgin, but I sure love to be used like a slut."

Her brief announcement took just the amount of time that I needed to recover some element of my self control. I manhandled Beverly off of me and back to her place next to me on the sofa.

When I looked over at Tina, I knew immediately that she was aroused. Her deep breathing, as evidenced by the rapid rise and fall of her ample breasts, coupled with her half closed eyes, gave her away. She was licking her lips and clutching at the arms of the chair. She wasn't just excited; she was on fire.

"Tina I apologize for the outrageous display of uncontrolled lust that we showed. I'm just as horny as she is. Tomorrow night will be one for the record book, I promise. If Beverly lives through it, she can tell you all about it."

Then I leered at Beverly's mom doing my best to strip her naked with my eyes. "Tina, I think that we've you up." She blushed and turned her face away from me. Hey, I thought, there's some real opportunity here.

"Tina you never have to be ashamed of your natural inclinations around us. What the hell, we're all f****y. If we can't be honest with each other then we're not worth a tinker's damn. I think it's sort of cool that you get fired up like that. And why not, you're still a hot looking broad when you dress up. Recently, I've wondered why you've let yourself go.

"Here's what you're going to do. Tomorrow you and Beverly are going to go shopping for some sexy things. And I mean both of you."

I turned back to Bev and told her, "I love to see a woman dressed in lacey lingerie. So tomorrow you're going to buy a black garter belt and stockings. If you go to the lingerie specialty store, they carry a black half bra that I love on a woman. It'll make your bosoms look fabulous, not that they don't look incredible anyway. I want you to wear a short skirt, and a see-through blouse; oh, and black high heels; and absolutely no panties"

"Tina...I think that you should buy the same outfit. It'll make you feel good about yourself, you know, sexy. Then bring Beverly over to my house." I stared deeply into Tina's eyes and commanded, "I expect both of you to be wearing those clothes. I'll have mom all decked out when you get there. She knows that Bev and I are about to get it on, but she just isn't aware that it's tomorrow evening. You and my mother can talk while we have wild and raucous sex upstairs."

Her breathing had slowed a bit, but I could see that she was still aroused, and speechless. I demanded a response from her. "Tina you understand, correct? And you'll obey correct?"

The harsh way in which I had queried her, snapped her back to the necessity to answer me. "OK Tim. I'll do it."

I looked over at Beverly, who was grinning from ear to ear. "Oh mom, I'm going to enjoy shopping with you. I especially am looking forward to getting you out of those damn baggy outfits you wear, and into some seriously sexy stuff. If I'm going to strut my stuff for my man, then I want my mom to strut with me. We'll be the two hottest cunts in the neighborhood."

Tina blushed again, but nodded her head. I think that she was embarrassed by her obvious arousal and the nature of our discussion. Now I'd love to take credit for how things were progressing, but the truth was it just sort of happened. I cast a glance at Beverly and saw that she had an evil grin on her face. Oh dear, I thought, what now.

She placed that same evil grin on her mother and announced, "Mother, all this talk has got me all worked up, and it's obvious that you are too, not to mention the rather large bulge in Tim's trousers. So here's what we're going to do. Tim and I are going upstairs, where he's going to lick my pussy until I explode. Then I'm going to get my first taste of his cock and I'm going to swallow every fucking drop of his cum. We won't be fucking. That's reserved for tomorrow night.

"Now mom, while we're enjoying the flavor of each other's private parts, I want you to masturbate. I expect you to get completely nude, lay on the sofa and finger fuck yourself. You badly need some sex. I'm going to leave my bedroom door open, so you can hear us; and that should help you get off."

Tina was shaking her head no, yet her breathing rate had doubled as her large breasts rose and fell with every breath. Beverly was on a roll, and wasn't about to back down now.

"Don't you shake your head 'No' to me mom. You and I are both adults now and there's no reason that we can't be perfectly honest with each other. It's so clear to me that you need a good climax. Hell, I'd let Tim fuck you, except he hasn't fucked me yet. So for now, you're going to have to get by with your own fingers. Now don't you say one word, just shake your head yes, that you'll get naked and fuck yourself."

Beverly had been pointing a commanding finger at her mother the whole time. She was a formidable woman when she wanted to be. It was a little scary, yet exciting. She grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the stairs, saying, "Come on honey, I need that hot wet mouth of yours on my cunt."

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked back into the living room as Tina dropped her blouse to the floor exposing her large, white bra clad bosoms. She reached behind her back and unclasped the brassiere, and looked me in the eye as it slid down her arms, revealing her small dark nipples at the end of those beautiful big tits. She made no effort to hide her charms. Indeed, she actually lifted her tits out to me and tweaked her nipples. But I didn't have an opportunity to see more, as Bev cursed and yanked me back upward to her bedroom.

Once there, she said, "You know what? I think that old whore would fuck you right now, if I let her. What a slut."

I chuckled and told her, "Yeah, she's my kind of woman alright."

Bev rubbed her hand across my crotch. "You just remember which slut in this f****y is yours. Now come on baby, I really do need to feel your lips on my pussy."

I decided that she was showing quite a bit more command than I was willing to let her have. I placed a finger on her lips, telling to, "Be quiet Beverly. If you want to have me then you must obey me. I like it when you command others, but not when you try it on me. Now undress me. Go slow. I promise that I'll ravage your horny cunt in due time."

Before she could begin, I sealed her mouth with mine, grasping a hand full of her hair and tilting her head back. I launched my tongue deeply into that hot, wet chasm, which would soon be stuffed by my throbbing cock.

I pulled back and stood there, waiting for her to undress me. For a moment she was frozen in place, as though she didn't know what to do, but she recovered quickly. After unbuttoning my shirt, she leaned forward and kissed, licked and sucked each of my nipples. Mom had done this for me once, and it wasn't that big of a deal for me. Yet when my sweet ball of fire Beverly did it, it was a huge turn on. I moaned with delight as those hot wet lips trailed down to my belly button. I moaned again, as she drove her tongue into the dead end orifice, giving me pleasure that was a new experience for me.

She squatted before me, undoing my belt with one hand, while caressing my cock with the other. After unzipping my pants, she pulled both my pants and underwear down to my ankles. My stiff prick flopped out, hitting her on the forehead. She smiled up at me saying, "Mean little bastard, isn't it?"

With an evil grin I warned, "We'll see just how little you think it is when I ram it into your mouth."

I gasped when Beverly placed both hands around it; stroking it a few times, and then she planted little kisses all over the helmet. Damn she was good. It was hard to believe that she was still an inexperienced virgin. It briefly occurred to me that just because she was a virgin, didn't mean that she hadn't sucked some guy's cock.

Bev jumped up with a smile. "Please master, may I have mine now." How in the hell she could go from being in control to surrendering I could not understand, yet it worked.

I realized that she had thrown me a challenge. Although I don't think that she did so consciously. I knew that I would have to do her one excitement level better. I undid two buttons on her blouse, stopped, and then planted kisses all around her neck.

"Oh I like that Timmy. It feels great. Your lips are so soft."

It's really nice to have ones efforts appreciated. I continued to unbutton the blouse. Once it was open all the way, I used my finger tips to lightly flow over the swell of her large breasts. Then I used my lips and tongue to trace the same area. Her breathing was so pronounced that I had to raise my head up and down with the rhythm to maintain a steady but even pressure on her warm flesh.

I left the bra in place and moved to her jeans. But before I unfastened them, I caressed her lovely ass and slowly slid my hand to her pussy. Her loud intake of air told me all that I needed to know about her state of arousal. One button and a zipper, allowed the denim trousers to be pealed down her gorgeous legs. She placed a steadying hand on my shoulder, as she lifted each foot to unlock her ankles from the entrapping material.

No sooner had she kicked aside the jeans, than I grabbed that magnificent butt and crushed my face into her panty clad cunt.

"Oh God...oh God...oh God."

Beverly grabbed a handful of my hair and ground her pussy into my face, as she had the first of her orgasms. It came as a surprise to me and, as she would confess later, a surprise to her also.

I let her use my face for her pleasure. She held it there, as she slowly came back to realty. I stood and turned her around, which gave me a wonderful view of her beautiful back side. I tenderly caressed her shoulders. Bev rotated her head with the movement of my massaging fingers, periodically moaning. As I kissed her neck and shoulders, I unsnapped her bra. I allowed the undergarment to fall away from its own weight.

I moved in close to her, pushing my erection against Beverly's derriere and looked over her shoulder at her now naked breasts. She leaned back into me, allowing me a better view of those incredible orbs. I reached under her arms, extending my hands out toward, yet not touching her bosoms. My hands hovered above her plump, pink nipples, and only then did I bring my fingers closer to their intended target. I began tapping very, very lightly upon the tips of those lovely pink puppy noses. She arched her back, reaching out for my fingers, begging with her movement for more assertive attention. But I denied her that pleasure.

Leaving her nipples, my fingers gently traced along the sides of her breasts, and then beneath, lifting them in a more passionate caress. Bev was moaning loudly now, and I could tell that she was rubbing her thighs together, by the way that she shifted from foot to foot.

Her hands covered mine, as she begged, "Hurt me baby. Hurt your slut's nipples. I love to have my nipples pinched, and it's never the same as when I do it to myself." She pressed my hands tightly, moving them to her engorged little nubs.

I wasn't about to disappoint her. Taking a beautiful bud in each hand, I began to pinch them, gently at first, then more harshly, as I twisted them.

Beverly was grinding her ass against my cock, trapping it in the crevice of her butt crack. I gave her nipples one particularly brutal twist, and let them glide from my grasp. She cried out loudly, "Holy fucking shit...Oh baby, baby I love it when you hurt me."

With the bedroom door open, I was certain that her mother could hear every word spewing from her daughter's mouth. It would be interesting to find out her reaction, but not now. I still had work to do.

I spun Beverly around to face me. We embraced and kissed passionately for a moment, but I didn't let that go on for long. I lifted her up into my arms, carried her to the bed, and placed her softly on the cool sheets of her mattress. I knelt at her feet, reaching both hands to her sides, and took hold of her panties. She lifted her hips to me, making it easier to slide them down the length of her shapely legs.

Once off, I tossed them aside and took her left foot in my hand, and began kissing my way up her leg. I moved with agonizing slowness. She was mewing and moaning; doing so more loudly, as I approached her humping loins. When I arrived at her pussy, I didn't touch it all. I moved my lips across the fine fur of that furnace, spread the lips with my fingers, and merely breathed my hot breath upon her plump clitoris. Her hips lunged at my mouth, but I was ready for that, and pulled away quickly.

"Oh fuck baby! I've never been this hot in my life. Please, dear God please suck my cunt."

I had been rubbing my cock on her sheets, when she said that, and I damned near came right then. Yet I held fast to my self control, determined to show her that I truly was a master in every way.

I moved back to the bottom of the bed and started kissing her again on her right leg. Moving as slowly as I had before, I progressed up the inside of her thigh. As I came closer to her pussy, she began clutching at the sheet so hard that I thought she would rip it to shreds. She was mumbling uncontrollably to herself by then, and I could only make out the occasional word here and there.

It's arrogant I know, but I was on a roll, and proud of it. Furthermore, I was glad that the door was open. I was sure that her mother would have a good idea, as to the degree of pleasure that I was giving to her offspring.

When I reached the apex of my journey up Bev's thigh, I did the same maneuver with my breath across her clit. She nearly jumped out of her skin. She began begging loudly. "Tim please, please eat my pussy. Dear God don't torture any more, I can't stand it. Oh baby I need your mouth on my cunt so badly. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!"

I would make her wait no longer. I slide my hands to either side of that glistening hot box, pressed in a bit, which caused her pussy lips to pooch out, revealing a soaking wet and very hungry cunt. Moving my face forward, I began to lick and suck on the entrance of my loves fabulous pussy. I knew that she was on the brink of a huge climax so, with perfect timing, I plunged my tongue deeply into the scalding hot cave.

Bev's hips were thrusting so hard against the assault of my tongue that it was like I was trying to ride a bucking bronco with my mouth on the saddle. Her orgasm was short and powerful. It was a thing of beauty to behold, and it damned near broke my neck.

I can't begin to recall the flow of vulgar filth that she flung into the room. I feared that the neighbors would hear it. But what the hell, at that point neither one of us cared.

For several minutes, there was nothing but the sound of her breathing, as she slowly came back to the planet, from which she had blasted off.

Finally, with comic understatement, she said, "Well that was nice."

We both broke into riotess laughter, as I held her in my arms and planted little kisses on her head. She moved a hand to my semi-tumescent cock, fondling it gently. "Your turn," she said.

Now I had a surprise for her. "Not baby, not yet. You've got one more to go."

She gave me a concerned looked. "Honey, you've burned me out. I don't need anymore, and I want to do you baby. I really want to suck you off."

With firm determination I said, "Beverly, your master says that you're to cum one more time, and so shall it be. Now lay on your back bitch. I'm going to show you just how big of a slut you really are."

She reluctantly did as she was told. I positioned her legs for her comfort, as well as the ease of access to her luscious loins. I lifted her knees to the half way point, and then slid up between her thighs, face down. By placing my shoulders against her butt, I was able to wrap my arms around her legs, pinning her between my arms and shoulders. This put my face squarely in front of that beautiful, fluffy mound.

I could sense that she was apprehensive about another go around, so I tried to put her at ease. Speaking softly I assured her, "Bev, we're just going to go gently, nothing crazy. This will be different, yet just as enjoyable."

I didn't wait for a response; I just dropped my mouth down to her center of lust, and began the task of bringing her off one more time. I caressed the hump of her loins with one hand, and kissed all around the area, without getting near the slit. After a few minutes, she began to breathe a little harder, so I used the tip of my tongue to trace the length of her moist doorway. With a simple, "Oh!" she notified me that she was getting into it now.

I continued to lick the entrance, going deeper and deeper with each slow swipe of her cunt. Her moans of pleasure allowed me to drive my tongue as deeply as I could, using it like a miniature cock. Placing my thumbs inside the folds of her pussy, I turned them outward, exposing her throbbing clitoris. Now I removed my tongue from her humping loins, as she gave out a concerned moan. Bev didn't want to let my tongue get away, but she lost that battle. Not to worry, I thought, she's about to win the war.

I set my sights on the prize...her engorged clit. I opened my mouth wide and set it down over it. Her loud ovation of pleasure was music to my ears. But, it was when I began to slowly tease her lust button that she began to cry out her lust.

"Oh sweet Jesus! Oh baby I'm yours. Oh my God can you ever eat pussy. Timmy, baby you own me now; I'm yours for ever. I'm your slut now."

I could tell that Beverly was building to another huge climax, and I wasn't about to disappoint her. I placed my tongue lengthwise on her clit, but didn't move it right away. I knew what should happen from my practicing with mom. Just as I thought, she began to slide her pussy on my hot tongue, moving it against my oral muscle. I waited until her movements were so frantic that she wasn't getting the proper pleasure from her efforts. Then I took control. I held her tightly with my arms and shoulders, preventing her from further action.

Beverly's plea was short but powerful. In a loud voice she shouted, "Master please!"

I began to move my tongue up and down the length of that throbbing little pleasure muscle. I never changed the pace, which had to be agonizingly slow for her. Yet, I knew what I was doing. I was torturing her with bliss.

Beverly quit trying to get pleasure by her own action, and settled into my rhythm, accepting my control of the situation. Good, I thought, this will only make it better for her.

She was grunting now. Guttural sounds of a wild b**st, savoring a rare moment of uninterrupted pleasure. My sweet funny Beverly was becoming a slut before my eyes, well...before my mouth. I knew that she was ready to blow, so I reached up to her tits with my hands, and fondled them until I felt her nipples. Then I sucked her clit into my mouth, as powerfully as I could, while I viciously twisted her nipples, sending her over the top.

"AAAAHH baby! OH fuuuuuuck yeaaaah!"

Bev screamed other things, but they were unintelligible. Her explosion was so strong, it was unbelievable. I felt like a king. Omnipotent in my ability to give such joy to one of my chosen subjects, especially one that I loved so dearly.

But then I heard another sound coming from the hall. When I looked over to the doorway, I saw a naked Tina, with her hands buried in her pussy, just finishing her own powerful journey of pleasure.

I was amazed. She knew that I was looking at her, yet she made no effort to hide her slutty performance. As I gazed at her, Tina put her slime covered fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. Backing away from the doorway, she winked at me and moved down the hall to the stairs.

With the sound of her foot steps fading away, Beverly cursed, "God damn it! My mother is such a slut."

I asked her, "Did you see all of that?"

"Hell no, just the part where she licked the cunt juice from her fingers, and then gave a seductive wink at my boy friend. I can't believe that she would act so brazenly."

I took a deep breath and let it out. "Well honey, we did leave the door open. Maybe she took that as a sign that she was welcome to take a look at the performance."

"No she didn't. I gave her specific orders to get naked, lie on the sofa, and masturbate. I never said anything about being a peeping Tom."

"Yes, but you didn't tell her not to." I thought for a moment then suggested, "We might be able to use this as a lever to have her submit to punishment. Suppose we tie her up, have her watch you give me my blow job. And of course, she wouldn't be allowed to cum. Then perhaps you could administer a light spanking."

"I'll give her a spanking alright. I'm going to beat her ass bl**dy."

She could be frightening at times. I decided to cool things down. "Honey, it's okay to react with anger, but you have to learn not to over react. That's how you could accidentally do some serious damage to your own mother. I suggest that you tell her that the punishment is for her own good; that she had to know she had not been invited to watch one of her daughter's most intimate moments. Not to mention the fact that she ruined the atmosphere for my pleasure."

Beverly's face contorted to one of great concern. "Oh Tim, I'm so sorry. I was so pissed off that I forgot all about the blow job that I promised you." She looked at me with an expression of guilt. "I guess maybe I should be punished too. If you want, you can tie me up and use your belt on my tits. I know that you'd like that. And then you can fuck my face till you shoot down my throat...well into my mouth anyway. I want to taste my master's cum."

The girl was just plain freaky at times. She went from wanting to painfully dominate her mother, to offering to suffer for my pleasure. I knew that we needed to have a serious talk about her true desires, but not now.

"Honey let's try this. Once you get her to submit to a punishment. We'll tie her up, and gag her. Then you take care of me, while she watches. Then you slowly pull my belt from my pants, informing her that she's going to have her boobs whipped with my belt, because she offended me as well. You absolutely must insist that she agree to this of her own free will. You're not a r****t, and neither am I."

"If I'm right, she'll get hotter than hell. At that that point, you hand the belt to me and ask her if she wants to cum. You know that she will. You tell her that the only way you will allow it is if I whip her pussy as she fingers herself in front of us, just like the filthy slut that she is. I'd bet a thousand dollars that she's going to accept the offer."

Beverly was back to her evil grin look. I gripped her shoulders, shook her a little and said, "Now listen closer baby, because this is very important. You have to be the one in charge. You'll want to include me in the process, but she must see you as the one in command of her actions. Not only must she view it that way, but she has to be made to see that you'll apply punishment with fairness. There must be trust between a master and slave; or in this case, a mistress and slave."

She smiled, moved her fresh pink body close to me, and kissed me deeply. I had cooled down a bit, yet her probing tongue quickly brought my erection to our mutual attention.

As she stroked my cock, she assured me, "Don't you worry about a thing Timmy. I think this is a great idea." She gave my prick one last squeeze and said, "Now let's go flay that bitch's tits."

My face must have shown my concern. Bev just laughed and said, "Just k**ding."

As we entered the living room, we found Tina sitting in the chair wearing a skirt and blouse. We were nude of course. Her mom watched with interest as she saw Bev's big tits bouncing provocatively and my stiff cock dipping up and down with each step.

"Mom, what in the hell were you thinking. Damn it you ruined everything."

Tina seemed only somewhat contrite as she responded. "Well you guys sounded like you were having such a good time. I didn't think you'd notice me. And to be honest, I didn't know that seeing you guys would get me so aroused."

"Damn it mother, that's not an apology, that's an excuse. Do you realize that I never got to taste my baby's cock. That's right mom; you screwed up his opportunity to share a beautiful moment with me, just so you could cram you slutty fingers in your cunt."

Her mom looked at me, finally showing some sign of sincere regret. Beverly was on a roll, and couldn't be stopped.

"And another thing mom, what's this business about you putting your clothes back on? Damn it! We're naked, so I expect you to be naked too. Now get up and strip right this second." Tina jumped up and quickly pulled off her blouse and skirt; she was nude beneath.

Beverly didn't let up. "You know damned good and well that what you did was wrong. It's about time that you started to take responsibility for your actions. Lie face down on the sofa, and don't move." A few seconds later she was in position.

Bev took my half-hard prick in her cool hand and shook it at her mother. "Just you stare at Tim's beautiful cock. Just look at it. It was nice and hard just a moment ago, and now it's going soft because you had to be a slut. Lie right there and look at it. I'll be back in a minute." She went running out of the room. I had no idea what she was doing, but she sure was fired up.

Tina never took her eyes from my cock, but she did begin to apologize to me. "Tim I am so sorry. I really am. I don't know what came over me. I know that I was wrong. Can you forgive me?"

I gave her my best pissed off glare. "Tina...I just don't know what to say. I might forgive you, but it might not be in this life time. On the one hand, you ruined a wonderful moment for me and Beverly. On the other hand, I really enjoyed seeing you finger fuck yourself. You really did have a big climax didn't you?"

"You know Tim, it had been a very long time since I had any kind of sexual activity that got me off like seeing you two. I guess it sounds kind of sick, but I loved it."

She was still staring at my cock, and she was now licking her lips. "Who are you k**ding Tina. You got off on being seen too. You liked getting caught; you liked putting on a show. Beverly's right, you're a slut." She moaned when I made that accusation.

Bev must have listening, because she blew into the room, and tore into her mother.

"You're damned right she's a slut and a damned shameless one too. Look at yourself mother, ogling my lover's cock, licking your lips as though you're trying to seduce him. I bet that you would love to have him fuck you, wouldn't you mother dearest? I probably should tell him to ram his cock up your ass, except that you'd almost certainly have a huge orgasm."

Tina began to cry a little. "Oh Beverly, please don't say those things about your mother. I love you, you have to know that. I just don't know what's happened to me."

Bev held up some rope that she had brought back with her. "Mother, you deserve to be punished. I think you'll agree that your behavior was totally unacceptable. First, I'm going to tie your hands. Put them behind your back."

I've heard the term 'Pregnant Pause' before, but this was more like a pregnant silence. Tina didn't move, and no one spoke for twenty seconds or more. I was getting nervous, and it occurred to me that this whole thing just might blow up in our faces.

Tina was still face down on the sofa. Finally, her hands moved slowly to the center of her back. Beverly bound her wrists together, and I was glad to see that it wasn't too tight.

"Roll over onto your back mom." Tina awkwardly flipped over, leaving her lying on her back, as her rather substantial breasts fell slightly to each side, due to there weighty mass.

"Tim, look around the corner of the dinning room. I've got your belt there."

I quickly retrieved it and handed it to her. She looked around the floor until she saw her mother's panties and picked them up. She approached her mother, dangling the panties in one hand, and the belt in the other. As I gazed at Tina, it was obvious that she was aroused. Her nipples were larger than a few moments ago, and her breathing had really picked up.

"Mother I think that you have earned a tit whipping for your outrageous behavior. Punishment is certainly called for here. But I'm not a monster. I'll only do it if you agree to submit to a well deserved tit spanking. I want to hear it from your own lips. If you don't agree, then I don't see any hope for a loving relationship between us. I love you mom. This is for your own good. Now speak!"

Tina started to say something but her mouth was dry. She cleared her throat, swallowed a few times, and then began. "If this is what it takes to make us closer, then I agree to it. Go ahead."

"No mother, that's just not good enough. You deserve this punishment. I expect you to admit your guilt. I expect you to apologize to Tim for being a slut. And finally, I expect you to ask me to whip your tits."

Damn, Beverly was really impressive. I wanted her as my slave, yet I was quite turned on by her show of dominance. She was a formidable woman.

Her mother cleared her throat again. Then, with reluctance, she said, "Tim, I very badly need for you to forgive me; I'm truly sorry. Beverly, I acted like a slut and I want you my tits. I know that I deserve this punishment."

Bev wasted no time. "Open you mouth mother; I'm going to gag you with your own dirty panties."

Quickly Tina made her mouth ready to have her daughter shove the delicate white panties into her mouth. Beverly sniffed them first. "Shit, I knew it. They reek of sex. Mother you pussy was putting out lubrication before we even went upstairs." Then she ceremoniously pushed the dirty garment into her mother's mouth.

My sweet little girl friend started to swing the belt around in the air as she spoke. "Mother, I'm going to use Tim's belt on your tits, because you offended him as much as you did me."

I did a quick assessment of the three of us. Each of us was hot as hell. There was no denying it.

"Your left tit first mother, offer it to me. Come on; arch your back a bit."

Tina's compliance was immediate. Beverly didn't allow her to adjust for the assault. She stuck with quick and brutal efficiency, landing the first cruel blow to her mother's left nipple. The high pitched wail was no surprise to me, but I think that it caused Bev to pause for a moment. But that didn't deter her from striking her mother's breast five more times.

She stopped, starred at her mother's now teary eyed face, taking in her handy work. Then she swung the belt around in the air a few more times. With each swing Tina moaned, even though she was not being struck.

"Alright mom, it's time for the right boob. Offer it to the belt." Beverly was breathing so hard that I thought she might cum, just from whipping her mother.

Tina's moan was more like a plea for mercy, as she arched her back again to place her right breast in harms way. Beverly was in full dominatrix mode now, so there would be no mercy.

She took a huge full swing sending the belt crashing into her mother's sacrificial bosom. The scream was only modified somewhat by the skimpy panties, now soaked with saliva, which was leaking down her chin. The rain of terror continued for another five blows, then ceased. I was about to jump in to take control, but held back, as I realized that Beverly had been keeping count of the strokes. She had applied six to each breast. Although, the right one had suffered far worse than the left one had.

All three of us were breathing heavily now. Beverly had a coat of sweat on her body that looked sexy as hell; little droplets running down those incredibly firm tits and dripping from her nipples. Tina was rubbing her thighs together so hard that she could have started a fire with them. And as for my cock, every time my heart beat, my cock jumped two inches. Oh yeah, I was ready for some fun.

Bev leaned over her mom and asked, "Mom you look like you're ready to get off again. Would you like to cum for us. It might help to get Tim in the mood again. (She obviously hadn't noticed my state of arousal yet.)"

Tina nodded yes, as she mumbled through the gag, "Uh Huh."

"Okay mom, there's only one way that I'm going to allow that. You have to spread you legs, lift your hips up so that Tim can spank your pussy with the belt. Then I'm going to masturbate my mommy's dirty slutty cunt."

Tina moaned loudly. Her legs shot apart, and her hips flew into the air, as she stared at me, nodding her head. Damn, how could I not love the women in this f****y?

Bev handed me the belt saying, "Give the old whore five good hard ones."

Tina moaned again, and thrust her pussy forward even more.

I approached her, as I snapped the belt like a whip, making it crack in the air.

I gazed down at her and said, "You're a hot broad Tina. I knew that you had a good body hiding under your clothes, but I had no idea that you were such a fox. Damn but you are gorgeous. I want you to know that I'm really going to enjoy whipping your pussy."

I took one more test swing close to her belly, so that she could feel the air from it. Then I struck the first blow. Her legs closed tightly together, as she weathered the storm of pain that swept through her loins. But her hips remained elevated, anxious for the next one to be delivered. Beverly and I had become oblivious to her cries, as she spread her legs and humped the air, begging for more with her vulgar movements.

Each stroke brought louder responses from Tina, yet she re-offered her tortured pussy to my crashing belt after every painful lash. Her cunt was a sloppy mess, as her juices poured from her hairy gash. With each blow a splash of fluid sprung forth from her, spraying me and Beverly, who now stood at my side stroking my cock.

After the fifth and final strike, I threw down the whip, spun toward Beverly and planted a kiss upon her that could only have been a plea for her help in my sexual release. My darling c***dhood sweetheart, soon to be my lover, went to her knees before me. She grasped my prick with one hand, placed her other hand on my ass, urging me to assault her wide open mouth.

I had wanted this moment to be special, to have her take her time, but our passion was too deeply grooved to slow down now. I rammed my cock past those beautiful lips, not stopping until I felt the back of her throat. An involuntary gasp of pleasure escaped me, as she wrapped her luscious mouth around my savage prick. She let me use her mouth as a masturbatory tool. I grasped her face with both hands, and began fucking it for all that I was worth. I was more than ready to explode.

I cast a glance over at Tina, and caught her hands moving down to her hungry cunt. I screamed at her, "Don't you dare fuck yourself, you self center slut. You wait for your daughter to give you permission." She moaned, but quickly pulled her fingers away.

Beverly moved one hand to my swinging balls and gently caressed them. I was so fucking hot. There was no way that I could hold off any longer, so I gave in to my lustful need.

"Oh baby, you wanted to taste my cum. Well you're about to have that pleasure."

I stopped thrusting my hips in order to enjoy my darling's talent, which was surprisingly good. She had a way of wrapping her tongue half way around my prick, as she guided it in and out of her marvelous velvet pathway. She maintained an amazingly powerful suction the entire time (Something about chrome and a trailer hitch crossed my mind.) That was it. I was lost on a sea of lust, as my body succumbed to the bliss of wave after wave of ecstasy. My bloated testicles loosed a flood of cum into my baby's sucking maw. She gagged a little, but continued the rhythmic glide on my cock, providing me with extraordinary pleasure.

As my passion dwindled, Beverly kept sucking on my prick, being sure to reap the harvest of every drop of my seed. If I didn't love her before, I damned sure did now. She was actually better than mom. Simply amazing!

"Jesus H. Christ! I can't believe it. That was the most powerful blow job I've ever had. Baby you're incredible. Where did ever learn to be so good?"

Showing a little worry she answered, "Tim I don't want you to be upset with me. I am a virgin, just not where oral sex is concerned. I want to be honest with you. I've had lots and lots of practice. First I would use a dido to try out techniques that I read about on the internet. Then when I started dating, I would put the education into practice. I got really good really quick. Please baby, don't be mad at me."

"Mad at you! Damn, I ought to give you a trophy. However, I don't want you to suck off anyone else, unless I order you to."

Beverly was beaming with pride. "As my master commands, so shall it be."

Movement on the sofa caught my eye. Tina was running a finger into her pussy. This was all so perfect; just the reason we needed to punish her some more.

I turned Beverly around so that she could see her mother's action. "Mother...damn it! Stop that right this minute. I had no idea that you were such dirty old slut."

Tina tried to say something, but her panties were still stuffed in her mouth. Bev snatched them out and shouted, "What?"

Tina looked at her daughter, pleading with her eyes. "Beverly, I know that I'm a horny twisted slut. You need to know something about me and your father and why we split up. This will take a minute or two so you may as well get comfortable."

Bev looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders then sat in the big lounge chair, pulling Beverly's warm naked form onto my lap.

My sweet baby glared at her mother rudely and said, "Alright cunt, what's the fucking story?" I couldn't help but wince at the crude way that she was dealing with her mother. I knew that I would have to talk with her about using such course language. I felt that in her mother's eyes, it would detract from her image as a trusted dominant.

Tina had managed to sit up, although her hands were still tied behind her back.

"I know that you heard daddy and me arguing a lot before we separated. But you don't know why we argued."

Beverly blurted out, "Of course I do mom. Daddy told me all about it. You were always fucking other men and dad was tired of it." I was shocked.

Tina's eyes misted as she responded to her daughter's outburst. "Honey I never knew that he had told you that. It's only half true. Let me tell you the whole ugly thing."

"On our honeymoon, we had some very wild sex. He was a very controlling man, especially in the bedroom, and I liked that about him. He tied me up, spanked me, slapped my breasts mildly and f***ed me to give him oral sex. I didn't know that I would react so strongly to that kind of treatment, but I found that I loved it. When you were born, nothing changed. A baby wasn't about to stop his or my craving for some kinky action."

She paused to gage our reaction to this point. She began to cry, and tears were rolling down her cheeks, as went on.

"About eight years ago, your father changed. I don't know why; he just did. He began to get much more violent, and he took great pleasure in hurting me really badly. At first I enjoyed the harsher abuse, but it just kept getting more serious, and he didn't care whether I had any enjoyment or not. All he wanted do was hear me scream and see me humiliated.

"He would take me out to dinner then order me to go to the restroom and remove my underwear. Because he only allowed me to wear shear blouses, my breasts were virtually nude, as I returned to the table. I can't deny that I got aroused at that part of his little game. He threatened to beat me really badly if I didn't go along with him; so I did. He would tell the waiter that a slut like me loved to show off my big tits. He told the guy that I really wanted him to pinch my nipples hard, because that's how I needed to be treated. I would arch my back and ask the waiter to hurt me. I was just doing and saying what I was commanded to do. Some of the guys were quite brutal, which really pleased your father.

"On one of those occasions, I reused to go along. He smiled evilly at me and said 'Okay.' When we got home he beat me. I don't mean that we played our dominance and submission game. He beat me with his fists. He told me what he was going to do and then he'd do it. It was nothing more than torture. My face was so swollen that both of my eyes were closed shut. My breasts were used as a punching bag. They were black for days. He took me to a hotel to recover and told you that I was with grandma.

"When he brought me back, he threatened to go after you, if I wouldn't co-operate with a solution to a problem that he had. It seems that your dad had a gambling problem and he owed a bunch of money to some very bad people. He told me that I would be servicing a few men every night until the debt was paid. I didn't want to see you harmed, and he promised me that he wouldn't beat me anymore if I went along. So I did"

I am a pretty harsh master at times, yet I just wanted to hold Tina in my arms and tell her that everything was alright now. I heard Beverly sniffle, and realized that she was in tears.

"Oh mom, I'm so sorry. I never knew. How horrible. And I'm sincerely sorry for doing this to you tonight. You must think that we're monsters."

"Oh honey, I never wanted you to know what kind of man your father became. But I realized this evening that I can't escape my natural tendencies. Also, you've got your father's genes in you, as well as mine. There's something wild in you from both of us. You must learn to control it, in order to enjoy it. Otherwise you'll turn into the monster that lurks beneath the surface.

"Let me finish explaining the rest of this mess. Basically I was turning tricks for my husband. He would tell me what hotel or house to go to, and I would obey. I must admit that most of the time it was very enjoyable. However, there were times when the man would be quite cruel. Your dad always wanted to know the details as soon as I got home. He would get very excited. When I finished, he would f***e me to deep throat him, or offer him my ass. I can enjoy both of those activities, but not the way he did it to me. It was simply violent ****, and he intended for it to be that way.

"Finally he told me that I would be doing something really special for the whole weekend, but he refused to tell me what it would entail. All that I knew was that I had to go to this mansion at noon, on Saturday. When I arrived I was e****ted to a large room with fifteen men and a very large bed. They made no pretense of kindness or foreplay. I was gang ****d. Not just by them, but by several others, who came and went. It went on for the entire weekend. Only a few of them were hurtful, but you can't be used over and over without experiencing terrible fear and pain. I didn't know if I was to be fucked to death or what. I thought that he might have sold me into slavery forever, that this would be my life; just an endless number of cocks entering my mouth, my pussy, my asshole and, sometimes, all three at once.

"They would bring me sperm cocktails. Cum mixed with warm piss, and then f***e me to drink it. When they told me that I could go, I was barely able to move, let alone drive. I was given two hours to get out or they were going to start fucking me all over again. I don't remember driving home, but I vaguely recall that I was totally nude when I walked into the house. Your father wasn't there.

"One of the men in the neighborhood had seen me nude and staggering, as I entered. He knocked on our door and I opened it, totally oblivious to the fact that I wasn't wearing anything. I remember the shocked and sympathetic look on his face. I collapsed into his arms. He asked me if he should call the police. I begged him not to. I told him that I had been used by many men, but that I had done it willingly. I offered to suck his cock if he would keep quiet about this. He was a perfect gentleman. He gave me his promise, but refused my offer to blow him. He carried me upstairs, ran a hot bath for me, and refused to leave until he was convinced that I was all right. He stayed for several hours. He called his wife; only telling her that he had run into a problem and would be home later."

Tina looked deeply into my eyes. "Tim that man never told anyone about what he had seen. He never asked for details about what or why I was in that situation, or why I did it willingly. I hardly knew him, yet I couldn't help but feel love for him. He briefly entered my life when I needed to be cared for and not judged. That one act of kindness gave me the strength to make a very important decision. The next day I saw an attorney and later filed for divorce.

"Tim that man was your father. He was a wonderful man."

I had been tearing up, as she divulged her horror story to us. But when she hit me with that last part, I broke down and sobbed in Beverly's arms. She was sobbing too.

After few minutes, I was doing better. Tina's situation had been horrible, especially keeping it to herself all this time. And poor Beverly, thinking that her mother was some kind of whore, who screwed a different guy every night. And what a son-of-a- bitch her father was.

That evening, I learned an important lesson about self control. I would have to make a concerted effort to not go overboard with some of my dominant desires.

Tina broke the silence. "For God sake, someone speak to me. Tell me something. I need to know how you guys are feeling about all of this."

Beverly jumped from my lap and went to sit next to her mother, putting an arm around her. "Mom, I wish that you had told me this earlier. I hate the thought that you suffered all that abuse. And here I thought that you were running around on dad. It affected how I treated you, and why we hardly ever spoke. But we're going to do better at sharing our lives from now on I promise. I want you to know that I'm still going to expect you to clean up your act. And furthermore, I will still be punishing you when you get off track. I promise to discipline you with love, but it will involve some harsh methods that you must agree to, OK?"

Tina leaned over and kissed Beverly on the cheek. "Honey I want so very badly to have a closer relationship with you." She chuckled, "How can we not, when you've seen what a nasty old broad your mother is. I mean, here we all are stark naked, I've been whipped and loved it. You've given Tim a fabulous blow job, which really turned me on by the way. I don't think that we have to hide anything from each other anymore, and I'm including Tim in this as well."

Tina took in a big breath of air and blew it out before saying, "As for accepting your discipline, I'll do what ever you demand. As you now know, I'll get off on it. And if I must be punished, I'll get off on that too. Being as Tim knows how I am; you can punish me in front of him. He already knows that I'm a slut at heart. To be perfectly honest, I've had a bit of a crush on him for a while. But don't you worry, I'm not going to try and seduce the cute horny little devil."

Beverly hugged and kissed her mother again, then came to me and whispered in my ear. "Mom's had a tough time of it. I want you to punish her by eating her pussy and then fuck the hell out of her. It's been three years since she had some cock, and she must be desperate for it now."

I whispered back, "Are you sure baby. You're alright with me fucking your mom?"

She smiled. "I love you both so much. I want you to make it really good for her."

"OK baby, you tell her. She'll accept it better from you."

Bev nodded her agreement, turned to her mom and said, "I've decided that you're going to be punished by Tim. There will be no discussion about this. Just do as he orders, do you understand?"

Tina looked worried, but she answered, "OK, I'll do whatever he says."

I untied her hands and told her lie down on the floor. Once she was on her back, I had her spread her legs and raise her knees, just as I had positioned Bev an hour earlier. Then I straddled her face, dangling my dick over her. "Kiss my cock Tina; show us what a filthy slut you are." She moaned loudly, before planting warm wet kisses on my cock's head. But I didn't allow that to go on for long.

I moved down to her thighs, and began the same routine that I had used on her daughter. I kissed my way up her thighs to the thick dark patch of fur, and then licking and sucking around the edge of pussy. When I entered her hot, wet cunt with my tongue, she almost came, but I wouldn't let her. I backed away and teased her clitoris with light soft flicks of my tongue, never letting her get to close to a conclusion.

Tina began to caress my head with her hands, rubbing her fingers around in my hair and mumbling, "So fucking beautiful, so fucking good. Oh Tim, you're wonderful. Please may I cum?"

I didn't answer her. Instead I ground my tongue onto her clit, rubbing it back and forth with my rapidly moving tongue muscle. I sucked hard at the same time, pulling it into my mouth, while assaulting it with my oral digit. I wasn't surprised when she screamed and launched into a huge explosion of pleasure. Her vocal response was guttural, lacking in any form of intelligible words. Yet her cries of ecstasy spoke for her, articulately expressing her joy.

I slowed down as she began to wane, and finally pulled away from her crotch.

"Oh Tim, that was amazing. You have no idea how much I needed to have someone give sex to me, without being f***ed. I can't thank you enough."

I cast a stern glare at her and said, "Tina, I'm afraid that your punishment isn't over. Just be quiet and accept what discipline has been assigned to you."

Working on Beverly's mother had managed to get me wound up again. My cock was rock hard and ready for some fucking with this great hot body I had lusted after for some time. I knelt between her legs, fisting my cock. She realized what was about to happen. Tina softly said, "Oh dear God, you're going to fuck me. Don't do it Tim. Beverly will never forgive you."

Bev got down on the floor, placing her face close to her mother's. "It's alright mom. I told him to fuck you. I love you both, and I know that you must need a good hard fucking. I trust Tim to do a good job of it, so just lie there and enjoy the ride."

I was hot as hell and would not wait another second. I plunged my cock into my girlfriend's mother, driving my meat into her until our loins crashed into each other. Tina's hips came up to meet me half way, as she cried out with joy, "Oh sweet."

Her hips began bucking wildly, as she urged me on with profanity. "Fuck me Timmy. Fuck my dirty slutty cunt. Use me like the nasty whore I am. Make me your whore. I want to be a whore for you and Bev."

Beverly had been caressing her mother's nipples. All three of us knew that she wouldn't last much longer. So Bev began to pinch and twist Tina's nips. That's all it took. She went ballistic, nearly throwing me out of the saddle. Man could she fuck. I thought that if Beverly was this hot, I was in for a great ride tomorrow night. Tina was lost in bliss, her head rolling from side to side at a phenomenal pace. Her legs were wrapped around me, with her ankles locked and pulling me into that boiling hot pussy.

She finished before I could climb the mountain, but at least I knew that I had given her a good dose of hot, unf***ed love making. I felt that Bev was right; her mom needed to be made love to, without any of the brutal v******e that had been imposed upon her before.

Beverly spoke up, breaking the silence. "Damn, I think I need you to do another pussy munching Timmy."

I nodded in agreement. "And I could use another blow job."

Tina joined in. "You k**s are going to have a great time tomorrow night. Save your strength for that. Your lust will carry on through the day, just helping you to have a bigger and better session of love making, when the time comes."

Beverly smiled at her mom. "You're right, of course mom." She looked at me and said, "I'm sorry baby, your cock and my pussy will just have wait. Why don't you head on home. Mom and I have a lot of things to talk about before tomorrow."

As walked home, I was elated and terrified. Everything was going so well, yet I couldn't forget that I had involved yet another f****y in my i****tuous plans. The weight of that responsibility was enormous. If all of us weren't careful, we could go to jail. I believed in covering all of the possibilities, but the volume of them kept getting bigger and harder to keep track of.

Oh well, tomorrow was another day.
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