Prisoner's Wife

The Prisoner's Wife

Jennie didn't want to believe her desperate situation, f***ed to
rely on some creepy black guy she didn't like or trust. But she
now needed Reggie Johnson to avoid homelessness and to save her
husband from the unthinkable while in prison.

How did they get into this mess? It all seemed to start after
moving into the apartments Reggie Johnson owned.

Reggie found it amusing that this cute, stuck-up, white bitch
turned to him for help, not realizing that he had planted the
cocaine in Jim's car and alerted the police. An unsuccessful
defense landed Jim in Texas state prison for 10 - 20 years thanks
to the strict d**g laws that usually worked against the black
man. But in this instance, Reggie had successfully used the
racist laws to his advantage turning them against the white men
who wrote them, he mused.

Reggie admired Jennie's smooth, white skin, petite figure,
shiny brown hair which hung down to her shoulders and sparkling
blue eyes as she pleaded to him for an extension on the rent she
owed. She was a slim, gorgeous, 25-year-old white female whose
sexual experience, he surmised, was limited to her lame, white
husband - the type of girl Reggie particularly relished breaking

Reggie’s assessment of Jennie came close to hitting the bull’s
eye. Somewhat of a prude and uncomfortable with her sexuality,
Jennie had little experience with men. Surprisingly, she only
had a couple of boyfriends before marrying Jim three years ago.
Her stunning looks proved more of a liability than an asset,
intimidating most men who assumed they didn’t stand much chance
with Jennie. The few males she had been intimate with (which
included Jim) were not very adept when it came to lovemaking –
nor well endowed. Thus a real orgasm had remained elusive to

"I'm sorry I don't have the money for you. We spent all our
savings on attorney's fees for Jim's defense," Jennie said.
Reggie's huge, muscular figure made Jennie just a little uneasy.
He looked like a giant compared to her husband, with bulging
muscles attesting to a strength that could easily crush her. The
thirty-five-year-old Reggie savored having a high class, white
girl like Jennie asking him for charity.

"How is things going for Jim?" Reggie asked with a grin.
Reggie's connections with the Black b*****rhood in Jim's prison
had been very useful. He had already arranged a difficult
introduction to the penal system for Jim.

"Not well," Jennie replied. "The last time I visited him his
face was covered in bruises from a fight."

"Oh, that is a shame," Reggie answered. "Maybe I can help
both of you. I need to rent out the unit you're in. But I has an
extra room in my apartment you can stay in rent free, and I also
has connections in the prison and can arrange for your husband to
be protected, Sweetie."

Jennie hated Reggie calling her "Sweetie" and couldn't believe
he would even suggest that she move into his apartment. After
all, she was a married woman and Reggie was BLACK!

"Thank you for the offer, Mr. Johnson, but I wouldn't feel
comfortable sharing an apartment with you," Jennie politely

"You don't has to call me Mr. Johnson. Call me Reggie,
Sweetie. Don't feel uncomfortable. I promise there will be no
funny business. I wants to help. Without protection, I hate to
think about what will happen to a gentleman likes Jim. Those
monsters in prison will turn him into their bitch, if you knows
what I mean? They may turn him into a fag. I've seen it happen
before. When he finally gets out, he may not want a woman
anymore," Reggie warned with a stern look on his face.

Jennie knew exactly what Reggie meant. She read the stories
about prison ****s and the idea of that happening to Jim
horrified her.

"But I'm married and it would not appear right if I moved in
with you," Jennie answered as her eyes began to water.

"I knows, Sweetie, but I can't afford to lose the rent from
the apartment you is occupying; and you need to do what's best
for Jim. I hates to think about those guys sodomizing him,"
Reggie repeated.

Jennie felt trapped. If she didn't move in with Reggie, not
only would she be homeless, but Jim would be beaten and ****d in
prison. Although she suspected Reggie had an ulterior motive, she
had to take a chance, trust him, and accept his offer. It was
the only way to protect her husband.

Against her better judgment and with some reservation, Jennie
moved in with Reggie to protectJim from the horrible fate Reggie
had painted.

A week passed, and to Jennie's relief, Reggie remained true to
his word. He had not made a single advance toward her. Jennie
occasionally caught Reggie lustfully staring at her when she
wasn't paying attention. But Reggie hadn't said or done anything

Reggie patiently waited to make his move, giving Jennie time
to grow more comfortable and dependent on him and allowing her to
erroneously believe he was just a "nice guy".

Jennie desperately searched for work to regain independence, but
despite her gorgeous looks and excellent qualifications, no one
was hiring due to the Great Recession.

Reggie secretly reveled in watching this self-confident, young
white woman – a college graduate – grow increasingly reliant on
him, an uneducated black man, for support.


Today Jennie planned on visiting Jim. Reggie generously
agreed to drive her to the prison some 40 miles away. When she
finished bathing and stepped out of the shower her clothes were
missing. "That's odd; I could have sworn I brought my clothes in
with me. I must have left them on the bed," she thought.

Jennie dried off, wrapped the towel around herself, and walked
to her bedroom.

"Where did I place those clothes?" Jennie asked herself when
she entered her room. They weren't on the bed where she thought
she might have left them. Jennie turned around to find Reggie
standing behind her.

"Oh!" Jennie exclaimed as she reflexively jumped from the
surprise. "I didn't know you were there. You startled me."

A big grin formed on Reggie's face revealing his white teeth.
"Looking for something?" he asked.

"Can you step out for a moment? I need to get dressed,"
Jennie responded with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"Oh that's okay, Sweetie. I don't mind none seeing you naked.
Go ahead and gets dressed while I's just watch," Reggie replied.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Jennie nervously

"What's you mean it ain't no good idea? I let's you live here
for free and you can't even let me see your goodies?" Reggie
angrily scoffed. "Maybe I should put you out in the street and
have the b*****rs in prison fuck your Jim in the ass!"

Reggie grabbed the towel wrapped around Jennie and yanked it
from her body.

The abrupt change in Reggie's demeanor caught Jennie completely
off guard. Paralyzed with fear Jennie didn't know how to react.
She yelled, "no", which seemed pathetically inadequate as she
stood naked before this black, muscular giant.

"Now let me get a good look at you, Sweetie," Reggie said as
His eyes hungrily devoured Jennie's naked, nubile figure. She
possessed a perfect body, as beautiful as her face: perky tits
topped with youthfully pink, quarter-sized areolas and nipples
that had not yet nursed a baby, smooth, white, unblemished skin,
a flat tummy, and a perfectly shaped ass without a single hint of
cellulite. She was well worth the Grand in cocaine Reggie placed
in Jim's car and the long wait.

"Let me sees you play with yourself, Sweetie," Reggie asked.

Jennie silently stood there frozen for a moment, dumbly
staring at Reggie with one hand covering her vagina and the other
concealing her right breast. Reggie's words did not register in
her head. Jennie had never masturbated before and didn’t really
know how.

Reggie grew impatient and suddenly shoved Jennie backwards
with such f***e that she flew off her feet and bounced in the bed
once before settling into the soft mattress.

"No, what are you doing?" Jennie yelled as Reggie took hold of
her knees and pried her legs apart.

"I tolds you to play with yourself!" Reggie sneered back at

"I can't do that. Please, I'm married," Jennie cried.

"That's okay. Your husband won't find out. You is doing this
for him anyway. You doesn't want the b*****rs to get him does
you?" Reggie answered.

"Please don't let them hurt Jim," Jennie pleaded.

"Okay, Sweetie, then let me help you," Reggie replied. He
pulled Jennie's hand away from protecting her vagina, licked his
fingers, and began masturbating the dumb, white bitch himself.

"Please don't do this to me," Jennie cried as Reggie's fingers
searched for her g-spot and his thumb made tight circles around
her clitoris.

She must have just finished shaving herself, Reggie thought,
because her pussy was baby smooth save for a small, neatly
trimmed patch of brown pubic hair above her clit. Jennie found
stubble itchy and formed a habit of shaving her pussy, legs, and
armpits daily while in the shower - a habit which unfortunately
made her even more desirable to Reggie.

"I just wants to play with you and watch you cum for me
Sweetie. I promise I won't fuck you. Okay?" Reggie reassured
Jennie as he f***ed her pussy to involuntarily lubricate his
invading digits.

Jennie could not believe this was happening to her. How could
she be so stupid as to allow herself to fall into this
predicament - with a black man nonetheless? She didn't find
black men attractive and never would consider an interracial
relationship even if she wasn't married. Jennie wanted to fight
Reggie to protect her honor and marriage, but put up little
defiance because of her predicament.

"Stop. Don't make me do that, please," Jennie implored.

Reggie remained focused on Jennie's pussy, searching for its
most sensual spots and ignoring her pleas. He knew that she
would lose resistance once he got her body to react the way he

"Oh, what are you doing? Stop it!" Jennie said. Her pelvis
treacherously indicating to Reggie - ever so slightly - the
secret locations of sensitive spots to stroke.

"Oh, no, not there – stop doing that you bastard," Jennie

But Reggie would not stop. He continued m*****ing this cute,
white bitch who thought she was too good for a nigger until her
ability to communicate degraded to unintelligible moans of

"Naaaaah,ooooooh, please don't make me, aaaah," Jennie repeated,
her knuckles turning white and her fists digging into the

Reggie observed Jennie's previously tiny clit engorge modestly
larger. He watched Jennie squeeze her sparkling blue eyes shut
and turn her head side to side as if refusing to accept the gift
he was building inside her.

"Don't fight it, Sweetie, cum for Reggie like a good girl,"
Reggie cooed in Jennie's ear.

She didn't want to cum for Reggie. She wanted to have the sick
pervert locked up in prison where he belonged instead of her
husband. But powerless against the black giant, Jennie grudgingly
obliged him multiple times.

Spasms in her pussy, coital movements she increasingly failed
to suppress, and a distant, dreamy look replacing the usual alert
sparkle in Jennie's blue eyes, revealed to Reggie his success in
coercing her to repeatedly climax for him.

Satisfied with his control over this arrogant white woman who was
now cumming for him, Reggie finally stopped masturbating Jennie
and kissed her gently on the cheek.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Reggie asked as Jennie lay
there a moment regaining her senses. She looked over at Reggie
and watched him greedily lick her female juices from his fingers.

"Mmmmmm, `Sweetie' is a good name for you because you sure
taste sweet," Reggie exclaimed.

Jennie was too embarrassed and confused to respond. She never
experienced anything like that before. She got out of bed and
hurriedly dressed, realizing her previously bad situation had
become markedly worse. How could she have been so dumb as to
allow herself to get into this horrible situation? She felt
Reggie's eyes wondering over every inch of her body as she put on
her silk panties and bra, a cute sundress that reached just above
her knees, and finally her shoes.

The long drive to see Jim took forever in Reggie's old, beat
up Crown Victoria - a far cry from the new Acura the police
seized from Jim when they found cocaine in it. Reggie drove
slowly while rubbing the inside of Jennie's smooth, left thigh.
Jennie endured Reggie’s fondling rather than risk angering him
into not taking her to see Jim, or worse - into allowing the
Black b*****rhood to beat and **** him.

Emboldened by Jennie's lack of protest, Reggie's hand slid
further up her sundress.

Jennie instinctively closed her legs.

“You better spread them legs for me, Sweetie, if you wants to see
Jim today,” Reggie said.

Jennie reluctantly opened her legs just enough for Reggie’s
finger to find her clit through her silk panties. He stroked her
to dampness for most of the journey.

When she finally visited Jim in prison, Jennie concealed her
discomfort, which Reggie had caused by making her wet. She was
relieved to see Jim's bruises had healed and Reggie had kept his
word about protecting her husband from further abuse.

Jim noticed a worried look on his beautiful wife's face and
tried to comfort her. He missed being with Jennie, holding her
in his arms and making love to her. "I'm really okay, Jen. Don't
worry about me. All the inmates here are treating me much better
now. It's weird but they just suddenly started acting entirely
different towards me." Jim said.

For their few brief minutes together, all Jennie could think
about was how much she wished Jim could come home and protect

"How are things at home?" Jim asked.

Jennie lied to her husband, "Things are fine, honey. I got a
job at Walmart and Mr. Johnson is renting me a smaller apartment
that I can afford." She did not dare mention to Jim that she had
to move in with Reggie and become his plaything.

The visit with Jim ended much too soon for Jennie, who dreaded
the ride home with the disgusting black man who had brought her.


Jennie finished bathing when he began kneeding her firm
buttocks and soft perky tits with his big, strong hands, gently
rolling her pink, youthful nipples to attention between his
fingers. Reggie’s bed became familiar to her, although Jennie
spent a lot of time on her back in his old recliner and the
kitchen table as well. While she still tried to resist Reggie,
Jennie had actually grown accustomed to being masturbated by him.
It was disgusting and perverted, she thought, but Jim was safe
and Reggie had not tried to put his penis in her.

Jennie had never experienced a hypersexual, black male. She had
little time to look for work, which would enable her to move
away, after Reggie finished masturbating her each day. When she
resisted he reminded her of Jim’s likely fate without his

Before Jim went to prison, sex with her husband was infrequent
and of a short duration when it occurred. But Reggie f***ed her
to orgasm multiple times for him almost daily.

Reggie loved controlling attractive, young, white women. Jennie
unknowingly became the latest object of his obsession and he
familiarized himself with every aspect of her body.

Jennie avoided watching Reggie m***** her and tried not to notice
how much more invasively he masturbated her, spreading her labia
wide open, completely exposing her pink, feminine folds, her most
private place, and observing them glisten and react when bringing
her to multiple climaxes she did not want.

“Oh, oh, aah, nooo, don’t make me, I don’t want to… no, not
again, oooooh,” Jennie murmured while cuming for Reggie some
more. She felt physically and Temotionally drained, with little
energy to search for work or do much else. She had cum multiple
times when Reggie finally finished with her for the time being.

Jennie unwittingly fell further under Reggie's control. He
studied her body's reactions when he masturbated her, learning
both her sensual and emotional weaknesses. Subconsciously Jennie
began anticipating the coerced orgasms from Reggie’s frequent
attention. Having no inkling of the many white women he
previously impregnated and ruined, intimacy with Reggie became
less uncomfortable to Jennie.


A week passed. Reggie apparently remained satisfied just playing
with her pussy and making her cum. Jennie received a false sense
of safety from this boundary. Approaching another climax for him,
she did not notice Reggie remove his pants and boxers.

"Oooooh, please, not there again, ooooooooooooooooooooooh,
noooooh" Jennie exclaimed with her eyes tightly closed, twirling
her pelvis and moaning in response to Reggie's stimulation of her
g-spot. This, Reggie learned, was Jennie's most susceptible
moment. While continuing to trace tight circles around Jennie's
engorged clitoris with his thumb, he removed his fingers from her
excited pussy and placed his enormous, black cock up to her tiny,
slick entrance.

Jennie felt unusual pressure at the entrance of her womanhood.
She opened her blue eyes - they still contained the dreamy look
from her orgasm - and starred up at Reggie's muscular black
chest. Jennie's gaze wandered further down and settled on
Reggie's six-pack abs for a few moments before growing wide with
apprehension when they descended further and landed on the
biggest penis Jennie had ever seen. His cock looked like a
radiator hose – thick, long, and vascular with a scrotum, heavy
with sperm, the size of a small g****fruit.

"Oh my God, no, please don't put that inside me," Jennie
pleaded. "You promised not to do that, Reggie!"

"It's okay, Sweetie. I'll take it right out," Reggie replied,
pushing the head of his cock against her pussy.

Jennie's small white hands landed on Reggie's dark, black hips
and strained to push him away. "No, it's too big, please don't.
I'm married. I can't have sex with you," Jennie argued.

"You doesn't want the b*****rs in prison to do this to your
husband's ass instead, do you?" Reggie warned.

Jennie didn't want that to happen to Jim, nor did she want to
end up homeless living in the street. But she didn't want to
have sex with Reggie either. She continued to struggle, refusing
to accept her situation. But she was no match for the big Negro.
Jennie felt her labia stretch around the head of Reggie's cock.
He was inside her and penetrating deeper.

"Please don't," Jennie implored. She realized the futility of
her situation. "Put a condom on," Jennie finally begged hoping
to at least maintain some barrier between their genitals. Reggie
ignored Jennie, treating her pussy to more of his bare,
extraordinarily large, phallus, which began rubbing her g-spot
with greater friction than Jennie had ever experienced before.

"Oooooh, please, noooooooh - don't do that - stop it, ooooh!"
Jennie argued less convincingly. Her pussy generously coated
every inch of Reggie's thick, long, black cock with its
involuntary love juices. Jennie looked down noticing his nappy
matt of black pubic hair intermingling with her own small, neatly
trimmed landing strip. She felt his kinky bristles scratching her
crotch when he drove in.

"Take it out before you cum," Jennie impotently demanded.

"Your husband sure is a lucky man to have you as his wife,
such a beautiful woman sacrificing her body for him," Reggie

Reggie noticed Jennie's hands drift from his hips to his firm
buttocks. That dreamy, distant look once again appeared in her
eyes as orgasm induced endorphins released into Jennie's

"That's it, Sweetie, cum for me," Reggie said drilling into
Jennie's tight cunt. He felt her pussy throbbing around his cock
and her erect nipples poking into his chest. Her protests became
infrequent and far less emphatic. She quieted down as Reggie's
cock rubbed against her g-spot taking the fight out of her.
Jennie knew it was wrong having Reggie's bare cock - not her
husband's - in her pussy. She wanted to stop him, but couldn't.
Besides, the Black b*****rhood would beat and **** Jim if she

Reggie tried placing his mouth over Jennie's lips.

"No," Jennie said turning her head to avoid his kiss.

Petting Jennie's soft, brown hair Reggie exclaimed, "I guess
I'll have to let the b*****rs in prison have their way with Jim."

The distant, dreamy look in Jennie's eyes momentarily
disappeared as Reggie's suggestion interrupted her sexual
musings. "No, don't let them hurt Jim."

"All you has to do is give me a kiss," Reggie replied. He
wanted her complete submission.

Jennie hesitantly opened her mouth to his long tongue.

"Mmmmm," Jennie moaned.

After a prolonged period of fucking and French kissing, she
finally managed to pull her lips away from Reggie's mouth for a
second. "Please take it out before you cum," Jennie pleaded in his

Reggie placed his tongue back in Jennie's mouth to silence
additional pleas. He noticed Jennie's hands glide across his
back and embrace him, her legs lock around his ass and her pussy
start to meet his thrusts with its own.

The formerly proud and self confident white housewife who had
found black men unattractive and who disapproved of interracial
relationships had surrendered to him. Reggie wished her honky
husband could see his beautiful and once faithful and innocent
wife now fucking a black man and cumming for him.

Thanks to Reggie, hubby would be in jail for a very long time,
and Jennie no longer had birth control pills. Jennie was
completely unprotected from Reggie's big, black cock which would
now keep her vulnerable, white pussy occupied during her
husband's absence.

Jennie's petite, white body contrasted beautifully with
Reggie's burly black figure while the two remained entwined. The
wet, pink membranes of Jennie's tight pussy adhered to Reggie's
thick, black shaft, soaking it with affection as it made the long
journey in and out of her.

Jennie felt Reggie's cock swell even larger. He had to take it
out, she thought.

There was no way Reggie was going to pull his cock out of this
white girl before cumming in her.

Jennie relaxed her embrace hoping Reggie would withdraw. Instead
Reggie tensed up and Jennie felt strange warmth fill her pussy.

Reggie ejaculated far more semen inside Jennie than her husband
ever produced. His cock kept pumping more virile fluid into her.

"Mmmmmmmmpphh," Jennie grunted pulling her lips away from
Reggie's mouth after their extended fuck. "You came in me," she
murmured catching her breath.

Reggie got off Jennie and pulled his long cock out of her,
rubbing its smooth, wet head on Jennie's still engorged clit.
Jennie sat up on her elbows and watched Reggie's cock ejaculate
more. Some of the warm, white stuff landed in her belly button,
and Reggie rubbed some of it on her clit with the head of his

"Oooooh, no more," Jennie said as her pussy made slight coital
motions in reply to Reggie's cock touching her clitoris.

"You like that, don't you Sweetie?" Reggie asked with a
knowing smile. Jennie didn't answer. Reggie noticed Jennie's
wedding band and engagement ring sparkle brilliantly on her
finger, just like before she had been unfaithful to her husband
and permanently spoiled by a black man.

When they finished fucking, Jennie hurriedly dressed. Reggie
made her late for visiting hours at the prison and she did not
have time to take another shower.

“Hi honey, how are you?” Jennie greeted Jim, relieved not to see
bruises on his face again. With a full load of Reggie’s sperm
inside her, some of it leaked out saturating Jennie’s panties and
making it difficult for her to concentrate on the conversation
with her husband. Images of Reggie’s hard muscles and huge cock
filled her mind.

“What’s the matter Jen?” Jim questioned his lovely wife. She
appeared distant as if her thoughts were somewhere else.

“I’m sorry Jim,” Jennie replied with tears in her eyes. “I wish
you weren’t here. I wish you could come home. I want our old
life back.”

Jim hung his head down and stared at the table for a moment. “I
know Jen, me too. We’ve been over this before. I told you I
don’t know how all that coke got in my car. I haven’t used the
stuff since we were married,” he said.

“I believe you, Sweetheart,” Jennie answered.


Jennie slept, dreaming of making love with Jim in their
beautiful, old house – the one they owned prior to the recession.
She didn’t remember ever enjoying sex so much with Jim before,
being this excited from him. She suddenly awoke to find her
arousal caused by Reggie. She wanted to get far away from him.
“No, stop it. We already had sex today. I don’t want to do it
again,” she said.

The daily masturbations Reggie performed on her had increased in
frequency, occurring in the morning, afternoon, evening, and
sometimes – like now – late at night interrupting her sl**p, and
always as preludes to intercourse. If she attempted in earnest to
escape this intimacy he f***ed on her, the old shackles of
Reggie’s connections with the Black b*****rhood as well as her
destitution prevented elusion.

Jennie had been demeaned to quibbling like a c***d. She felt
imprisoned like her husband. But Jennie’s prison was Reggie’s
paradise. Once Reggie's cock had been inside Jennie, he had
established a precedent of greater intimacy that he would not
allow her to reverse. This time when Jennie was about to cum from
Reggie's fingers, Reggie stopped and rolled on his back.

“Get on top and put my cock in your pussy, Sweetie,” Reggie
instructed. Jennie held his warm, massive, black shaft in her
hands. She slowly lowered herself onto Reggie’s phallus while
gently guiding it into her silky cunt.

“Ooh,” Jennie moaned, sliding her tight pussy up and down on
Reggie’s slick, black shaft. Jennie hated Reggie and loathed the
way he coaxed her body into betraying her. She suspected Reggie
might have planted the coke in Jim’s car. This black bastard
kept coercing her into having sex. If only she and Jim had never
moved into the apartment and met Reggie, none of this would be

“Oh God, I’m cumming again,” Jennie murmured. Reggie grabbed
Jennie’s taut ass with one hand and the back of her head with the
other. He kissed Jennie and allowed himself to cum inside her.

After discharging most of his load inside her, Reggie released
his hold on Jennie’s cute butt, allowing her to dismount him.

Jennie slid herself from Reggie’s lengthy cock, immediately
placed as much of its colossal size as she could fit in her mouth
– which amounted to little more than its head – while slowly and
rhythmically pumping the organ with her hands to finish his

Reggie had f***ed Jennie to suck his cock clean after sex enough
times that she did it automatically now and had grown used to the
taste of their juices.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned swallowing his remaining bursts of

Jennie couldn’t believe she had been reduced to sucking a black
man’s cock and allowing him to cum in her pussy while her once
successful husband sat in jail.

“That was nice Sweetie. I can tell you is starting to like black
cock more,” Reggie said.

Jennie didn’t answer.

It was true; she had become accustomed to fucking a lot more and
to having Reggie’s enormous black cock inside her.

But Reggie still read resentment on her face.

Jennie remembered how she had once been an honors student in
college, had begun a career in banking as a professional – a loan
officer – before the Great Recession and Jim’s bad luck took
everything away. This black son-of-a-bitch had her Jim sent to
prison and now fucked her like a whore and she could do nothing
about it.

Out of birth control pills, sex with Reggie was an established
fact that continued unprotected as she began ovulating regularly

Fresh from her morning shower, Jennie had just put on her panties
and bra when she noticed Reggie enter her room naked, as he often
did now, with his huge, disgusting, black penis flaccidly
dangling in front of her like the trunk of an elephant. Without
saying a word, the giant stud reached inside her panties with one
hand while his other unfastened her bra.

Worried about the growing possibility of pregnancy, Jennie made
an atypical offer to Reggie as her bra fell from her breasts.

“No. I want to suck your cock today,” Jennie said trying to back
away from his fingers before their invasion into her womanhood
progressed too far.

Her unusual offer surprised Reggie at first. He had always had
to beguile Jennie to have sex with him and usually she protested
until she had cum a few times. Why the abrupt change in
character, eagerly volunteering to give him a blow job? Having
knocked up a number of other white chicks before, Reggie quickly
realized what Jennie was trying to avoid.

Reggie got behind Jennie and pulled her into him, his right arm
tightly wrapped across her chest, his fingers rolling her stiff,
pink nipple between them while his other hand descended inside
her panties again.

“No, I don’t want to today,” Jennie groaned.

Through Reggie’s diligence, the humiliating sounds of his fingers
splashing in Jennie’s wetness became audible as she reluctantly
squirmed in his arms.

“Stop it, Reggie. Don’t, no, oooooh, not there, I can’t,” she
kept repeating with the success of someone returning to the same
location over and over again futiley searching for a lost item.

When she said ‘Not there,’ her body’s movement revealed
contradiction to Reggie, a pleasure spot Jennie tried to conceal
from him, resulting in more of the same attention instead. These
dumb, white bitches never learned that they couldn’t fool him.
They all eventually came around to loving his giant, black snake.

Jennie felt his massive cock getting hard and pushing into her

Finally, Reggie’s fingers stopped and pulled out of her for a
moment, giving Jennie a fleeting ray of hope. But after the
brief pause, his strong hand grabbed hold of her French cut, lace
panties by their waistband and tugged down.

“Please wear a condom this time, Reggie. I might get pregnant,”
Jennie pleaded as he laid her down in the bed. But Reggie
replied with a nauseating smile, “Sorry Sweetie, I knows you
can’t feel me as good with one of those on. Condoms just ain’t
as intimate and I wants to make sure you cum for me.”

Jennie despised feeling Reggie inside her. The thought of his
grotesquely large penis snuggly in her vagina sharing sensations
reserved for love, mixing body fluids that were supposed to be
products of fondness – the ingredients for new life – sickened
her. But the disgusting bastard had ways of persuasion she could
not refuse. His cock, like a mighty piston, stroked in and out,
up and down, back and forth, inside her oiled cylinder.

Reggie hoped to ruin the white bitch by planting a black baby in

“Please don’t cum in me this time. Take it out. I don’t want to
get pregnant,” Jennie whined.

It was useless. She felt Reggie’s familiar response in her
susceptible cunt as he flooded it yet again with his rich cream.


After several months, Jennie’s once flat tummy started to bulge a

“It looks like you’re putting on some weight,” Jim innocently
mentioned when Jennie visited him in prison. He didn’t realize
his wife was carrying another man’s baby.

Jennie looked away and replied with a mixture of embarrassment
and remorse in her voice, “Yea, I have to get to the gym and work

“You look great, Jen. You were too thin and needed to add a few
pounds anyway,” Jim told her.

Jennie looked into Jim’s eyes and nervously explained, “I’m sorry
Honey, but I won’t be able to visit you for a while. I’m going
to help Gina, an old college roommate and friend who’s opening a
restaurant in Chicago. I promise I’ll visit you as soon as I get

“How long will you be gone?” Jim inquired.

“Not longer than 7 months,”Jennie cried. “I’m going to miss you


Reggie adored watching the transformation – his black baby caused
– in Jennie as her body prepared for motherhood. Her perky tits
grew heavy and more sensitive, her pink areolas turned brown and
her nipples became more pronounced, her flat belly swelled large
like a beach ball and her belly button that had once been a cute
little innie pushed out. If only her honky husband, Jim, could
see how a Nigger ruined his previously nubile and devoted wife.

When Reggie took Jennie to a clinic, the ultrasound revealed a
wonderful surprise: twin boys.

The babies growing within Jennie caused hormonal changes in the
once devoted wife who previously would have never considered
having an affair. Her mother instinct grew stronger and
insecurity set in. She was pregnant by a black man – damaged
goods, and she didn’t have a job. Her husband, who she had
loved, was in prison for at least 10 more years. How would she
provide for her c***dren? Reggie was their daddy after all.
Scared and alone, Jennie needed him. As the months passed,
gradually Jennie bonded to the father of the babies developing
inside her.

“Ooooooooh, that feels good, Reggie,” Jennie cooed when he
entered her from behind. “I want your big, black cock in my
pussy. Ooooooooooh, I love you, baby,” she panted, turning her
head back to kiss him. She wondered if all black men were this
well endowed and as skillful in the art of lovemaking. Jennie
became the compliant sexual partner – the white whore addicted to
big, black cock – Reggie had wanted her to be now that she
carried his babies.

No longer needing to coerce sex from Jennie, Reggie sent word to
the Black b*****rhood that Jim was fair game.
95% (54/3)
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11 months ago
Frames the husband, sexually assaults, then rapes her and impregnates her. Deserves it all, don't she?
12 months ago
The best story i have ever read xx
1 year ago
2 years ago
mmm i want to breed a white wife.
2 years ago
naughty Regie
2 years ago
I agree with Slave-ariana.. the story was nice.. but if I would write another chapter of this one, it would be about the hubby getting out and finding out what really happened.. and I promise... it wouldn't end good with reggie. :) Cheers!!
2 years ago
Well writen
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
ooooooooooooooooohhhh, this is how it is becoming, white women being co erced into black sex. With the wimp white hubs safetly out of the way, and the white wife becomes dependent and then loves the black man, and has his black babies, and becomes a whore for him. I feel i want to be locked up for 10 yrs so our black neighbor has free access and ownership of my wife and daughters. so when i am released, they all have his black babies and are 100% completely his black owned whores. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so hot
2 years ago
ROUGH..MAN..real rough..
2 years ago
Reggie is a bad bad man.