I'm Here to Serve

I'm Here to Serve

Its a beautiful day. The sun is shining with a gentle breeze in the air. I know what I have planned for today, so I began with breakfast. I smile. I'm in a t shirt and my Master's Pet panties. He's laying in bed still sl**p, tired from his week.

Pulling out the biscuits, cheese, coffee, eggs, green peppers,grits, onions, and steaks. Putting the coffee on. Chopping up the onions and peppers. Seasoning the steaks and placing the onions and peppers over the steaks. In my preheated oven goes the steaks and biscuits. Grits on low, now time for getting the eggs right. I smile knowing the pleasure its causing in my panties. Cooking for him is a pleasure, it turns me on. As things finish cooking I start fixing his plate and pouring his coffee. Placing it on a tray so I can take it to him in bed. I had forgotten the butter and jam. Bending over in the refrigerator, focus on what I'm looking for I never heard him come in.

He places his hand on my back and says,"umm, already with a wet pussy." The crotch of my panties was soaked. With his hand still on my back I felt a smack across my ass. He then pulls my panties aside and gently sticks his finger into his hungry pussy. Pulling it out it was dripping. He removes his hand from my back and I stand with the things I needed to finish his tray. He says, "I'll eat here."

He sets and I began to place the food from the tray to the table. He bean to eat and tells me he is enjoying his meal. I kiss him on the back of the neck. Cleaning up my mess I realize he kept my cum on his finger. As he finishes I asked if he wanted more. With a wicked smile he tells me yes. He then gets up and start removing everything off the table. He then grabs my hand and pulls me toward him. Kissing me full, I moan. He pulls me to his chair at the table.

He places a hand on my hip and pushes me down on the table on my back. "I'm still hungry", he says. Pulling my panties to the side and sticking his finger in. I moan trying to get up he says,"Its a table to eat at and I'm getting ready to eat." With that his head dives down and takes a mouthful. I cum instantly. Wow. He really was hungry. Teasing licks and tongue lashings. "I can't get what I want, for these panties," he says as he rips them from me. I cum even harder. What a way to feed this strong man. Feeling every lick, nibble, and suck. With my clit in his mouth, he sticks his finger back into his sloppy wet pussy. Pulling that finger out, he places it within my mouth. "Ummm", is all I could say. Then he really dove into his steaming hot pussy. Tongue fucking me along with his licking and sucking, he was driving me crazy.

I freely gave all of me to this man and he is taking it on our table. Hearing him groan as he take care of my wetness. He then stands and says, "You know you need some meat in your diet!" His voice deep yet soft. Then I hear, "Take all of my dick, my slut. Take it all!" Wow. This is why he wanted this table and when we were shopping he sat on it. He had plans to fuck me on it. Smiling I came again and again. His groan became a growl. He has the look of a wild man and he's fucking me like one too. "Awwww", I call out as I cum. "GIVE ME MY CUM, MY SLUT!!!", he growls. I cum instantly. He was taking everything he wanted for breakfast. Wow. What the hell is going on. He's never done this but I didn't care he was driving my body crazy.

He was thrusting in me wildly. I could feel his huge dick drive thru my body making me cum over and over again. He changes his pace again and I began to squirt as well as cum all over him. He becomes wilder and yells, "You are my slut to do with as I please and today my pleasure is to fuck you till we are both tired!" I cum even harder and his thrusts are stronger. The look in his eyes tells me the end is near. "Take all of me, take all of this hard dick!!" We are fucking like wild people and with everything in us. "Who's this pussy belong to?", he growls. "Yours my King, yours", is all I could get out. He grabs my bucking hips and pulls me down closer to the edge. "Damn you, fuck your pussy! Fuck your pussy!", I scream. Spraying him again as I cum his head goes back and one hell of a growl came, "take my cum, take it my slut!!" With that he cums and thrusts wildly. Feeling his dick giving me every drop he continue to thrust. As he finish he give me a few extra strokes. He holds on and pulls me to a sitting position. With a passionate kiss he smiles and says, "That's my good lil slut. How do you like serving your King?" I look at him remembering were we were and that I was on the table. I smiled and just said, "I'm here to serve." I smiled and I didn't have any legs. He smiled knowing I didn't, so he helped me down and to the shower. Setting me on the bench all I could do or say is, "Thank you, my King." Just sitting there as the water sprayed my body like I had sprayed his dick. He disappeared and when he returned he got into the shower with me. We showered and I got out to dry him and myself. Reaching for my nitie, so I could go clean the kitchen. He stops me and say, "Its done. Back to bed with you." I obey and climb into the bed removing the nitie. He climbs in behind me and pulls me to him. With a kiss I fall asl**p, knowing I'm his slut to do with as he wishes and I am here to serve him.
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