My King's Day. Part 2

My Kings Day. Part 2

As we showered together we touch. Enjoying the act of feeling each others body. He pushes me back, so my back is on the back wall in the shower. His 6'3" frame tower over my 5'8" one. His touches become more urgent. Our kisses becomes deeper and I'm having trouble catching my breath. He's driving me crazy.

He began to move his kisses down my body. His mouth was hotter than the water. As he takes my pierced nipples in his mouth, he would take lil nibbles as he sucked. He knew how to make me crazy with lust. Still touching and teasing he keep going lower. Telling me, lips never leaving my skin, how he wants to taste all that is his. He lifts my left legs onto the shower bench and kiss the top of his pussy. My legs began to weaken, so I hold onto him and the shower bar on my right.

He's licking his clit and sucking his pussy lips with nibbles everywhere. His moans tells me he is loving what he's tasting and what he is doing. Holding on and cumming at the same time. He drives his tongue in me pushing me further over the edge. The fact he's eating us, wow. The mixture of he and I together is till in me. I loved it when he does this one because he shares it with me. He then comes up and kisses me fully in my mouth. As our tongues dance I taste what he wants me to have. So yummy and I rap my arms around his neck and we have nothing between us, not even air.

Through the passion of our kiss he slowly moves back down to finish what he started. He also reaches and change the spray. It changes to feel like rain. Diving back in he began to eat me with the hunger of a starving man. With each lick, lashing, sucking, touching he moans as I beg and scream. I tell him he's driving me crazy and he puts more f***e into it. As I cum, shake and tremble he holds me to finish what he had started. He stands and pulls me into his arms, kissing each other. So weak unsure of my own legs I set on the shower bench and look up at him with my devilish smile on my lips.

I began to kiss his belly, running my tongue down it. I kiss the head of his dick a few times looking up at him. I smile and let my tongue touch the split of his dick. Letting the ball of my tongue ring caress and disappear in it. He moans and smiles. I then take the head and lick around the cap. Giving him slow pleasure. Wanting it to build to give him that intense pleasure. With that I take all of him I can get in down my throat. He thrusts forward and I moan with my mouthful of him. Now stroking him with my mouth, I take long slurps and sucks. As I work him slowly he moans and tells me I'm a good slut. With that I speed up the pace. I began to take just the head and suck on it, popping it in and out of my mouth. Now he's holding the bar and my head. His head leaned back moaning louder. Taking his balls in my mouth as I stroke his dick with my hand. I take and get on my knees as I place his left leg on the shower bench. I go between his leg. Kissing, licking and sucking under his balls. Never stopping stroking him giving him what I know will make him feel good. I began to moan also feeling the heat increase in his pussy. I realize I'm cumming hard, my body starts to quake. Then I put his dick back into my mouth. Slurping and sucking his whole length. Deep throating him as he thrusts. With his hand on the back of my head. "More slut", he says over and over again. "Take your Master's dick, take it all slut!" He moans now more with each suck and thrust. Knowing he isn't near cumming but is within his pleasure zone. "Ummmm", he moans. My hunger increases and began to try a few tricks. He's getting closer and I'm wanting to taste him spray in my throat. With each suck I know I'm getting closer. I hear him grunt and moan. Now he's fucking my mouth as it was a pussy, not letting go of the back of my head. The closer he gets the closer I get also. My body is ready to explode and so is his. Letting out a loud grunt he cums in my mouth. Not slowing my sucking, I swallow and explode with him. Drinking all he gives me, I become gentle and slow down my strokes. Letting his dick fall from my mouth, I stand. Looking up at him with a smile on my face. He kisses me full.

We turn and he turns off the water. We get out of our love box. Taking towels we dry off each other. He takes our towels and drops them on the side of the sinks. Grabs my hand and leads me to the bed. I look and laughs cause everything on the bed is soaked from us earlier. He began to laugh also and pulls me into the other master. We crawl in to the bed with me under him. Realizing its good we have 2 masters. He whispers in my ear, "sl**p now my love, we shall get some rest for now. I want more!" "Till next time." I smile as he place a kiss on my cheek and drifts off to sl**p.

Wow. My King is worth my giving him all of me. His control, my submission, our love
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2 years ago
Good story....especially the face fuck.