"You're not seriously gonna leave me like this are you?" Daddy Mike said as he waved his now hard (again) cock back and forth. I stood on wobbly legs as I had still not gotten used to walking in the heels daddy bought for me.

"Daddy I gotta go to class, you already fucked me twice. You can fuck me again after class, now I gotta find my clothes and get out of these stockings and thong." I looked around for my pants but couldn't seem to find them which seemed to make Daddy Mike harder as he watched me bend over a lot to look for them, the heels he bought for me to wear during our play enhancing my legs and butt while the thong slid between my bubble cheeks nicely. I could hear Daddy Mike groan as I unintentionally teased him with my search.

"You sure we can't get a quickie in?" he asked waving his cock around some more hoping it would weaken my resolve to get to class, it was slightly working.

"Yes Daddy I'm sure, and besides we both know a quickie with you ends up being more than just a quickie. Ah there are my pants!" The heels made a distinct clicking sound as I walked across Daddy's tiled kitchen floor to pick my wayward pants and underwear up. As I bent down I felt Daddy Mike's hands on my hips and gasped as his cock poked between my cheeks.

"Come on baby, just one little quickie then you can go to class. See what you do to me? You walking around in those sexy stockings and cute thong is making me hard. Please can we have a quickie? For me?" I looked at Daddy and could feel him prod my abused hole with his cock which made me gasp a little. God did he have me wrapped around his finger today.

"Fine, just one quickie then I really gotta go. Go grab a condom." Well needless to say a five minute quickie became an hour long fuck session with me on my back on Daddy Mike's kitchen table, my stocking covered legs up on his shoulders as his cock sawed in and out of my pussy hole.

"YES! YES! OH GOD MORE! FUCK ME!" Daddy Mike pounded my hole like a possessed man kissing my legs commenting how nice the heels made my legs look. This was the first time I had worn stockings and heels and it was sexy to say the least, it obviously made Daddy hot as he lifted me off the table hooking my legs into his arms fucked me standing up, I glanced over at the clock and noticed the time: 2:34pm

'So much for class' I thought as I felt Daddy Mike's cock harden more before he unloaded filling the condom up. I thought Daddy would be done but he merely placed me back onto the table before flipping me onto my stomach leaving me bent over his table. I wondered what Daddy was going to do as he had just used the last condom until I felt his tongue enter my boi-pussy making me gasp and grab the table sides in pleasure. I had never been rimmed before so this was a new experience for me as Daddy's tongue slid in and out of my gaping hole while he stroked my boi-cock. In no time I was twitching and moaning before my cock exploded all over Daddy's floor and hand. As Daddy began fingering my pussy with his cum covered fingers he looked over at me, a well-fucked smile on my face.

"So when's your next class?"

Playing hooky is so much fun. Thank god that was the first time I missed that class.
95% (34/2)
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3 months ago
wow so erotic and fucking fantastic I came all over my panties
1 year ago
that was soo hot!!
1 year ago
The only thing that could have 'topped' the studying I did at the tavern across the street from my junior college, would have involved a gurl like you...
1 year ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
You go gurl!!!! Hot!
3 years ago
Wow that was so hot youmade all hard had to jack off i came all over myself thanks hope to read more of your work