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Lisa and I went to all the church camp outs and picnics. It was a few hours away but wed sit on the bus and keep to ourselves. Lisa was smoking hot I did everything to keep her. She loved the attention and like I said she was smoking hot.
Neither of us or our families had much money so the camping and stuff was cheap and we got to get out. We couldnt help but notice a sign about halfway to the camp ground. Adult store dvd's toys clothes.
It said it was ten miles off the exit. We teased about going there when we got old enough.
So after we graduated and we got married it was one of the first places we went. It was k** of scary and exciting. It was way more than sneaking on line together to look at that stuff. It was different than we thought. There was a huge parking lot all fenced in with a privacy fence. The building was or looked like a old farm building that was fixed up. There was a nice ranch style house just outside of the fence behind the store. It wasnt scuzzy it was clean well ordered well lit. Lisa was all into the fetish clothes. She loved clothes and shoes. I left her to look at the clothes and wandered over to the dvds. I looked at the covers and got so hard. Lisa said there was some great stuff but way to expensive. We looked at the dvds making comments about some of the huge cocks in pussy mouths and ass.
She really liked looking at the toys. I was less than blessed. She said it was ok as long as my mouth worked. It did and I loved eating her licking her ass. Sometimes shed let me fuck her. Sometimes id tease about being a horny dog and hump her leg and cum. Seeing all the dildos and how big some were got her thinking.
We didnt have much but we bought her a dildo and a vibrator. Neither was very big. The guy behind the counter was a older Black man. He was nice and it made us feel less out of place. We were so excited we played all the way back home. She was so wet the dildo didnt need any lube but she was tight and I had to push to get it in. she loved it and pulled my face into her. “ oh my god eat me” It wasnt like I had a choice she had ahold of my hair and basically ****d my face.it was so hot, and when she came the first time she squirted. After she was embarrassed she pissed but she said she came soooo good. She kept the dildo in while I laid on her leg and humped it. She used the dildo and it didnt take long till I came on her leg.
We started going there every weekend. We just rented dvds and talked a little with the owner. Lisa loved the toys and she asked lots of questions. We were far from worldly. And the more Tony the owner talked with us the more amazed we were. He asked us if we wanted a beer. We said sure and went around the counter. The counter was raised and you couldnt see behind it. It had a couple stools his desk and big swivel chair. There were only a couple guys in there and he went to a fridge and brought us a couple.
He said he spent all his time here,more than he did in his house. We talked we drank before we knew it it was very late and we were not able to drive. Tony was so cool he said it was ok we could sl**p in the little house. It was a block building and he said he stayed there while he was having his house built. It was sparse. Basically a livingroom bedroom the same room. A small kitchen just enough for a small table for two at most. And a half bath. No hallways just a square block building. He had dry walled the inside fixed it up pretty nice considering the size. At least it wasnt falling apart like our old trailer we rented.
Tony watched them go in the house then walked into his office. Opening a Cabinet he took a seat infront of a computer screen. It was divied in quarters showing every spot in the little house.
Hed always wanted to see more of that hot little white bitch. He wanted to tell her he had a cock shed love, instead of buying dildos and vibrators. Man he wanted to feel her squirm on his dick. He was hard before he even saw her stripping. She pretty much fell on the bed and waved her husband over to her pussy. She just grabbed his head and went to town on him. Tony enjoyed the show and laughed when Carl humped her leg, like a dog, no more a bitch. Tony had gotten a few blow jobs from guys white guys loved black cock ,seemed they liked it more than their wives. Break em in right and white people aint bad every nigga should own a few. He laughed then thought “ why not?” he thought about it and stroked another load. He was a betting Man and he was betting it would work.
The next day Tony had sandwiches it was noon by the time they woke up. He left the cameras recording and was glad he did she was in the shower. It would be a much better view with all the light.

We spent the night and it wasnt bad. Tony was so cool. We asked if he minded us hanging around and he said no it was cool.
We came back next weekend and spent the night again. He noticed Lisa was all over the fetish clothes. He asked her why she never bought any. We told him I pretty much had a shit job and we couldnt afford it.
He said we could work out a deal. We help him out on weekends hed pay us a hundred bucks and we could rent the building it wouldnt be any different than renting a cabin for camping. He said she should pick something out and try it on. She gave me that look that said she was asking and expected a yes from me. I wasnt about to say no and it was a good deal.
She picked out second skin red pants and a black top. It was expensive! But we liked being there so if we worked and she got clothes Tony bought the beer and food hell it was better than our other life.
Lisa looked hot if she had pubic hair the pants were so tight you could have counted them.She had a camel toe and was blushing As embarrassed as she was it didnt change the fact she was horny,her nipples were rock hard, and it was impossible to miss. Tont liked it
“damn hell I think I got the better end of the deal. ~laughing~ just walk around a bit damn.”
Lisa did walk, then she got more sexy walking. Tony grabbed his crotch a bit and told her to sit down. I was into it too she looked hot and I wanted to lick her pussy through the tight latex.
A few customers came in and Tony joked and teased her into walking around to show off. We watched on the monitor behind the counter. The guys looked looked looked. Most rubbed their crotches while pretending not to look or like they were playing with themselves.
Lisa was into it she was having a great time. We all were.
Tony wrote out the bill I signed it and he put it in the cash register.
Lisa was like a crack head. Tony let the clothes go shed wear them id sign the receipt. We got there around 7 friday night and left sunday night.
There were a few gay guys that came in. Youd be surprised what you can learn if you listen. They liked the bondage stuff ,maybe it was because Tony had so much of it.
As a joke Tony teased saying I should put something on and give the faggots a lil tease it was good for business. Lisa started teasing me too, it got to where Lisa and Tony were really pushing it and she came back with some rubber black shorts. Im built small and thin not very blessed at all it was kind of embarassing. The shorts were so small it took a lot of work getting in them. They hid nothing. You could see both my balls and my tiny lil dick as well as the defined outline of the head. Tony stifled a chuckle Lisa patted it and said I looked cute. It felt like they were pulling up my ass crack and they pretty much were. Tony told me to turn around and laughed
“damn boy you got a nice lil ass!'
then he smacked it. They laughed and I jumped and gave my butt a wiggle teasing back.
It was cool they looked at me I wasnt the type people noticed and it felt good even if it was faggots.
With the seemingly limitless shopping options Lisa picked things out for me, for the gay customers. Sales did go up when Lisa and I dressed up. It was so great we stayed in the blockhouse wore the stuff we bought from the store, I even fixed up the outside of the house. I was handy like that.
For Halloween Lisa made me up like a cheap whore. I didnt look bad either. Tony said hed pay 20 bucks for a blow job, then laughed it off.
Lisa went as Daisy Duke and the only thing holding the front of her shorts to the back was the seam.There was no way her pussy lips couldnt help but be split and seen. When I saw it I thought how hot it was and hoped Tony liked it too. It was strange how different we were now. We were so relaxed around Tony. We talked about sex and we dressed up much to his pleasure.
Her pussy lips like that just wasnt a big deal to me.
It was slow and we were after Tony to go get dressed up he finally agreed and went into the bathroom. He wasnt in there long. He came back out in a bathrobe. He opened it expossing himself. “ Im a dirty old man”
Okaayyy there it was right out there. It was a shock. We suspected Tony was not small but it was right there just hanging down. Even soft it was thick the head dipped below his swinging ball sack. We were shocked and what freaked us both out most was we stared at it.
He lifted his sack and cock then let it drop. We just looked at it .If he hadnt said “ well one of ya fetch us a round”
Im not sure how long we would have looked at it. He closed his robe and sat down. It was at that point he owned us even if none of us realized it. We were comfortable around each other.
I was so horny, Lisa was having fun prancing around so I said good night and went to go to bed and jack off. I couldnt keep the picture of his dick out of my head. I cant explain it I didnt understand it I just knew it turned me on. I came so hard..I wondered what cum tasted like or I wondered what Tony's cum tasted like. A poor second I tasted my own. It wasnt bad at all, I liked it. I licked up as much as I could and washed up. Lisa would be pissed if she found out I jacked off, she didnt like that she said it was like cheating.
I sobered up a bit and was still horny. I waited and waited for Lisa but she didnt come home. I realized I called this place home.
I got up and walked to the store. It was a cool night and the back door was open, no need to use the AC. I was about 10 ft away from the door still in the shadows but I could see in and hear very well.
Tony was sitting down.He had one hand on the back of her head shoving it down on his cock. She never sucked mine but she was going after his. She told me it was gross and shed never suck a dick and there she was having Tony shove her face down his big black cock.
I wasnt sure if I was mad because she was doing it or that I wasnt the one sucking it.
I listened to him.
“ suck it suck it gotta suck it before ya fuck it, Your getting better I might just fuck your pussy”
Lisa moaned and moved her head faster.. His hand on her head was so dark compared to her blonde hair. I could tell he was really shoving. When he told her to suck his balls it was a blessing and curse. I saw his dick. I watched my wife shove her face into his nut sack. His cock was hard and flopped over as soon as her lips left it. I had no idea how she sucked it all and wondered just how much of it would fit in my mouth?
He just sat there while my wife slobbered all over his balls. I was playing with myself trying not to cum.
He let her work them for awhile, then grabbed her hair and pulled her up. He pushed her over the table
“ok bitch spread em and show me that ass!”
I watched as he got behind her. I could see his ass and his balls. I heard Lisa grunt that turned into a pleasure/painful moan.
Tony ajusted himself and grabbed her hips.
He pushed forward. As he pushed Lisa let out a uuuggghhh
He started off slow making her moan, as he staerted moving faster her moans turned into grunts. I could see her pushing back to meet his thrusting hips. I could hear their hot bodies slapping together. I came and without thinking licked my fingers and kept watching.
My wife was grunting every time they slammed together. He fucked up to her toes then pushed her back down.
She squealed when he jammed it in rabbit fucking her. There was a squirt from her pussy. That made me feel like shit I was the only one that ever made her do that.
She was thrashing and kept cumming. Tony tensed up and grunted long and deep. I watched his body tense with each pulse of his cum being sent into my wife.
They finally slowed and stopped. Tonys cock squished out and dropped.
Lisa was feeling her asshole. It was leaking sperm. Her ass was a mess...I should have been pissed because she told me 100% the only thing id ever stick in her ass was my tongue!
She noticed the time and went to wash up I slipped back home. When Lisa came inj I pretended to be sl**ping.
She crawled into bed. I tried to go to sl**p.
Can,,, im horny can I lick your ass?
She was slapping at me
Go to sl**p.
I laid next to her and asked
NO NO NO Im tired.
She huffed and flipped onto her back.
You can lick my pussy.
I scurried down into place and licked her pussy.
She put a couple pillows under her back and lit a cigarette.
Your awful horny tonight. Did my lil puppy get all horny seeing Tonys big black dick?
NO im not a fag
She pushed my face back down.
Lick, I think it was kinda hot. I never expected him to do that. Can you imagine fucking it or god forbid sucking it. Think it would hurt?
I lifted up licking her clit
Depends how horny ya were.
She pushed my face back into her pussy.
I think it would hurt. It was big, We should get one, a big black one, name it Tony. Dont get jealous,i'll share it. You got me horny tonight in your outfit. Can you tell? Im pretty wet huh?
I laped at her wet slit
yeah I can tell.
Her clit was standing out. I joked
well baby lemme suck your cock
Then I wrapped her clit in my lips.
She moaned and held my head
oh suck it suck my cock,,,,
her hips were humping my face while she started calling me her whore her cocksucker...She started cuming and gushed a huge stream into my face. Without thinking I got my mouth around it and swallowed. She was cuming pissing and I made me feel good. I still could get her off even after Tony pretty much wore her out.
I had to sl**p on her side since it was wet. But I did fall asl**p.
It was next weekend when Lisa asked if we could get a dildo on our credit. Tony said sure and asked what kind we wanted. We both at the same time said
A black one.
He laughed and said he had one..he let that sink in a second then took us over to the display case. He started with some smaller black ones then Lisa said
No a Big Black Cock. Liiiike …...that one
and she pointed to one that looked a lot like Tonys...
He smiled and handed it to her
Here ya go on the house, who am I to deny white people black dick.
Lisa swatted his arm
Oh your a dirty old man
then she laughed.
She told me
Well thank him for giving us black cock.
Rolling with it all was so easy.
Thank you for giving us black cock.
He walked back to his seat
Just dont hurt yourselves with it.
It sat on the table like some icon of worship. Tony didnt move hed just tell one of us to fetch a beer or to fetch whatever he wanted. He only got up to pee and even then he didnt close the door. Wed keep talking to him and his cock was just out there letting get stared at by us while we pretended not to notice/gawk
I was about to be laid off ,winter was coming on and it was hard to live on unemployment. Tony just asked why I didnt quit my job move out here .hed hire us put us on salary rent us the house. It would save gas we hung out there all the time anyway.
We talked it over and decided it was a good idea. I liked thinking about my wife getting more of his dick.
Lisa didnt resist at all. She started packing as soon as we got home.
Not like we had much so by next weekend we were there.
Tony was now our boss our Landlord and the Man fucking my wife's ass and mouth.
It was pretty standard shed stay late and suck his dick then get fucked in her ass.Shed come to bed id be allowed to eat her pussy and hump her leg. I was pretty good at keeping her from making a mess. We used the dildo that we named Tony. Lisa was really into it and would make me suck Tony, She never let me eat her without Tony in her pussy.
She did start letting me lick her ass and when I got my tongue in her ass I could taste him.
I never said anything about how it got easier to get my tongue up her asshole because it was getting looser. Shed squat on Tony id lick her asshole wed both cum. I still watched them at night. I just waited till I came on her leg and licked it up.

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