Father & Son Cuckolds
This is my story. It's a bit unusual in relative to the relationship most husbands have with their in-laws. I felt I needed to tell it because of all the twists and turns I and my f****y (my mom and dad) have experienced as a result of my relationship and marriage into the Jones f****y. The problem is where do I start? Where should I begin?

I guess I should begin with the obvious.

My name is Victor and my wife's name is Vicki. We are both in our late twenties. Our parents are in their mid forties.

A very key figure in my story is Vicki's step-father, and my father-in-law, Mr. Jones. For a man of 45, he looks 10 years younger, and has demonstrated capabilities of those of a man younger than his chronological age. And oh by the way, he's black. However, more about him later.

Vicki and I have been married for almost 8 years now. My how time flies. By any normal measure, it has been an unusual marriage, to say the least, as was our dating and engagement prior to being wed.

The best place to start my story might be about 8 months before we were married. Yes, that's where I'll start.

That was when I'd discovered that Vicki was a cheat and her actions had put our upcoming marriage in jeopardy.

She not only had cheated with one guy, but several men regularly, as well as friends of her regular studs. In other words, she was a slut in the truest sense of the word. It hurt even more to know that they were all black men too!

Needless to say, I was stunned at my discovery and the details of her lewd tawdry behaviour.

I really loved Vicki. She was not a 10, but close. Her shapely figure and hazel eyes gave her a stunning vivacious appearance. Her personality betrayed the sluttish behaviour I'd uncovered. Vicki has a vibrant witty disposition and is also well read. Hence my utter shock at why she cheated on me in such a gross uncaring manner.

Her explanations amazed me, that is because of her professed love and caring for me as the type of man she'd been looking so long for to be her husband.

"Victor darling, I was just a sexual plaything for the guys, that's all. We were just satisfying each other’s lusty sexual needs. Now I can understand you being a bit shaken because I was putting out for them, but denied giving you some. Yes, I made you promise to wait until our wedding night. But I did that to ensure that you were interested in more than just my body, because that's all the guys that were fucking me were interested in."

"V-Vicki, I-I wish you'd mentioned all t-this before. I-I thought we were supposed to be able to talk about a-anything. B-But w-what makes this s-so difficult for me is that w-we w-were so intimate a-and it-it turns out that y-you treated me in-in such a perverted manner by h-having m-me t-tasting y-you a-after... It-It's so degrading I-I can't even discuss it."

"I understand your feelings and pangs of pain, Victor darling. However, I am not going to apologize for my actions, because I see it as good for our relationship, and future marriage, to have had you sucking my pussy after better endowed black men fucked me. You aren't being angry with me because you're racist are you?"

"W-What? Of course I-I'm not racist. Vicki, t-that has nothing to do with it. You cheated a-and betrayed my trust, n-no matter w-what colour the men w-were."

Vicki then went into a detailed discussion about what we meant to each other and stressed how I raved about how tasty her cum coated cunt tasted when she started me eating her delectable and luscious, but wet gooey muff.

"B-But Vicki, I-I d-didn't know any better. Y-You know I-I was a v-virgin. I-I was inexperienced a-about..."

"I knew you were darling, that's why I introduced you eating my creampies. I did so because I saw that as something that you could do well in our relationship and marriage. I know it's a naughty thing to want that darling, but after having had you do it for me over a year, it really does satisfy my kink and gets me off so good. It's so exhilarating knowing that you, a nice gentlemanly white guy, were guzzling up a better black man's cum from my oozing wet pussy. A pussy that you weren't allowed to fuck yet.

"I don't say these things to hurt you Victor, but I knew from seeing your smallish prick when you jack off for me, that you wouldn't be able to satisfy that well in normal intercourse. It was easy to see that you were better suited for cleaning up my pussy after a better-endowed man had done his thing, than trying to do the same thing as him. And sweetie, in the process of eating my creampie, you gave a type of kinky satisfaction and happiness that none of my real men studs ever could. You do want to please me better and make me happier than they could, don't you?"

"I-I, uh, y-yes, b-b-but, w-wait a minute. T-That's a trick question. L-L-Look Vicki, I-I do love you, b-but no m-matter the reasons why y-you did what you did, w-we just c-can't continue. I-I just feel like I-I was treated in such a-a perverted and degrading way. I-I'm sorry."

For about a week after this conversation, I refused all Vicki's repeated phone calls as I tried to get her out of my mind. It was tough, despite how she treated me. And to make matters worse, I did miss sucking her wet gooey snatch, the very heart of my humiliation by her.

It was also during this week that my mother and Vicki's mother were trying to get us to reconcile. I was sure that neither of them were aware of the sordid details of my complaints against Vicki. But, to my shock and surprise, they both were and had known about her shameful antics long before I did.

"Son, yes I was, and I see her point. You see, your father has to use both his prick and mouth to get me off all these years and often has to eat his own cum out of my pussy in the process of satisfying me. It's a thrill to have your father sucking his own stuff out. It has to be even more of a thrilling kink to have your fiancé or husband sucking out another man's sperm."

My face reflected my shock and awe of hearing my mom talk that way. Dad was not present. I was speechless. She went on.

"I can see where Vicki has the right idea about training you now, that is, to ensure future satisfaction in the bedroom and marital happiness. And Victor sweetie, many white women love fucking big black dicks. I guess having a nice white guy like you eat her fucked sloppy gash out really added to Vicki's kink."

Mother's words caused my jaws to drop open further.

"Yes, I can see you're surprised Victor. And I can also see where Vicki having you suck other men's cum out caused you some shame. But, face the music dear, despite not knowing what you were tasting, she said you liked the taste of her cunt the more it was coated with other men's jism. So if something is good, and it doesn't cause any harm, I'd say go for it. Being a creampie eater can only help you keep this beautiful girl, as well as to keep her happy as your wife."

"B-But what about her other men?"

"Not other men dear, just her men. You see every marriage needs a man. I don't mean to hurt you when I say this, but you're not much of a man in this relationship. A male yes, but not the man. Vicki has taken care of finding the man, or should I say, men for the marriage. She now has several men to take care of the needs that a manly husband ordinarily would take care of. For that, you should be thankful and very much obliged to her.

"Son, my advice to you is to understand that you'll have to share her and accept that eating her creampies is your key to keeping her and your marriage a solid happy one."

Aghast at mother's words and candour, I could only sit there with a flushed face. However, as I slowly managed to get my wits about me, she and I continued our discussion for some time. The more we talked the more surprised I became at how normal she perceived Vicki's concept of an open marriage. Open, that is, for my future bride, but not for me.

I also had a similar discussion with Vicki's mother. That discussion also surprised me, as she too saw no harm or wrong in her daughter's open marriage proposal, as well as my sharing her with other men, or should I say "men". She let me know in a candid manner that she really thought I was a nice guy, and would make her daughter a wonderful husband. However she added that she didn't think I was man enough for her daughter in the bedroom.

She was very approving of me being her daughter's creampie eating husband and stated that she thought this was good for both of us. She also praised my virginity and thought it would be great for me to marry Vicki as a virgin. To make matters worse, Vicki's step-father walked in while we were talking and to my great shock and dismay, his wife brought him into the conversation, which I was trying to change to a different subject the very moment he entered the room.

You see, Vicki's father is the very image of macho. He has the stereotypical Marlboro man image, except with an ebony hue. Even before I made my slut discoveries about Vicki, each time I met her dad, I was nervous around him because of his macho image, muscular build, and commanding 6'2" presence. And I guess also, because he's black.

Vicki's twin step-b*****rs are just slightly smaller versions of their father. They are also tall like him, and their skin is a bit lighter than that of their dad's dark brown skin colour. Vicki's mom is their biological mom.

I learned that Vicki's real father died in an auto accident when she was young.

From all appearances, Vicki has always been fond of her step-dad and that doesn't seem to deter Vicki and him from having a normal, warm caring father daughter relationship, no more than as if she was his biological daughter.

Well, when Mr. Jones entered the room and was made a part of the discussion by his wife, he simply chuckled and spoke.

"Son, Vicki has told me she really loves you. That's important to me for our little girl to have a husband that returns her love. Just because she's fucking other men and has fed you their dick scum should not be that important to a little dick fellow like you. If anything, since she told me you liked her creampies so much, you should be thrilled and openly admit that you do. I think a person should be open and honest about their feelings with the person they profess to love so much. Maybe you and Vicki should visit that counsellor we heard about. What's her name honey?" Mr. Jones directed his question to his wife.

"Dr. Judy. She's a relationship counsellor. And yes, Victor, I think before you give up on Vicki, you two should go see Dr. Judy."

Again, I was so shocked and flabbergast at the candour and openness of Vicki's f****y taking their daughter's depraved actions in such a cavalier manner.

Vicki's folks made the offer of visiting Dr. Judy palatable by offering to pay for all our visits. Reluctantly, I agreed to go along despite my gut feelings about the whole thing.

Vicki and I started seeing Dr. Judy the next week and to my own amazement, the good doctor was able to show me that what Vicki was proposing and said she needed in a marriage was normal in many cultures.

When we first visited Dr. Judy, she would have joint sessions where Vicki and I were together. After the very first visit, we were separated and rejoined an hour or so later.

After each of these separations, I had to sit in a closed booth watching videos selected by Dr. Judy. Each time after seeing these video dealing with cultural practices around the world, my whole anger and feelings about Vicki and her behaviour slowly changed.

I don't think I ever got to see an entire video, because for some reason, one of Dr. Judy's staff had to always wake me when they opened the door of the booth. I'm estimating that I was in the booth for an hour each session. I also assumed that the soothing tea that Dr. Judy insisted I drink at each session had something to do with me drifting off to sl**p during the videos.

In fact after our second visit, and per Dr. Judy's insistence, I was sucking Vicki's juicy cunt as I'd been doing before my discovery she was a cheating slut.

To this day, I still can't explain why I caved in so easily and went back to eagerly sucking Vicki's wet juicy pussy, just as if it was as natural and normal as Dr. Judy said it should be. No matter how I may have thought it was out of character for me, I found myself unable to refuse Vicki when she desired me to go down on her from then on.

Dr. Judy got me to see that Vicki's promiscuity was an asset for our relationship. She said that Vicki's depth of sexual experience, and my lack thereof, was a good match in a couple such as us.

In fact, Vicki's cunt was now even wetter, slimier, and sloppier now than at any other time when she parted her legs and had me kneel before her. It was obvious she made no attempt to wipe away any of her men's copious ejaculated loads. In fact, with Dr. Judy's blessings, she found ways to keep as much of their deposits trapped in her cunt until I could retrieve it all with my sucking and slurping mouth.

Dr. Judy also encouraged me to be noisy and aggressive in my sucking of Vicki's drippy cum soaked gash. Vicki, my fiancée, loved that, and for some reason, it also pleased me that it pleased her.

After our third session, Dr. Judy informed me that I only had to attend, as it was I that needed her sessions more than Vicki did.

"Victor, in this session, I want us to concentrate on your pussy sucking techniques." Dr. Judy said at the start of my fourth session.

Ordinarily, I would've been a bit shocked at her words, but with each new session with her, she helped and urged me to become less sensitive and shy speaking about such things.

Dr. Judy indicated this type discussion was to be a part of all future sessions and that she wanted me to feel totally at ease.

"Victor, I want to cultivate in you that it's very normal and natural for you to see and think of yourself as a lesser male in your relationship with Vicki and her real men."

Dr. Judy's tone was serious and professional.

"It will cause both you and Vicki so much less anxiety and frustration by you accepting that it's the right and honourable thing for you to be accommodating to Vicki and any men that she brings into your relationship and future marriage."

"A-Accommodating? J-Just h-how accommodating?" I managed to spout out softly.

"Victor, it's Important that you don't exhibit any selfishness. After all, it's Vicki's needs that you're not able to meet in a normal manner in this relationship. Okay?"

"Y-Yes ma'am, b-but..."

"No buts Victor. It's simply up to you to focus on fulfilling her needs. You must always demonstrate that you're not selfish and that she's important to you. The fist tenet of a man's affection for the woman he loves. Secondly, by being eagerly compliant and respectful to her men will further demonstrate this on your part. Victor, it's very critical that you always assume and think of yourself as the lesser person when around Vicki and her men. I want it to become second nature for you to see yourself as a husband that will do whatever it takes to please the woman he loves. And in so doing, becomes known as a husband who knows no shame in being devoted to his wife's needs. And Victor, your wife's needs includes those of her men friends too."

Dr. Judy and I discussed for some time her vision for me of what she referred to as instilling and cultivating in me a "culture of not being ashamed of being a pussy husband".

"Victor, this new way of life for you, will by necessity, require a commitment of service and humbleness on your part, but not humiliation. You must never see yourself as being humiliated, or put down, but only as being unassuming, humble and being respectful of Vicki and her real men. And you must never be ashamed of doing whatever it takes to be unobtrusive and supportive of pleasing her, and in turn her real men.

"As you're currently showing your respect and devotion to Vicki now by sucking her men's sperm from her very popular, and almost public pussy, this great gesture of respect by you, for her, must be eagerly and ardently continued throughout your marriage. For it will give both of you great happiness."

I remained silent while trying to absorb all Dr. Judy was telling me. I knew from our earlier sessions that it was necessary for me to be understanding of Vicki's needs and not be selfish, but the more I thought about all Dr. Judy was saying, I began to wonder if something was missing in her logic.

"D-Dr. Judy, I-I t-think I-I u-understand your point, b-but I-I just don't know if-if I-I h-have it in-in me t- to..."

"Victor, don't say another word. Yes! You do have it in you to keep Vicki as your woman, fiancée, and make here your wife. You demonstrate it every time you eat her out. That's love in action. That's confidence at work. You've sucked a lot of her stud's semen from her drippy snatch. You've invested too much suck time to give up on your prize now Victor. And especially so since I know you love her so. She loves you too, Victor, very much and that's why you should, no really, why you must, be totally at ease feeling not as equal to her and her real men. In this way, they see your actions as being respectful to them. You must do whatever it takes to make them feel superior to you. No matter how lowly the task you have to do for them, you should do it and feel good about it, in fact very good about doing it for them."

Dr. Judy continued to talk. I still sat silent as I tried to absorb it all. Her logic was clear for a moment and then it wouldn't be. To say the least, I was getting confused and decided to wait until she would allow me a break to ask more questions.

When she did slow down, she wanted to switch gears in our session, but promised we'd come back to the subject of "cultivating service and devotion and humility" in me in a future session.

She also made it clear that my service to Vicki and her men were to be an important focus in my life, and that I should feel good about it.

"Victor, now I want to move on to another exercise in our session today. First, I want you to lower your pants and shorts and feel free to handle your penis as we talk about this subject." I was a bit reticent to do so, but as she insisted, I felt I had to obey.

"You might as well get use to this Victor, you'll have to do it in all future sessions we have."

After I had exposed myself to her satisfaction, I was sitting there with my pants and briefs around my ankles and with my prick in my hand.

She had me tell her about the state of Vicki's cunt when she displays it to me after coming in from being fuck by one or more of her studs. Dr. Judy wanted a very detailed description of how messy, sloppy and gloppy my fiancée’s hairy snatch was, before I begin my loving mouth and tongue clean up of the fuck gunk made in her by other men.

As I recounted the last oral bout I'd had with Vicki, I tried not to become erect, but it was no use. I was ashamed, but Dr. Judy was delighted and encouraged me to slowly stroke myself as I was telling her how tasty I found my fiancée’s slimy pussy flesh to be.

"Approximately how long does she straddle your face and let her pussy drain in your sucking mouth?"

"It-It varies. It-it does bother me some times when she'll be on the phone - for as long as a half hour - as she's straddling my head and scrubbing my face with her wet cum filled bush. Sometimes she'll be talking to one of her men friends, or-or even to the guy who hasn't too long ago fucked her."

"Victor, there are three things you must remember here. And I don't want you to ever forget them. One is that you must never, never get jealous of your fiancée’s men friends. Not now or when you're married. They are part of the fabric of your relationship. She is yours and does not plan to leave you no matter who is fucking her. Secondly, you must always refer to Vicki's male friends as men, never guy or fellow. And lastly, you must never refer to yourself as a man. It's okay for you to refer to yourself as "her" guy, fiancée, fellow, or husband, but never "her" man. Remember, we have talked about this last point before. Don't let it happen again. Okay?"

"Y-Yes ma'am. I-I'm sorry. I-I won't forget." I sheepishly replied with my head hung down, after being chided by Dr. Judy.

"Of course you won't. Now Victor back to what we were talking about. That's a beautiful scene you just painted. That is with her sitting on your face and you sucking her wet, gamy, well fucked frothy gash while she's on the phone talking to the man that's recently fucked her and made the creampie you're eating. You should see that situation as a very beautiful one indeed. In fact I think you already do. Notice, you're still erect."

I couldn't help but blush at her remark. For some reason, even though I was embarrassed at the idea of one of Vicki's men being linked to she and I having a private intimate sexual moment, the way Dr. Judy characterized it caused my prick to pulse. Apparently it aroused me for some reason.

"Victor, now you're going to go in the sound proof video booth and watch a short video. We'll discuss it afterwards. You're to still stay exposed but not ejaculate as you play with yourself in the booth. Okay?"

It was embarrassing to be lead to the booth by one of Dr. Judy's assistant with me holding my pulled up open pants.

The assistant had me drink another sip of the herbal relaxation tea that Dr. Judy has me partake of at every session, before entering the familiar video booth.

The title of the video was "How Husbands Have to Deal With Men in Their Marriage". It ran for about a half-hour.

The video was different, very different than anything I'd seen before. After it was over, Dr. Judy's assistant collected me and led me back to Dr. Judy's office. I still was exposed as before.

Dr. Judy had me give her an assessment of the video. I did. After that we had a lengthy discussion on the merits of the focus of the video subject matter.

"So Victor, in conclusion, you can see that the round table discussion of cuckolded husbands, and future husbands, gave their different but very similar opinions and experiences in dealing with the men in their relationships.

"As you can see, the group talked freely and openly of the Real men that, who were sexually well endowed, as opposed to the puny panel members. These real men were keeping the panel members' wives and fiancées sexually satisfied, and the panel members' marriages or relationships harmonious and happy.

"But if you note one thing throughout the discussion, Victor, It's how the round table members deal with their wives, or fiancée’s, respective real men. First they all spoke of them with respect and veneration. Something you must always do. Secondly, the panel members don't feel put upon because they suck up these real men's cum out of their wives' sloppy well-fucked cunts. I think that you also are overcoming your phobia about that, and are progressing very well in being totally at ease at being a cum sucker. You should feel exceedingly proud of yourself Victor. I know your mother does."

"T-Thank you Dr. Judy. Mother has said she's proud of me for doing the right thing and going back to going down on Vicki. As you said, it took me a while to understand why mother thought this was right for me, but now I have after these sessions with you."

"Very good. You are very fortunate that you have such an understanding mom. One who knows that her mama's boy can never be a real man, but who can be a good husband with a loving wife that is being taken care of in bed by real men."

"I-I guess I-I am."

"Indeed you are. Now another thing Victor, there is no reason why you can't pay your mother back for her efforts to insure you have a happy marriage."

Dr. Judy then went to tell me how I could do just that for mother. Needless to say, I was thoroughly shocked at her proposal.

"I-I guess eating mother's pussy out would be nice." I responded sheepishly and in a muted tone of voice.

"It would be nice for you to do that Victor. But no intercourse, for she too believes that you should marry with your virginity intact. After your wedding, then coitus with her is okay. I see your little thing pulsed at the thought of getting off in your mom's cunt. Hee! Hee!"

Dr. Judy's giggle was a bit unprofessional. And again, I blushed deeply in response.

Dr. Judy had something else she wanted to tell me. After she finished, I was not prepared for what I heard.

"Yes Victor, I see a way for you to kill several birds with one stone here. In order for you to become more at ease around your future father-in-law, as well as bond with your new mom-in-law, I'm recommending you taste and consume Mr. Jones's semen from Vicki's mother's freshly fucked cunt and Mrs. Jones' fucked pussy too. They both are very agreeable of the idea.

"In addition, as I just told you, your mother is attracted to Mr. Jones and would like for him to fuck her and was very much open to my suggestion of you eating his virile manly cum out of her wet used cunt, versus your father's watery stuff. She told me that as your mother, she felt it was her responsibility to feed you the best sperm she could from her pussy. You really do have a mother that thinks the world of you Victor. She is priceless."

My face was blank and I was speechless at all I was hearing for the first time. Dr. Judy talked on.

"Now Mrs. Jones thought that her husband fucking your mom was an excellent idea, as she said her husband often fucks other women anyway. She says it boosts his ego, plus she needs help in keeping his robust dick satisfied.

"In case you didn't know it, he and his sons have fucked Vicki on several occasions. You didn't know it, but you've already tasted their semen from her cunt several times. Vicki made sure made sure you ate plenty of all their cum, especially her dad's. Victor, you are so fortunate to have women in your life who want you to eat well. Hee! Hee!"

I could only further blush in response to Dr. Judy's words and actions.

"And by the way, Mrs. Jones knows all about her husband and sons fucking Vicki. She also knows about Vicki serving you their thick rich jism from her pussy hair pie. She told me she loves kinky stuff like that anyway and can't wait until you put your mouth on her slimy well fucked cunt too and draw all the man goo deposited in her messy snatch."

"I-I see." Was all I could muster to say.

"I can tell you this Victor, your future mother-in-law really thinks a lot of you. She sees you as the perfect husband for her daughter. You're unpretentious, a virgin, loves to eat wet slimy gash made that way by black men, and is perfectly satisfied jacking off your little prick because her daughter has told you to wait until the wedding. She is really tickled pink that you've fully accepted that the real men in Vicki's life will be black."

Again, after hearing more about my in-laws than I ever wanted to know, I remained silent. You see, I had come in my hand. It was so unexpected and so spontaneous. Yet it was a very good come.

"Well, Victor, it looks like you're in full agreement too." Dr. Judy said with a snide smile as she handed me some tissues to clean up my mess.

"Don't be embarrassed Victor. Just like Vicki has you jerking off for her after you suck her pussy, you' can be comfortable doing the same thing in front of me and your mom too."

As I composed myself, I asked Dr. Judy about dad and if he'd been told anything.

"No he hasn't Victor, but he came in for his first session last week and he'll be here later today for his second session with me today. He's so much like you.

"Your mom tricked him into coming to see me, but once here, he easily is beginning to understand why he is not the man he thought he was, or was trying to be. In fact Victor, it was easy to determine that he's subconsciously eager to take a back seat to better-endowed men.

"In case you didn't know it, he's already been eating his cum out of your mother's cunt for years, so he'll have no trouble adjusting to doing the same for real men after they cream in your mom.

"I'm almost certain that after Mr. Jones does her, your mom will be fucking other real men, making up for all the good sex she's missed over the years."

Dr. Judy asked for my confidence until after dad felt freely to discuss things with me. I promised I would and headed home after a very tumultuous and eye opening day.

As I drove home, I couldn't help but think of what was about to happen, or should I say was happening to dad. Like me, his fate was to have the same outcome. A black man would become the man, the real man, in his marriage and his wife, my mom, would become a black man's slut.

The more I thought about it, and I really didn't know why, but I could only feel a sort of happiness for him and mom.

Dr. Judy had also told me that I should be happy and proud that mother would soon be a black man's slut, just like my wife-to-be already was. I still can't explain it, but I was.

I had admitted to Dr. Judy that I indeed liked eating Vicki's well-fucked cunt. I was hooked on the taste of her soft gamy hot gooey hairy gash flesh. And now, here I was looking forward to doing the same for my mother after she was fucked by Mr. Jones.

Since dad was a "cum-in-cunt eater" too, I suspected that he too, would like the additional flavouring provided by Mr. Jones' dick and jism.

Dr. Judy's visits had really helped me see that it's quite all right to be a pussy sucker of a slut for black men. She even helped me see that I should be proud, not ashamed, to be Vicki's white husband, and have others knowing that her many black men friends, or rather "black fuck buddies", would be the real men in our marriage.

"Hi hon! I'm home!" Vicki called out as she entered the house. It was 1030 PM on a Wednesday night.

"Oh hi Mother Smith! I didn't know you were here. I didn't see your car in the driveway." Vicki said as she spoke to mother upon entering the kitchen where we two were sitting having a drink.

"Hi Vicki dear." I just walked in the door 10 minutes ago." Mom replied as Vicki bent over to where mom was sitting and their two lips locked in a not to momentary kiss. It was definitely more than a peck on the lips.

"Nice flavour, how many dicks did you suck on tonight?" Mother asked her.

"Five, but only 3 went all the way and came in my mouth. All five did fuck me though."

"Lucky girl." Mother replied gleefully to Vicki.

After their brief smooch, mother quickly explained that two of her fuck buddy studs - Jake and Roy - had dropped her off before going to his night shift job and was going to come by and pick her in the morning for some more fucking.

My dad was at home by himself having to pull his peter while mom was out fucking around. She had however stopped by after he got in from work and let him suck her cum filled messy twat. She also said, both Jake and Roy got dad to suckle their dicks clean while they ate dinner - which dad had cooked.

"Hi honey! Here give me a big hug and long slow kiss." Vicki said as she directed herself towards me.

Even though she had an obvious case of cocksucker's breath along with a strong semen fragrance emanating from her lips and clothes, it was still good to have my wife in my arms, even though she'd been fucked by five men.

I was accustomed to her giving me a long slow passionate French kiss after when she was in such a used condition. It appeared that this seemed the only way that she could be romantically fervent with me.

With my wrapped around her soft beautiful body, I luxuriated and delighted in having her in my arms so lovingly, despite that she had let five other men use her in wanton ways until they were satiated.

After a while, we broke our long embrace.

"Oh Victor, it's so good coming home to you, a faithful loving husband, after a long hard day of working, and then being fucked silly afterwards."

Vicki and I had only been married about two months at this time, but already her words about being so thrilled to come to a "loving faithful husband" even though a bit trite still excited me. I guess that's what love will do to you, along with Dr. Judy's guidance.

"Darling, my pussy is so wet and messy from all the guys' dicks. I really need your soothing tongue in me after all those rigid rods have had their way with me. I really need you baby. Here, get on your knees awhile I lean against the wall. Mother Smith excuse me, but I just have to get some of my husband's delightful tongue and to get him to suck up all this fuck goo the guys have shot off in me."

"You go right ahead dear. I understand. It's so good to see a faithful devoted husband be so affectionate to his hard working wife after she's had such a hard day, or should I say a day of hard dicks. Hee! Hee! Hee!"

Mother's derisive pun and chuckle was not unusual, so it didn't faze me. Dr. Judy had long ago gotten me to see that such actions by her or others that may seem ridiculing were really nothing more than mere expressions of praise of my courage of being a cuckold.

I have to give it to Dr. Judy, she really knows how to help a guy understand life and himself. Otherwise, I guess I would've felt offended.

As Vicki hiked up her dress the slight lingering aroma of sex about her became stronger, much stronger.

And I pulled her cum and pussy soaked, sheer skimpy panties down, her normally attractive well-trimmed pussy attractive bush, was in total disarray. Her dark bush was matted and plastered with both wet and dried jism splotches. There were clumps of cum drops trapped in her dense pubic hairs.

It seems every Wednesday is like this for Vicki. The guys at her job apparently have a bout of hump day horniness and my wife can't ever seem to say no them.

The sight and smell of her in this condition was an all too familiar situation for me. This is about the only way I get to be near Vicki's cunt most of the time. So I take full advantage of these quality periods of time and have come to cherish them and doing this for her.

Soon I was slurping and sucking her gamy smelling, hot messy slimy creamy hair-pie.

However, despite her appearance, the taste of her adulterous hairy sex was as zesty and flavourful as anytime before.

Vicki's has a beautifully shaped muff. Her twin pouting mounds and shapely bush - which Vicki has given me the responsibility for trimming - are the cutest things. Even after repeated battered by several large dicks, her gash stills has a delectable attractiveness to it despite her pussy lips becoming inflamed and her slit remaining temporarily agape, that is until her next bout of hard fucking.

Again I have to think Dr. Judy for getting me to see and understand, that us - Vicki and I - when we're like this with me kneeling sucking her sex all gooey with other men's spend, does constitute acceptable and harmonious conjugal sex.

Dr. Judy further got me to understand, and adapt to the fact, that after I suck all the manly deposits from my wife's sloppy pussy - as well as get her off a few times in the process - it's perfectly normal for Vicki not to be interested in sex afterwards with me.

I sort of suspected that was going to be the case this night too.

If I had to jack off as a result of her decision not to let me have some, then that's just the way it had to be. Dr. Judy instilled in me that masturbation was perfectly normal for me, as a husband to perform in situations like this.

"Victor, you should be proud to suck other men's sperm from your wife's pussy and to masturbate afterwards if she's not interested in letting you put it in. By eagerly doing this when she tells you something akin to: "I'm sorry dear, but I've gotten my jollies. Now leave me along and go beat your meat if you need to get yours". By doing yourself, it demonstrates that your wife's happiness is foremost in your thoughts and that you are a very unselfish husband. A husband a wife is proud to have as her loving caring spouse."

I've always remembered Dr. Judy's words whenever my wife has denied me intercourse and directed me to jack off instead.

"OH! OH! OOOHHH! YESSS! SUUUCK MEEE!" Vicki's loud hissing moans filled the room as a gathering orgasm raked her beautiful frame. She also pulled my head to her crotch even tighter. I was use to this.

My face was pinned tightly to her hairy wet crotch. Eventually she released the pressure on my head and I able to breathe again as she pushed my head back from her ravished wet gash.

My face was slick and covered with fuck slime.

I could tell she was quite happy at the pleasure my mouth and lips had given her. My ego was boosted too at the rousing climax I'd helped her attain. Despite the presence of other men's cum in her snatch and how it got there, Dr. Judy taught me to only dwell on the here and now, not the past or future, in giving your wife the sexual pleasure she needs at that moment in time.

She needed me the way she wanted me and I had done my duty for her. That's all that mattered and I had performed very well, so she told me as she patted me on the head after pushing my head away.

Knowing I might not be successful, after all she'd shown five men she could handle their big dicks, I gathered the courage to ask her some.

"Not tonight honey, my pussy is all tired out after five manly, hard-up dicks and then your mouth just now. Go play with yourself. Okay? Or tell you what, maybe if you ask your mom real nice and if she feels like putting up with you, maybe she'll give you some."

As Vicki finished her words I looked over at mom from where I was kneeling, to see if there was the slightest bit of interest on her face that she might let me put it her, since my wife wasn't interested in helping me satisfy my sexual needs.

"Oh Victor, my pussy is a bit sore and tired too, but tell you what. C'mon over here and soothe my choochie with your tongue. I feel some more of Jake's and Roy's cum sliding down. You can jerk off while you're eating me out." Mother said while hiking up her dress and parting her legs. She was wearing crotch-less panties and her naked bush was clearly exposed. Her snatch was a mess and in total disarray.

Her offer was the best game in the room. So once again, I had my head pulled tightly to yet another well fucked wet cunt, where other men had used it thoroughly.

And again, my sexual release was to be truly a do-it-yourself operation. However, it was sort of special to have my head buried in mother's crotch while pulling my peter.

f****y MEETING
It was Friday night. I went over to my folks for another special f****y meetings.

The subject matter seems to always be the same, my marriage or my in-laws - namely my Father-in-law, Mr. Jones.

Mother usually calls these meetings when she believes we need to sit and talk about important issues. Tonight the topic was a proposal by Mr. Jones and the objections to it raised by dad and I.

"Mother, y-you really don't see anything wrong with Dad and I doing this for Mr. Jones?"

"No honey I don't. Your father has also tried to get me to take a stand against Mr. Jones too. But I won't. He has just been too good to and for me, and well for our marriage."

I could sense that mother wasn't about to resist what my father-in-law wanted of her own son and her husband.

"Sweetie, I love you and your father greatly, but is it asking too much for you two to cooperate and do this little favour for Mr. Jones? He thinks you two are a natural and will bring in the money."

"L-Little Favour? B-But mother, it's bad enough doing it f-for him a-and his sons a-and their friends. B-But it's a-another thing to-to..."

"You might as well save your breath son. S-She has made up her mind. You and I will just have to accept what he wants us to do. You know neither of us has the will to confront and talk him out of doing this." Dad said with a pathetic tone in his voice.

"Your father is right Victor. Plus Mr. Jones says to raise the money he needs it shouldn't take more than a year if business is good. Plus, he's already gotten his wife, Vicki and me sold on his idea. I don't see why you two should be left out if we women are willing to go along with his plans."

"I-I see." Was all I could say in reply.

"I don't see why you and your father think you're too good to be sissy whores and take some strange dicks too. Anyway, neither of you are strangers to having a dick in your mouth or up your cute asses."

Mother went on to remind father and I how long we have been cocksuckers and have given up our asses for mercy fucks by Vicki's dad and her two b*****rs.

I've kinda jumped ahead here, so I need to stop here and tell you, the reader, how dad and I got into cock-sucking.

Dad and I were introduced into being cocksuckers a few weeks before my wedding to Vicki. I was introduced first at one of Dr. Judy's sessions. She thought I should have a more intimate knowledge of a real man's dick and balls. She started me into what she called cock and cum adoration, which lead into me being a full-blown cocksucker.

To help me bond closer with my in-laws, Dr. Judy solicited Mr. Jones and his two sons to help me with my cock and cum adoration therapy. In a very short period of time, I was sucking on their very large, thick veined black dicks, frequently and often.

Mr. Jones and his son's dicks were very similar, except that his was a bit longer. Each of their dicks were each about 8" long, thick in cross section, very straight - no curvature - with a wide flared head and a very pronounced pee slit.

Both Dr. Judy, as well as Mr. Jones strongly emphasized, and demanded, that all ejaculate that was shot off in my mouth - no exceptions, was to be swallowed. They both made it clear that there was to be no spitting out a load under any circumstances.

"There is to be no disrespect shown to any man that allows you the honour of sucking him off." Dr. Judy told me in a stern tone.

To my amazement, I got very acclimated and fond of the taste of the men's gushing hot jism and actually delighted in swallowing the heavy slime being ejaculated in my mouth. It usually left a warm trail as it slid down my gullet.

Dr. Judy was very pleased at my progress and to hear me tell her these things.

Then after Mr. Smith started fucking mother and cuckolding dad in the process, dad was also initiated into cock and cum adoration and into being a cocksucker for the very man who cuckolded him.

Like me, dad also was a frequent sucker of Mr. Jones' two sons, as well as a few of their, and their father's friends.

When I first started sucking their rather large dicks, I couldn't help but admire how handsome and stately they were. I became ashamed of my admiration for them as well as the delight of having them erupt in my mouth spurting and spewing their hot manly discharge and coating my tongue, gums and tonsils. As my mouth filled with their gooey richness, I submissively and efficiently suckled it all down.

After their ejaculation subsided, I softly milked the men's softening dicks for any residual oozing cum dregs. I was ashamed of just how satisfied I felt having sucked their man meat, consumed their lusty creamy outpouring, and now relishing that I had it in me.

After some time, dad and I both discovered that we were becoming ashamed of our coerced delight at being cocksuckers and mutually decided that it was time to simply quit.

However, we both came to see it wasn't that easy. You see, Mr. Jones and his sons weren't people you just said no to, especially when their dicks were hard and they were expecting you to get their hard dicks sucked off.

In addition, Dr. Judy thought that instead of trying to cut back and quit, we should do it even more, and more frequently.

Even though dad and I had come to respect Dr. Judy as someone who seemed to have all the right answers, we had not quite considered ourselves as full blown fags who thrived on having some man's dick meat between our lips.

We devised a plan where we would get the ladies, that is mom and Vicki to talk to them. The plan was for the women to appeal to the Jones men's sense of decency and get them to see that it just wasn't right for dad and I to be theirs, or anybody else's cocksuckers.

"Victor, remember now, Dr. Judy has said that it's good for you... and your dad too, to suck dicks and swallow a few hefty loads every week. She says it'll help both of you maintain a sense of understanding just how insignificant you two are as compared to real men.

"Otherwise, you both potentially may fall back into a mode of exhibiting a silly false sense of pride where you may start believing that you all are equal to the type of real men whose dicks you've been sucking on. Understand?"

"I-I understand Vicki, b-but I-I wish that your dad a-and b*****rs didn't..."

"Darling, they're only trying to be helpful in helping you and your dad better understand and adjust to what is best for you. It's for the same reason why I also fed you my cum filled pussy and why your mom is doing the same for your dad - that is, after other men fuck her. That's what Dr. Judy and all of us are doing, nothing more. And we all expect you and your dad to swallow every load that's shot off in your mouths, nothing less is unacceptable. Remember the slogan that Dr. Judy taught you?


"Say it for me honey."

"D-Do I-I hav..."


"S-Suck every d-dick to completion a-and s-swallow every l-load completely."

"Very good Victor. Now, just as we've all told you and your dad repeatedly, sucking dicks a dozen or so times a week is really not that big a deal, and you two should not feel the least bit offended in doing that if dad, my b*****rs and their friends want you to do theirs on demand. We love you and your dad. Enough of your negativism darling, you must have a positive mental attitude about being a cock and cunt sucker and cum eater. All right?"

"O-Okay Vicki, I-I see your point." I said feeling overwhelmed, and again made to feel guilty, because I was questioning why dad and I were being expected to suck so many dicks and so often.

Later that evening after talking with dad, he also admitted not being successful with mom on the same subject.

"No son, she too was very favourable of us continuing to be cocksuckers for Vicki's step-father, b*****rs and their many friends. As Vicki said to you, your mother also strongly believes that we must stay the course."

Dad came to the conclusion that the best thing for us was to be satisfied with our situation and continue to submit and suck when asked or told.

"And get fucked too." I added softly.

"Yes son, SIGH!... you're right." Was all dad said as gave a loud sigh with his words.

We were both fearful that if we showed any more reluctance, Dr. Judy might also increase our monthly number of paddle strokes in our "anti-non-cooperation" training therapy.

Paddle strokes that were given to us by our respective wives.

Dr. Judy had also discussed giving Mr. Jones the privilege of paddling us too. Something we both didn't want to happen.

Mother's assertion about us as sissy whores did cause us shame, however, the truth of the matter was that dad and I had become acclimated to sucking the three Jones's dicks - Mr. Jones and his two adult sons, and a select few of their friends. We also had become very acclimated to the taste of their thick gooey slimy hot semen.

Even though embarrassed and ashamed of our acquired taste for the jism fed us, Dad and I also were just as humiliated that we loved eating our wives sloppy gloppy cunts. Creampie pussy made that way after better men than us, had fucked our wives.

Dr. Judy knew this and steered us, through her therapy, to see this as nothing to be ashamed of, but rather to be proud of. She strongly urged us to revel in the fact that we found the taste of used messy slimy pussy delicious.

Dr. Judy was always encouraging Dad and I to become more uninhibited in our thoughts and actions to counter our perceived shame at seeing ourselves as becoming more effeminate. She urged and drove us to become un-restrained in our thoughts and let ourselves fully embrace more effeminate promiscuous behaviour, and not see anything wrong with doing so.

"You two should feel comfortable sucking any man's dick at any time or place if asked." She said to us.

Through her therapy, she soon had us wearing panties, garter belts, nylons, and lacy camisoles regularly under our normal male clothes. In addition, she had dad and I taking "Dressing in Drag" lessons.

As part of our therapy, we were required to occasionally dress in partial, or total drag during the weekends, while we serviced the Jones men, and occasionally a few of their buddies. We often did this sexual service in front of our wives, and Mrs. Jones. The women always seem to get a kick out of seeing us take care of the men.

And always at such times, dad and I were the "oral clean up maids" for the slimy dicks and over flowing gloppy cunts that resulted from all the fucking that occurred on such events.

Having to suck and milk on slimy, pussy gunk covered dicks, became a staple at these orgy events. Dad and I came up with the term "chocolate cream bars", since the dicks in our mouths were always black.

The men often f***ed us to suckle them slowly, rather than just lick and lap their large stately penises clean. As a result, their cocks many times would erect and they made us continue sucking on them until they erupted in our mouths to a full creamy completion.

Dad and I both experienced the same odd feeling, when the soft flaccid cock we were cleaning and milking for oozing cum, would slowly erect between our lips.

It was a feeling of strange self-satisfaction. I say that because despite dad and I having a gripe for being dominated and subjugated, as we were by Mr. Jones and his f****y. We nevertheless couldn't deny that we both admired the magnificence of the men's penises we had to attend to, even if in such a servile and debasing manner.

We both didn't know how much of this came from Dr. Judy's training or from within us - that is since we were both short dick guys. Nevertheless, if the man became erect as a result of our handling and mouthing efforts, it gave us both a strange sense of accomplishment. If the man chose to reward us with his creamy cum, that added to our sense of achievement.

Dr. Judy also stressed that dad and I should always feel a sense of bonding and connectivity to a man whose cum was in us. She always told us "You should always feel good knowing you're carrying a real man's sperm in you. If others know about it that should cause you to have an even greater sense of pride."

Dr. Judy would also strongly encourage dad and I to talk at length about this subject, as well as about how we felt as we also licked many, many sets of hairy balls. Her goal was to get us to see that such acts and gestures of subservience were beneficial to us achieving an inner serenity and peace of mind.

"Victor, it's good and the****utic for you and your dad to talk openly and freely about these experiences. Just as I've repeatedly advised and counselled both of you that masturbation is a normal natural sexual act for you two, and for it to be your sole means of sexual satisfaction, if that's the way your wives desire it to be.

"In addition, I want you two to also accept that it's completely normal and natural for you and your dad to perform oral clean up of your wives and their lovers. You two should also be proud and delighted at consuming the left over fluids of their lusty encounters."

Dad and I had it drilled into us over and over again by Dr. Judy, that it was our responsibility to deal with men's spend to the satisfaction of the man ejaculating.

"You two are natural cum consumers and should swallow all that you suck out of dicks or out of cunts." Dr. Judy said to us.

Another thing that especially delighted Dr. Judy, as well as the Jones and their men friends, was that dad and I had become exceptional at being deep throated.

We both were able to take dicks deep in our throats and accept men's powerful ejaculations with none or minimal choking and gagging.

Dad and I had become accustomed to these strong men occasionally slamming their rigid dicks to the back of our throats and holding our heads as they shot their copious hot gooey loads.

Dr. Judy was very proud of us for adapting and accepting this as something to expect and being comfortable treated that way.

Dr. Judy was very satisfied at her contribution to our cock-sucking and pussy sucking efficacy as well as helping us to be unashamed at becoming voracious cum eaters.

Dad and I both were still rather embarrassed that we were being treated like sissies by our wives and "their real men". However, Dr. Judy's calming voice, and guidance helped us to see that it was normal and natural for them to do so, and that we should be comfortable and confident that we could do the things expected of "good" sissies.

Dad and I were told by Dr. Judy that we had to accept that we were naturally submissive and not strong enough to resist such real men as the assertive Jones (and their friends), as they imposed themselves on us mentally and sexually.

Dr. Judy encouraged us to openly and freely talk about our experiences with the Jones men and their interaction with our wives. She also required dad and I to mutually, and slowly stroke each other's pricks during these sessions.

It was during these sessions that Dr. Judy frequently mentored us on tips and techniques at how to better please men's dicks. Dad and I at first were not very talkative about such things at these sessions. However, as time went on and the more times we sucked cocks, we found ourselves participating more in the discussions with Dr. Judy. She was very delighted, I might add.

These sessions also dwelled on being better cunt suckers as well as feeling good about having to deal with men's semen given to us from spurting dicks or lapped up from cunts.

Dad and I had to admit that Dr. Judy really helped us have a positive mental attitude about being submissive cocksuckers and cuckolds, and especially about us getting ass fucked.

Dr. Judy had us accept that it was better for us to capitulate to the will of the Jones men and our wives, than resist them. She also got us to see that it was easy to adapt to this lifestyle change and for it to be a normal part of our marriages too.

But back to Mr. Jones whoring out his harem of Dad & I along with his wife, his daughter - my wife - and mother. You see Mr. Jones wants to raise a large sum of money to build a mansion on some land he has. A house big enough for all of us to live in together. A house where we all will be at his beck and call - sexually and otherwise.

We were not thrilled at his idea, but again dad and I knew that we were not strong enough to stand up to the imperious Mr. Jones, or the strong willed women - our wives - who were very much influenced, if not under Mr. Jones' total control.

Dad and I both feared what it's going to be like if we have to live under the same roof with him as our "master of the manor".

However, dad was afraid that Mr. Jones could take mother away from him, since Mr. Jones had won her over with his seemingly ever-hard big dick and ability to make her have multiple orgasms.

Dad, like me with my new bride, being of less that average endowment always had a difficult time getting mother off without using his mouth as a supplement in addition to the action of his small prick.

When Mr. Smith seduced mother in such a brazen manner, Mr. Smith also invited dad to start cleaning up mother's cunt with his mouth after Mr. Smith had used her to his "fucking" satisfaction.

Dad had only been in a few sessions with Dr. Judy at the time, but got to feeling better about being unmanly, but a bit reticent to taste another man's jism. However, when mother urged him on, or face losing her - in fact she insisted and demanded that he suck her lover's jism from her slimy sloppy pussy - dad capitulated to do as the woman he loved desired of him.

"When she told him "Honey, just because you're licking another man's cum out of my pussy won't change my feelings about you as a real man. You just have to remember that your tongue makes me feel good and my knowing you're lapping and sucking up the spermy leavings of a better man helps my mental kink. A kink that not even Mr. Jones and his big robust dick can give me. Through your wonderful suction, you're not only helping me relive the delight his cock has given me, but your mouth will actually intensify it dear. So honey, please, no more talk. Just put your mouth on my pussy and make me happy like only you as my husband can."

Even though humiliated, her words did offer some comfort to dad that she still loved and needed him, even if not in the way he would desire it to be.

While dad was somewhat upset about the way Mr. Jones had taken over mother, but he had to concede that she was getting more good sex in the last few weeks than the whole of their many years of marriage. Like me, even though we both didn't like him, we both had to admire Mr. Jones's macho manner and masterful ways.

My future bride had warned me that her father had a few quirks that I might have to get use to in order to get on his good side. Little did I ever realize that it would go to the extent that it has and the effect her father would have on my f****y, our lifestyles, and me.

"Victor, all throughout history, the real men in society have imposed themselves on lesser men when it came to such situations as you and Mr. Jones and his sons found themselves. You being of lesser stature and with your experience as a sucker of used pussy, you were the obvious choice to suck their throbbing dicks and taste their hot sperm. Plus they were your in-laws and what better way for you to bond closer with them than to taste their penis meat and drink down their cum. By the way, was it hot and gooey?"

"Y-Yes a-and there w-was so much of it too. T-Their spurts were so f***eful too." I replied. Afterwards I wondered if I shouldn't have answered her question. That is, because I've noticed with Dr. Judy, once she gets you talking, she'll keep persisting for more and more information.

Mother was present at this session with dad and I. She was listening intently at the discussion. This was her first time at one of our sessions with Dr. Judy.

After a few moments of listening, she interjected and made a proposal.

"Victor, I think your mother's idea of a demonstration is a great one. You two sucking each other's cock will give you an idea of the difference between a real man like Mr. Jones and a lesser males like you two." Spoke Dr. Judy gleefully.

Neither dad nor I together were able to dissuade mother or Dr. Judy in their desire for us to humiliate ourselves even further than we'd done before.

After a short while, we were both mentally browbeaten. He and I could not find any further mental resolve to resist the two strong willed women, and hence capitulated to their demand.

It seemed that whenever Dr. Judy would make it clear that there was no other alternative to one of her ideas, suggestions, or recommendations, dad and I would always resign ourselves to the fact that we had to obey her without further questioning.

"Good! Now that you two are undressed, here let's get you properly positioned." Spoke Dr. Judy as she and mother led dad and I to arrange us into a head-to-toe "69" posture.

"There, now you're ready. All nice and firm for your son's mouth. Is he ready too?" Dr. Judy asked of mother who was also slowly fondling my prick in the same manner as was Dr. Judy doing for dad.

"Oh yes, my baby's little peter is quite ready for he and his dad to spend some quality, father son time together." Spoke mother with glee in her voice. It was obvious she was rather thrilled at our perverted predicament.

Yet, even though I thought of it as perverted, I was nevertheless excited at the pleasure I was soon to receive in the warm wet confines of dad's mouth. And I assumed so was he, for his very erect prick, which was right in my face and slightly longer than my 4 inches.

"Ready! Set! SUCK!" Shouted mother as she and Dr. Judy simultaneously guided each of our throbbing cocks into each other's mouths and urged us on in our double oral efforts.

Despite the degradation we were being made to suffer, the need for relief overruled our concerns about decency. You see, Dr. Judy had made us wear cock locks for 2 straight weeks, so dad and I were horny.


The mingled sounds of our feverish sucking sounds filled the air. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see mother her dress raised, hand in panties, rubbing herself off and obviously enjoying the spectacle before her on the floor. Dad and I were fucking each other's mouths eagerly as we tightly gripped each other's naked ass cheeks to make sure we were providing as much pleasure as we were giving.

Those were Dr. Judy and mother's condition for permitting us to get off this way. I don't think either dad or I knew why, but we felt we just had to do as we were told.

A short time later, we both were ejaculating into each other's sucking devouring mouths and swallowing each other's cum wantonly. Mother was also getting off at the same moment.

After dad and I settled down and begin to uncouple, our soft flaccid pricks slipped from each other's drooling lips. It was then that we noticed that Dr. Judy was busy videotaping the entire scene, including mom, who exhibited no shame at her open unabashed masturbation actions.

Then as if nothing else could go awry for dad and I, in walks Mr. Jones and his two sons.

He called his sons over and he and them had dad and I suck each of them off also in front of mother and Dr. Judy's camera. Needless to say, our humiliation was great.

The three of them each shot very respectable gooey slimy loads into each of our mouths. Dad and I both were too shocked and ashamed to resist being subjugated by the group. Mother was also fucked by each of the Jones, and both dad and I had to lick and eat her out a few times, all in front of Dr. Judy's camera.

After everyone had composed and redressed, the Jones left and mother went with them. Mr. Jones loudly told dad and I he had some tricks for mother to take care of.

Dad and I cringed somewhat, but sat silent as mother eagerly and cheerfully rushed to go with the three men to do her share of whoring for Mr. Jones. She threw dad and I a kiss as she told him not to wait up late.

We were left with Dr. Judy.

"Don't look so sad." Dr. Judy said looking at dad. "I bet you find yourself anxiously waiting to taste her frequently fucked whorish pussy, the more it is flavoured with the semen of hundreds, if not thousands of loads from different and strange men's dicks, the better it'll taste to you. And that applies to you too Victor in reference to Vicki."

"Y-Yes ma'am." I sheepishly replied as dad looked at me, and I at him. He said nothing.

You see dad and I had observed that as mother fucked more, her soft hairy pussy meat indeed did develop a more full bodied richer taste. A taste very similar to what I'd been accustomed to with my new bride.

Dr. Judy had repeatedly told me that "sucking your wife's fucked slimy frothy dripping cunt, after a real man had made it messy that way, is one of the most intimate expressions of love a husband can give his wife.

"It is even more touching and cherished by her if you eat her out after a group of men gang bang her and leave you all of their melded gloppy gooey spend to consume."

Dad and I both had come to realize the reality of her wisdom, for it was true, both our wives really were thrilled and ecstatic about our loving oral affection to their adulterous jism oozing cunts.

Mother by all definitions, was already a seasoned slut when Mr. Jones asked her to whore for him. So it wasn't a big transition for her, or Vicki or Vicki's mother. It was for dad and I, for we'd only sucked the dicks of the three Jones and select friends of theirs - and each other's pricks and only earlier that afternoon.

Dr. Judy seemed to be reading our minds.

"I know you two are a bit worried about sucking for cash. Don't be, the most important thing for you two to worry about is taking care of the customers. Let Mr. Jones handle everything else.

"Just remember, keep your teeth out of the way and always swallow the customer's jism. To do otherwise is a sign of disrespect."

She went on to give a pep talk and to let us know that we should revel in the abundant loads of semen that men will impart to us.

"I know you two haven't sucked a lot of dicks, or drank a large variety of real men's warm gooey sperm. But You've got the basics down from the many blowjobs you've given the Jones. So don't sweat it. I just know both of you will do well as suck whores. And just as with the Jones, I want you to lick all the men's balls for them. That'll make you a hit with all your customers or Johns. Okay?"

Dad and I could only look at her and slowly shake our head - that is up and now.

Dr. Judy, being the concerned doctor that she is, also gave us more of the previous sissy douche she'd provided before when we prepared ourselves for the first time for the Jones.

Mother oversaw dad and my preparations that first time. Mother was so excited as she helped up prepare and get us ready to be fucked by the same men - the Jones - who'd already fucked her numerous times.

Instead of being more like a wife to him, mother has become more like a true mom to dad, as well as I, since our f****y entered what I like to call the "Jones era".

I say that because mother has basically become enamoured with Mr. Jones's big black dick and those of his twin sons as well as friends of both father and sons.

Mother at this time had been fucked by many black studs, young ones (in their 20s) and those of Mr. Jones' age too.

Mom just didn't have much time for giving dad some of her pussy, that is except to let him (and me many times) to suck her studs' jism out. It didn't take dad long to see that his role in the household had changed.

However, even though mother was now exclusively now a cunt for black men to fuck, she nevertheless always remained nurturing to dad and I in our new roles as sissy males and husbands.

Mother was a firm supporter of us following the philosophy and therapy of Dr. Judy, which stressed that it was better for dad and I to be submissive husbands, accept our lesser roles, and be as effeminate as our wives' real men desired of us.

To that end, mother arranged that we three had dinner three times a week. As we ate and sat around the table, mother demanded that dad and I talk at length about our sexual activities during the week, including what we had been involved in and upcoming events. She did the same.

She particularly liked for us to two to go into details on the size and shape of dicks that we sucked or got fucked by, as well as the taste of the man or men's jism, and how was it nuzzling on their hairy balls. Dad and I had to do that or she would get very angry. Therefore we did as she wanted, even if we had to make things up, which 99% of the time we didn't.

She really liked us having discussions about the taste, volume, and characteristics of different men's creamy ejaculate. Sometimes dad and I would end up having a very free flowing discussion on this subject as well as on dick sizes and shapes. At times, he and I sounded like two whores discussing clients.

It was easy to tell from her facial expression, that mother just loved hearing us talk.

Mother also liked for us to talk about the names men called us as we sucked or were getting fucked by them. She also liked for us to talk about our feelings and what we were thinking about as we jack off - which is literally how dad and I get off most of the time. The other times, he and I did a 69 with each other, with the full approval and support of Vicki and mom.

These discussions have the overall effect of being very humiliating in two ways for us. For dad, hearing his wife talk of her lewd and outrageous wanton whorish ways with many different black men. This initially humiliated him horrendously. The same for me, because she was my mom.

The second way for both of us, was talking of our cock-sucking and being ass fucked, by different black men too.

However, as dad and I slowly discovered over time, he and I became more like mother and had lost any shame we had, as we eagerly and freely discussed how well men fucked and filled us with their sperm, and treated us as low life sluts.

As I mentioned earlier, since mother was now more like an authority figure to dad and I, it seemed, whether she planned it or not, that dad and I eagerly sought her praise for our actions.

Whether it was boasting of our dick taking and being a willing sperm receptacle for one or a group of horny black men, we each delighted in her approval or compliments of our achievements.

Mother encouraged, condoned, and strongly supported our effeminate sissy behaviour and always reinf***ed that we were doing the right thing for ourselves and our marital relationships. She stressed that our strength was in being submissive sissies and doing what she and Vicki, and their men, demanded of us. It was always done in a very warm and caring nurturing manner. Dad and I appreciated her gentle maternal and parental approach as she stressed our strengths and our weaknesses, especially being worthless as men.

"I'm so proud you two for all the wonderful things you do to please the men with their big hard dicks, and to take all that good hot sweet cum they give you as a reward. Here let me give both of my sissies a nice big hug." Mother said as she embraced each of us from where she was sitting at the round kitchen table.

Looking at dad after embracing him, she said. "Dear, it really pleases me, and lets me know you truly love me to become a white fag whore for the black man fucking me and who has you jacking off because he has me denying you any." Mother said in a sweet tone to dad as she beamed a broad smile, that seemed to include a bit of a smirk, and kissed him on the forehead.

Dad was pleased at the praise and only smiled, despite that I knew that the context of her words may have bothered him a bit. He said nothing. He later told me he figured it wouldn't add any value to the conversation, as it had already been decided that he had to become a sissy whore for Mr. Jones, whether he consented or not. That's just the way it was to be.

Mother next looked at me.

"Victor, your dad and I are so proud of you for the being the wonderful son you are, as well as the delightful husband you've developed into. Sweetie, you’re seeing the light, you did what you had to do to keep Vicki yours to marry, is so commendable. You can be sure that you did the right thing to get back on your knees and lick up all the cum that her men friends deposited in her well-used cunt. You'll only happy by continuing to do that for her.

"You set an example that your dad followed and that other white males should follow. You wife hardly has time for you or your little prick, and you remain faithful and steadfastly beat your meat off. That's the right thing for you to do dear.

"Both of you'll do well as whores for Mr. Jones and you should be proud that he's giving you the opportunity to suck dicks for him."

"Also Victor, Mr. Jones thinks we should start calling you Vicki." And from that time on, mother and even Vicki did just that on frequent occasions.

Dad and I were somewhat tired after we each had sucked our last client of that first day, that is, as suck whores for Mr. Jones.

We were back home in the kitchen sipping drinks as we talked. It was just us two in the house. Mother was still out turning tricks for Mr. Jones and probably wouldn't be in until the wee hours of the morning.

Even though it was obvious neither of us were happy at the idea about having to whore for Mr. Jones, we both had to admit it had indeed been educational to have been exposed to such a variety of hard dicks in one day.

We both slowly began to talk of our experiences of earlier in the evening.

As we sipped our drinks, we were soon eagerly exchanging comments about the size, and length of the dicks that were shoved in our mouths as well as the taste and amounts of the many men's hot slimy gushing jism. We also spent a lot of time discussing the size of the men's balls and nut sacs and how it felt to handle, kiss, lap and suckle their velvety softness of them for their owners.

Another common thread in our conversation was how well endowed all of the 40 black men were who used our mouths as cum dumps.

Some of the customers were not rough as they mouth fucked us, but vigorous - almost like our mouths were like cunt holes, nothing more. The others were very comely and encouraged us to move our mouths up and down their large poles as we sucked and drew out their hot ropy slimy semen.

We both had similar experiences with our "Tricks".

"You know something, son, the first time one of them used me a bit roughly and literally fucked my face, I was a bit scared, but I could tell my throat muscles were flexible and accustomed from the couple of fellows that'd done me like this way before. You know, some of the Jones b*****rs' buddies. I guess training is good, even cock-sucking training.

"Well anyway, when the man ejaculated, I swallowed his thick cum easily and seemed to anticipate his moment of spurting easily. After four more times of being treated by other men like that, I was very much at ease in being mouth fucked so soundly. Actually, I-I guess you might say I even felt pretty proud of myself for being able to take their stuff so easily."

After dad's admission, I eagerly chimed in with a parallel of his experience, for the same situations had occurred with me. Blushing, I too admitted my pride in being able to accommodate the well hung customers and take their f***efully discharged heated sperm.

We recounted that of the 40 men between the two of us, he had been vigorously mouth fucked by 6, and myself, 4.

As we refilled our glasses, the drinks had us feeling mellow and less embarrassed and inhibited about talking of our cock-sucking experiences that was primarily for Mr. Jones' profit.

"Dad, did any of your men tell you how good it was coming in your mouth?"

"Now that you mention it, yes several did. How about you?"

"Yes, some did. However, most just walked away and zipped up their pants. However, I heard a several who walked away like that tell other men in line something like "that little sissy fag" - they were talking about me - "can really suck good"."

"Did it make you feel good to hear `em say that? Tell me the truth."

"I was a bit slow in responding, but I stammered and said "I-I g-guess so."

"That's okay son. I understand. The same thing happened to me too. But I could tell from the expression on the men's faces that didn't compliment me that they too enjoyed getting their hard dick meat sucked on by me. And I'll have to tell you the truth, I did enjoy receiving the compliments. For some reason, I really felt so useful and delighted that I was of use to the men. I heard one say that my mouth was as good as some pussy he'd fucked, but that he'd never gotten such a good come for such a cheap price."

Dad then went on to further tell me that even though he was at first thoroughly embarrassed at becoming a suck whore for my father-in-law, he confessed that after just one day of whoring, he was delighted at being of service to men who needed a low cost way of obtaining sexual relief.

"Son, I know I'm not a fag and that neither are you, for we both like pussy, especially eating it. But I sense you also liked what you've been f***ed to do also, as well as your contribution to lightening the loads in the balls of the men we sucked off today. Don't you?"

Again I was slow in responding, but eventually I nodded affirmatively with a blushing red face.

Dad held my hand and reassured me that it was okay to admit my feelings. His words gave me the courage to speak more confidently.

"Dad, like you said, I'm not a fag, b-but as the men were using my mouth ejaculating their gooey cum in me, I-I didn't mind them calling m-me all sort of dirty names in-including a "faggot". S-S-Should I-I be..."

"No son, you shouldn't be ashamed. I complained to your mother that her agreeing to have us whore for Mr. Jones would literally be making Faggots out of us. She quickly replied "Just because you'll be doing what faggots do doesn't make you one." So son, building on your mother's words of wisdom, just because you may enjoy feeling like a lowly fairy faggot because you're doing what they might do, also doesn't make you one."

"Oh thank you dad, that is so comforting to know. You don't know how much better that makes me feel."

Dad then told me he too felt good at being on his knees and doing what a fag does as well as being treated as a lowly fairy cocksucker by better endowed men, especially black men.

"Your mother also told me that since I had gotten use to the taste of another man's cum in her pussy, that I wouldn't have any trouble taking it from a dick. She was right about that, and it looks like the same holds true for you."

Feeling more natural about this whole subject area now, I quickly and confidently agreed with him.

I also added that I found the taste of jism from dicks creamier and more full bodied than when mixed with pussy juice.

"Yes, I agree with you son. But I also have to say that I find it tasty, even delicious either way. In fact I feel very contented sitting here with a belly full of cum from 20 men."

"I do too dad. I guess we owe it all to Mr. Jones even though we both despised him for coercing and subjugating us the way he has."

"Well son, even though we both may have disagreed with the way we've been treated, I think we both understand now that what has happened has turned out good for us."

I had to agree with him after a moment of reflection. As he and I continued to talk and reflect, and rationalize also, we concluded that guys like us were susceptible to be corralled, subjugated and controlled by stronger more able bodied men like Mr. Jones, and made to do their bidding.

We also concluded that it was also why Nature adapted up to accept, adapt, and acclimate to even enjoy being of submissive service to others too.

After that first day on the job as my father-in-law's sissy "Hoes", dad and I went on to accept our roles and indeed did very well adapting and immersing ourselves in them. In just two weeks we each exceeded our 120 dicks a week quota Mr. Jones had set for us. At the end of a month we each had sucked and swallowed the heavy heated slimy loads of over 525 strange men who paid to fuck our faces and use our mouths as their personal sperm dumps.

In addition, we also were proud of the fact that we had lapped and licked every man's balls whose dick we sucked.

Pleased, but also chuckling at how much cum we had drank for him, Mr. Jones estimated we each had consumed about 2 gallons of smelly slimy dick scum for his profit.

Dad and I were thoroughly embarrassed at his glee and his having done so in front of my wife - his daughter - and my mother. Their snickering praise of us also didn't ease our humiliation either.

But later as dad and I talked alone, we were both very contented and proud of our unusual accomplishment of having swallowed so much warm gooey semen. We knew we'd swallowed a lot of creamy cum from all the spurting dicks, but never thought of trying to calculate just how much, as Mr. Jones had.

We were really pleased with ourselves as Dr. Judy has always taught us to be from bringing relief and pleasure to so many hard up men.

As we worked on our knees for Mr. Jones, Dad and I often were splattered with jism, had saliva drool hanging in ropy strands from our lips, and the inside of our mouths were constantly coated with the slimy residue of jism. We also reeked of semen and would have a heavy "dick breath". Yet, and it was strange to us at first, but the more we were like that, the more it thrilled both of us and made us feel very satisfied.

Neither of us knew why, but Dr. Judy told us it was okay to be happy to enjoy being messy and nasty after being on the receiving end of many dicks.

In fact, the more time we spent in Dr. Judy's booth - which we still continued to do over the years - the more content we are to be used, being messy, nasty, and dripping with jism.

In fact, dad and I felt our self esteem rise because men, real men, were paying to stick their dicks in us.

Mother was pleased at us both and openly lavished praise on us for being such good dick suckers, as did Vicki - my wife.

Our women's happiness at us having pleased Mr. Jones therefore pleased both dad and I.

Dad and I are cruising along and blowing about 500 - 550 dick a month each for Mr. Jones's profit. On several occasions, we've done as many as 700 each when Mr. Jones has demanded that of us. This is especially true when the ships come in. You see, there is a naval port in our town. When the ships come in, dad and I often become "cheap sailor's whores" as we take down those loads that have been building up in their balls for 6 months or so.

Dad and I guess that at $25 a dick, together we put over $25,000 a month gross, in his pockets.

While he gives our wives 5% of what we earn for him, they only provide dad and I an allowance of about $30 a week. Our wives now manage all the money affairs of our respective households. Neither dad nor I have a real clue about the financial management of our households. Both our wives have instead encouraged us to focus our time and energies into more meaningful things, like sucking and getting fucked for Mr. Jones's profit.

We both have resigned ourselves to the new roles that have been laid out for us, by our wives and Mr. Jones. We have found that the more debase he's treated us and made us more like gutter suck hoes, the more we've adapted and revelled in our lowly lusty roles. We both are surprised at how comfortable we have become about all this.

Between mother, my wife Vicki, Vicki's father and mom, dad and I were urged and encouraged to feel to more freely explore doing and adjust to the lifestyle of sissy fags, as we role played as sissy whores for Mr. Jones.

The women soon persisted in getting us to dress in drag as we serviced "Tricks" and pretty soon we were also giving us both head and ass.

Mother was especially persuasive in goading dad and I into letting men penetrate our assess with their dicks. She got Dr. Judy to prescribe special "douches" for us which relaxed our ass hole muscles so that we could comfortably accommodate hefty size cocks and be fucked as women.

Mr. Jones was very pleased at mother helping us becoming fuckable.

"Vicki, I'm so pleased that you've settled in and become a good whore like we all wanted you too."

"T-Thank you mother, I-I've guess I-I've come to accept it as normal that so many strange men want to put their dicks in my mouth and shoot off their hot creamy cum."

"It is normal dear. And besides they know a good fuck face when they see it sweetie. Beside you have a great reputation as an exceptional cocksucker - both you and your dad."

"I-I guess I should thank you mom. He and I both try to do the best we can to please men's dicks with our mouths. Speaking of a fuck face, I-I've really come to like the Johns slowly rocking their stiff cocks back and forth in my mouth as they slowly fuck my face while I'm kneeling. I-I really feel so useful a-and really like a pussy getting fucked when they do that."

"That's wonderful honey, and you should. After all, you're a good sissy cunt too."

I went on to tell mom that Dr. Judy had gotten me to feel rather proud to suck Mr. Jones dick as well as to be a whore for him too.

"I'm proud of you too sweetie. I'm just glad that he to thought you were good whore material and guided and mentored you along the right path to a new found happiness of dick sucking, cum drinking and getting ass fucked.

It was two months or so after our first night of being cock suck whores when dad and I were returning home late one Saturday night. We were tired, but happily and satisfactorily tired. It was dad who first mentioned this and I was quick to reply.

"I feel the same way. My jaws ache from being not only opened so long but also wide for all those big dongs we had to get off tonight. Those sailors were hung and horny weren't they?"

"And had full balls too. I guess being out to sea for six months will do that."

"Yes, but there was nothing watery about their thick rich goo. It took a little extra effort to get their extra slimy down, but I managed." I gleefully added.

"You're right about that son. Their spunk was good and rich." Dad replied with a chuckle.

"You know dad, when we first started going to Dr. Judy at mother and Vicki's insistence, I really thought she was way out there and full of quackery. However, the more we attended her sessions, I've had to accept her opinion that I-I was just too stubborn a-and misguided to see that what we are doing for Mr. Jones a-and the support and encouragement of our wives were giving us was good for us and them."

"Yes son, I have to agree with you on that. Another thing about her sessions are those quiet chambers. They are so relaxing and comfortable."

"Yes, it is nice to just lie back and listen to the soothing music. Every time I go in there, I fall asl**p for at least an hour, but I'm so relaxed and have a much better understanding of her concepts and perceptions about the correct behaviour for us."

"So do I. In fact, I often feel so stupid for not having seen what she was talking about earlier. Take for instance, her assertion that our role playing and us doing things that women and sissies and faggots do really shows a type of courage a so called real man would probably never exhibit. Hence, you and are actually demonstrating more courage and grit than real men."

"You're so right dad. With us taking all the dicks we do, and especially the many loads of hot sticky gluey gooey jism we swallow, we really demonstrate that we have no fear of those bigger real men and their big hard dicks."

"Yes son you're so right. We may not be as endowed or as well built or as masculine, but we make up for it by the way we do things real men would be afraid of or just too chicken to do."

"That's right dad. And another thing, have you noticed how much more pride and respect mother and Vicki have shown us now that we have been implementing all Dr. Judy's recommendations and suggestions as well as totally immersing ourselves in our roles as sissies and fairy fags?"

"Yes son I have and I must admit it's good to have their increased admiration. It does both our self esteem good to have our women telling us that we do things for them that no real man would ever consider doing or lowering themselves to do for."

"It does dad. In addition, having mother and Vicki show their men pictures and videos of us sucking off lines of tricks and getting fucked while giving blowjobs really does get some of their studs. Mom says when their studs see them, they call us all sorts of names for doing such lewd acts for the women we love, but they never say anything about competing with us as sissy fag whores."

"Just as Dr. Judy has told us, that's proof enough that our women see that their studs won't be competing with us to prove their affection to your mother and Vicki the way we do by doing the things we do for Mr. Jones and in turn for them."

"Yes dad, I have to agree with you. Vicki has told me numerous times that she has no intentions of leaving me for her studs, even though they fuck her better than I ever could dream of doing. She says that I'm just too good of a sucker for her to do that. She just raves about how well I suck her slimy frothy pussy after she's been extensively screwed and put away wet, yet she says, I devotedly proceed to mouth and thoroughly clean up her gloppy snatch with no expectation of getting to put my little thing in afterwards."

"Yes son, Dr. Judy's training relating to "unselfish love and sex" really has helped us to improve our relationships with our women. After I too eat your mother out after one or more of her black studs load her up with their viscous goo, I too have no expectation of getting any and am perfectly content to jack off if she tells me to. I'm so thankful that Dr. Judy has helped me see that it's so natural for me to eat other men's sperm from my wife's sloppy pussy and to pull myself off if I need to get off. Or if you're around, for us to do a 69 and get each other off."

"Your warm mouth does feel good on my prick."

"And yours likewise on mine. Yes son, as I said earlier, we thought that Mr. Jones was evil in the deeds he perpetrated on us. However, it turns out that not only was his actions a blessing in disguise because it has allowed us to share so much time together as we whore together, but also it has allowed us to bond in an intimate special way, as we do when do each other."

"Yes dad, it's all been very special. But you know what dad, one thing I really enjoy is our little talks each night after our whoring sessions are over, about dick sizes and shapes and the taste of cum from all the dicks we get pushed in us."

"Yes son, that's special for me too. Dr. Judy strongly encourages us doing it too. After our first night of whoring, I quickly discovered I loved talking about other men's dicks and the taste of their hot creamy sperm."

"I was angry when mother had us go to Dr. Judy to get us psyched up to suck dicks for money. But just like you, I have to admit now, her relaxation therapy was effective in eliminating my anxiety to be a whore for Mr. Jones, and just go ahead and accept that I should do it and that it was going to happen. And after it happened, like you, I was very thrilled and excited at having other men, strangers use my mouth as a for hire, fuck hole and jism dump."

"Yes son, Dr. Judy helped us get our act together and to also realize that the women were right all along in their advice for you and I to be whores for Mr. Jones."

"Yes dad, they were. In addition, Dr. Judy has helped me to see that whatever money Mr. Jones makes off us should not be our concern, only making sure we do what he says to best service the clients and make money for him."

"Yes son, I've come to the same conclusion. Sure money is important and I realize what little he gives us is a mere pittance for what we earn for him. Anyway, he gives our wives our 5%. But to be honest with you, just like Dr. Judy said I would, all that cum from all those big hard spurting dicks is a reward in itself."

"I second that." I added with a slight chuckle.

"By the way, son, don't you think this pearl jewellery adds a nice accent on us?

"Yes. A single strand pearl necklace and a bracelet and matching pearl watch really makes us outstanding as guys who want to flaunt that we aren't real men and aren't afraid to show it."

"It took me a while, bit I have come around to being fond of being obedient to Mr. Jones and doing what he tells us to do. Just knowing he's in charge of things is-is a kind of cosy feeling. I don't know why I feel that way, but I do. In my book, dad, he can do no wrong."

"Son I share that same feeling. But as you said, even though I'm not certain why I have so much confidence that he'll do the right things for us, I too want to obey him unconditionally. Plus both our wives say we should and that in itself should be good enough for us. Don't you think?"

"Yes it is. By the way, remember Dr. Judy said that starting next month, she is prescribing that our wives paddle us even more each month from now on. They can give us up to 30 strokes now."

"I remember, also, your mother got a new perforated thick rubber paddle in the mail this morning. She's anxious to try it out on me. The look in her eyes was pure joy. Yes, she's very anxious to beat me with it."

"So did Vicki and I know she's also eager to beat me with it. I'm a bit scared, but then if Dr. Judy says we have to be whipped more, then... SIGH! I know we'll have to accept it."

"Yes son, we will. Just like when Mr. Jones occasionally slaps us around to make sure that we remember our places. We've learned to accept and adapt to that. I'm confident we'll do the same with being whipped more intensely by our wives. Besides, son, just like Dr. Judy said, this kind of treatment is good for us in making sure we have solid loving relationships with our wives. Remember what Dr. Judy said, "No pain, no gain". And son, since our wives are totally in agreement with Dr. Judy's recommendation - that is, to inflict pain on our rear ends and blister them to ensure we're good husbands- then we must therefore accept it. You do understand that, don't you? We have no choice since we love our wives so."

"Y-You're right of course, dad, h-how silly of me. Like you said, I'm sure I'll get accustomed to being given more paddle strokes."

"That's my boy. Our wives can't help but love us more dearly as we eagerly submit to them so they can blister our bottoms and hear us squalling like c***dren from their paddling. This will be good for us because it'll further validate we know our places as loving devoted husbands."

"Vicki has basically told me that she knows that beating my ass even more at our monthly sessions can only make our loving marriage even closer, so I'm sure you're correct dad."

"Yes I believe I am. Just like I was when your mother was pleased when we took she and Vicki's advice and let Mr. Jones fuck us up our asses like women, and then began having us sell our sissy ass-cunts for his profit too."

"Yes dad you were. Speaking of getting fucked for cash for our pimp - Mr. Jones - tonight was a perfect ending for a good day of taking dicks."

"Yes it was son. I guess you also liked the rough condescending way the group of earthy brawny men talked to us?"

"Oh yes I did. I just knew it was going to be exciting when time they knew who we were they said "C'mon in here you two cute little fag bitches and strip down to your panties"."

"Yes, a delicious thrill ran through me as the group groped, grabbed and squeezed us as we stripped down to our panties, camisole, garter belts and nylons. It felt good to have 8 pairs of rough hands running all over my smooth skin and ass."

"Yes dad it did. Of course, it felt even better to have them stuff our mouths with their dicks after we licked and sucked on their big bloated cum filled balls. Of course, when they started fucking us in our mouths and assess, and then lining up in front and back of us to pull a train on each of us, it was so delicious to be sandwiched between those men as they moaned and grunted as they fucked us in pursuit of getting their nuts in us."

"Yes it was ecstatic to be sissy pussies for those big handsome "Johns". Those kind of guys really gives us an opportunity to play our sissy roles to the fullest."

Yes it does dad. They were all at least 6 feet tall and each was very muscular like construction workers. But it was so delightful to have those big brawny men moaning and groaning as they humped their dicks in us to get off. Having their rigid rods moving in and out of my mouth and ass, sort of-of made me feel, uh, so-so, well equal to them, even though they were the real men."

"I know the feeling, son. It's because we were taking all they were dishing out. They had their poles and we were their holes. And when we got their hot gooey cum in us, that really made me feel significant."

"Yes, you're so right dad. I felt likewise. I really enjoyed getting group fucked and treated in such a condescending nasty manner. They were very pleased that we eagerly licked their asses as gesture of gratitude for letting us be their whores for the evening."

"Yes they were. They gave us $250 in tips. Of course, I gave it all to Mr. Jones, as is the usual practice."

"That was a nice tip, but then again we really earned it. After all, this was the first time that we have been peed on and had to swallow the piss from a group of Johns."

"It wasn't that bad, neither was the taste. That Jacuzzi style bathtub they had us lay in was ideal for the two of us, as they sprayed all their recycled beer on us."

Dad went on to add that since the men had given us such a generous tip, he suspected that Mr. Jones would be advertising to other group clients that he had two sissy whores that didn't mind being pissed on. I had to agree with him.

Dad and I both continued to talk about the yellow shower we'd been subjected to. The group of masterful brawny men didn't ask if they could use us as urinal targets, they just told us to strip naked and get ready for them to piss on us.

Well, one thing dad and I have learned as sissy whores, the customer always comes first - pun intended - so when we were ordered by the men to do as they wanted, we quickly did - even though we didn't know that was on the agenda for the evening.

Anyway, since we've been whoring, dad and I have become more submissive in our nature and thoughts. This has been promulgated daily on us by everyone close to us - Mr. Jones, his wife, mother, Vicki, and of course Dr. Judy.

"Submissiveness, subservience, servility, and sucking are four things that you two should aspire to be the best at and doing for Mr. Jones, your wives and your wives' lovers". These were Dr. Judy's repeated words to dad and I whenever we go in for our frequent session with her.

After Mr. Jones built his dream mansion from the steady income of his whores, Sunday dinners in the new mansion became quite an affair, as the f****y all gathered around the large dinner table.

The table was huge; it was circular and about 12 feet in diameter. The huge stately chair at one spot around the table made it clear where Mr. Jones sat.

Mr. Jones decided that cooking dinner and the associated cleaning up afterwards was not what he wanted his women - mom, his wife, and Vicki - doing on Sundays.

Therefore, he ordered dad and I to cook, serve, and clean up afterwards. We usually never sit at the table with the rest of the f****y, as we were dressed in frilly maid's uniforms and served the food, and stood by like English maid servants.

We had four different colour maids' outfits - traditional black/white, lavender, bright pink and bright yellow. We wore a different colour each week.

Dad and I usually ate our meals in the kitchen, like the servants we were, and long after the others in the f****y had eaten.

As you the reader can surmise, Mr. Jones had not only made us his sissy whores, but his maidservants as well.

However, by this time, dad and I truly knew our places. We had no fight in us to refuse any demands placed on us. We had resigned ourselves to our plight and obediently did as we were told.

Dad and I had come in from a day of non-stop whoring for Mr. Jones, our pimp. As was usual, we were sitting around the kitchen table in Mr. Jones's new 8 bedroom mansion, relaxing after a day of dick sucking and being fucked a time or two or three or more.

"You know dad, as I sit here tired and full as a tick with all the loads I've swallowed today, I feel so satisfied and never felt better about myself. Even though we live under his roof and Mr. Jones controls us, I really don't mind serving and being managed by him. Actually, it's a rather very contented feeling to know that I can depend on him and Vicki to decide things for me and all I have to do is obey their directions. I gather you feel the same about him and mother now?

"Yes son, I do, and like you, I am very contented with myself. And even though we aren't allowed to come in the front door, just the servant's entrance, it's not bad living here under his roof and supervision." Dad replied with a broad smile of contentment on his face.

Another good thing has come out of all this. Now that Dad and I have been laid off from our regular jobs, we have a reliable trade and good skills to fall back on (actually on our knees) to provide for our families.

And speaking of our families, I have a new 2 1/2 year old b*****r and a 2 1/2 year old son. Both courtesy of Mr. Jones knocking up mother and my wife Vicki (his daughter). Both boys are the spitting image of Mr. Jones.

In addition, Vicki and I also have a set of fraternal twins that are now 14 months. An old boyfriend of hers, named Theo, sired them. They also strongly resemble him, not her or me. By the way, he's black.

Somehow or the other, we all came to start calling Mr. Jones "Daddy". Vicki of course had called him that all along, but now we all - his wife, mother, as well as dad and I somehow got caught up in doing so too.

It's probably also because of the benevolent pimp image he tries to portray to each of us, especially when collecting "his money" that we earn for him.

He really gets on our case if we don't make our quotas of dicks and tricks. He really comes across as a pimp at these times. He's not really hit the women hard, but he's threatened to paddle their asses, and has slapped them playfully hard on their pretty asses. Dad and I have been slapped around once or twice by him also, but it was more to show that he was in Daddy was in charge and that he wanted to make sure we knew it, and our places.

Vicki, mother and his wife constantly cater to "Daddy's" good side and are always bragging how Daddy likes their head or pussy better than the others. It's a rivalry pure and simple. "Daddy" stokes the flames of the petty rivalry by saying who was best for him at one time or another when he's fucked them in the mouth or cunt or ass.

The women always brag when they've been recently fucked and have "Daddy's" sperm in, or dripping, from them.

It's nothing for mother to tell the others that when Daddy needed head, he would come to her first because she could do it better than the rest of us. Of course that would start a series of lewd and raunchy conversations among the women.

However, Daddy also made a point to include dad and I in the rivalry by congratulating one or both of us on how well we took his cum. He only had to do that once and before dad and I knew it; the women had considered us competition and included us in their jovial but sluttish discussions.

"So you hot ass little sissies think you're as good as my prime pussy fuck meat huh?" Was one such comment jokingly directed toward dad and I.

We didn't really have much choice in taking "Daddy's" cum, as neither dad or I had much will to resist him when he demanded sex from us. And since we found it hard not to adore his macho manliness, I suspect we too were a bit subconsciously proud to be his sperm takers also.

"Daddy" also acted as judge and jury on disputes in our little clan of whores. One such incident involved me and Vicki and Theo - remember him? Her black lover and the father of "our" twins.

Well the situation was this. Vicki and Theo wanted to go on a cruise. She asked "Daddy" for the money. His response: "Baby girl, I love you, but you're married. Your husband should take care of that for you, and especially so since you have to carry a real man, and not him, to make it romantic."

Needless to say, his words were a definite put down to me. But to rub salt further into the wound, "Daddy" decided that Vicki could go, but that I would pay the whole tab for she and her lover.

To make matters even worse, "Daddy" told me: "Vicki, I'm gonna loan Vicki and Theo the money, but since you're her husband, you're responsible for paying it back with 5% interest."

I could only gasp in response to his words.

What he said next took my breath away.

"And you have to work on your own time to hustle dicks to make the payments. It doesn't come out of my money you make for me. Understand!"

The tone of seriousness in his voice sent a slight chill through me. However, I knew there was nothing I could do. He even had me thank him for the "Low" f****y interest rate.

To make a long sad story short, Vicki and Theo went on their 5 days deluxe cruise at my total expense. The $6,000 bill, including spending money for Theo, meant that it was going to take me quite a while to basically work overtime hustling dicks and selling my ass to pay it all back.

I was thankful dad volunteered to help me out some.

I later discovered that the week of the cruise was also Vicki's fertile time of the month and she made it known that she wasn't packing her birth control pills.

Oh well, such is life.

Vicki returned from her cruise delightfully tanned and with many pictures and videos of all the fun in the sun she and Theo enjoyed. A month later, it was also learned that she also picked up some weight from the cruise also.

She's currently impregnated with our "4th" c***d.

Theo spends a lot of time with Vicki in our residence at "Daddy" house.

Theo also demands I suck his impressive dick rather frequently. My wife offered my services to him for free. Even though I'm a suck whore, I thought he still should pay. She didn't.

Her reason: "Honey, after all, he's made you a daddy twice over and has also put another one in the oven for you, the least you could do is suck his dick for him when he needs you to. And by the way, if I'm not around to take his jism and he wants more than a suck out, offer him your sissy cunt for me too."

It was obvious that my wife was in no mood to hear any dissent from me and I knew better than to present any. In addition, when your wife is the one that gives you your prescribed monthly spanking (as directed by Dr. Judy), it's difficult to get up the courage to stand up to her.
Therefore, I meekly agreed to her demands.

Even though pregnant, Vicki still loves to whore for her father part time, and still finds time to sex 3 other steady studs besides Theo.

I'm afraid that she also wants to have k**s by them also. Oh well, she said she wanted to have a large f****y.

Despite all that, I'll have to give credit where credit is due; Vicki has still been a great mother and wife.

Vicki's mom and my mother are also still part time "Hoes", and really into the lifestyle. Mr. Jones, while rolling in dough, doesn't seem to mind in the least.

As for dad and I, Mr. Jones is still pretty demanding as to us sucking our monthly quota of dicks. He wants to make sure that we are responsible and diligent husbands and able to provide for both our growing families, that is, out of the 5% he pays us.

So all in all, dad and I have come to see that Dr. Judy was right to cultivate us into not being ashamed to be subservient and to show humility as we devoted ourselves to our wives and their real men.

She showed us how we were not endowed enough to compete with real men who could possibly steal our wives. But with her therapies and by becoming pussy whipped sissy husbands, we levelled the playing field.

The results, we were able to keep the women we love, in our lives, as well as ward off other men from stealing them. Our numerous demonstrations of devotion we show to them daily have really paid off for us.

Even though dad was at first worried about "Daddy" Jones stealing mother's love from him, dad is quite satisfied now sharing mother with "Daddy" and also that "Daddy" Jones shares his dick with dad.

By now readers, you know in the beginning, dad felt coerced and made perverted by becoming `Daddy's" cocksucker, then fairy slut, and then finally his fag whore. But along the way, Dr. Judy guided him into seeing that each step was an investment toward marital and personal happiness for him and mother.

Now dad is very pleased that "Daddy" is he and mother's man and that they both share being receptacles for "Daddy's" dick and vessels for his copious loads of sperm.

"Son, I'm so pleased that you and your dad gave in and let real men make faggots out of you and he, rather than both of you continuing to pretend to be something you could never be." Mother said to me one time with a broad maternal smile.

I for sure never thought things would've turn out the way they have. But Dr. Judy was right about one thing, many men may fuck our wives, but very few men - well actually, none that I know of - have tried to compete with dad and I in doing the things we've done to show our love to our wives and keep them ours.

***THE END***
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