A Day in the Life...

"whore" has already been up for hours preparing for your day. "it" is expected to be fresh smelling, shaved, and dressed in your favorite slut outfit with hair in perfect soft curls. Last night's obedience lesson made for a particularly painful shower. Cold water ( you say "nasty fuck pigs have to earn the privilege to use warm water") and home-made lye soap burn whore's skin as it tries gently to scrub the dried bl**d from fresh wounds. Although whore works very hard to please its Sir, you require weekly whippings as a reminder of your control and for you pleasure. When it's skin tears with each loving blow, deep purple streaks appear and warm crimson liquid escapes. You smile and moan loudly. This makes whore agust; it loves to see you smile. whore thinks of this while massaging cream to the resulting welts, looking in the mirror and blushing brightly at its gutter cunt like appearance. "Sir loves when whore projects her true value as nothing more than service fuck meat whose sole purpose is to be used however he deems fit". This thought brings a proud smile as it notices the time.
Rushing downstairs in six inch stilettoes prove too much for whore today, as it sprains its left ankle. Although it wants to howl in writhing pain, whore would never burden you with the stupidity of this cunt bitch. Babying the ankle makes loud thumps on the floor, sounding like a fat piggy slut in heat. "OINK!" whore quietly giggles. Your coffee is fixed and on its way to your bedside whiles pretending not to be struggling with every step. it may not speak unless spoken to nor can look at you without permission, so waking you is an interesting chore. Legs spread wide across your broad manly chest, whore bends at the waist giving a glorious view into two of your fuck holes. it's first priority every morning is to lap your cock into your third fuck hole as to relieve a bursting bladder. You awake soft as whore's tongue circles your dick waiting for your hot liquid waste to splash against the back of it's throat. After being assured that not a drop of golden piss was waisted, you quickly maneuver a head lock using your legs, gluing whore's nose to your balls as your cock swells in it's mouth. You fuck whore's face violently for several minutes, groaning and spitting on it's asshole. Spazaming gags erupt strings of bile, and it flirts with blackouts from lack of oxygen. Just as whore is about to pass out again, it feels it's Sir paw at last nights wounds while trembling out the last of his seed. You rip at whore's hair, snapping its neck toward you.
"You may speak, whore!" A command comes as you smack it's face so hard it brings tears.
"Thank you, Sir for using whore so roughly this morning, Sir. whore is a dirty fuck twat and it needs to be abused more, Sir. Please, Sir." you hear through muffled sobs.
Just then you pull whore to you with a tight vice around it's neck and kiss whore deeply.
"What a fine house slut you're turning out to be. You have the privilege of looking up at me as you speak today." You say this softly and with a smile as you pin whore's slimy sweat and puke soaked curls behind its ears, and sip your coffee. "Now get your fat ass up and run the water for my shower! It better not be too hot, whore, or I'll pound my .45 in your sloppy pussy so hard it'll bruise your cervix."
With a face full of fresh saliva whore sprints into action. There are many more chores that need tending to this morning. whore runs your perfectly temped shower and drops to its knees making a table for you to lay your neatly pressed suit on. Today, whore picked it's Sir's all black suit with a silky black button up and no tie for casual Friday. Your shower doesn't take long, and after whore applys lotion to your body and fixes your hair, it heads to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Whore is only allowed to wear a shear apron in this room, because you like to mess with whore's cum holes while it cooks your meals. Today is no different, and as whore is plating an omelet, bacon and toast for you, it feels something rush into its asscunt. A turkey baster makes an excellent vehicle as whore is aware of what it's Sir is doing. You laugh while filling your whore's bowles with milk.
"Thank you, Sir. whore needed that, Sir. Please can whore have more, Sir?" whore humiliatingly begs it's Sir for more attention.
"You're such a worthless dumpster! You'd take anything in those loose holes, wouldn't you?
whore looks at it's Sir's face, "Yes, Sir. If it pleases you, Sir."
You laugh at whore and tell it to hold the milk enema inside it's asshole until further notice. As you sit to enjoy your lovingly prepared breakfast, whore is instructed to relieve itself in your Akita's water bowl and share the ass-milk with the b**st. With a stained off white ring around whore's mouth, it quickly moves to it's favorite morning chore. whore crawls on all fours under the table where you sit, and uses its teeth to perfectly manicure you toenails, swallowing every clipping. whore knows how hard it's Sir works, and feels privileged to service your feet.
When whore is finished it lay at your feet waiting for your orders for the rest of the day. whore's daily tasks involve regular domestic work, with several "special tasks" to do at certain times throughout the day. whore knows that you have webcams all over the house and that you monitor it's performance from your office. This knowledge keeps whore's primary fuck hole constantly wet. You sc**** a few bites of unwanted scrap onto the floor and whore shows what a good pig it is and scurrys to suck it into its mouth.
As you prepare to leave, whore looks at you in a dog like position with wide, hopeful eyes. You pat it on the head...
"Good work this morning, my whore. Keep up the good work and make sure you and my house are ready when I return. Don't forget that you are nothing. Just fuck meat for me to play with. My bitch. I think today you should get to know Rebel. My Akita is male also, which makes him above you and you must treat him as well as you do me."
He must have seen the fear in whore's eyes...
"Do as I say for it is your only purpose. It is a degrading existence, but take comfort in knowing that I get great pleasure from your humiliation. I will pull up some articles on the computer for you to become more familiar with how to service Rebel. Have a good day, whore."
With those parting words you yank at whore's hair lifting it to its feet, planting another passionate kiss on its lips, then disappear out the door.
~~~~~~~End of Part 1~~~~~~~~~

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2 years ago
the rite way to tret a slut whore..
2 years ago
Good writing
2 years ago
ready for part two rite now dont make us wait