A Short Story

A Short Story
in play format. (Originally written 23 Feb 2006)

Interior - waiting room of surgery. A voice over the P.A announces for Mrs Allott to enter Dr. R Don’s room.

Mrs Allott: Hello Dr.

Dr. Don: Good morning, Mrs Allott, what can I do for you? how’s Mr Allott?

Mrs Allott: He’s fine. Dr, I’m here about my pussy.

Dr. Don: And what is the problem with it?

Mrs Allott: It keeps itching.

Dr. Don: Well, you better get it out and I’ll take a look at it.

Mrs Allott gets it out and Dr. Don proceeds to take a good look at it.

Dr. Don: You have a lovely pussy, Mrs Allott. My wife has one just like your’s, but her’s is brown. I always wanted her to have a black one.

Mrs Allott: Thank you, Dr. Would you like to stroke it?

Dr. I would be delighted. But first, let’s see if we can stop it from itching.

The Dr. reaches over to get some cream to soothe the itching and accidently knocks over a glass of water.

Mrs Allott: Oh Dr.! Now my pussy is all wet!

Dr. Don: Don’t panic, I’ll sort it out.

Dr. Don takes a paper towel from a near-by dispenser and begins to rub Mrs Allott’s pussy dry.

Dr. Don: I’m so sorry I made your pussy all wet.

Mrs Allott: Oh don’t worry Dr! Btw, how’s the farm going? Do you still have that big cock?

Dr. Don: Yes, I do. Maybe you would like to come over one day, and I’ll get it out and you can have look at it?

Mrs Allott: Sure!

Dr. Don: Well, there’s not much I can do for your pussy, but you just keep rubbing cream into it and the itching will stop soon.

Mrs Allott: OK, Dr. And thank you.

Dr. Don: No problem. I’ll book you in for a check up, say 6 weeks time? And hopefully old Mr Tiddles will be feeling a lot better!

Mrs Allott leaves the office, and exits from the building. The plaque on the wall reads:

Dr. Richard Don: Veterinary Surgeon

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2 years ago
Very cute!