The Longest Day

I had been living in Nice, in the South of France, for about two years and had always wanted to go down to my favourite nudist beach at sunrise and just enjoy it by myself, or with a woman friend and enjoy some love-making in the open air. However, I had never got around to it, but this time, on the morning of June 21st, the longest day, I vowed to do it. Sunrise was to be at 05:49 hours. I set the alarm for 5:15, and Jackie, my ex-boss, who was now a fairly regular NSA fuck buddy, said she would like to come along too.

We were in bed by ten. I was hoping for some shut-eye and save myself for a dawn fuck on the beach but she was soon playing with my cock and rubbing her awesome tits along my chest. I couldn’t resist. “OK, let’s make it a quickie. We have to get up really early.” The quickie turned into a magnificent event. Oral, anal, vaginal, the lot. I shot an almighty load into her mouth as she finally sucked me off.

I slept deeply.

I was rudely woken by the alarm. I was so comfortable that I wanted to stay in bed, but being a man of my word, I got up. Jackie protested. “Oh, fuck, I can’t make it, I’m so tired and I have a long day ahead.” To be fair, she had some important meetings lined up and probably wouldn’t finish before eight in the evening. There was nothing else for it; I’d go by myself.

I rolled up at the parking lot at precisely 05:49. Not a car in it. Fantastic! I could enjoy the sound of the waves and the good sea air. As I walked naked across the beach, it was wonderful to see the colour of the sky and the calmness of the sea. I dropped my towel and bag on the ground and ran in. The water was beautifully warm, and I felt I had to do this more often.
After a few minutes I came out and just stood there feeling so satisfied. I looked down at my body and felt proud. I had been going regularly to the gym and was in great shape, and was beginning to get muscular. My body was hairless, as I was now getting an all-over waxing every three weeks. A couple of weeks before, I had had some piercing done. I had a couple of rings in the nipples, a ring just under the tip of my penis, as well as a bar through the skin at the top where it meets the body and another, one on the underside where it meets the scrotum. I felt really proud of them, and the ones on my cock, as the ladies attested, acted as more than just decoration.

I decided to go back in the water and as I was floating on the surface, I saw a couple coming along the beach towards me. The man was already naked and the woman was wearing a sarong up to her armpits, covering her from the breasts downwards to above the knee.

I waved from the water and we greeted each other with a friendly ‘bonjour’. “Is it cold?” he asked.

“Not at all. Come on in.” They dropped their stuff near mine. He came and stood by the water’s edge about five metres from where I was floating. He was about fifty, in excellent shape, quite slim but well-muscled. He had cut cock, not big, about average, maybe a little shorter than mine, but it was pretty thick. I noticed how his balls hung really low, about an inch lower than the tip of his dick. He looked pretty good. He was smooth and waxed too. He just lunged in and swam around. “Is your wife not coming in?” I asked, just assuming she was his wife. He said nothing to the contrary. “Probably later.”

He was a really nice guy. We chatted about this and that, when he said, “We have a flask of coffee, would you like to share some with us.” I willingly accepted.
I walked with him towards his wife. She was about the same age as him, medium-length brown hair, not pretty but she certainly had great sex appeal. She let the sarong drop revealing her bra and panties. Her breasts were neither big nor small. The husband poured the coffee while she took her panties off first. She was nicely waxed too. Off came the bra. What I saw next made my eyes pop out of their sockets. She had the most gorgeous nipples, about an inch long. They both noticed that I was moved. She then noticed my nipple rings. “Wow, I love those rings. You should get some, Marc, they’re really sexy.”

“I couldn’t face the pain.”

“Oh, it’s OK. They deaden the area, so you don’t feel a thing,” I said with great bravado.
“Can I touch them?” she asked, raising one of the rings with her middle finger, and tickling the nipple.

“You’ll have to let him touch yours now, Jeanne,” said her husband jokingly.

“Of course, gladly, if he tells us his name.”


“Well go ahead, Peter. Feel free. I love having them touched.”
I took the left nipple first and held it between my middle and forefinger and rubbed my thumb gently over the tip. It hardened suddenly. I did the same with the other. They were pointing out like accusing fingers. “Nice!” she cooed. “Do you want to give them a little suck?” I didn’t need to be asked twice. I ran my tongue over the tip. They were long. Marc was getting quite excited and was now semi-erect. He then noticed the jewelry in my cock. “Wow, darling, look at his cock.”

She looked down at my slightly swollen penis (if it hadn’t been for Jackie the night before, it would have been really hard) and saw the ring near the tip. She flicked it, then noticed the bar across the top. “I like that. That must give pleasure to the clitoris.” She certainly didn’t mince her words.

“I have one underneath too.” I said. She lifted my cock up by the ring and saw it. She looked most impressed.

I was feeling aroused, but not as much as Marc who almost had a full-blown hard-on. “Let’s go and have a swim,” he suggested. We went down to the water together. After rolling around a little, we got in a little huddle. Marc and I held Jeanne up forming a seat for her.

They were from Marseille but visited the area regularly. “We have an apartment here and we like to go to a club called Le Nid. Do you know it?”

“Yes, I work for the company that owns it,” I said. Le Nid is one of the best-known swingers’ clubs on the coast.

“Really, what do you do there?” Jeanne asked.

“A bit of everything. The company also makes adult films, so I appear in some of them. I also look for new talent, and am trying to grow our presence in the English-speaking world. Maybe you guys would like to be in a film. With those nipples, I could sell you, Jeanne.” She laughed.

“Wow, you must be a real sexpert!”

I was now as hard as a rock. Jeanne lay back as we propped her up between us, and I sucked one nipple as Marc took the other. Soon she could take no more. “Come on, take me up there and bang me, the both of you. We walked up to our towels. My cock was really stiff, and Marc’s too. My goodness, he was thick.

Jeanne lay down on her back. Marc wanted to take her first. He passed me his phone. “Can you film this.” No foreplay here. He was in and humping away, groaning. His legs were apart and his low-hanging balls were banging the ground. I cupped my hand under them to protect them, and still managed to keep filming. He started to go like a wild b**st. Then they both screamed as they came simultaneously. He shot his load up her belly.

He rested a moment, then got up and took the camera. “ Your turn.”

I just adore cunnilingus, so I went down on her and gave her a mighty tonguing. I suddenly felt a finger in my rectum. It couldn’t have been Jeanne’s, but I didn’t mind, as it felt good, as he wiggled his finger around in the crack. Then, he was soon rimming me. This was the first time I had been rimmed by a guy.

She soon came, shaking violently. Then I moved up and was in her, sucking one nipple and playing with the other with my fingers. “That cock jewelry is driving me wild” she groaned. She must have had about three orgasms.

Just before I was about to explode, I withdrew and was going to ask Jeanne to finish me off in her mouth, when Marc took my throbbing cock in his hand and started to jerk me off. This was a real tease. Just as I was about to come, he stopped. They then took me alternately in their mouths and took it in turns to do my butt with their fingers. They were real experts at the tease game. I don’t know how many times they left me on the edge

I don’t know how long this went on, but I was alternating between agony and ecstasy. “Please, finish me off,” I begged. They could see my state and kindly put me out of my misery by both jerking me off together. Marc rubbed the shaft while Jeanne played with tip and using the ring to excite me.

I yelled as I fired my load over a rock, then fell on my stomach and just lay there exhausted while they both gently stroked my back.

I had to go to work, so I took my leave of them. We hugged and exchanged numbers. As I walked towards the car, a message came through on my phone. It was Jackie. “Come back quick. Feeling horny. Need a pre-work fuck.”

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Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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Now that is a wonderful morning!