What a remedy!

I left the Mustang in the gym’s parking lot, and we walked together to their apartment. It was beautiful. Very spacious, on the top floor, with a large terrace where you could sunbathe naked and enjoy the jacuzzi. “It’s really good of you to offer to help me,” said Jean-Louis. The pleasure’s all mine. “Betty told you that I haven’t had an erection for a month, and I have always had fantasies of watching her being fucked by another man. We hadn’t been able to find anyone suitable until we spotted you in the gym. Maybe this will do the trick.”
We stayed in the living-room, which had armchairs, a large sofa, cushions on the floor. Betty started undressing me, gently and sensually removing items of clothing until I was stark naked. Jean-Louis was already in a state of undress, his cock dangling flaccid, still looking impressive despite his issues. He invited me to undress his wife. “Do you mind if I take photos?” I certainly did not. I unbuttoned her blouse slowly. She had nothing underneath. I unzipped her skirt at the back and it fell to the floor. Nothing under that either. She got down on her knees and started to suck my semi-erect cock. After the previous few days of the expectancy created by Betty and Jean-Louis, as well as my meeting with Huguette, it could hold back no longer, and just shot up to attention. It was as stiff as a ramrod. “Wow, it’s hard! He’s going to give me anal, Darling,” she said to her husband.
“Great! His is a good size for that.” Jean-Louis was clicking away, taking close-ups of her lips wrapped around my cock, and of the ecstatic looks on my face. She was standing by the back of the heavy sofa with her hands on it with her butt out ready to receive. She gave me a container of Vaseline. “Rub that into my butt-hole.” I gently massaged it in. She gyrated her ass in sheer joy. I sank a finger into the crack and gently moved it around. She purred in delight. I put in another finger to stretch the hole before I slid my penis in. Jean-Louis had put the camera down, and was on the sofa sucking her tits. I put a condom on and started penetrating. With the Vaseline it slid in effortlessly. “Oh my God,” she wailed, “this is heaven.” I loved fucking from a standing position. Her anus was tight but the condom prevented me from coming too early. Jean-Louis was back photographing again taking close-ups of my shaft pumping away like a piston. Betty screamed as she enjoyed a monumental anal orgasm. I withdrew and she turned round and pulled off the condom, went down on her knees and sucked my cock with amazing vigor. Just as I was about to come, she stopped sucking and finished me off with her hand. I shot a huge load all over face. I yelled in ecstatic pain. Jean-Louis captured it perfectly and it must have been one of the best cum shots ever.
I could see that his cock had swollen by quite a bit. So did Betty, and she pulled back his foreskin and started to lick the tip and the rim, then took it deep into her mouth. “He’s getting hard,” she said. She wasn’t joking. It was standing up, thick, eight inches plus. Betty lay down on her back on the floor, opened her legs and Jean-Louis was down on her and in, almost as if he were afraid of losing his erection. He pumped away. “Yes, my love. Yes, my love,” she screamed. I was getting excited again just watching it. She had a monumental orgasm, as she screamed in ecstasy. Jean-Louis roared as he came inside her. When he rolled off her, I was down on her licking her hairless clit, moving my tongue skillfully over it. She had another orgasm. I asked Jean-Louis for another condom and slid it over my hard cock. I pumped away, and she came again. As before, she finished me off with her mouth and hand. Although the load wasn’t as big as the first one, I was still pretty proud of it. Not bad for a second shot.
I could now take a well earned rest, but Betty carried on as Jean-Louis re-entered her with his mighty dong. They both came simultaneously, screaming with pleasure.
We all went and sat in the hot tub to relax. Betty sat between Jean-Louis and me, gently rubbing our thighs and cocks.
Before leaving, I gave Betty another anal, a long one, and then Jean-Louis and I pulled a clever trick. I withdrew and he took over. He slid his great tool gently and gradually into her fully stretched rectum, doggy style. “That’s fantastic,” she screamed. I pulled off the condom and went round and knelt in front of her. She looked totally incredulous when she saw it was me. All these years and she hadn’t dared take his great penis in the anus. She sucked me while her husband slid slowly in and out at the other end. Betty was going wild with pleasure.

We all came simultaneously with neighborhood-shaking screams.

Betty had never had a night quite like it, and frankly neither had any of us. It also made me feel happy that I had helped Jean-Louis overcome his erectile problem, and adding anal to the repertoire helped as well. These threesomes became a regular event, and I really enjoyed the sex. They were also really nice people.

That night I slept like a baby.

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