Bi George!

I woke up with the sun shining through the window and George lying naked next to me. The previous night had certainly been one to remember. A swingers’ party made up of four men and five women. I must have come about five times and the other guys about the same. George, the young eighteen year-old with the ten and a half inch dick, possibly more. He was a young boy destined for a great future in the porn industry, both straight and gay. Of the guys present there was an old school-friend of mine, Adrian, with a modest nine incher, but thick and uncut. He was the only man with whom I had enjoyed a sexual dalliance, and that had been years before at school. Just a bit of harmless mutual masturbation. The party was given by Bertrand, a well-known porn star of about sixty years’ old. A bodybuilder, still in great shape, with a massive, beautifully cut cock. He had hundreds of female fans. In fact, two of them attended the party, and had come a long way to ‘meet’ him. Arlette, Bertrand’s wife was also there, having organized the evening with all its sex games and activities. She was a well-known porn actress in the French-speaking world. Slim, big tits and bi-sexual, and now about fifty years’ old, but still as hot as hell. There were also two other young ladies, with beautiful nipples, who were starting out in the porn business, just like me.
What a night! All the four boys fucked all the five girls, several times, and Arlette had her way with everybody, men and women.
After about six hours of constant sexual activity, the party came to an end. I took George and Adrian back home, as they were staying at my place for a few days while on a visit from London. They had come to be auditioned by Arlette for some porno productions. Needless to say, they passed with flying colours. George was beautiful. Tallish, blond hair, and very effeminate looking. In fact, his face was similar to Brigitte Bardot’s in her young days, with the snub nose and pouting lips. Older women loved him and wanted to protect him, as he was a bit skinny and had a vulnerable look about him. But for eighteen years’ old he was doing pretty well. He was screwing three women, mothers of friends of his, on a regular basis back in London, while giving his ass to the husband of one of them as well. Whether the wife knew about the husband and vice-versa, I never found out.
We got back to my place, absolutely wiped out. Adrian wished us a good night and went off to the spare room. I offered George the option of the sofa in the living-room or share my king-size bed. Without much vacillation he chose the latter. “How about a quick shower after all that vigorous activity,” he suggested. We went out to the patio where I had an outdoor shower. It would be nice freshen up out in the open on this lovely Mediterranean night. We stripped off and went out through the French windows. I turned on the water and we let it run over our bodies. As he washed his hair he had his eyes closed. I looked over his body. How envious I felt. That massive cock, which even flaccid, must have been over seven inches long. He was thick at the base and his cut head was not so wide, which was better for penetration. He also had the most amazing low-hanging balls I had ever seen. They hung down almost as far as the tip of his penis. That evening, when he was screwing the women, they were swinging all over the place. I had certainly felt urges to grab them. Now, watching him shower, I felt very attracted to him, despite having shot my load multiple times that evening.
We soaped each others’ backs and helped dry each other off. I thought I could detect some swelling in his cock, and I certainly felt a little excitement in my modest one, only six and a half inches fully erect; although a lovely shape, as I had been told by several ladies, including Arlette who had had experience of a good few male members in her long porn career. Anyway, she wanted me in the films for my good looks and athletic body.
We went back to the bedroom and crashed out, as we were exhausted after all the bump and grind of the evening. We slumped onto the bed stark naked and went out like lights.
+ + +
The next morning I woke up around eight. It was a bright sunny morning. I could hear Adrian snoozing down the passage. George was on my right, lying on his front, facing away from me with his left leg bent at the knee, forming a figure 4 with his legs. His cock was hidden under his left thigh but his balls were out behind him hanging over the back of his right thigh. His balls hung so low that they were touching the mattress. Without thinking I took them in my left hand and caressed them. As we had all been waxed the day before, his scrotum was silky smooth. I ran the fingers of my right hand along his sack while I caressed and tickled his balls with my left.
He groaned with pleasure as he gently awoke. Slowly he rolled onto his back and opened his thighs. He had a massive hard-on. It seemed even bigger than the night before, and was hard as granite. It was amazing how such a skinny boy could be blessed with such a huge cock. It must have represented over half his body weight. I sat next to him, caressed his balls and rubbed his cock, running my fingers over the head. He groaned. He was loving it. I watched his face. It was beautiful, very effeminate. If you dressed him in women’s clothing, he’d have fooled any homophobe. “Take me in your mouth,” he purred. I got on my knees between his legs and took his cock in my hand and wrapped my lips around the head, sucking gently at first, running my tongue around it. He was rolling his head from side to side in ecstasy. I kept playing with his balls as I had him in my mouth, then slipped my hand between his spread thighs, inserted my middle finger into his rectum, then the index finger as well. He was writhing with pleasure. I felt great surges in his cock. “I don’t want to come yet. Take my ass!” He rolled onto his front and got on all fours.
I rimmed him a little, lubricating his butthole with my tongue while working his cock and balls. He was going wild. “Go on, shove it in.” I got on my knees and penetrated his hole. I had been doing a lot of anal with women lately, and this was just as nice. I started gently, and gradually increased the intensity. Soon he had the most almighty anal orgasm, and I shot my load into him. He rolled over onto his back. Before I took his throbbing penis in my mouth, I stroked it, running my fingers over the outstanding veins and rubbed his head gently between my fingers. I sucked hard until he shot a mighty spurt down my throat. We rolled over highly satisfied, and grabbed some more sl**p, as we had a busy day ahead.
This was my first real homosexual experience, and, although I really enjoyed it, I wasn’t thinking of reclassifying myself as bi-sexual. George was so beautiful and girlish-looking that I hardly felt I was with a man, despite his massive member. At this point, I thought that this would just be a one-off, but little did I realize how things would change.
Perhaps I’ll share more experiences at a later date.

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