Making Fantacies Come True

All stories that I post are true and are mostly from past experiences. If you are a young lady and find my post interesting, get ahold of me. Perhaps we can make a new story together.

This happened a few years ago. The young lady worked for the state and was a fanatic about working out. She was 22 years old and married. I was about 10 years older than her. I first saw her in aerobics class. Where. Better to find a sexy young lady. She had a body to kill for and she knew it. About 5'5" and 120 lbs. Beautiful medium size tits and a nice round ass. Natural blonde hair. She could sense that I was staring at her when ever she was not looking. Soon she smiled at me and eventially we started talking. Things progressed, first little kisses and hugs. Finally we ended up having sex. Her body was unbelievable and I enjoyed every moment with her. Things got more serious and soon she left her husband and moved in with me.

This is where the real story starts. I loved her with all my heart and I believed she felt the same way. Our sex was great, but I always have had fantacies about other men fucking the women I love. It hurts and is erotic at the same time and would make me hot as hell thinking about it. I first started talking about it, my fantacies, while we making love. At first she was not to open to it, but with persistence she started to get more and more excited about it. I wanted to do more than just talk about it while having sex, but to actually get her fucked and I wanted to be the one that convenience her to do it. We would talk about her old sex partners. She had only been with her husband prior to me. She said that he was a great lover and that definitely was not the reason for their prolems. Since she was not open to someone new at this time, I focused on her husband. He was still completely and hopelessly in love with her.

It had been about four months since she moved in with me and her husband had pretty much given up on her coming back to him. As we made love, I indicated how I would love to watch him have sex with you. At first she said no, but the more I talked about it the hotter she would get having major climaxes. I kept telling her that I wanted her to have sex with him in our bed while I watched without him knowing it. As I fucked her she finally said she would do it. So the next night, she got the phone and called him while I was pumping my cock into her pussy. I had to go real slow to avoid cumming to soon. She called and he was home an really surprised that she had called. She said that I was working late and she was thinking about some of the great times that they had together, especially the sex. As they talked, he noticed that her breathing seemed to be a little labored. She said that she was pleasing herself while talking to him. She asked him if would he play with himself while they talked. Soon he was moaning with her. Our plan was to invite him over tomorrow night since I was going to be working late again. As I fucked her she asked him to come over tomorrow night about 6:00. That almost brought him to shoot his load. He said he wanted her really bad and that he would be there. She never said that they would have sex, but sort of inferred it in the many sexual comments. She finally told him that she wanted to hear him shoot his load. I could her him getting closer and closer, as she prodded him on, saying come on baby I want your cum. She was moaning too as I was fucking her pussy harder and harder. Then he cum with low moans driving her to cum on my cock. She moaned and I filled her cunt with cum trying not to make myself known. They hung up and we made plans for tomorrow.

As the next evening approached, we started getting her ready. A long bath to relax her. Then I selected a short tight black dress and high heels. No panties or bra. It made me horney just looking at her. I got into my car and drove it where it could not be seen then waited. Our house was out in the country, well secluded and had large windows everywhere. It was finally 6:00 and he drove up and she came out and greeted him. They both walked into the house and seemed to talk for about 10 minutes. Standing by the kitchen island and just talking. Then all at once she reached over and kissed him. Instantly he was in heat. He was grabbing her. Hugging and deap
kisses. She finally pushed him back and grabbed his hand and led him towards the bedroom at the far end of the house. I quickly moved to the rear of the house getting a better view. Once there, they Wes already kissing standing by the foot of the bed. She then fell to her knees pulling his pants and shorts down to his ankles. She grabbed his cock and started sucking and stroking it. I could see that he was over come by lust. Totally out of control. I had taken my cock out and was stroking it at such an erotic sight. His hard on was rigid like a large metal rod. He grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her up and pushed her back on the bed. In one move he threw of his pants and pushed her dress above her waste and mounted her. He rammed his cock deal in her cunt and started fucking her like a mad man. She was moaning and crying out as he fucked her like a Jack hammer. I had no problem hearing her cries of lust and pleasure. I was so excited that I could not hold back and shot my load. She was cumming over and over again. It never lasted long but it was intense. He finally tensed up and let out a small cry. Filling her cunt with his cum. They slowly got dressed and soon left before my return. I could not wait to get inside and fuck her and talk about the experience. Soon he was gone.and I went in to make love to my women. We laid in bed and talked a about how it felt having sex with him while I watched. I was fucking her as she told me that she almost completely forgot about me she had so much fun.

As I fucked her we made our next plans. They would include him but this time it would be all three of us. This story will come later as well as her taking her first black stud if this story is well received. Thanks for reading and all is real and pretty much happened as indicated.
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1 year ago
super, liked you watching from outside. summers coming, time for peeping toms.
1 year ago
Good story! Hope to see more.
1 year ago
very good