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Stinging pleasure

Hi, has any one else out there found the pleasure of stinging nettles. I drive for a living and therefore know quite a lot of the local lay-byes round here in Sussex.The other day while answering a call of nature at the back of a lay-bye I accidentally stung my dick on a**dy hell that hurts I thought but after aminute or so it dulled to a throbbing sensation.I suddenly thought to myself "grasp the nettle" as they say so I grabbed a handful of leaves and wrapped them round my cock and balls,after the initial sting it went to a gentle throbbing which I found quite pleasurable and it lasted for several hours.I have done this several times since and have even put a large bunch of nettles leaves in my pants and driven round all day with them in with a semi or even wholly erect dick.Has any one else tried this? If you're feeling brave why not give it a go, especially like to hear from any ladies brave enough to try.
Posted by stupot61 3 years ago
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