Touching fun

I've just had a real bit of luck.I recently watched on Xhamster a couple of vids about "touching",I thought that looks fun and have been waiting for a.likely situation to arise.Well this week it has come up a couple of times, if you know what I mean.It just so happened that on that morning I had received a watch I had ordered from the Express which had a built in camera as one of its features.I was going into town shopping and with a Bank holiday coming up,the mall was throbbing as if it was the last day to shop,ever! I went into the supermarket to get some bits for the week-end,cursing myself that I hadn't done it earlier in the week.Any way, I take my place in the throng finding myself righr behind a gorgeous brunette full figured housewife.I have a look down and notice that the fly department of my trousers in hard against the crack of this beautiful woman's backside.The queue is static as the woman at the front cant find her credit card,then when she does she cant remember her PIN, oh for Heavens sake! Things are starting to stir with me,my dick now getting quite hard as I rub gently against the bum being innocently and unknowingly offered to me,,then I remember the movies I watched on Xhamster so I think why not, especially with my new toy on my wrist.Having thoroughly read the instructions I know exactly how to turn it on and get it going straight away.I switch it on and position my watch arm a few centimetres above my throbbing bulge,with my free hand I undo my flies and release my rigid cock, hoping and praying that nobody has seen.We all shuffle forward a couple of feet, but I keep myself in contact with the woman and luckily she still hasn't noticed anything untoward, I can feel my cock pressing really hard aginst her white linen trousers that by the way,had a very clear visible panty line, they are dark blue and lacey.Somebody in front of her drops something on the floor and bends down to pick it up and everybody behind her moves back a step which causes my "target" to move back onto my stiffness, thats it,crash, bang, wallop, large dollops of creamy cum spurt out of my prick, leaving her white trousers with a dark stain right across her buttocks and deep into the cleft between them.I freeze,thinking I'll be discovered any second but no, not a thing, she just carries on as if nothing has happened,perhaps for her it hasn't but the same could hardly be said for me,ah happy days!! When I get home,eventually, I plug my watch/camera into the usb on my laptop and I must admit the results did not disappoint, crystal clear and not too jerky the vid has come out almost perfect, in fact while I'm checking it I get a stiffy and have to deal with it,if you know what I mean! Due to a technical fault on my laptop I accidently erased the file before I could upload it so that means I'll have to have another go,shame!
The second time was only today and it happened on a packed bus.We were all jammed in like sardines and it was really hot and sticky.To cut a long story short I again found myself behind a good looking older lady in a long white skirt, I was just in T shirt and baggy shorts.As I say we were all rammed in together and I found my crotch hard up against this woman's arse.I was hoping she was staying on for a while because I was going right across the city.After a few minutes I felt that old familiar feeling and looked down, sure enough, my old boy was making a tent in my shorts.I very gently eased him out of his cloth prison and gently placed him in the crease of the woman's buttocks in front, well you don't need much imagination to guess what happened next; in what seemed only seconds but was probably minutes I was shooting my load down the back of the woman's white skirt leaving an ever spreading damp patch on the material.As in the supermarket before, I quickly put my dick back in my shorts and hoped nobody had noticed.At the next stop the woman got off the bus and looking at her out of the window I watched her walk away with the evidence of my pleasure plainly visible for all to see.Happy days! I wonder what she thought when she got home later and undressed. Te He!
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3 years ago
oh, boy!

Better luck next time!