True story me and my cousin

I had just turned 18 and was in severe depression. mood disoders and social phobia. Never had many friends or a girlfriend or had sex. My older and quite cute cousin moved not too far by my house into a small apartmemt. She does not work and recieves disability and is a alcholic. She was 31 and I already knew from past she gets freaky with anyone when she is d***k and will literally throw herself at you. I started going to her house and she started to ask me to sl**p over and i would for 2 or 3 days at a time. we would drink and just hang and joke around. couple weeks into it me and her would drink more and more. And i knew this was my chance to get pussy or else I would never. She had been a little touchy with me before but never got past that just a sit on my lap and fingers thru my hair really quick that is all. we where laying down on the bed watching a movie and she was wasted she got close to me and said "Fuck Me' my dick was instantly rock I pulled her tights down and couldnt belive i was grabbing her beautiful tight little fat dominican ass. I took off her thing and my dick slid right in I coudlnt believe it after 3 pumps she told me to get off her then pushed me down on bed and got on me and was in controll i came within a minute. At that moment I was in love in my cousin. we Both feel asl**p and when I woke up I thought she would say something like wtf but no she asked me if i had fun. I said yes she said good then cause we can do this all day long. We had sex again and she thought me some things and how to please her. From never having a girl an being a virgin In just one night I had sex for the rest time and was getting pussy all day long. I moved in full time with her our f****y figured out what was going on and we didnt care i was really in love with her. She started drinking more but i had mine under controll and i would trick her into thinking i was drinking more but was actually dumping it. she needed it. I was already on medication from my doc and she asked me for some pills i can some to her and she was hooked. i used this to my advantage it was basically her crack. I made her wake me up everyday with a blowjob and cook me breakfeast then she would drink and i would give her pills she would be fucked up and i would bang her. this lasted for several months and was the best time of my life. I didnt care if she was my cousin. The pleasure I was getting was the most intense mindblowing experience ofmy life at the time and any other guy would of did same things she had the best body and her pussy felt so fucking good.she eventually overdosed had to go to hospital and was commited to mental health ward and i got in trouble for giving my medication. my parents accepted me back and we now have a good relationship but my sex life sucks to this day she is the only woman i have had sex with. and she is someehere getting high now. I miss and lover her and would love to find her but it sad waste of a beautiful woman.
85% (27/5)
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2 years ago
2 years ago
great story shame what happen
3 years ago
yes sad ending i bet she is somwhere high getting being taken adavantage of. if anyone should it should be me not some starnger lol
3 years ago
well has you can imagine me being 18 and getting pussy for first time it was so incredible i thought it was love lol
3 years ago
Nice story...just an unfortunate ending.
3 years ago
dont confuse sex with love lol good story
3 years ago