Jemma's Mom

Ok its Friday afternoon Im in the car and decide to go and see my friend Jemma. Ive known Jemma from college and usually go round to her house, she lives there with her mom,dad,b*****r and s****r. I havent seen Jemma for a couple of months now and as I was in the area and had nothing to do I decided to pop in and say hi, so I park outside her house and go to ring the bell. After a few moments Jemma's mom opens the door.
Jemma's mom was called Maureen, but I always called her "Mrs M" Mareen was in her mid 50s had blonde hair and had quite an impressive figure for her age Ive always found her attractive. So Maureen opens the door wearing a silky black bath robe she looked pretty sexy I took a peek at her tits as she leaned forward, she explained that she had just come out the shower. she told me she had the house to herself till the evening as her husband was working late and the k**s had gone to see their aunt and uncle.
She invited me in and offered me a drink which I took. I was doing my best to hide how hard my cock had become, especially after she had bent over.
After about 10 minutes I told her I was leaving as I didnt want to disturb her, she stopped me and told me to take a seat in the living as she could do with some company.
We began chatting then all of a sudden I just started flirting with her. Before I knew it we were kissing passionately, she was rubbing my hard cock while I licked and sucked her tits. She stood up and slowly took off her robe, she was wearing nothing head to toe naked. I quickly undressed and began kissing her some more I started to finger her, I could feel how wet she had become.
I took a seat while she sucked my cock. Her lips moved up and down as she started to gag on my cock.
She asked me if I had a condom which I did, after putting it on she took a seat on my cock riding it up and down whilst moaning in pleasure. Mrs M was acting like a dirty little bitch, she knew what she was doing. After riding my cock she went reverse cowgirl syle, bouncing up and down she felt so go for a mature women. I put her on her back and began giving it to her, pounding her mature pussy back and forth, she stuck her legs over my shoulders and encouraged me to give it her some more which I happily did.
Maureen then told me she wanted to do it doggy, as her husband and her have never tried it. she proped herself over a cusion and held open her pussy as I slid my cock into it. Starting off slow then burtsting in to full f***e fucking as she screamed she was having an orgasm. After a few minutes I told her I was going to cum, she told me to cum on her face. She laid down I went over her removed the condom and started tit fucking her sliding my cock between her beautiful tits I was really going at it holding the side of the sofa to get more leverage. I was on the verge of cumming I kept fucking her tits then I told her to get ready for it, I let out a cry of pleasure as my warm cum sat pretty on her face and lips. I couldnt believe I fucked Jemma's mom, something I always fantasised about.
Ive met Maureen a couple of times now since then.
69% (10/5)
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