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[Story] The Neighbour

It was a tuesday evening, i had just pulled up in my car and my neighbour Rachel was waiting outside for me. Rachel had recently divorced her husband and we had started to chat over the fence since, she was a very pretty brunette with what i could see a very good figure, she had only been my neighbour a couple of months before her husband left her. Anyway it was nothing new that Rachel was outside, she was normally out there watching her k**s playing in the street. As i walked down my path, she said hello and we conveyed pleasantries, then she asked if i had a few minutes to help her put up ... Continue»
Posted by stunic 3 months ago

The Holiday part 1

it was a beautiful day, so after work as usual i headed down to one of my favourite bars along the beach, i was sat there on my 1st ice cold beer when this gorgeous woman walked in, she was wearing a light blue bikini top and a sarong.
She sat on the stool next to me and ordered a cocktail, i smiled and said hello and she smiled back, we got talking and she told me her name was Ashley and she was on vacation. The chit chat and flirting went on for a while, i finished my drink and when i got myself another i offered Ashley a drink, she said thank you, i'll have sex on the beach, i told her the... Continue»
Posted by stunic 10 months ago

[Story] Panty Sniffer's Delight

It all started one afternoon Jason was in an adult chatroom, talking to a few ladies about his fetish of panty sniffing, he loved sniffing and licking Ladies panties, he even used them to wank off with, it turned him on so much. Anyway after having a few conversations with some of the ladies, he noticed a new lady had logged on her name was Naomi, so he introduced himself to her, they got talking and before long she so was so turned on by the thought of him using her panties to pleasure himself she asked if he wanted her panties that she is wearing right now. she said to him how much her pus... Continue»
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[Story] The Delivery Girl

It all started one tuesday morning, i had the day off work, so i was having a lazy day, i had just had a shower so i was just in my bathrobe when there was a knock at the door, i went and answered it and it was this beautiful blonde haired girl in her mid 20's with a parcel for me. I had to sign for it, as she handed me the form to sign my bathrobe opened slightly to show off my naked body, i know i'm not gods gift but my package was quite a sight, i quickly covered up and apologised to her but i knew right there and then she enjoyed it. She went to leave and i shut the door and started to get... Continue»
Posted by stunic 2 years ago  |  4