The perfect guy (Part 2)

Hello! This is part two of my experience so if you haven't read part one then I suggest you go to my profile and do that. Now, Part two: I was sitting in my room thinking of what to wear. Jeans and a t-shirt or a button up striped long sleeve shirt with khaki pants and a hoodie, I decided to wear jeans with my long sleeve black t-shirt with rainbow stripes on the sleeve reading “Gay pride bitches” in white, then wearing my zipped up dark purple hoodie; All of which for laughs. I then walked downstairs, into the kitchen grabbing a v8, then walked outside and closed the door. Chris was standing there waiting for me at the end of my driveway, wearing a blue plaid button up shirt with jeans. “Could you ever look more attractive standing there in the moonlight waiting for me to be ready?” I said while giving Chris a wink. “C’mon, let’s just get you d***k and on someone else’s couch” Chris said. “Hopefully laying next to you, sexy” I said. “You always have a sexual remark ready to come out, don’t you?” Chris joked. I said “You look nice, looking ready to come out for me.” “I am starting to regret choosing to walk to the party with you.” Chris said. While turning onto the cul-de-sac I see the house. “Well we’re here” Chris says. “Yep,” I reply “Might as well start this night off with a good note.” I then quickly grab Chris by his arms, holding them down, and give him a quick kiss on his lips. “C’mon!” I say while starting to run up ahead. Chris standing there in silence thinking of what just happened, and then starting blush and smile a little bit. I walk in and people are in the living room, kitchen, and front rooms. There are a lot of people, but not too many as to where it’s cramped. I see a table full of food and I run over and grab two cupcakes. Chris comes in and I give him a cake. “Thanks” He says, grinning a bit. “What happened back there was just an adrenaline rush after wards.” I said. I grab him again and start kissing him but for longer, about 13 to 15 seconds long and he doesn’t resist or pull back. He just keeps going! While this is happening a few of my best friends are cheering and chanting “go go go go go!” I then stop and hug him, “You are really good at that!” I said. He then says “So are you.” We then both laugh and split up into the party somewhere. I barely remember the party at all because he just kept distracting me. Every so often while I was talking to friends or grabbing a snack from the table he would come up from behind me and give me a tight hug. Occasionally he would give me a kiss when talking to someone. Chris and I were just about to leave and a few people asked me if we were dating and I would say no and Chris would just laugh and smile. Chris and I left because it was getting late, around 12:30-ish. I was walking home and it was very quiet, then Chris piped up and said “Hey Pete?” “Yeah?” I asked him. “Would you, um,” he kept stuttering, “W-would you, um, like t-to,” I asked him “like to what?” “Could you, uh, do you want to, b-be, um,” “Go on, go on.” “Be my, my boyfriend?” Chris finally said, whilst trying to not look into my eyes and he kept blushing. “Pfft,” I kind of laughed. He then looked down at the ground with a really depressed face. “Obviously!” I said. I then started hugging and kissing him constantly. Chris was laughing and had a big smile on his face. I then walked home while Chris was holding my hand. “You can go home too.” I told him. “Well, I would like to spend the night here, could I?” I got my keys out of my pocket and opened the door. “Come on in you big love bug!” I told him. “Yay, fun!” He cheered. “Well, this place isn’t the most fun ever” I told him. “Here,” I tossed him a big blank white t-shirt and some black sweat pants. “What are these for?” He asked. “Well, I don’t suppose you want to sl**p in the clothes you’re in right now.” I told him. “Yeah, true.” He said. For the rest of the night we watched TV and just talked and he started to fall asl**p so I let him sl**p in my bed while I took the couch. “That was pretty enjoyable just hanging out with him” I thought to myself. “I wonder what will come of tomorrow.” I then fell asl**p. The end. (So far)
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