Sex with my dad.

My Dad F_ucked Me Hard
About when i was boy i started to figure out that i was gay but never really did much about it. i grew up with so many issues but the major one was that i never met my father till i was high school boy!
as much as i tried to have a good father son relationship with my father, it just never seemed to work out! i was nice, neat and studious. my father was a d***k mechanic.
little did i know that he would be my first!

it all happened a couple weeks after my 18th birthday! it was the summer and as usual i had no plans to leave the house for the next 3 months! on a thursady morning my mother had gotten a business call that she needed to leave town that night, she decide to take my older s****r! so it was just gonna be me and my father, i called him sir! that night i order 2 medium pizzas, 1 for me and another for my father! of course he decided to down his pizza with boos!
at about 2 in the morning i was woken up by loud clanking in the kitchen downstairs. got up and went to check what it was and to my suprise, found my father d***k and NAKED!

he was almost 6 ft. he had a beer belly and hairy (a fact that just drew me to him!). when he got up off the floor i just saw hanging the most beautiful thing i had ever seen! 9 inches of hair man meat! i almost passed out!
i helped him get to his room and left him in his bed, man did i wish i was those sheets covering his body.

the next morning i got up went to the mall for a while and decided to come home. at around 5 in the afternoon all i hear is the door open and hear my dad call out that he was going out to get a couple beers with a couple of his friends! i ignored him as usual. it reaches 9pm and i hear his d***k *** coming in thru the door. he sits next to me on the living room couch and just swipes the remote out of my hands and begins to surf the channels til he lands in the ******. i just left him alone and went into the kitchen to make dinner! next thing i know he comes up behind me and says he wants to see me in his room in ten minutes!

i was never too good on my timing so i just waited about 4 minutes and headed to his room. i just opened the door without knocking and boy did i get a suprise! my father was watching another ***** in his room jacking off his now even larger ****! when it was hard, it seemed that it reached almost 12 inches, i immediatly got hard. he was MAD!
boy, didnt i say 10 minutes? i wanted to show you sumthing that has been urging me to get off my chest.
it was kind of akward to talk with my now naked dad with his **** in his hands.
so talk, i said!

exactly, he told me, ill do all the talking! immediatly he pulled me to my knees and started to **** my face!
is that wat you like? is this what you little gay boys like?
he told me to sit on his bed. i did as i was told kind off shaking from what just had happened! still tasting his sweet **** in my mouth.
i know you try to look at me naked he says, sorry i just got little violent! he walkes over to me and says im d***k as hell and just want to start creating a good relationship with my son before he leaves to college.
i was still stunned! but not suprised by his behavior...

we just sat there til i just turned to him and he looks at me, we didnt have to say anything, we just started to kiss. minute after minute passed and it was real! i couldnt believe it, finally!
he told me to start undresing. i was 5ft 7. i had a very underdeveloped body and it made me very selfconsious! but it didnt stop me...

he pulled me over to his bed and laid down and said for me to get on top of him. i couldnt help myself. i strted kissing his hairy chest, ,moving down to his belly til i got where i wanted to be. i held his huge, **** in my hands. it was hot and rock hard! as i began to jerk him off it twitched numerous times in my hands. i finally started to kiss the head off his ****. little by little i started to suck him. then i decided to take the plunge and stuff the whole thing in my mouth. gagged so much but loved the feeling of a **** down my throat! moan after moan qued me to stop so that he didnt *** and would allow us to have a little more fun.
sit on it, he commands me!
i was scared but ready to do as i was told!
he was my first so i was very tight which he did not like
spit on my **** my dad tells me

i got his as wet as i possibly could get him and attempted to stradle hima again. this time it went in. ooooowwwww it hurt so good!

inch by inch he started to go into me. it was that biggest surge of exstasy i had ever experianced! it seemed like it would never happen but he was finally completely inside of me, but it took too long for my dad to get happy so he got on his knees and laid me on my back, he told me to bite down on a pillow! i was like what? but before i had a chance to reach out my dad stuffed his whole **** into my unsuspecting ***! oooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!
he had no mercy! he just thrust his **** so fast into my ***!
yeah, whos daddys little ****? who wanted daddys ****?

he just kept repeating this under his breath! at one point i felt like his **** got thicker and his balls get tighter!
he pulled out of me and shot his whole load all over me! the pressure was so hard he got *** all over my face. i couldnt belive it, he wasnt done. he crawled up to my face and shoved his **** in my mouth. then he let go off yet another load! it was so much i couldnt swallow any of it it just dripped onto my chest. i was drenched in about a gallon of ***!
good boy! he says to me. now go wash up and get the hell out of my face.
i couldnt belive it!
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