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[Story] Kris and Diane on the Lust Boat (FICTION - by req

This is not a true story... but it could happen..

I like to take a cruise now and then, partly for relaxation and partly to meet and have fun with women whom I may never see again. Last year, I booked a one-week Mexican Riviera cruise out of L.A. The ship sailed in the late afternoon, as we got under way I took a tour around to orient myself, then went down to my cabin and freshened up for dinner.

When I got to the dining room and was shown to my assigned table, most of the company had already been seated. We all introduced ourselves, there was an older Asian couple from L.A., a pair ... Continue»
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[Story] Shirley the Supermarket Sample Lady

Some years ago, when I was in my 30's, I worked as a travelling salesman for a European food importer. I used to visit different supermarkets and restaurants in a territory which extended to about 150 miles from home.
One time. I was calling on a regular client in a smaller town about a half hour from home base. I had concluded my business and was leaving the store when I noticed a 'demo lady' set up in the store, giving out samples of snack items. I wandered over to have a taste and chatted up the woman at the booth. Her name tag said 'Shirley', she looked to be in her late 40's to early... Continue»
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Desert Island Fantasy # 001

Remember "Gilligan's Island" ? Every red-bl**ded (hetero) male over 12 years old had the hots for Ginger, and some secretly yearned for Mary Ann. Me ? I had a perverse adolescent notion that it might be fun to bang Mrs. Howell..

I think many men harbour a harem or desert island fantasy, where they have one or more women, usually celebs, all to themselves.

I like to waste time imaginining some situations like that, with a rotating cast, from a trio to a full week's supply - but no more, no use getting greedy LOL. Sometimes current, sometimes "late" ladies, could be actresses, comediennes,... Continue»
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[Story] Date with an Internet Granny

I suppose some of you may have tried different Internet dating sites. I have, and occasionally it works out although most of the time it seems like the women are looking for a millionaire with movie star looks, even if they are morbidly obese and have a face that would stop a clock. Whatever, I keep a profile on a few 'mature' sites as I'm in that category.

A couple of years ago, I was surprised to get a 'hello' from a lady in my area,said her name was Rita, she was 69 years old, and my profile caught her eye, would I like to meet ? I was a bit taken aback as I was 57, so quite an age sp... Continue»
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[Story] Bowling MILF

When I was about 30, my buddy Don talked me into joining a mixed bowling league with him. It was a change from hanging out at the pub, so I agreed.

We were teamed up with two married ladies, Linda and Vicky. Linda was around our age and Vicky was a more mature 40-ish lady. Both were attractive, Vicky had short gray-streaked hair, not a stunner but nice looking and with a very trim athletic figure, great legs. She always wore a short skirt when she bowled and I got aroused looking at her firm butt and legs, but I didn't think she noticed. Often her husband came to watch although he didn't... Continue»
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[Story] My First Mature Woman

Cheryl was our neighbour when I was in my teens. My parents were good friends with her and her husband. She had 2 boys who were away, one at boarding school and the other at college. Her husband drank a lot and sometimes they argued and he became abusive. I used to see her sometimes in the park when I would walk our dog,we would talk and I could tell she had just left the house to get away from an argument.
Once, when I was home alone, she came and knocked at our door and asked to come in as her husband had locked her out and passed out cold. We sat and watched TV and I looked over to se... Continue»
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