Wife's first MFM turns to 4some on the boat

Carol and I had finished putting new exhaust gaskets on the boat so we decided to take it out for a test, she put on her skimpy two piece that just barely covered her large nipples and showed off her beautiful 36DD tits, then she put on her beach coverup that is a white mesh fabric that you could see what she had on underneath, her shoulder length blonde hair needed no care for a day on the boat, at 5'10" she is a good waterskier and has the legs to show she has experience at it.

As we were getting ready to leave Greg drove up, we invited him to come out on the boat with us, she had never been with him sexually, but he had been part of an MFM with a past girlfriend of mine so I knew he was ok and he had a good sized cock, not as long as my 9" but much thicker, that I hoped to see in Carol's mouth today if things happened as we had talked and fantasized about during sex, but this would be her first time.

He had cooked dinner for us a few times and after a few drinks would always flirt and compliment Carol, he was 10 years younger than Carol and in good shape, ( I hate to see a pretty woman with a fat guy in porn photos)
I had showed him photos of her on her knees looking up at me with her beautiful sparkly blue eyes wide open looking at me, and into the camera lens with my cock stuffed in her mouth, and others of her flashing her smoothly shaved pussy and big tits standing next to my car at a strip club parking lot, and one with my cum all over her tits and her smiling into the camera holding up them up proudly, so he knew what to hope for, he was wearing denim shorts that were probably fine for working around the yard but showed a bit too much cock for public, he must of thought it would help with his flirting to let her know what he had, the boat was a daycruiser with a seat across the front of the engine hatch/sundeck and up along the right side like a lounge then a single captains barrel chair that swiveled,

We went out into the channel and slowly cruised for a while to let things warm up, then pulled into a secluded cove where no houses had been built yet, we had been back here before swimming nude and sucking and fucking on the deck, and the idea of the occassional fisherman or jetski that also used the cove maybe seeing us was part of the excitement, it had never happened and she was nervous but excited at the same time about the idea of putting on a show for a stranger, she had started flashing truckers after I showed her websites and forums about it, she would always call me when she was putting on a show for one of them and tell me what was going on and how much she was showing and what their reactions were.

I opened the engine hatch to check for water or exhaust leaks, all seemed fine so we talked about swimming or going back out for some skiing, we decided to stay for now, she had never been naked in front of Greg so she took off her coverup and kept her suit on and stepped up onto sundeck and down onto the swim platform, we were enjoying watching her body and wondering what she would do next, she turned to us and asked if we were just going to sit on the boat, she slid into the water, I walked to the bow and dropped my trunks off and jumped in, I gave Greg a thumbs up and he took off his shorts, he was already hard, he's single and it had been a while since he'd had any, as Carol swam out a bit she went underwater and came up facing the sun and shaking her hair, seemed like a scene from a movie, when she looked at Greg he was standing on the platform with his cock standing straight out, she looked at it for a while but said nothing, then she realized she was staring too long at a mans cock, she finally asked if he was coming in to join us, the water felt perfect, not cool like in the spring or too warm like it gets in late summer, we all talked, flirted and swam around, I wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her and feeling her ass underwater, she stopped and said she felt funny with Greg watching us but being ignored, I said he would probably feel better if she were also naked, so she started untying the neck tie of her top, she stooped down into the water and fiddled around a bit and then made a grand TADA out of standing back up with her large tits exposed, she moved closer to Greg and handed him her suit top and bottom to put back on the boat, she stood in front of him with shoulders back showing off her tits for him, not her normal posture, this was meant to highlight her tits, then she turned and swam over to me and grabbed my cock, she mentioned that I must be enjoying the idea of what might happen next, we kissed some more and then I suggested she swim with Greg, she kissed me and winked, I was so excited.

I knew something new and fun was about to start, but still didn't know where the boundaries were, and how far things would go, she knew what I liked to see from our private photos and watching and talking about my porn choices, he looked lost like he didn't know what to do next, he didn't want to be pushy and mess things up, but she broke the ice by going right up to him pushing her tits against him and starting to make out, she had one arm around his neck and the other underwater so I knew she was feeling and playing with his cock and balls, after a minute she broke the kiss and asked me if I was enjoying the show and how was she doing ?, I told her she looked wonderful in another mans arms with me a few feet away and wondering what was going on below the surface, she knew I enjoyed her talking sexy so she told me how she was squeezing and stroking his fat cock and rubbing against it, up and down from her pussy to her clit and up on her tummy, she told me how different it felt from mine and wanted to get out of the water so she could explore it better, they went back to the swim platform and she sat on it and spread her legs as he moved in between her thighs and they started kissing again while he played with her nipples, the water was shallow enough that his cock was out of the water and I saw that her hand was still wrapped around it and she was stroking and pulling him closer to her wet cunt by his cock, he started to rub the head of his cock againt her clit and pushing a little at her opening, but she said let's get on the boat before we go too far.

They were both ready and I now knew all our sex talk scenes were possibly going to happen, they climbed up onto the sundeck and I followed up and went to our junk bag to get the camera, she only asked that I not show them to anybody she knew or post them online, she then asked me if I was really sure I wanted her to be a another mans slut , of course she knew the answer, she was just having fun saying the words because she never spoke like that except to turn me on, she told him she wanted his fat cock in her mouth first, she was on her knees with her ass in the air with her knees spread far apart for me, she took his hands and put them on her head and told him to grab her hair to show him how he wanted it, to use her mouth anyway he wanted, he let her start on her own, kissing the head while looking into his eyes then licking the sides and rubbing it around her cheeks, lips and forehead, she was fondling his balls and asked if he wanted her to suck them, his balls were a little larger than mine, she slid down and sucked the skin and swirled her tongue all around them then lifted them up and slowly sucked one, then both into her mouth, I knew she was doing the things she did to me with her tongue on him and I started taking photos, his cock was laying on her face and he was rubbing the head on her forehead and around her eyes, she looked at me and I took a photo, one of my favorites, she let his balls out of her mouth and asked him if he liked that and what did he want her to do next ?

She said I'm your slut today, I want to be treated like one, he told her to suck his cock and show him how far in she could get it, she tried hard but kept gagging and pulling back, then he grabbed her hair and started forcing her mouth a little farther down each time she would stop, he would let her up to get a breath when he saw she was struggling, then ram it in her mouth again a little harder and farther each time, then he changed the pace and started using her mouth like a pussy, fast up and down strokes, he still had her by the hair with one hand and was leaning back on his other arm and looked at me and smiled, he told her to look at the camera,I took another great photo, her eyes were welling up from gagging and it looked great and felt wonderful, the idea that she was going beyond her normal routine to put on a show for me, then he said it was time to fuck her throat, that he was going to fuck her face but she had to want it and ask for his fat cock down her throat, he said she could get it in on her own or he would f***e it in, he turned to me and asked me if I wanted to see my beautiful wife with his cock down her throat ?, I said yes, she's your slut today, I asked her if she was still ok or did she want to stop, she looked at me and said I want to do anything you want me to, please let him fuck my throat, I want to feel this fat cock choking me, on the 3rd try he went all the way down, she couldn't do it on her own, he was pushing it in with both hands on the back of her head and neck, her eyes would squeeze shut tight each time I saw his cock disapear between her lips and her nose was against his pubic hair, he kept setting the pace so she had time to breath and was ready for the next assault, then she could keep her eyes open and didn't look so strained, she managed to push her tongue out against his balls, then looked at me with a look of great accomplishment and pride, then she suddenly pulled her head back and the fat cock out of her throat and out of her mouth quickly and was looking past me, Greg and I turned and behind me was a bass boat with one guy on it, he was using the trolling motor and we didn't hear him come into the cove.

None of us knew what to do next, then the guy smiled and gave us the thumbs up, we relaxed a little, looked at each other and I said HI !, he said hello and hoped he hadn't ruined anything, he then told Carol how beautiful she looked in that position and that this was like a dream, he asked if we wanted him to leave, Greg and I were even more excited by the idea of being watched by a total stranger as we played slut games with Carol but I didn't want to push for too much the first time, she had already done way more than any of us expected, it just happened, then she said she was our slut and if we wanted to show her off it was up to us, she told him he could watch, and we went back to our fun, the guy pulled his cock out and sat on one of the casting stools that were on the bow and moved a little closer to our boat then shut off the trolling motor, Carol was still on all fours which made her tits look even larger hanging down and swaying when she moved, Greg told her what a great job she had done with her mouth and throat, best he'd ever had, but he wanted to fuck her pussy now, he took her by the hand and led her up to the flat front deck with just a rise before the cockpit area, he told her to lay on her back and spread her legs wide, she did and grabbed the backs of her knees and pulled her legs back and apart, we sat and admired the view a minute and he told her to play with her pussy for us, so with one leg still back and wide open she took her other hand and started rubbing her slit and pushing two fingers in and out of herself and spreading her pussy open, the guy on the boat had moved it around to the front of ours and had a great view, they were looking at each other, he stroking his cock and her naked in public view fingerfucking herself in front of three men for our pleasure,

Then Greg got down between her legs and told her to take his cock and guide it in but tell him first, now with another member present she said it louder, please fuck me hard with that big cock, she rubbed the tip of his cock on her clit a few times then lowered it and put it between her pussy lips, she then pulled her other leg back in the air and again said please fuck me, fuck me hard, he started pushing his cock into my wife, his slut for the day, and they started at a slow sensual pace, I moved to her mouth and kissed her and told her how this was the most exciting thing that's ever happened, I put my long cock at her lips and she sucked me as I started pumping back and forth in her mouth, then he started pounding harder into her and she was getting ready to cum, I squeezed one of her tits and reached down and started rubbing her clit, she started cumming and yelling out, Greg said he was going to cum and she told him to shoot his cum on her face, neck, tits, that she wanted to see it shooting out and feel it landing on her, he stood up over her, she went back to sucking my cock while slowly, gently rubbing her pussy, then I noticed the guy on the bass boat had moved up right next to ours, the sides bumped, Carol looked up at him, then me, I shrugged my shoulders and said do him if you want, he stepped onto our boat and got on his knees with cock in hand and Carol reached for it and pulled it to her lips, before she put it in her mouth she told him he could only come on her, not in her mouth, he was not going to last long after watching the show she had put on for us, she looked him in the eyes as she kissed, licked the tip then sucked a mans cock she had never seen or met, into her mouth while holding his balls, a couple of minutes later he tightened up and pulled his cock out of her mouth and started shooting cum on my wife's face, more photos, cum landed on her forehead and into her hair, running down her face, she was no longer flinching when the first shot would land because she could see it coming, another shot hit her mouth then her cheek, she held his cock and rubbed it around her face and he came one last time above her eye, she then sucked the tip, squeezed his cock and winked at him gave the head a full kiss and she said thank you to him.

Greg was holding back but was almost ready to cum, he stood over her and she said cum on my face, he started shooting his cum while she looked straight at him, she usually closes her eyes but this time was different and she wanted to put on a special show for us and she kept her eyes open and on his cock as he shot all over her face, after the first shot she opened her mouth and he lowered down so he could get more in her mouth, as he was spraying blobs of cum on her my wife reached up and started rubbing the other guys cum around her face while looking at each of us teasing and smiling.

The bass boat guy guy had moved down between her wide open spread thighs and had started sucking her pussy, he didn't even ask and my wife just put one hand on the back of his head and pulled him in harder then yelled out, suck my pussy, suck my cunt, push your tongue up my ass, this was said more for our benefit and it worked, I guess he did what she asked but I was too busy to check, I started cumming on her face and open mouth, she looked so hot with all our cum on her, I looked down and the guy was sucking her clit while fingering her pussy and ass, Greg and I sat down on each side of her and played with her tits, she was still slowly rubbing our cum around her face and down her neck, then she started to cum again, she pushed his head away and said she was getting tender, he got up and thanked us and stepped back on his boat, said goodbye and left as if nothing had happened.

We jumped back in the water to cool off, but I had Carol leave the cum on her and the memories of how she looked with cum in her hair, on her face and neck will never fade, she put the mesh coverup back on but not the suit, no other boats were close enough to see her wet pink pussy, or cum splattered face, and she was not trying to cover up at all, it was an interesting conversation on the way back, they sat on the bench seat behind me and we talked about it on the way home cruising along slowly making sure we were all ok with what we had just enjoyed, then the talking stopped, I glanced in the ski mirror and Greg was working Carol's head up and down on his cock again, she had one foot on the edge of the boat with a knee in the air so it was a beautiful sight, I told him to cum in her mouth this time and for her to show me, then swallow it all. We played on the boat again, but it was never as special as the first time.

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1 year ago
boat sex is always good
2 years ago
Great story, I wish I could be part of that game!