Cuckold Me Eats a Creapie

We first met Mike on the Internet. We agreed to meet him in a lounge at a local Holiday Inn. Mike was a handsome young man in his early thirties.

Mike looked at me directly and said, “Do you want me to fucks your wife tonight, I think she does”? After three years this cuckolding was becoming a reality. I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I looked at Anne nervously to see what she wanted to do. Anne kind of laughed and said sure. Mike looked at me then and said, “Go get a room then Frank and we will wait here”.

In the room they stood next to the bed, and I took a seat in the chair so I could watch. Anne wasted no time and began undressing; she pulled off her blouse and skirt to reveal red panties and bra. I could see the crotch of her panties were soaking wet, she was really excited. I began to fee at ease as she looked at me and smiled.

Mike stripped down to his underwear, and I could see that his cock was already up and ready for the job.

Anne stood up and undid her bra, and let if fall to the floor releasing her breasts. Her nipples stood out, Mike gave each one a little pinch, which elicited a moan from her. She then grasped her panties and lowered them, exposing her moist cunt for Mike’s pleasure.

Mike reached down and felt her wetness, and then told her to lie down on the bed and spread her legs. Anne obeyed, and Mike climbed between them and began eating her out. I watched fascinated, as this was one of my favorite things to do. Anne gasped as his tongue slid up and down her labia, and then slid in and out of her pussy. This went on for some time, he would suck and lick her clit, and then tongue fuck her. My cock was now aching, and the confinement in my pants wasn’t helping any.

Mike needed no extra urging, and he mounted her as I watched. Anne had her legs spread wide, and Mike opened his so that I could clearly see as he guided the tip of his cock to Anne’s waiting slit. He poked the tip in, and Anne moaned loudly. He slid into her wetness easily, and I saw his entire cock disappear, and then slowly slide out again. He continued, sometimes increasing pace to a hard and fast fuck, and then backing off to a slow gentle pace.

She started to writhe beneath him, and he rammed his cock deeply into her. Harder and harder he pounded her wet pussy, and as Anne cried out with another orgasm I saw his ass clench and his balls drew up right in front of my eye. I could see him grinding into her deeply and she was pushing back just as hard. “Oh my God” I thought to myself this man is pumping his cum deep into my wife’s pussy.

Mike collapsed on top of her, spent from the f***e of his ejaculation. I could see the cum on the base of his shaft buried deep inside my wife. He laid there for about a minute and they kissed romantically, then Mike pulled out of her. His cock was wet with their juices, and as he pulled away a string of cum hung from his dick to her pussy. Anne laughed and said “God we’re wet, just wipe that off on my pussy please. Mike smiled and rubbed his cock up and down her cunt, leaving the drippings spread all over her pussy lips and pubic hair, and then rolled off of her and lay next to her.

Anne rose up on her elbows and viewed the sticky wet mess of her crotch. She smiled and looked at me. “Do you like what you see babe?” she asked. .” I looked at Anne and said jokingly, “Where did my soccer mom go”, as I stared at her pussy and I definitely liked what I saw, I was really turned on and I had a thought in the back of my mind that I might like to eat her out. I couldn’t believe I wanted that, but I hadn’t cum and right there in front of me was my wife’s beautiful cunt all filled up with cum, my fantasy come true. It wasn’t my cum, but God I was hot at that point.

“I think you do like what you see,” she giggled. “Anything you want to do now?” “What do you mean?” I gulped. I didn’t want her sayinng anything in front of Mike. “Come on, tell me what you want to do and I’ll let you do it babe. Are you having some nasty thoughts? You can tell us, Mike won’t tell anyone. Just tell me what you want.”

It felt like my cock grew even longer. She was going to make me say it in front of Mike. I swallowed hard, I really wanted it. “I’d like to taste your pussy,” I blurted. “What!? You want to taste my pussy? You can do that anytime lover, I don’t think that’s what you want to do now. Out with it – what do you really want to do?” I wish I had never started this fantasy. I use to cum inside Anne and she would pretend it was another man’s cum and I would lick it out of her. I wanted to do it but not in front of Mike. I wish she would have waited until he left, but she was in control now.

I almost came in my pants; she was going to make this really nasty for me. I took a deep breath and said “I really want to lick the cum out of your cunt, I want to clean up that mess for you.” “Oh, you nasty boy! You want to lick up my pussy after it’s been well fucked?

“Well, what are you waiting for? Climb onto the bed between my legs.” I did as instructed, and Anne said “Take a close look, can you smell how well it’s been fucked?”

I got in close to her pussy and took a deep breath. It smelled like heaven. She had cum very hard and her juices were mixed with Mike’s, and the sweat of their fucking created an intoxicating aroma. “Yes, you smell delicious,” I said. “Then you can start cleaning me since you like how I smell. I want you to lick all around the outside first, get that nice and clean, and then you can start sucking Mike's cum out of me.” She turned back to Mike and began kissing him again.

I tentatively started to lap up the cum, my cock was dripping onto the bed. I got the first taste and it was smooth and salty. Her pubic hair was coated, and I had to lick hard to get the sticky mess off, but I worked hard and succeeded. I glanced up to see her French kissing Mike, and without stopping she took the back of my head and pushed my face back down into her hole. I fervently began sucking, and she suddenly started to buck against my ministrations. She cried out “Shit, I’m cumming again already! Oh God, suck my cunt baby, it feels so good!” I had never made her cum so hard in our whole marriage. I became like a man possessed. I wanted to devour her pussy. I knew deep down that I never pleased her sexually and now I had found a way. I looked up at her and she never looked so beautiful to me.

I sucked harder as she came, her cunt muscles began pumping their cum out into my mouth. Spasm after spasm roared through her body, and she grabbed my head with both hands and roughly held my face against her pussy as she rubbed it up and down.

As the waves of pleasure faded, she released me and lay back. “God that was great, but I think there’s more in me.”

I saw that Mike’s cock was at rock hard again, and Anne noticed also. She got on all fours and presented herself to him. Mike took the hint and positioned himself behind her, and promptly buried his cock inside her. Anne started to rock back and forth, impaling herself deeply with each stroke. Her eyes were fluttering; she had become possessed just as I was and I wanted her to be. Mike was a stud that I never was. I could never give her cock like he was and for some reason I was very ok. Maybe the lie was dead; I didn’t have to pretend anymore. I was a cuckold. I really didn’t know who this slut was on all fours but I knew she was mine and loved her even more and wanted to get to know her.

Anne looked up at me and said, “Babe, climb under me and lick me while I’m getting fucked, please,” “Don’t think about it, just do it, I want you to do it so fucking bad, please lick my cunt now!”

I wanted to please her so I got underneath her and she and Mike spread their legs a little more to allow me easy access. From that angle I had a great view of his thick cock going in and out her wet lips, and Anne’s pussy was actually working up into a lather. I reached out with my tongue and started to lick her clit gently.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she shouted. “Lick me hard cuckyboy you nasty slut! Lick my clit, oh yeah Mike fuck me deep”! I started to lick at the hole as she ordered me, sliding my tongue over the clit and around the hole just as she was getting pumped by Mike's manhood. My dick was spewing all over my stomach.

Anne began to spasm wildly, and Mike grabbed her hips to keep his cock deep in her. She cried out that she was cumming again, and her body began to quiver as she rode out her third orgasm. I was watching Mike’s balls and I saw them tighten up as he dumped his second load into Anne, and she sobbed with pleasure feeling her pussy fill up again with another man's cum.

Mike pulled out, and Anne dropped herself straight down onto my face, cum leaking freely from her gaping hole. I lapped it up as she grinded down onto me. I sucked hard as she leaned forward and took my dick into her mouth.

I lasted about 10 seconds, and then a violent orgasm shook my whole body as I let loose what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth. She continued to suck and I continued to lick until my cock began to deflate. Finally, she rolled off and turned over to face me.

I had cum on my lips and face, and she had a big smile on hers. Mike was watching as she grabbed me and kissed me hard. I opened my mouth to accept her tongue, and was surprised when she returned my whole load of cum to me!

“Now swallow that one too,” she said with a grin. I smiled and let it slide down my throat, and she let out a laugh. “There, now you finally got to taste your own cum lover, maybe next time you will actually be able to eat it from my pussy! If not, we can always invite Mike back for more practice.”

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4 months ago
So very hot.... When I lick and eat my cum from my girlfriends pussy... I always imagine it being from another mans cock!
11 months ago
Love that GREAT to have a part in that hot session!!
1 year ago
Wow - would u fuck your wife while i was underneath licking her clit and her juice off your huge hard cock. I would suck your balls as you thrust deep in & lick juice as you pulled out. When you've cum in her pussy I want her to plant her wet pussy on my face & rub juice & cum all over my face.
1 year ago
I used to love 69ing with my ex while she was getting fucked by another man. I would lick her pussy juices off his cock and balls while he fucked her then clean his cock and her pussy of all his cum. god I miss that
1 year ago
mmmmm fuck hot another hot one ! I know my job :-)
1 year ago
100 % Love it.
1 year ago
I love eating cum out of a used pussy
1 year ago
I have been underneath licking both.... mmmmmm.....
1 year ago
This was a awesome story. My fantasy
1 year ago
Great story, jacked off hard to it
1 year ago
Mmmm...takes me back to some good times...thanks.