The takeover!

The takeover!

Warm breeze comes across the room mix with the sounds of heavy breathing as Ann at this moment has straddle her Boyfriend / boss body bringing herself down on Bills joy stick. As she grinds away, Bill’s hands roam over her breast, Ann leans down as Bill begins to tongue and suck and Ann grinds her crotch to begin the pace slamming herself on top of him, and then the gates open with Ann and Bill in sync the passion explodes, Ann tightens her legs squeeze all she can from Bills body and falls in exhaustion on top of him as there breathing becomes normal. Ann lays secured in Bill’s strong arms, his hairy chest puff now from his morning love session. They kiss and let the day dream as Bill kisses her goodbye and Acknowledge that he shall see her in the office later today.

Ann a mature women, takes care of her body, staying trim and showing off her figure whenever she can , Climbs into the shower as she cleans herself hands and cloth runs over her body, under breast she reflex on how she so needed Bill this morning to suck on them and squeeze them like Bill does, her mind racing as her soapy hands run down to cover her pussy and rubs gently driving in finger as she stand there in hot shower, dream of Bill having his way with her as her release comes just as she needed to begin her day. Bill and she have to have an afternoon of it, as she thoroughly thinking of what was coming down the road today at work. She works for a big company, a sectary to the owner son whom age was equal, for they came up the ranks together. She began in the mail room and her boss, lover and owner was an intern under his grandpa’s wing. It was a parent company and the # 1 son, Bill took control years ago when his grandfather and father had un-expected pass in an auto accident. Bill was young and fought his way to control the f****y money with his mother and the board as he stir the ship in the direction, it was heading today, but his secret to his success as the world always said behind every successful man was a women.

Ann is that women, she and Bill fought tooth and nail, and over the years Bill listen and Ann never the final say, but had the great influence on Bill, even over his s****r and mother.

Yes this strong moral man took the advantage when they had trips out of town together, he has taste her sweet nectar many times, and Ann as at work seem to control the bedroom very well. For her strong legs and thighs she knew how to use it and move it, and Bill never said no to that body, if he could find the free time to tap it.

Ann been through a couple of men in her life time and felt proud of whom she was in the company that she work for, and the feeling around the company was that she held more power than Bill’s s****r whom was VP, whom did not really get along with Ann, for she knew, but never was able to catch them to hold anything over anyone.

Ann life was heading the direction she always planned, except for the certain man in her life, she waited for years for Bill, but he was committed to his wife and mother from the day they meant in the company, but Bill always made a point to address Ann with his gentleman ways his grandfather taught him, how to treat the women in his life, as well take advantage of them for if you can, because you have money and power, so use it, and Bill never forgot that at all.

Ann stood front of mirror and admired her well trim body it serve her well for her years, many men wine and dine, but her demeanor, eventually shut them down, for it was Bill her heart went for she will be ready when the time is right for her to really be in control, for no way will Bills s****r take over this company.

Ann felt good and was feeling a bit strong today, so she got out her arsenal, push up bra, nylon’s and garter, thongs and a tight skirt to show off her best asset and out the door she went. Arriving, she walk through the pool of office girls acknowledge each and some she stop a moment a give them a stern talk, by the time she was through the room the ladies were back talking and stabbing her in the back, for no friends in this office.

She walks into Bill office and shuts the door and kisses Bill passionate and reminds him of what he had this morning, as she allow his finger to feel her inner thighs, Ann hand cups his balls and squeeze them, honey she said maybe we can have a nooner, would you like me to book us for a meeting this afternoon. Wink, wink, Ann Smiles.

No honey am too busy, have some personal matters to attend to, it have to be another time, Ann hurt and slams the door walks as she exits his office passing the gentleman in the office and heads for the ladies room.

Quite some time passes and Ken sits waiting patiently for her to return, 30 min later Ann arrives at her desk, her smile is gone and her eyes dried Ken can see she was crying, and tried to see if she is ok and she just shut him down, he interrupt her and ask if she can see Mr. Stone, Ann ask what was it about in her hurt women way, and Ken just tells her it personal, Oh sure she says under breath and go to Bills office , Bill and her exchange a few words, but Ann forgetting the man in office just try to grill Bill for his afternoon, Bill, just says go back to your desk. Ann slams the door and returns then see Ken sitting there, oh sorry he is busy, Ken says ok I will wait, fine you may if you have the time, and turns her back on him.

For the next hour Ken sits there and watches Ann and her demeanor, as she answer calls and gives orders in much unprofessional ways. The office girls come in to get direction for projects and Ann belittles them in front of Ken.

Ken taken note not liking what he is witnessing and all he can think is this lovely lady will need to feel my strap on that tight skirt ass.

After the hour, ken excuse himself and interrupts Ann for some coffee, she just says it on the 3rd floor cafeteria in a snappy voice ,Well can you check on Mr. Stone to see if he has forgotten me.

Ann Said ok, I can and she dials her own home number and acts as thou she is talking to Bill and hangs up saying sorry he says no time for you today.

Ken leaves and reminds her he be back in the morning and leaves locking in all the details of the day.

With a smile, he says, I know what I have to do once I take over.

The next morning bright and early Ken is at the office waiting for Ann to arrive, she does show a bit late and ken take notice, Ann greets him and make a smart ass remark of being an early bird, then tries to tell him that Mr. Stone will be running late today I think you should have requested an appointment.

Ken said well I guess you really do not understand what Mr. Stone agenda is today, so I called his mother. Ann smirk, well as thou she controls this place, she laugh and smiles very good Sir I guess then you know what is going on today.

Ann opens her calendar and looks about for any clue of what Ken is talking about. Ann now with the mother threat she ask a bit more polite I really am surprised I do not see anything on record of you being here at all this week.

Yes I know it all arrange now by Mrs. Stone, Mr. Stone’s Mother.

Oh I see Ann smiles, well I guess then she can be in charged.

Ken smile well I think she already is since she owns the company.

Ann smirks yes she thinks she is, but Bill I mean Mr. Stone really is.

Ken smiles oh sure he is, we shall see, As Bill and his mother now arrive as Ken stated. Ann Smiles at them both greets Mrs. Stone, and her one remark to Ann. I see you are still with the company, Ann smiles at her and say yes Ma’am I am, Bill ask Ann to bring in pot of coffee and 4 cups for the meeting. Ann in a good submissive way says Yes Sir as she trots off to cover the task asked.

Ann smirks oh 4 cups I guess I be able to sit in on the meeting now what the old witch doing, damn Bill he will not have a clue what to do, good thing I be in there.

As she comes back, she realized the company attorney in the room and ask if he like also to have coffee and Ann says she will get him a cup, Mother speaks up that ok Ann we have 4 , you can go to your desk now, Ann stun and says Yes ma, am and firmly closes the door. And now really wonders what in the hell is going on.

As the clock ticks, Ann in her a mood now because she has no control what Bill is doing at this time and then what the old hag is doing as well, OH geez maybe Bill is getting divorce , Ann now smiles, yes bet that it for the old lady wants to make sure the soon to be ex does not get a share of the company, after all Bill did mention that yesterday it was personal , so just maybe since he never left , that what is going on, But then whom is This ken fellow?

Close to noon Now Bill and the company attorney now emerge from the office and greet Ann good bye as they walk by her desk, Ann in her lady ways smiles and glares at Bill which he does notice.

The door now still close and she wonder what the hell, what now is going on and then her bell rings and Mrs. Stone ask her to come into the office.

Ann enters and notice that Ken is now sitting in Bills Chair, Ann greets both in a somber mood and as she is about to sit Mrs. Stone reminders Her that no one said you can sit Ann. Ann caught by surprised and huffs as she stands again.

Ann. You’re the first to know, you just might not be needed here any longer, Ann shocked, stutters and choked back tears and ask Why Ma’am she squeaks out, I been here all of my life I give plenty.

Ken now speaks; well this is not what I hear? Ann not thinking now blurts out at him, what that to you, I seen you for 2 days who in the hell are you she screams, Well Ken said I think you best sit now, Ann slumps in the Chair.

Ken, stands up walks to the front of the desk and leans his butt on the edge, looks right into Ann eyes and says I am the new owner of this company, your boyfriend is gone. Ann looks at Mrs. Stone and there the old lady smiles and says, I knew you been in my son bed and his poor wife stuck at home with his c***dren, you’re a piece of dirt, that needs to be swept away.

So as I asked Ken, he stated he understood and now it is his decision.

Ann looks back at Ken then to Mrs. Stone, and she is dumb founded and loss of words.

So now Ann I want you to go home now, you have until tomorrow morning to make up your mind with my proposal, Ann mouth says without thinks, A Proposal??? What the fuck are you saying?

Ken smiles, just like that just now; your mouth can get you into trouble.

Tomorrow morning, you may either have a choice of reporting to work and < ken say in an increase tone> OBEY ME or stay home and be terminated.

Ann sits and stare’s off in space, then says can I speak, of course you can ken answers.

Ann begins I am appalled at the request you 2 are making, I do not care of you Mrs. Stone, you old battle ax, I am glad you’re gone from this company now, It was all Bills doing you were nothing to him but an anchor holding Him back.

Mrs. Stone, raises from her chair, and for her age she is quite feisty, as she walks over to meet her face to face, she calmly says well you’re not rid of me, young lady, for I am still on the board and I do believe Ken here will listen to my recommendations, of what I feel should be done to you. Ann attempts to get up, but Mrs. Stone shoves her back in the chair, you’re not going anywhere yet.

Ok Ken, you can handle her from here on, I recommend we follow the instructions that we have laid out.

Ken now looks at Ann, stand up Ann. Now as we were saying before you let your mouth fly off with the words, that is one thing I do not put up with. For offensive of fouled words in my company you be subject to 15 min with a bar of soap in your mouth in the corner. Ann looks about her eyes roll Oh sure you think I am going to bow to that stupid rule.

Let me finished Young lady I am not through with the rules for you.

Weekly beginning today and each Friday you will report to my office for your discipline for the week.

Ann says give a fucking break. I quit and heads for the door, but not quietly, before her exit she is loud enough that the floor heard her as she attacked both of them verbally with her mouth.

Ken just smiled and then calmly told her that he expect her resignation on his desk 7 am in the morning. Ann slammed the door as she left.

On the drive home Ann thinking about the meeting and just figure the hell with them, but she needed to talk to Bill, see what he going to do and wonder if his wife knows now that she knows that Bill mom knows what they been doing, and then at that moment then she smiled, good it might be perfect time for Bill to be leaving his wife, and they then can be happy together.

As Ann now on a high note, her phone rings and her heart flips, as she see Bills number coming across the phone. Quickly she answers and Bill just says I see you at your place in 15 min. Ann agree and her mood increases as she only can think of Bill, being in bed at this moment she needed comfort and assurance that Bill will be there for her.

Both arrive at the apartment at the same time and once in the door Ann drops all of her things and hugs him tight, kiss his lips and just begins to tell him how bad a day she had. Bill stands there hugs back, but the assurance in his arms are not there and Ann sense this, she stands back, looks at Bill and can see it as well, Bill what wrong honey, and pull him close again, Bill says Ann it has to end. What Ann stammers, oh Bill you mean US, why?

Ann, My wife knows Mom told her everything and I am sorry , But I cannot leave , so I have to end us meeting and now that I do not work there, I will find it harder to meet up. But Bill Ann begins to explain, I quit today also, for I thought we go together, the place is no good without you there.

Ann, honey I am sorry, but you cannot quit you know you need that job. Even at 60 it too early for you to retire, you’re all alone and you need the income. Well it will not be with them, for they want to spank me weekly for pete sakes the fucking idiots whom they think I am anyways?

Bill not acting surprised , it figures I am certain that is Mom’s doing, for she would always wipe us k**s and Dad also, OH mom the old lady of the firm ruled the house and dad acted strong, but he sat back and submitted.

Then Ann could not hold it in, so you’re just the fucking wimp I knew you were, not a single ball between your legs oh mommy dearest has them along with your wife. No wonder you needed me there, get the hell out of my house you spineless wimp. As Bill leaves she slams the door. Falls into chair and cries. As she clams down dry’s her tears she begins to think of what Bill said and she knows she will need the job, but heck I have connection I can get a job anywhere, “The Tech Firm” always wanted me.

Gathering her wine glass and black book she settles in for a few calls to the contacts and as the moments pass, the connections begin to get less and less, along with the wine in the bottle, for she finding out no one really wants a good looking mature lady. With the last drop and the last call Ann comes to the end of her rope and she now has no job and no one really wanted her after all of the years of her flirting at parties and how they all wanted her, but now all they wanted was a women to fuck them. Well fuck them all as she then slams the glass against the wall and cries to sl**p.

Ann wakens and hard as it can be she think now she will have to accept the firm’s discipline. She needed the job, so well I guess it cannot be any worse than what her own father did when she was a youngster, so she gets dress up looks like a million and heads for the office.

Walking thru the sectary pool she see 3 other girls in early like her, she greets them and finds out that Mrs. Stone is also in office with Ken and another sectary Mary. As Ann reaches her office she can hear sounds and as she tuned them in she realized someone is being spanked. She gasp , wonder what OH my it has to be Mary , But why, OH my god maybe my replacement, I wonder if the other 3 will be taken to his Office. Then Mary comes out, hold her head up, but you could tell she had been crying. Mary reaches her desk and then Jane gets up to come into see Mrs. Stone, But then Mrs. stone appears at the door and acknowledge That Ann is in and tells Jane to wait, for they have to speak to Ann. As Ann enters, she remembers to stand before Ken and Mrs. Stone, They greet her like any other day, Good morning Ann and have you brought us the papers, Ann shaken and nervous a bit, No Sir, I have thought it over and decided if you are still open I will now listen to your terms and accept what you have offered. Mrs. Stone begins, Well Ken I think we can still use her, for the other 3 out in the office really do not have the potential that Ann has, but I think now that she bluntly use her dirty mouth at us both and quit, we hire her back at a lower scale. Well Ann, As Ken speaks are you accepting the lower pay, Um no Sir I think I earned what I been getting paid, and Mrs. stone pipes in well only because you had Bill in your bed. Ken also agree to that as he looks over Ann files, I see you climb the pay scale quite quickly, So I am going to knock you back 2 pay increase and you begin again today at the new scale and then next year at this time we will discuss possible raise as well , Take it or walk NOW.

Ann stammers and fidgets with her hands as she looks at the floor and quietly says I will take it Sir. very Good, now the 2nd phase, now you must have thought over the office discipline ,hmmmm Yes Sir, Good so I take that you are also accepting that along with the lower pay , yes Sir , but will I still be over the office pool. Yes Ann we will let you stay in your office and be over them. Is the pool also going to be held to office discipline as you are holding me hostage too? yes Ann they will all be held hostage as you say to the same rules and all of the pool will be subject to discipline , but you be held to higher standards and if you do not hold them , then you be demoted more and place in the pool.

Understood, Yes Sir, I do she answered.

Ok now let’s begin, Mrs. Stone would you like the honors, YES I would.

Ann please remove your skirt, Ann obeys her quickly and removes her skirt reveling her hosiery sexy panties and garter belt, Mrs. stone comments Ken eyes open wider , but he hold his comments of how well she looks for her age, but so much now see why even more Bill was in her sack.

Mrs. Stone, then tells Ann now remove your panties, place on the desk with Mary’s, Ann looks at Ken and Mrs. Stone, This is the rules Ann do it or walk. Ann obeys and removes them, places them on the desk with Mary’s, in that Ann thinks of why Mary’s are left on the desk.
Now step back, let me get a full view Mrs. Stone comments.

Mrs. Stone walks around her and slap her butt a few times Ann jumps at first.

Now the rules Ann. Mrs. Stone begins.

Each Friday, you have to wear a skirt or short dress, no panties, but hosiery is allowable only under your dress. UNDERSTOOD? < With hair brush SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT, Yes, Ann stammers as she try hard to hold position.

Ann it now Ma’am and sir always, none of this ok, nod head or just a yes and ya;s show us some respect you work for us, UNDERSTOOD? < swat swat swat swat swat < Mrs. Stone brings the point across, Ann now winching a bit answers as she should, Yes Ma’am I do.

Good now each Friday you yourself will report to this office 7 am sharp. <SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT > you will be handle first, you will be spanked weekly for just routine to help you keep focus on the job and then if discipline is needed that will follow your routine spanking. UNDERSTOOD? < Once again SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT >

Ann eyes closed biting her lip from the brush strokes answer proper again Yes Ma’am.

Routine spanking is otk, hand spanked you will receive 50 each time.

swat swat swat swat. Mrs. Stone again paces around Ann as she brings the point across to Ann. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT

If discipline like this morning is needed it can be a combo of items with a paddle, belt or cane, or can be double up. SWAT SWAT SWAT

Dirty mouth like you showed us this week is soap bar place in your mouth corner time for the first offense 15 min.

Open mouth wide Ann, Mrs. Stone instructed.

Ann obeys opens mouth and bar of soap is shoved in, Bit down Ann and hold it. Mrs. Stone saddle up closed to Ann places her arm around Ann’s waist and let off a rally with the brush , SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT , holding Ann firm the assault continues on Ann’s bottom, SWAT SWAT,SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT , Mrs. Stone has firm belief in the discipline , She now rest a moment and continue with the rules.

The second offense of a foul mouth is 20, and each offense just keeps added it up. UNDERSTOOD? Swat SWAT SWAT SWAT , Yes Ma’am Ann muffle sound from the soap.

Very good now go to that corner leave soap in your mouth

Ann obeys and goes directly to the corner. Where she now has a moment to think what she did by accept a job with these terms.

Ken and Mrs. Stone mummer behind her back, Ann ear tries to tune them in, but is no such luck.

Ann!!! Ken speaks up, her name waken her, as she listen to her order.

Back over here please, Ann says yes Sir Best she could with the soap. Ann shuffles over, her hands trying to protect her privates, she stands before Ken.

Ken grips the soap and tells Ann to open mouth, she obeys, he hands her glass of water and a small bowl tell her to rinses.

Ann tries, but Ken only allows one rinse and now the taste is worse, So now Ann the Soap is because of your mouth and the words you use towards me, So enjoy it and this will be repeated on the spot if any foul words come out of your mouth, UNDERSTOOD? Yes Sir Ann quietly answer as she reflect back to her c***dhood and her father of how he would just slap her face for the words she used.

Now Ann place your palms on the desk, and move feet back, Ken stand behind her and moves her legs wider as he spread them, Ann obeys and realized how well expose she now is to ken and Mrs. Stone, Whom sitting and admiring the thrill of knowing that this women has slip down to answer to them both, as the cool room air swirls between her legs as Ken’s hand roams her warm bottom.

Ken hand then begins to SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP . slow , and steady, the pace goes on, Ann just squirm’s , she beginning to enjoy Ken hand when he stop, open the desk drawer and bring out a double leather strap. Now young lady even thou she is older, Ken reminds her he is the boss and you’re not allowed to talk to me like you did, and the strap is brought down on Ann butt, quite heavy and Ken brings it down again for 5 more times, without a word. Ann quickly shown signs of the strap as Ken hand rubs her bottom again, without a word, the next quick 5 fall, Ann now hand fisted, her eyes wench, her head up and down, as the strap falls, then again Ken rubs her red bottom and in a low tone reminds her once again that he is in charged, and follows with a set of 10 quick swats, Ann elbows hit the desk , her legs wobbly , for the pain is beginning to be unbearable, Mrs. Stone watches with a smile at the wench whom interfere with her son and his marriage. Ann notice the smile on her face and wanted to speak, but all she can do was cry , as the tears fall and the strap falls again and again, SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT, now Ann at the point her chest is laying on the desk, her feet begin to kick, ken lay in her hard, ANN scream now, the tears are real, her ass in pain and she loses control and now is limp, lay across the desk, knock some stuff, off the desk, but lays there sobbing as then ken ease up. But give her a final 10 a bit lighter. And then takes a deep breath, for his aggression is gone as he looks at the lady whom thought one day she run this company and there she was submitting to him.

Ken lets her cry out and suggest I think she had enough, Mrs. Stone agree yes let her compose and get her back to her desk.

Ken helps Ann up and takes her to the office door and tells her to go sit at your desk.

Mrs. Stone tells Ken, it was wonderful, now Honey, I need you to give me a good spanking, please. I miss it so much, yes Mom, if you are sure that’s what you want I’d be delighted to. OH, Son if you only knew how I dream of this Day.

The End!
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