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[Story] The takeover!

The takeover!

Warm breeze comes across the room mix with the sounds of heavy breathing as Ann at this moment has straddle her Boyfriend / boss body bringing herself down on Bills joy stick. As she grinds away, Bill’s hands roam over her breast, Ann leans down as Bill begins to tongue and suck and Ann grinds her crotch to begin the pace slamming herself on top of him, and then the gates open with Ann and Bill in sync the passion explodes, Ann tightens her legs squeeze all she can from Bills body and falls in exhaustion on top of him as there breathing becomes normal. Ann lays secur... Continue»
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[Story] My daddy spanks the teacher.

My daddy spanks the teacher.

Jim and Ruth sitting at the dining room table relaxing sipping coffee and are in deep conversation with the bills spread out as they discuss what will be paid and his wife Ruth having to answer Jim pointed questions of why this and that, Ruth eyes roll up, under breath to herself, gosh, Jim never understand that I need this as a women to keep my figure for him as well smell so pretty when he climbs into bed and wants the sex he demands.

Jim questions come one after another, Ruth you know the rules of this house, I have laid them out over and over you have... Continue»
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