My First Interracial Encounter

I had been having gay sex encounters since 16 but always with other white partners mainly because of either where I lived and worked but that changed when I got to Berkeley to go to college at 20. I lived close to the campus and walked to class in the morning and within the first week, noticed magazine racks no the street corners with one geared for the LGBT community. I grabbed one on the way back from class one day and thumbed through it as I relaxed at home. In the back were personal ads and as I was going through them one in particular stood out as it stated he was a 43 year old gay black male looking for a white partner of any age. He also stated he was hung and in Oakland...just down the road about a couple of miles. I actually got quite hard and horny reading the ads but this one especially turned me on as I found black men very attractive and I had never been with one. I got up enough nerve and called the message number and entered the code to his ad and left him a message about myself and my number.

That afternoon he called me back and we talked a bit nervously..or at least I did. He told me he was very excited about hearing that I was a redhead and my age as he had never been with a young redhead. I told him I had never been with a black man and we were both giddy. He asked if I was free that night and I said yes with butterflies in my stomach and he gave me his address and phone number and we made the date for 8 at his place.

I got ready and left for his place on my bike as he was indeed a couple of miles down the road in north Oakland and arrived at his place. I just wore some shorts and a tee and when I found his place, I knocked on the door. I'm pretty tall and when he answered the door we were looking eye to eye and that was a cool deal for a change. He was handsome and friendly with a little bit of a pot belly but good shape overall. He looked me over pretty well. I was quite skinny back then and hairless and obviously liked what he saw with his smile getting quite big.

As we went inside his place, he offered me a drink and I said yes I'd love one. He made me and himself screwdrivers and came out and sat down on his sofa. We talked just a little while we drank our screwdrivers rather fast. He then grabbed his remote and turned on his tv and vcr and began playing a porno with black and white men getting it on. I was so turned on and so was he as I looked down at his crotch and noticed his cock was stretching out his shorts as well. He started rubbing my legs and arms and then reached over and started rubbing my chest and stomach. It felt so good. I reached over and rubbed his legs and then ran my hands across his cock and he let out a soft low groan sound. Once I heard that I went back to his cock and rubbed it and wrapped my hand around it. His hand immediately wnet to my back and pushed me forward a bit allowing him room to run his hands down my back and into my shorts feeling my butt.

We sat there rubbing for quite a bit of time and then he grabbed the waistline of his shorts and pulled them down exposing his very large cock. It was very thick and maybe 9 inches long. I leaned over his lap and kissed it as I readjusted my body to get my butt up. He immediately pushed my shorts down and exposed my ass. He groaned as he started to rub my ass hard and run his hands and fingers down between my ass cheeks. I loved the feeling of his hands on my butt and his firm pressure against my crack and butthole. I was now licking and sucking his cock like a hungry slut unable to think of anything else but getting more of it in my mouth and feeling the wonderful pressure against my asshole.

He put his hand on the back of my head and put gentle pressure on my head to encourage me to feed myself and I certainly did. I was straining to take more of him and he loved my effort. I cupped his balls and tried to f***e more of him into my mouth. I heard him open something and within a few seconds a cool feeling hot my butt. It was oil and quickly warmed as he rubbed it into my cheeks and crack and then more cool feeling hit my butthole. I then felt his fingers slide inside me. I groaned and he asked if it felt good. I mumbled a big yes! and he continued feeding me his cock and now was opening my butt with his fingers. He started talking nasty to me saying I was just a hungry redhead slut boy needing big black cock and this drove me crazy. I was pushing my ass up towards his fingers and he just kept working them in and out.

The white boys on the porno were hard at work sucking the black guys and I just felt what lucky white boys we were to get to suck these beautiful black cocks. I went back to sucking him deeply trying to deepthroat him with limited success.

He asked if I wanted to sit on him for a little bit and then get back to sucking later and I told him yes. So I got up and he quickly lubed his cock before I got up on his lap. He held his cock and I slowly lowered myself down onto him feeling the head press against my hole. It felt good but increasingly tight as I continued to lower myself. Then it started to hurt but a good hurt as he encouraged me to take more. To be Continued.............
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4 months ago
Damn..MORE please. That is so HOT, would love to hear more of that big black cock fucking that red-head's ass. I'd like to fuck a skinny red-head's ass.
5 months ago
more more more so sexy