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We had decided to take a trip to Vegas and spend some alone time together.. We started off with dinner, then went to hit the tables.. My husband was on a winning streak, and then the tables had turned and his luck began to run out.. and before I knew it, he had lost the money we had to get back home. My husband made a deal with a high roller, that all he wanted was a night with the both of us and he'd give us our money back, my husband agreed.
As my husband and I talked, he said that this was my chance to fulfill my fantasies of being fucked by a black man.. after a while, I decided to make the best of the situation. So, Mr Black came to our room, and he greeted my husband, then he greeted me.. with a hug. As I pull back, i feel his hands running up my sides to my supple breasts, he looked at me and all he could do was moan.. "mmmmmm.." I think he liked what he felt. So i turn to look at my husband. he's sitting in his chair stroking his hard cock. I turn to Mr. Black, and I ran my hands down his chest, to his dick. , and he swore he could make me cum, he told me to enjoy myself, and let go.. that this would be the best night of our lives.
I unzip his pants, and rigt away I see his hard dick bulging out of his boxers.. So my hand is drawn to it, I slide my hand inside his pants, and begin rubbing his hard, thisck dick.. then I feel him reach around and unbutton my bra.. my nipples get so hard as I feel y bra slide right off of me.. his big hands moving up to cup my titties as he begins sucking on my nipples. I continue to pull off his boxers, and his dick gets even harder, oh my god its so big.. Mr Black had the nicest black dick id ever seen, thick head, 11" long.
I look at my husband, still in the chair, his cock even harder now and he has this look on his face.. it tells me to continue
As his boxers and pants fall to the floor, i push him on the bed, and hes laying on his back as I climb on top of him... I start grinding my pussy on his thigh.. as he sucks on my nipples, then as he feels my wet pussy leave juice on his leg, I begin to get up and feel his hand in between my legs, and he slides his 2 fingers into me and i let out a gasp as I lean back.. he starts fucking me with his fingers.. slow at first.. then he goes faster and faster, rubbing that spot inside my pusssy..
I get up and his fingers slide out of me, my husabnd comes over and I grab Mr. Black's shaft as i push my husbands head down to suck his dick, as he does, I begin to kiss my husbands mouth as he sucks his dick and I'm stroking his shaft. I stand up and straddle mr. Black over hubby's face.. I spread my pussy wide open, I make sure he gets a good look at my wet pussy right before I begin to slide down on this huge dick. Just as his head pops inside me, we hear him let out this long satisfying moan.. I slide up and down on his head to get him ready to spread my pussy open.. then as my husband is holding the shaft, i slowly take in more of his dick. I slide back up, then down again back up and down. Mr. Black is begging for more, but Im in control here, and I want to build him up so good that when he cums, he cums so hard that it shoots straight up into me. As I slide up again, I tell my husband that I want to try to take all of him in.. balls deep. So he removes his hand, holds m pussy lips open for me, and i begin to sit down on his hard cock.. But its too much for me, I move my husbands face down to my pussy, he knows exactly what I need. he starts licking my pussy to get me wetter, then he licks the shaft as well. Now I can take in more of his dick.. So i place my hands on his chest, and i slowly sink down onto his dick, as my husband tells me "you have 2" left, now you have 1" left.. c'mon baby, take it all" I look over at my husband and I see his legs covered in his own cum.. Mmmhmmmm thats so fucking hot! I immediately get wetter, and i let go and take in Mr Black balls deep.. at first it hurts, but as I grind my pussy, I feel his dick rub that spot in my pussy, that spot that makes me cum. So i feel my husbands hands begin rubbing my nipples, I lean back and keep grinding my pussy down on his this dick.. then I feel it, come over me like a rush, and I start moaning so loudly as I cum so good on his dick,, Im so wet now, but I keep riding so I can make his dick wetter .. As i climb off, I see my husband drawn to his pussy covered dick and devour it! He's sucking on him so good, licking every inch to get every ounce of my cum off his dick.. and Mr Black just lays his head back, he's still hard as a rock, as my husband sucks him off so well. I cant move, I came so hard and good, it was nothing i have ever felt in my life! Then i see mr balck climb on top of me, spread my legs open and up in hte air, and i feel my husbands soft breath on my throbbing pussy.. as he licks me, i tingle everywhere, but I love the wya my husband licks my pussy so i grab his head and press him into me ... once im wet enough, i feel my huisbands hand holding his dick as he s guiding it indide me again. It is so deep, and so big.. but I want more.. Then i hear my husband tell him "you better cum inside her, I need to lick it out " so Mr. black agrees.. He bgins again by rubbing his dick on my pussy and I keep moving down cause all I wanted was his dick inside me, I needed to feel his cum! Finally, I feel his head pop back inside me.. he slowly fucking me with just his head moving in & out.. I begin moaning and begging for more.. As I feel him grab my legs and put them up in the air, I feel him stretching my pussy slowly little by little until finally I feel his balls on my ass, then I know hes completely insde me. He moans that he loves my tight pussy, and he has to go slow otherwise he will cum quick.. So my husband comes up behind him, and grabs his hips and pushes him into me, letting him know that he needs to cum inside me now! Mr black gets the hint, and continues fucking me, harder and faster each time.. Im screaming for more, I need him to fuck me good and he does.. he continues pounding my pussy so hard that my titties are boucing and Mr Black loves watching my titties boucne. He pulls out and slides back in, he pulls out and slides back in.. as he slams his dick inside me harder, I feel his warm cum shooting into my pussy,, Its so warm and thick, and hes cumming so good, his rolling his dick inside me waiting to feel every inch of my tight pussy.. As the last drop is left inside me, he pulls out, and theres some cum left ont he head of his dick so my husband comes over and sucks it all off of his dick.. Then my husband comes and spreads my legs again and begins eating adn drinking Mr. Black's cum from my stretched pussy... to be continued..

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Niches:First Time, Interracial Sex, Voyeur
Added on:2011-11-27
Added by:goodwifebad4black70812

comments: 2 November 28, 2011, 8:20 pm
Thank you for the positive feedback! It's always hard for a good wife..

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Porn Lover

comments: 136 November 27, 2011, 8:33 pm
very good!!

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Porn King

comments: 10958 November 27, 2011, 9:41 am
hot story

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comments: 47 November 27, 2011, 7:12 am
Interesting story. We've done the same except not in Vegas.

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Porn Expert

comments: 259 November 27, 2011, 5:28 am
wish that was my pussy getting split by BBC

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comments: 2862 November 27, 2011, 3:31 am
That was so hot

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Your husband is a good little cum-eater! Like to meet him!