My Half-s****r & Me

My Half-s****r moved in with Mom and me when I was 13 or 14, she was 19. I had met her only once, when I was 7 or 8, so I really didn't
know her. Mom worked the 3-11pm shift, so we were home alone in
the evening. One night I was stroking my cock to a playboy when my
s****r (Linda) came walking in and caught me. I had covered myself
with the magazine and Linda walked over, sat on the edge of the bed
and said "It's okay, if you want, I'll do that for you." Well, hell why
would I pass up my first opportunity for some kind of sex, whether it
be a handjob or whatever. I wasn't even concerned that it was with
my Half-s****r. I moved the magazine, she took my now soft, cock
and slowly started stroking, it did not take long for it to start growing.
Then she slid my cock into her mouth. My god, how warm and wet her
mouth was, I was in heaven. She sucked me for about 5 min. then
stopped. She looked at me and asked, "Will you trust me?" I shook my
head yes. "If you trust me I promise that what may seem strange at
first will really feel good as long as you give it a chance."

Now I had no idea what she was talking about, but I was game for (I
thought) anything. She had me lay on my back and started licking,
sucking and biting my nipples. What she did was giving me such a
sensation, I could feel it in my groin I actually felt as if I could cum
just from her playing with my nipples. Next, she straddled my head and put her shaved cunt in front of my mouth and told me to lick her cunt. She spread her lips with fingers and started licking that pink hole of hers. As I licked I noticed what appeared to be a small (about 2" long) cock sticking out at the top of her cunt. She told me that she had an oversized clit and that she really loved having it sucked, that was all she had to say and I was sucking that clit like there was no tomorrow. She loved it all right it didn't take long and she was moaning "Fffffuuuuuccccckkkk Iiiii'mmmmm Cccuuummmmiiinnngg."
Suddenly I was sprayed, I thought Linda was pissing on me, but she told me, afterwards, that she was a squirter when she orgasms. I told her she could have at least warned me.

Now she told me to get on my hands and knees, she told me to relax, that I would feel some pressure on my asshole in a bit. She started licking my ass, then tonguing it, as matter of fact, she was getting quite a bit of it in my ass. Then she slid a finger in my ass and started pumping me. It really surprised me, because it actually felt good and my cock felt so hard I thought it would split open. Linda crawled under me, and as she continued finger fucking my ass, she started sucking my cock. I wasn't huge at my age, probably 7", but she would suck all of my cock in and I could feel it slip into her throat. It didn't take any time and I knew I was ready to cum. "Fuuuuuck s*s, I'm gonna cuuuuuum" I groaned as the first stream shot from my cock into her throat. As I continued Linda sucked every drop of my hot, sticky jizz from my, now, softening cock.

Afterward she smiled and said "Mmmmmmm, that was good, I'm going to enjoy having that sweet cum as often as I want. C'mon, let's take a shower. I told her I would join her after I took a piss, but she said "No, get in the shower, don't waste it." I didn't know what the hell she was talking about, but I got in the shower with her, she laid down and told me to piss on her. I said "What!" She said that she really enjoyed to be pissed on and that I should start on her tits and work my way to her face. I did as I was told, I had to go like a race horse, the stream was like a garden hose. When I got to her face she opened her mouth and drank all that she could. I thought it kinda strange, but also thought it was kinda hot. As a matter of fact my cock was starting to get hard again.

As we soaped each other up and enjoyed rubbing each other Linda started telling me about how she learned all these things, it was from her Dad. She related to me how when she was growing up, and still very young , she always bathed with her Dad. He would lather her up and always pay alot of attention on her chest, ass and what he called her cunny. He told her he needed to make sure she was extra clean in those areas. She recalled that she thought it was funny, the big snake he had between his legs, which hung just above his knee and how he told her that if she petted it, it would stand up for her. So she would take it in her little hands and stroke it until it would stand up, he told her, how if she continued she could get milk from it. He told her to watch as he started stroking his hard cock, then while sitting in the tub he bent his head down & started sucking his own cock and as he bobbed his head up & down he continued to stroke it with his hand. When he started moaning, he pulled his head back & with his mouth open and spurt after spurt of thick streams of cum shot into his mouth. He smiled and swallowed every drop of his own cum. He told Linda the next time he wanted her to try it, he was sure she would enjoy it. Linda noticed a drop of the white milky substance oozing from his cock, she reached out, took his cock pulling to her mouth and licked the drop off and swallowed. She told me the taste was slightly salty, but it did taste good. Her Dad approved and told her the next time she would have it all to herself. Then he asked her if she had to pee, which she did. He told her to stand with one leg on either side of him and squat over his face. He then told her to pee on his face and as she did he opened his mouth drinking all her pee.

I looked at Linda, with disbelief and said "I can't even come close to getting my cock in my mouth, look." I bent my head down and came up quite short of being able to do what she describe. "The reason you can't is because Dad's cock is 14" when hard, I measured it one day." I thought damn that's one huge cock, I'd really like to see that! I knew he was a big man, I mean he was 6'8" tall, but that is a huge cock. Anyway, she continued that the next time he started by licking her cunny & her ass. At first she thought it strange probing her bumhole with his tongue, but as he he continued it felt better and better. As a matter of fact she felt a tingling in her cunny as he continued. She could feel him spread her little cheeks apart and push his tongue into her bumhole, after she was good and wet he slid a finger in and continued licking and sucking her cunny. he would concentrate on a particular spot just at the top of her slit, which really made her feel strange, the tingling was travelling all thru her body & she felt as if she was going to pee. The more he sucked,the more intense the feeling became, until her little body shook and she passed out. Afterward he explained that what he was sucking on was her "clit" and that hers was unusually large, about 3/4", which was quite large for her age. Which, obviously from what I sawcontinued to grow. After she regained her senses, he had her play with his cock until it was good and hard. He then squirted something from a bottle on it making it very slippery and started stroking up and down its long shaft, slowly at first. She noticed something clear seeping from the huge hole at the head of his cock. She told him and he stopped and told her to suck it off, which she did and it tasted even better than that which she had tasted before. He explained it was called precum and went back to stroking his cock, but now was doing so much faster. He started to moan and Linda knew he was close to shooting out that hot, thick milk, she was to drink. "Awwwwwwwww Fuuuuuuck, open your mouth for Daddy" her dad moan. As she a f***eful stream of cum shot into her mouth, she closed it to swallow and a second stream splashed her face. She then put her mouth over the bulbous head and sucked the rest of his cum, which seemed to take forever. She swallowed every drop and told me she liked it better than the first time. From then on she became a cum whore, wanting more and more. She told me it seemed as if she couldn't get enough. They would always take a shower afterward and she got into golden showers just as her Dad, though she told me it took her a while to acquire a taste for it, but she loves how the hot piss hitting her feels so good.

As she got older, around 13 or 14, they started going further. He broke her cherry with his finger and then started using dildo's on her as a prelude to fucking her. The first time he slowly pushed his huge cock in a little at a time, it felt as though he would split her apart. He, of course, couldn't get it all in, maybe 3" the first time. It hurt at first, but as he continued sliding in & out she became wetter & it felt better and better. She again felt all tingly and passed out. When she came to her Dad was still pumping his cock in & out until he finally filled her cunt with hot cum. She told me they continued having sex in many kinky ways until she moved in with Mom & me. She said that her Dad even brought over friends once in a while to share her with and now she just can't get enough. She also told me that she really likes young boys, so that she canteach them sex the way she likes it, as they haven't had any experience.

By now my cock was raging hard, the head a dark purple. Linda laid in the tub and told me to stand over her & jack off into her mouth. I did so without hesitation & it didn't take long to empty my hot cum into her open mouth, after which, she gave me a big sloppy kiss giving back some of my own cum. I had the hottest s****r around, I told her that I'd really like to see her Dad's cock sometime. She told me she would see if she could set it up sometime, but I had to do something for her, which was to bring over some of my friends 13 or 14 years old. I ,of course, told her I'd be happy to and I'm sure they would be happy with what was in store for them.
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9 months ago
very hot
11 months ago
Holy fuck that was hot.
3 years ago
who would nt like to have such hot elder sister
3 years ago
Yes, wish I had an older sister like yours.
4 years ago
very good now i wish i had an older sister
4 years ago
wow must be great to have an older sister like that
4 years ago
I liked your story. Everyone needs an older sister.
4 years ago
any female want to call and tell me about their true family experiences. Hit me at 910-263-8697.
ask for Anthony
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very good
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excellent story
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Great story
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Very good story
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funny n wierd with the piss
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great story loved it
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Great story it reminds me of the time i had sex with my cousin