Wife Mother of Triplets Son & two Daughters

I met and dated Nancy 6 months before we got married. She had triplets
from a previous marriage, Brian, Kari and Amber, all three earlier,
had entered their teens. I often spent the night on weekends and had noticed
something odd, Brian would often follow his Mom into the bathroom when she
took a shower, Kari and Amber would also, but not as often. I asked him about
it one time and his answer was that they would sit and talk to Mom while she
showered. I didn't think about it much after that until Nancy and I got married,
at which time I noticed that this went much more often than I knew, now that I was living there.

Finally one night I listened at the bathroom door, I could hear the shower
running, but not much in the way of talking, going on. This particular night
both Brian and Kari had gone in to "talk". We had a window in the bathroom
that I knew would be open, so I went to the backyard and when I looked in I
damn near shit. I had a clear view of the shower, which was totally glass
enclosed, and there was all three in the shower. It was what they were doing
that really took me by surprise. Nancy was sitting on the shower floor with
Brian standing over her and Kari was holding his cock as he pissed on his
Mother. Several times Nancy would open her mouth and Brian would fill her
mouth and she would swallow it. Kari moved his cock from Nancy's head to her
toes when she wasn't aiming it at her mouth.

After Brian emptied his bladder, Nancy got up and Kari took her place sitting
down. Brian moved over to his s****r and she started sucking his limp cock. It
didn't take long for it to grow to a full erection, which Kari continued to suck
like a pro. As she did she fondled Brian's balls and Nancy came up behind Brian
and started rimming his ass. Nancy had Brian's ass cheeks spread and was tonguing the hell out of his ass.

By now my cock was so hard it felt like it would burst, I unzipped my jeans and
pulled them and my briefs off, we had a privacy fence so no worries there. I knew I shouldn't be aroused by this, but I was, I couldn't deny it. I started stroking my throbbing 9" cock as I continued to watch. I could tell Brian was in heaven, his eyes closed, his head back and the moans coming from him. Then it happened Nancy slipped a finger deep in Brian's ass, he pulled his cock from Kari's mouth and shot a huge stream of cum into her face. Kari opened her mouth for the second and subsequent streams and then took his cock back in her mouth and sucked til there was nothing left. She swallowed and smiled at her b*****r saying, thanks. While all this was taking place I had shot my load all over the wall of the house.

I figured this was the end of this episode, but I was wrong. Nancy and Kari got
into a 69 position and sarted eating and fingering each other, Brian just stood
there watching and pulling on his cock. After a short time his cock was again
growing, I thought to myself damn I wish I was his age again, but at that moment I realized I was getting hard, again. Next Brian moved behind his Mother, as she was on top of Kari, and he slid his now hard cock into his Mother's smooth shaven cunt. I could see that Kari was alternating between licking her Mother and licking Brian's balls as he fucked his Mother. Brian's pace was starting to quicken and his Mother said "Fuck my ass, Brian, please fuck my ass.” He quickly obeyed. Brian pulled out of her cunt and shoved his cock deep into her ass. It only took about 10 pumps when he grabbed Nancy's hips and on that final plunge, burying all his cock pulling her tight to his abdomen, he filled her ass with his hot load. He pulled his cock out and as some of the cum ran out of her ass, Brian licked it up.

The three of them then started washing up. I hadn't cum a second time, but was so hard I wasn't sure it would go down by the time they all got done washing and drying off. I put my clothes back on and headed into the house before they got out of the shower. As I entered the living room, there was Amber on the couch. She looked at me, I know my face was flushed, then she looked at my crotch, I know she could tell my cock was rock hard, though hopefully not why.
I sat down on the opposite end of the couch and Amber asked where I had been. I told her I had just gone outside to smoke a cigar, she smiled, an evil smile, and said oh. Little did she know how bad I wanted to pull my cock out and finish what I had started outside. My mind had all kinds of evil thoughts going through, as I glanced at Amber sitting on the couch wearing only a T-shirt.

I was snapped back to reality when I heard the bathroom door open and Brian and Kari came out and went to their rooms. I could hear Nancy drying her hair and knew it would be a while before she would be done, giving my cock a chance to subside. As I relaxed a little, Babe, our Great Dane, came lumbering in and climbed on the couch next to Amber. He was sitting up facing Amber with his head lying on the back of the couch. As I watched TV I thought I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, but thought no.
Then I saw it again, she was, Amber was playing with Babe's cock. I started
watching, as best I could out of the corner of my eye, Amber was stroking Babe's cock. I thought to myself what have I gotten myself into, with this f****y. Just then Nancy came out of the bathroom and sat down next to me. I took her by the hand and said, "I need to talk to you." leading her to the bedroom.

"Mmmmm, are you horny" she asked.

I thought to myself "you have no idea", but I needed to get this straightened out.
I told her that I had always wondered about the k**s going into the bathroom when she showered, to which she hurriedly told me they just come in to talk. I told her Brian had told me that, but tonight got the the best of me and I watched them through the bathroom window tonight. The color drained out of her face but before she could say anything I told her I knew it wasn't right, but I got so horny watching what was going on that I jacked off watching them. She then told me that she she was worried about how to gently tell me about their i****tuous and kinky sexual appetites. She told me it all began a few years ago after her divorce, but that's another story.

I was now thinking about what she said about (and kinky). What the hell else could there be that was kinky beside i****t, but I first wanted to delve into the i****t part. She told me she didn't want to hide, from me, what she and the k**s did sexually and was hoping that I would be open to joining them. I told her after how horny I got watching them tonight I was in, but what did she mean by the kinky sex? She then told me that they enjoy beasiality. Now that was something I had always wanted to see, other than on video. I asked her what they did with Babe, as I thought I noticed Amber playing with his cock just before she came out of the bathroom. She told me to wait in the bedroom she'd be right back.

Nancy returned with Amber and Babe. As I watched Amber pulled off her T-shirt and I was right she wasn't wearing anything under it. Her titties were barely bumps on her chest, but she had very large, for her age, erect nipples. My cock was now growing again and as I rearranged myself, Nancy told me to get undressed. The demanding way she said it made me even harder and obediently stripped, my cock springing straight up as I freed it. As I looked Amber over I saw that she didn't have any pubic hair, absolutely none, not even fuzz. Next, Amber got Babe to lie on our bed and started stroking his cock. Soon his cock emerged from its sheath growing to 10". It was pointed at the tip then grew as wide as Amber's wrist, narrowed again down to his knot, which was the size of a baseball. Nancy was at Babe's head keeping him occupied licking her cunt, I could see her clit hard and sticking out its full 2 1/2", just one of the things I loved about Nancy. Amber was now sucking his cock and as she did cum was squirting each time she'd come off the tip. She would stop every so often and
let her mouth fill with cum, swallow, then slide her little mouth back over his huge cock. She would hungrily take as much cock as she could each time. By now my cock was so hard and as it never had, I needed relief and as Amber was bent over the bed taking care of Babe, I decided I was going to take care of that sweet, pouty, hairless cunt of hers. First I got down and licked that sweet little cunt, the juices were flowing freely and I savored them as if there was no tomorrow. I didn't know if she was moaning and squealing from my licking
or her sucking of babe's cock and I really didn't care.

I heard Nancy "That's it, eat my baby's little cunt." I definitely didn't need to be told twice. While licking Amber she had stopped sucking Babe as she was now squirming and squealing from the tonguing I was giving her. Next I started licking her from her clit to her cute little rosebud. After getting it nice and wet I started tongue fucking it. As I pushed my tongue against her little asshole she relaxed and in it slid. As I tongue fucked Amber's ass I watched Nancy bend over the foot of the bed, Babe put his front paws on the bed and started hammering at Nancy's ass. I knew he found his mark when she yelled out "FUCK YES!"

As I watched Babe fucking my Wife, I in turn brought my cock up to Amber's cunt, from behind and slowly pushed it in, damn that cunt was tight. I continued watching babe jack hammering Nancy's cunt and soon I was pounding Amber's cunt. I couldn't match Babe's hammering, but I was definitely trying my best. I was pounding Nancy's Daughter as she watched and was fucked by this huge Great Dane. I could take no more, between Nancy being dog fucked and the tight cunt I was fucking I could feel the cum welling up. I pulled out of Amber's cunt turned her to face me on her knees...............

"Open your mouth!" I commanded. As she did the first explosion of hot cum flew into her open mouth. I grabbed the back of her head shoving my cock into her mouth releasing the rest of my cum, I could feel her swallowing as fast as she could trying to keep up with the massive flow from my cock. She did a good job, but there was some that escaped running down her chin.
I took her chin lifted her face licking my cum from her chin and then gave her a deep tonguing kiss, tasting even more of my cum mixed with her mouth juices.

Amber and I turned our attention to Nancy who was, herself cumming. Babe was done, but his baseball size knot had Nancy tied to him, so I kept him from trying to pull out too soon. After about 15 minutes his knot went down and his cock came out with somewhat of a pop, Amber was right at her Mother's cunt to drink up Babe's cum as it flowed out of Nancy's cunt. Afterward, I ate Amber's cunt and finger fucked her ass until she had her own orgasm.

As Babe lay on the floor cleaning his cock, we all collapsed on the bed and fell asl**p for a few hours.

98% (76/2)
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very very fucking HOT. Please go on
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I loved it, hope there is more
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Hot hot hot, great writing!!
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WOW!!! That was hot!!!
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Good story
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Very good, hope there's more with the other two as well.
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Very interesting and erotic well done
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Very hot story, hope you post more.
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Great story. I hope there's more.