My First Time.

I have always considered myself to be strait in sexual preferance, but for about 6 or so months I would say, I've found my thoughts and fantasies straying towards sexual encounters with other guys. I got curious one evening what it would be like to have my cock sucked by another guy and I was surprised to find myself becoming very aroused to thoughts of me giving another guy a blow job and how exciting it would be to suck a guy off till he cums in my mouth and all over my face. As the multitude of male on male thoughts raced through my head jumping from one sexual act to the other, fueling my newly found interest in mutual cock sucking and fantasizing of another sexy young stud raming his stiff erect man stick up my ass while i jerked myself to orgasm pacing ourselves to meet and share climaxes both cumming at the same time. Him in my ass and mine all over my stomach pooled up glistening pearl white against my smooth tanned stomach. Excited by all my man juice sprayed across my frim belly, he pulles his shrinking cock from my ass and rubbes his cock all over my stomach spreading my sweet man juice. He leins down and presses his lips against mine. His tongue probes the inside of my mouth. I received his mouth and tongue willingly our tongues dancing around the insides of our mouths, excited and aroused by how good this feels and surprised yet left somewhat confused to the realization of how much I enjoyed having sex with the male gender. I still didnt consider myself as a gay man nor do I still today. I still wasn't able to look at another guy a find him sexy in the same way I do when I see a sexy woman and imediately have thoughts of licking her sweet pussy and cramming my cock up her tight pussy hole and fucking her in the ass. No I still don't see a guy's ass in a pair of tight jeans or shorts and think to myself "now he has one sexy ass, I'd love to stick my dick in his tight little hole." No I have never once since my gay incounter have i thought that. But just fantansizing of another guy sucking on my cock making me cum in his mouth and all over his face, then each taking turns filling each other's asses till orgasm, then still having enough energy to suck each other off one last time before returning to our lives of acting strait....I don't know but untill it comes to me I have no plans on giving up sucking cock or haveing a nice stiff man stick burired deep in my ass.

Writing this has aroused a growing desire to such a young sexy guys dick
and fuck each other till we fall in an exausted heap worn out and covered in one anothers sweet juices.
75% (8/3)
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