Omegle Denmark Lesbian

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hi f36 looking to chat with another woman?
Stranger: hi f 22
Stranger: here
You: hello there
You: where are you? I'm in New York
Stranger: but not lesbian
Stranger: its ok
You: yeah sure that's fine! Im not a lesbian either, I'm bisexual actually
Stranger: can we exchange picture
You: Ive been with men and women but I'm involved with a man for 2 years now :)
You: picture? why?
Stranger: just sure u r women or men
You: oh sure
You: what's your email?
Stranger: email through
You: never used it but I will look... jsut a sec
Stranger: its easy for share or save ur personel info , exmple- email address
Stranger: just upload the pic and u will see a url they given just send this url
You: okay this is easy! hang on...
Stranger: ok
You: did that work?
You: I'm on the right (brown hair)
You: can I see your pic too?
Stranger: ok wait
You: ok
You: are you there?
Stranger: yea
Stranger: wait just uploading
You: okay np :)
You: this is fun
You: where do you live anyway?
Stranger: in denmark
Stranger: but who is u
Stranger: in that pic
You: I'm on the right!
You: (already said that)
You: oh I've been to Denmark - I took the ferry from Norway to Hirtshals once
Stranger: ok and hav bf
You: yup. are you in a relationship?
Stranger: yea
You: so did you upload your picture for me ? :)
Stranger: yea just 3 minite dont mind bcz its slow wait
You: oh okay np
You: what are you doing today?
Stranger: and what r u doing
You: well I'm at work but I'm bored and not really doing any work
Stranger: has ha
Stranger: nice dear
You: yeah I know! ha
You: this is more fun
You: if I have to sit at my desk I may as well enjoy it
Stranger: i m in my room
Stranger: ha ha
Stranger: i think my image is already done
You: room? are you a student?
Stranger: no no in my personel room
You: any plans tonight?
Stranger: no not really
Stranger: sorry not so beautiful like u
You: lol I was going to say the same thing! you are really lovely
Stranger: hsa ha
You: so if you're not a lesbian why did you want to exchange pics? :)
Stranger: and did sex with boyfrend
You: I really rather like looking at you while we're chatting
Stranger: ha ha
Stranger: ok tel abut ur 1st sex its so fun na
You: the first time I had sex ever?
Stranger: yea which age
You: I was actually 20 (I know, quite old)
You: a guy friend I knew came on to me and I went along with it
Stranger: and his age
You: it was fun but not really the best sex or anything!
You: uhh I think he was the same age as me
You: what about you?
Stranger: in 19
Stranger: with my boss
You: omg really? that's incredible
Stranger: yea really
Stranger: his age is 30 that time
You: wow
You: sounds exciting actually
Stranger: u knw
You: the biggest diff in age for me was when I was 31 and I slept with a woman of 45
Stranger: nice
Stranger: but i feel so much pain that time
You: it was actually super fun but it never went anywhere. we met online. the relationship was a mistake
You: I bet ... sex is hard and weird sometimes
You: how many people have you slept with?
Stranger: bcz he is so young and he just get wilder
Stranger: 3 dear
Stranger: and u
You: please dont think I'm a slut but I've slept with 16 people -- 11 women and 5 men!
Stranger: its ok
You: plus some other random hookups which were'nt full sex
Stranger: u knw mens r like wild dogs
You: I dont have a lot of self control... once I got to about 25... it was like I would sl**p with anyone
You: I think that description might fit me too!
You: you need to find a much nicer guy
Stranger: m i right
You: what is the wildest thing a guy did with you then?
Stranger: the boss he is just fuk me so hard that time and i was new
You: well have you had any sex which you liked? that was fun?
Stranger: yea which style u like most in s
You: like, which position?
Stranger: yea
You: hmm with men I like doggystyle... from behind
You: sometimes anal sex too
You: with women I like a 69
Stranger: me too
Stranger: but is so fun na
You: you too -- which?
Stranger: i tel abut s
Stranger: u knw my bf is so funny
You: how ?
Stranger: when anyone is not in home how he knw and then come and just do it he is so ...but i like him
You: nice
Stranger: u r to naughty
You: maybe he waits outside to find out when you are alone
You: me?
Stranger: ha ha
Stranger: he is
Stranger: i like to chating with u
You: yeah you are fun too :)
Stranger: ha ha
You: I wish you were in NY you could be my number 17! I would promise to be nicer to you than the boys
Stranger: ha ha
Stranger: and u knw i dont do sex with girls till
You: yes I know :) but I can still fantasize
Stranger: r u
You: I'm thinking about keeping your picture to look at later on
Stranger: ha ha
Stranger: r u feel horny
You: yeah I do actually! too bad Im at work!!
You: but do YOU feel horny?
Stranger: yea i rub my pussy
You: are you really??
Stranger: yea rubbing
You: oh baby that just made me feel wet
Stranger: haha but u r in work
You: i know!!
You: I cant really play with myself right now
Stranger: ok tel who is great girl or boy in s
Stranger: bcz u hav experience
You: um well its different
You: I think it does not matter if they are male or female, it matters who athey are as a person
You: I have slept with more women than men but my current bf is wonderful and I love him
You: but I have been with women that were better lovers
Stranger: he is get wilder or not
You: my bf? no he is very kind and gently
You: gentle
Stranger: oh nice
You: Im rougher than he is I think!
Stranger: ha ha
You: he really likes to do it slow and take his time... lots of slow in and out :)
You: but sometimes i want to just ride him and fuck that cock so hard
Stranger: oh nice
You: he comes too fast though when I do that
Stranger: but u knw i like to rub their dick
Stranger: really so hard
You: yeah that's fun - make it greasy and slippery
You: its fun to do that to a girl too!
Stranger: yea
Stranger: how
You: on her back, 2 fingers inside her pussy, rub her g spot and she will feel amazing sensations!
Stranger: ha hau cool
You: it is
You: so do you enjoy masturbating more than sex?
Stranger: but u knw i love to rub girls nipple
Stranger: its feel so horny
Stranger: no i love sex to much
You: brb
Stranger: r u
Stranger: tel u 1 thing
Stranger: r u there
Stranger: or toilet
You: hi sorry
You: no someone was talking to me!
You: I should go soon...
You: well how often do you fuck yourself?
You: I do 2-3 times a week
You: I definitely will tonight though, looking at your picture. is that okay?
Stranger: yea i also with cucumber
You: wow
Stranger: and u with
You: I use running water!
You: in the tub
You: sooooo nice
Stranger: i also u knw my bf when i m in toilet he just come in and start on
You: lol wow
You: does he wipe your ass too? :)
Stranger: yea he is
Stranger: he like when i feel toilet aand he just fuk me
You: thats so hot
You: I should try that
You: I have to go work now!
You: I hope you have a fun night
You: oh, what's your email, do you want to write more?
Stranger: yea u will try when u feel toilet just rub ur pussy and feel the heaven
Stranger: can i see ur any hot or naked pic
You: maybe I will do that before I go home
You: sry nothing like that here!
Stranger: just hot
You: im if you want... my name is Jen
Stranger: give na i hav to fun
You: what's yours?
Stranger: ok
Stranger: but i need ur pics for now
Stranger: bcz i feel so much horny now
You: I dont have any at work! that would be nuts
You: sory but have a nice time
Stranger: ok bye keep rubbing
Stranger: ha ha
You: you too sweety
You have disconnected.

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