Mature females meet on Omegle

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi f36 looking to chat with another woman?
Stranger: 29/f
You: hello :)
Stranger: hi there :)
You: how are you?
Stranger: very good tonight thank you, and u?
You: yes very nice :) just having a relaxing time
You: hey where are you? Im on Long Island, in New York
Stranger: thats good :)
Stranger: fun ol' Salem, Oregon
You: hey cool, I always wanted to visit the Pacific NW. Nice place?
Stranger: its ok..., it rains a lot unfortunately :(, but there is a lot of things to do outside, very outdoorsy I am :)
You: oh well that's too bad but it always sounded fun for hiking and that kind of thing
You: we've had amazing weather here recently - really unseasonally nice
You: actually went to the beach on sunday with my gf, amazing for october
Stranger: well thats nice! i wish it could be nice here... i miss putting on the bathing suit and going to the beach!!!
Stranger: gf? your dating somone?
You: well the beach we went to you wouldn't necessarily need a suit :)
You: yeah we've been together for almost 4 months
Stranger: well thats nice, haha it's kinda a turn on knowing your not single, this feels wrong :)!!!
Stranger: haha
You: oh wow, well thats nice then :)
You: its not wrong.. I mean... were just talking
Stranger: I know, talking leads to other things i find!
You: sadly for me shes away since yesterday night for work travel
Stranger: sorry to hear that :(
You: well perhaps
You: she'll be back on Wednesday, its okay
You: are you seeing anyone?
Stranger: well thats good, nothing worse than your sig. other being away
Stranger: off and on, right now off
Stranger: im bi but preferencial to women, shes with someone else right now
You: yeah I miss her but we dont live together so its not thaaat different on a practical basis.
Stranger: i see :)
You: oh, wow that really sucks for you, im sorry
You: I havent been bisexual since I was a bit younger than you. well that's a silly way to put it... I think I was never really bisexual, just took awhile to find myself
You: this has been my first real relationship in a long long time actually
Stranger: gotcha, dont mean to be so bold but you dont like penis?
Stranger: well good for you :), that must be nice
Stranger: i miss it
You: ha ha lol it wasnt the penis really that bothered me :) it was the people they were attached to
Stranger: haha i know what you mean!!!
You: no actually Im making a joke but that isnt really fair. there are some wonderful guys. but Im just not really attracted or turned on by men
You: there were always some women I was just in LOVE with omg . no man ever had that effect
Stranger: i mean there are toys that take the place of mean right?!? who needs them :)
You: actual sex with men... I guess that could be fun but I didnt have too many partners really
You: my Im sure I dont know what you mean
Stranger: haha :), dildos silly !!!
You: lol I was just being coy
You: do you have a nice set of toys then??
Stranger: i know, im usually more blunt... jokingly on here
Stranger: i have a few :), i have an amazing one be and my bff have been using
You: I prefer vibrators over dildos actually. being penetrated does make me feel kinda dirty but I get more sexual pleasure from my clit you know
You: bff?
You: oh well tho a while back I tried like a long thin vibe with a knob on the end, to get at my g spot. that was cool! but hard to use
Stranger: i know what you mean, nothing like both at the same time right?! :) yea she bi to, we havent fooled around or anything but we do have a pair of vibrating panties, she or i has the controls during the day, makes work fun!!
You: omg what are you serious?> where do you work ?? lol
Stranger: a bank :)
Stranger: its intense, they make almost no noise so they are very dicreet
You: so explain this scenario to me... how does this work out??
You: she works there too>
You: ?
Stranger: no, she works somewhere else
Stranger: well...
Stranger: we let each other know if we are wearing the panties
Stranger: the control is basically like a remote control
Stranger: you press it for as long as you want the panties to vibrate
You: that is hysterical
Stranger: it catches you off guard most times :)
You: It would drive me nuts
You: I bet it does!! ha ha ha
You: so how come you havent slept with her?
Stranger: if im with someone i have to excuse myself, or pretend im having a coughing fit and excuse myself haha
Stranger: its really fun
Stranger: we dont want to ruin anything
Stranger: its fun the way it is
Stranger: she will sl**p over, just nice to have someone to cuddle with
You: I guess.. though I mean in a sense you ARE having sex, just remotely :)
You: do you sl**p naked with her?
Stranger: haha :) i know
Stranger: sometimes
You: I think if I were you Id have trouble keeping my hands off her
You: this story is turning me on
Stranger: hehe :)
Stranger: so tell me :) what your wearing?!?!
You: oh well, its late here and Im in bed, so like nothing fancy! t shirt, panties, socks
You: what are you wearing?
Stranger: haha, my old granny panties !!!
You: sounds comfy :)
You: is that all?
Stranger: and a pretty cute lacy bra
Stranger: its new!
Stranger: and cozy toe socks
You: sounds very pretty
You: I dont really buy cute lacy things, just not my style. I have ugly functional bras!
Stranger: haha!!
You: I do like thongs though but that's so there isnt any panty line which I think is awful
Stranger: i totally understand, but panties lines are kinda hot though!
You: you would like my gf, she is really pretty and dolls herself up usually. like, everything has to be cute and match perfectly :)
You: kinda hot?
Stranger: i would love that, i love the dolled up girl, im more of the dominant girl so that totally works for me
Stranger: yea haha :), i love panty lines hehe
You: well one thing about thongs... I never thought of this but some people apparently think you aren't wearing underwear. so I briefly considered switching but never bothered
You: yeah you seem kinda dominant
You: you want to slap my ass and pull my hair? that kind of thing?
Stranger: hehe definitely!!!
Stranger: and dildo, right up the pooper haha jk :)
You: woah! ha ha you're so funny
Stranger: im just saying, kinda joking but im into that kinda thing!
You: yeah I figured you were serious
You: you like it in your ass or just to do unto others?
Stranger: both haha :)
You: I admit to some anal fantasies but Ive never tried it for real
You: well other than being licked and touched lightly
Stranger: really?
You: nooooo too scary
Stranger: so tell me something secret about yourself :)
You: hmmm
You: okay well ive been a peeping tom a few times :)
Stranger: what?!?! how?
You: oh just like when Ive had a friend staying over
Stranger: how do you peep though?
You: I have a weird old house and there are some little cracks in the doors in a few places (they were there before I moved in I swear!!)
Stranger: haha sure!!!
You: I feel weird telling you that actually, its kinda pervy
Stranger: its kinda hot haha!!!
Stranger: see anything nice?
You: I was always super careful I would never want to embarrass anyone!
You: nice... well mostly its really boring. there's like a rush at first and then its 20 minutes of someone brushing their teeth
Stranger: haha!!!
You: the first time I did it I was all psyched thinking Id get to watch a couple I know have sex or something... NOPE.
You: but I have seen people naked
You: and I know... it is kinda hot
Stranger: it is... got kinda steamy over here!
You: lol!
You: basically its a view into part of the bedroom I use as a guest room. only a very narrow angle
You: but seeing people totally natural and unawares is really neat
Stranger: hopefully the boards dont creak
You: well yeah exactly, I am very quiet
You: nudity is just fascinating but I also thinkI really just get off on the power trip
You: actually I even peek in on my gf in the shower or bathroom, not like she'd care, but its fun to be secret
Stranger: i know, i love the power trip!!!
You: so are you going to be a spy now?
Stranger: thinking about it haha!
Stranger: i kinda already do on my neighbors
Stranger: its kinda fun, i turn off all the lights and watch them next door
You: wow, that's neat! what do they do?
Stranger: nothing amazing... yet! but just to watch them without knowing
You: yeah exactly
Stranger: walking around in panties is the best so far..., but they were really cute panties haha :)
You: 2 women?
Stranger: 1 woman and 1 man
Stranger: although he is hung like a horse haha!
You: yikes
Stranger: like i said more interested in women but i did see him naked, i instantly got scared!!! haha
You: I like seeing anyone naked
Stranger: same!!!
You: you would really like to come to the nude beach with us
Stranger: i would love it
You: this was the first summer I went totally nude instead of just topless. that was really terifying but so much fun! its my gf that encouraged me
Stranger: alittle 3sm action, you two into that?!?
Stranger: that sounds fun!
You: um, in my fantasy yes! in reality not sure that would be good for the relationship
Stranger: i see, totally understandable
You: im not really an exhib (my gf is more) but being nude like made me feel so totally free. and I dont mind other people looking
Stranger: it would seem like it would be hot, i would be nervous!
You: tho Im sure my gf gets all the looks, not me, when we're together, she's super hot (at least I think so!)
You: yeah I was nervous but you have to just do it! and there are lots of people -all ages shapes sizes, so its not that hard once you're there
Stranger: do you think you could email me a picture of yourself?
Stranger: i dont know if i could handle it haha!
You: it seems like no one on earth has any pubes anymore though!
You: a picture?
You: im not sure... I kinda just like chatting
Stranger: haha, have to keep it maintained!!!
Stranger: ohh ok, i would just like to see what you look like :)
You: well I just trim my pubes around the edges and dont worry about it. but everyone else has obliterated them!
You: I dont really send out naked pics or anything to people I meet here
Stranger: pretty please haha, i will give you the controller to my vib. panties :)
You: nothing personal just seems like a bad idea
Stranger: no no not naked
You: ha ha ha
Stranger: a face shot?
You: will you send me one too?
Stranger: yes i will!
Stranger: face shot though, no nude, k? :)
You: yeah that's what I meant too
Stranger: my email is
Stranger: im kinda nervous haha!
You: okay I guess I can do that
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