He's at it again- Cumspiket makes my cock exp



It's a beautiful evening, clear skies, full moon, cool breeze.... We're camping in a secluded area in the country. No one else around for miles. Music playing, roaring campfire... We've had a few drinks, smoked a little doobie and we're feeling a little nasty... We're sitting on the picnic table next to each other. Looking into each other's eyes, we slowly lean toward each other... our lips meet, softly at first... a gentle peck... another, but a little more eager... again.. our lips open, wet, desiring each other... our tongues rolling around ... breathing heavy, nearly panting like wild a****ls, our hot breath... God damn, I think both of us are hard already.

I stand in front of you, cupping my hands on each side of your face, we kiss again, I suck your tongue into my mouth, sucking hard..." Oh God, baby, I've been needing you." We furiously begin stripping each other, tossing clothes any which direction... we begin rubbing each other's chest, rubbing each other's nipples... You lean over and begin licking and sucking my nipples... " yea, baby, I love my nipples sucked". Rubbing your shoulders , down your back, you come up for another hot, wet kiss as I lift you up and sit you on the table. I kiss your lips again, gently, tenderly. Then your cheek, your neck... rubbing your chest, I lay you back on the table, standing between your legs... I bump our cocks together as I glide my hands all over your fuckin' sexy body. All over your chest, down your tummy, running my fingers thru your pubic hair... I kiss your balls, each one tenderly... I move my left hand up your thigh, encircling the base of your throbbing shaft, I pull your cock slightly toward me...

I kiss the tip and begin rolling my tongue around your sweet knob. Stroking your shaft and licking the head, you begin squirming and moaning, rubbing my head and shoulders and groaning out " Oh fuck yea, suck my cock". That's my que, I suck your knob into my mouth... Up and down on the head 5-6 strokes, then more meat in my mouth with each stroke until I have a mouthfull. " Oh God, fuck yes" you shout. I come up off your pulsing prick asking " does my baby like the way I suck his cock?" Before you can say " fuck yes " I'm back to sucking... long, slow , deep strokes. You arch backward and spread you legs wider. Sucking faster , I start jacking off. Your cock is so fuckin' hard and tastes so fuckin' good. I stop sucking and start jerking you. " God damn I fuckin' love sucking your cock, I love making you cum. shoot me a big fuckin' load." You respond " I wanna shoot my jizz all over your face, then I want your jizz on my face." I go back to sucking , you're rock hard, I know your close. I've been jackin', I'm close too... You rock your hips as I suck faster and harder... You start twitching and jerking. AHHH, GOD, FUCK YES !!! You pull your cock out of my mouth... the head only inches away from my face... cum fuckin' explodes from your cock, so fuckin' much... hot squirt after hot squirt... " fuck yes give it to me"... all in my beard, across my lips, running down my chest. With my finger tips I push the cum on my lips into my mouth, licking my fingers. You reach down, taking me by my shoulders, pulling me to you. You kiss me with so much passion... and you say " your turn ".

We switch places... You kneel before me... My cock head shiny with precum, you start sucking. " Fuck yes, baby, suck it"... The musky smell of your cum all over my face is intoxicating, driving me over the edge. " God, suck it harder, baby. Fuck, baby, I'm gonna cum." God, it's so fuckin' intense. " Ah, fuck, baby, let me cum on your face". You back off my cock, jerking it like a $2 whore. " Give me that fuckin' sperm, I've gotta have it." Oh, God, my first squirt splatters accross your lips. you stick out your tongue as the second squirt lands on your left cheek. You lay my cock on your tongue as I pump out 4-5 more squirts into your hot, sexy mouth... Looking up at me with a devilish grin, licking your lips, I pull you to me, wrapping my arms around you, squeezing you tight. Laying your head om my cum covered chest, you say " aren't we a pair of nasty boys ?" " Yes we are "
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1 year ago
fuck buddy I like that story !
1 year ago
excellent, nasty, horny. room for a third?
1 year ago
damn it ! I loved your story.
1 year ago
Totally great writing.... takes me back to the early days of exploring with my friends on overnights in the back woods... please write more!
1 year ago
Wow. Hot.