Faster Peter - Dont Stop

Peter – My First Orgasm

I don’t know when I actually started to wank as opposed to just playing with myself but my first orgasm really sticks in my memory.

In the 60s when I was 13, my f****y moved to a small country town. I had lost all my new secondary school friends and was desperate to find some new ones. Trouble is in a small town you have to take what you find as many of your school friends of your own age will be dotted over the countryside.

In my street I became friends with two other boys living close to home, Peter and Anthony. Both were in the school year below me and about a year younger than me. A little bit young but they were energetic, good fun and importantly lived nearby. We all had s****rs. Mine was older theirs were younger

Once they had made me their friend we spent the first months of our friendship playing in the barns of the local farmyard and on the banks of the small stream that ran through the local hills. As time went on we began to delve into our developing awareness of girls in our school and of course sex and would talk about it as if we knew everything. We talked about ourselves and hesitantly began to unzip our jeans and show each other our willies (as they were then). They would grow semi hard quite quickly and we would play with ourselves whilst looking at each other’s from a distance so to speak. Very quickly we started to take our trousers and pants down and play more openly with our penises in front of each other with our clothes d****d around our knees.

When we went swimming we would find very secluded spots along the streams and when changing take delight in taking all our cloths off and looking at our cocks both soft and hard. Being the year older I was the biggest, which made me feel good and I had the most pubic hair. Theirs was very fine. But I was also circumcised whereas they were not and we would take close looks at the differences. I couldn’t help but feel jealous of them with the folds of skin covering their helmets. I though they looked better than my circumcised willy.

Gradually there was more and more bodily contact, in the water, playing on the grass, wrestling and as young boys we were becoming increasingly aroused and very conscious of our erections. As the older and stronger boy I could with ease hold them down and grab them as much as I wanted but occasionally having to be ‘weak’ and be held down by them or I would never get the fun of them grabbing my cock. That’s what it was to start with just playful grabbing of each other

Eventually we would all regularly have erections as we sat with each other and as we talked about girls at school we fancied or telling tales of secret glimpses of our s****rs we would slowly rub our cocks up and down. At that time apart from the grabbing every now and then we hadn’t really felt each other’s cocks.

Although we sat like this many times as far as I was concerned we never did it enough. I loved to see their cocks as often as possible. They would like to see how big I was in relation to them and we would lay side by side on our backs with our cocks pointing skyward. This would only make me harder. I desperately wanted to hold them more than just grabbing and wanted them to hold me. I would however play with myself at home and wonder at the clear fluid that would ooze out after a few minutes. I used to rub it all over me and enjoyed the slippery feeling outside and the warm feelings inside.

At the end of the year our outdoor playing came to an end and I spent the winter thin king about the fun we had and their naked cocks. The following year just before my 14th birthday Anthony moved away leaving Peter and I to continue that summer with our naked sessions and gradually increasingly physical contact. I didn’t mind because of the two of them Peter was by far the better looking. With just the two of us it wasn’t long before we gave in to temptation and started to actually touch and feel each other’s cocks and give each other a wank. Probably not so much of a wank as just rubbing each other up and down. I loved the feeling of his small fingers around my cock.

Because his penis was still small I only used to hold him in two fingers and my thumb but I loved the feel of his stiff hard inner core as the skin of his shaft rippled over it when I rubbed up and down. I especially loved to pull back his foreskin and reveal his little helmet. He would giggle when I did this and watch intently as I slipped the skin back and forth over his helmet. We began to feel each other as often as we could whenever we could, at the back of the school bus and even in the school toilets. Looking back now I have to admit I suppose I had a crush on him. He was good-looking, small, slim, athletic and fair faced with no facial hair as yet and hardly any on his body.

That summer I went on holiday and missed playing with him. While I was away I would lie on my bed and pretend he was rubbing me and dreamt up what we were to soon call our ‘game’. When I returned I explained it to him and we started playing.

In our houses we would take it in turns to lie back on our sofa or bed and take each other’s trousers off and play with the others penises. Very similar to before but a sense of control had crept in because one of us was fully clothed and the other half naked. At the time that twist on the situation did not mean anything but I was aware that I was becoming more aroused and regularly oozing more and more precum fluid.

I used to love unbuckling his belt, loosening his trousers and pulling them down to expose his underpants. He would lift his bum to help me. His erection would be visible in his small underpants and these I would slowly pull down to reveal him completely. Then I would rub him up and down a little before easing his foreskin back and wanking him slowly. Propped on his elbows he would be smiling all the time as I felt him.

When he did it to me the sensations were wonderful. I shall eternally remember lying half naked in front of him with my trousers half down his small hand bobbing up and down with a cheeky grin on his face as he stared at my cock. I never wanted him to stop.

We continued to talk about girls and would say things like ‘just imagine this is so and so rubbing you’, and we laughed and joked about our s****rs doing it to us as well.

Then came the most memorable of days. We were in my bedroom and we agreed to play the game. However I wanted to go a little further.

I started the game by saying, “C’mon you go first”, and as Peter went to lay back on the bed I pulled his T-shirt off over his head. He didn’t resist and I was pleased as he lay back with his torso exposed in full. As he awaited my attention I pulled off my T-shirt as well. Then as usual I undid his jeans and removed his trousers, but this time completely and threw them on the floor.

He lay before me with a big smile on his face propped up on my pillows his hands just resting on his underpants almost as if he was being shy and didn’t want me to do what he knew was coming next. But I hooked my fingers into the waist of his pants and pulled them slowly down over his hips. Raising his bottom and then lifting his legs I pulled the pants down and took them off completely off. He was fully naked before me. I spread his legs and immediately I took his swollen little cock in my hand pulled back his foreskin and started to wank him. His nakedness with me almost fully clothed was an incredible turn on and I could feel my cock swelling in my trousers.

He was loving it and moaned softly saying how nice it was that I was rubbing his cock. I must have wanked him for a good four or five minutes my eyes continually focused on the soft skin of his penis repeatedly rolling back and forth on the inner core of his swollen shaft over onto and off his shiny helmet.

I stopped and he knew that was his invitation to do the same to me.

He got of the bed and I lay down. This time with me propped on the pillows he undid my belt, pulled down my zip and with my encouragement because it was what I had done took my trousers right off. As I helped him take them off by raising my bottom my cock was standing up like a tent pole in my underpants. I spread my legs so he could sit between them

“Oh my God you look huge”, he said looking at my pants.

He reached forward and squeezed my erection through my pants for a few seconds looking at me and giggling as ever with a smile on his face. Oh Christ his squeeze felt so so good. He then motioned to pull down my pants. I brought my legs together lifting my bottom so he could drag my underpants down and then I raised my legs vertically in the air so he could pull my pants up and take them of. As he did this my entrapped cock sprung into view and fell back onto my stomach after being trapped by the waist elastic.

“ Wow you are big today” he said.

I felt I had the biggest erection I had ever known. It felt so so hard and swollen. I had dropped my legs either side of Peter again and he sat naked between my open thighs. He took hold of my cock with his right hand and laid his left on my thigh. My cock was so engorged and felt longer and longer each second as he took hold of it his small fingers wrapping themselves around it. It lay back slightly elevated over my stomach pointing at my face exposing my tight hard balls and hooking his hand underneath he raised it to a vertical position. I felt the muscles in my groin tighten and my cock twitch in his hands.

We were both completely naked. I was almost in a trance the feelings of arousal were so strong

“Youre very hard”’ he said giggling and he held me and started to wank me.

He started slowly but soon was doing it rhythmically and quickly.

Something was different. I was beginning to feel numb and almost drowsy as he carried on wanking me. I felt so good being nude with him sitting between my legs. My cock was beginning to ooze more precum than it had before and Peter did not seem to object to it lubricating his actions

‘Uugh you’re very sticky’, he said looking at my juices on his fingers.

After a few minutes we would usually stop. He stopped now. But I could not imagine him stopping and pleaded with him to carry on.

He did for a few moments and again he wanted to stop but I said, “No don’t stop, go on”.

He carried on and my mind was a blur as I looked at his small hand around my prick and his smiling boyish face close by rhythmically moving as he pumped my penis up and down, I could feel his left hand gripping my thigh.

Yet again he wanted to stop but I said, “Don’t stop Peter, don’t stop”

I think he was getting tired and he slowed down. I was so pent up I just said again,

“No please you mustn’t stop… go faster, go faster, please please don’t stop!”

He must have sensed some urgency in my voice because he did just that and wanked me as fast as he could, his hand positively flying up and down my shaft.

And then it happened. My balls felt as if they were shrinking and turning inside out, my stomach churned inside me and my prick started to pulse. From somewhere inside a gush of ivory white cream shot from my prick up into the air and with the action of his pumping spiralling like a ribbon in a breeze landing on my stomach and arms. It was followed by another and another my cock twitching furiously. My legs involuntarily closed around him causing a sensation in my groin I was to enjoy so often in the future, being wanked with my legs held apart

Peter and I didn’t quite realise what was happening. I hadn’t quite finished and he stopped wanking me. We watched the last few emissions of my cum ooze out onto my cock and run down onto my stomach and he said’ “Oh my God is that spunk”.

We didn’t call it cum then, as that was a word we were not familiar with. We just looked at it, thick blobs of the stuff laying in pools on my stomach. I put my fingers into it to feel it and I told him it felt really nice but he didn’t want to touch it or me again that day and I sat up and wiped myself clean my cock still very hard and erect as I did so. I got dressed tucking my softening cock into my pants and believe it or not we just went out to play in the fields. I couldn’t get what had happened out of my mind.

The rest of that year we played our game many times. I especially enjoyed taking his trousers off and would wank him for a long time. I loved the feel of his smaller smooth uncircumcised cock in my fingers and always liked drawing the foreskin back off the helmet. I never actually made him cum and in all the time we spent together over the following months he never did. On the other hand I did on many occasions. In fact every time we played the game I would cum and he, thankfully, enjoyed making me cum.

We would do it in our houses, outside in the fields, in the school toilets but I would always have to wipe myself clean as he wouldn’t touch it. The swimming pool changing rooms was a favourite as we didn’t have to wipe anything up. We would both be naked with erections and we would get up on the wooden bench at the back of the cubicle and standing beside me he would wank me. I told him when I was going to cum and he would spray the cubicle floor. When I was finished and we got ready to go in the pool we would get down off the bench and rub the cum off the floor onto our feet and onto each other’s feet before leaving.

One time in my house when I was wanking him I tried to take things yet further. I put my face right beside his penis and was just about to kiss him. He must have sensed this and said, “No I don’t fancy that”. He dressed and left and it was a while before we played the game again and then very quickly we stopped altogether.

Suffice to say in those young days I would spend every available moment wanking and enjoying the experience of orgasm. By myself I was wanking more and more in private. Enjoying the numbness and the contractions in the base of my cock as I ejaculated.

I loved the look, texture and smell of the cum and would rub it over my cock after cumming until it bcame bubbly and frothy. It was to be some years before I actually tasted it. A wonderful taste and texture that I still like

Since then I have thought of Peter many times. Even now when I have a wank I can encourage a really good orgasm by speeding up and repeating the words’ “Don’t stop Peter, don’t stop, please don’t stop Peter, go faster, go faster Peter”.

Over the years I have fantasised many times about giving Peter an orgasm and taking him in my mouth. Or for that matter any other good looking young men. I would love to suck a cock to climax and feel the cum fill my mouth

I wonder if anybody else has similar recollections. I would love to hear them. Email me on
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1 year ago
same here, but different. Boy Scout camps for me and many of the boys in my small town. learning to jerk, comparing sizes, who could cum first, etc.
2 years ago
great story, reminds me of a buddy of mine, i would sleep over alot and we would play..
3 years ago
has the ring of truth about it.Wish I'd had a friend like Peter when I learned to wank
4 years ago
love your stories man, you got me wanking hard
4 years ago
great story of young kids exploring,which we ALL did.well written,and gave me a real boner.
you might wanna check my stories out!
4 years ago
Great adventure there. Brings back memories of my youth. My friend and I also got into sucking but never all the way. Now I deeply wish we had. I often wonder if I could find him if he would be willing to cum in my mouth? Makes me hard just thinking about it!