Pretty Mona

Mona had been used by men almost all her life. It started with her father then his friends and now her mean but powerful boyfriend. When she was just twelve her father told her he was taking her away for the day. He took her to his office which was closed and locked the door behind them. He removed all her clothes then pulled his pants down. He told her to lick her daddy's cock and his balls. She was afraid not to do as he said as she knew he had a mean temper.As she licked his cock and balls he then took her head and told her to suck the tip of his cock as she rubbed her tongue over it. She got her first taste of cum that day. As she licked the tip of his cock and sucked he emptied a huge load of cum in her mouth which she was told to swallow.

Her father then spread her legs and rubbed her young pussy. He knew he could not get his cock in her so he finger fucked her first. Even that was painful for the c***d. He showed no mercy as he wanted to get her so he could push his cock in her. Once a week he brought her to his office to play with her dad. So far he was finger fucking her but today he brought a hot dog weiner. He spread her legs and inserted the weiner in her hole. She was tight but her got six inches in her and fucked her with the meat as he rubbed her clit. He watched her pussy pulse and knew soon he would get his cock in her.

A week later at the office, he had her straddle his lap and he aimed his cock to her pussy hole and began to push her down on it. She screamed as the thick cock entered her tight hole but her father kept pushing. He slapped her face and told her to shut up and get used to being fucked. He knew once he get his cock in her and fuck her then he would not have to bring here to the office and could fuck her at home and in the car and many places when they were alone. He got his big cock in her and gave her a brutal fucking. He let her rest then fucked her again before the ride home. During the ride home he pushed her face to his cock to suck as he put a finger deep into her sore hole.

Her father stared fucking her any time they were alone and soon she just got used to him removing her panties and shoving his cock in her. A ride in the car meant she would be sucking his cock till he found a parking place to stop and fuck her at least twice. When she began to develop tits he refused to let her wear a bra as he liked to be able to reach under her top and play with her tits and nipples. By fifteen she had nice full tits.

One evening he had her in his office fucking her on the couch and did not realize the office manager was in the building and he walked in and caught them. He watched them for a few minutes and her father made a deal with him that he could fuck the young girl to keep him quiet. Then once a week she went to the office with her father for a 3some with the two men. She would have one cock in her pussy as she sucked the other one. One night she had been fucked almost six times and was covered in cum when the other man bent her over a desk chair and pushed his cock in her ass. She screamed with the pain but the man laughed and seemed to enjoy seeing her ass stretched. To him she was a cheap whore he could fuck for free. Her father held his hand over her mouth so she could not scream as the man fucked her ass. Then the father took his turn at ass fucking. When they let her go home she was full of cum and so sore she could hardly walk.

A year later she met a good looking sexy man and one night she told him about how her father treated her and let his friend fuck her every week. The boy friend took her away and little did she know her life as a whore was just beginning. One night he took her to a biker bar and in less then an hour he had her out in the car sucking cock as they paid him. After that he would meet men in a parking lot and send her to their car to suck the men. She never got any of the money and some nights she sucked a dozen men. Then they started going to a sleazy hotel and she was now fucking men her boyfriend brought in. he would stand her naked in the room of the hotel when the men arrived and they would then take her to the bedroom. Each man got forty minutes and then he cleaned her for the next man. This went on most of the night.

One Saturday night he sold her to three football players and they bought three hours with her. She was fucked and made to suck their cocks. They bit her tits and spanked her ass and she learned how a whore gets no respect. They would hold her over a cock and bounce her on it letting the cock go deep in her pussy. These were big men with huge cocks. They would shove a cock down her throat and fuck her mouth till she gagged and almost puked. When they shoved a big cock in her ass she thought they would split her and they fucked her hard then the next took a turn. When they left her she could not walk.

Her boyfriend was mad that she could not fuck any more that night and took the light cord and beat her till she had welts over her ass, back and tits. Then he fucked her as she screamed wanting him to quit. He then bit her tit leaving teeth marks. He walked her naked to the car not caring who saw her. She was f***ed to suck his cock on the way home.

Her boyfriend pimped her out for three years. He dressed her in see thru tops and short skirts that showed her bare ass and took her to bars or stood her on a street corner. He fingered her pussy in public so the men would know she was a slut. He let the men take her to the bathroom or back room for a fuck any way they wanted. One night he lifted her skirt and asked the men if they had ever seen a better cunt. He spread her legs showing the men her clit and hole. Then he finger fucked her till she would cum. He layed her on the pool table raised her top so her tits were bare and spread her legs and let any man who wanted to pay fuck her right there. A group of men stood around the pool table with their cocks out and he made her crawl to each one and suck their cocks and swallow the cum as he spanked her ass. Some men were fingering her ass and pussy as she sucked and then crawled to the next. By now she was almost naked.

They were almost ready to close when one big guy brought a woman in and said he would pay to see the two females put on a show. he stripped the lady naked and sat her on the table. She was a lesbian whore and wasted no time grabbing the girl and sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Then she shoved the girl on her back and began to eat her pussy as the guys held her legs spread far apart. The young girl soon was cumming as the lady licked and tongued her pussy. Then the men shoved the young girl to the lady's pussy and held her head there till she began to lick the pussy and watch the lady cum. They switched the two girls back and forth watching the pussy licking and fingering. The woman then sat on the young girls face and rubbed her pussy all over her face as the girl licked. Her face was smeared with cum. The two girls put on a show for a couple hours and even got fucked by a couple men.

The men all made arrangements next week to bring more women and let them put on another show. That night the boyfriend fucked the young girl all night. Watching her with that woman made his cock so hard. He couldn't wait till next week and turn her loose with the whores they were going to bring.

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1 year ago
very good
3 years ago
how wonderfully-horrible
that is exactly the kind of life Rachel, a character in one of my stories, was destined for. Until she fell in with some vampires.
3 years ago
Very nice.
3 years ago
Very nice to see inside your mind..Thanks for sharing and I look for more from you
3 years ago
its really good