One Long Day

She was a street whore but was very popular as she loved it kinky. She would do most anything to earn her fee. She kept herself up and had a sexy body. A man had pierced her nipples and her pussy lips. She had four hoops thru the pussy lips. Sometimes she conected them with delicate chains. Men got turned on seeing the chains and she loved when they tugged on them with their teeth.

Tonight she was going to a party with a young man. It was a private sex party and they were her favorite. In the car the man told her to strip. He then pulled on the nipple hoops till she was sitting close to him. He told her "Unzip my pants and take my cock out." When she got his cock out she smiled as he had a hoop pierced thru the tip. He laughed and told her
"Suck my cock and I want your ass in the air so I may finger you as you suck. Take your teeth and pull on my hoop before you suck. I love it pulled." She grabbed the hoop thru his cock and pulled and licked it for several minutes before he moaned and shoved her head down to take the cock deep in her mouth. He then yelled "Suck me hard." As she sucked his cock which was very thick he then put two fingers into her pussy hole. He fingered her deep and fast as she sucked his hard cock. When he was ready to cum he held her head down tight to his cock and filled her mouth with cum.

He pulled her head up and told her to sit with her legs spread. He reached over and played with her pussy hoops. He put his little finger in a hoop as he pushed his two fingers in her pussy. With his fingers wet he then put his fingers in her ass. He roughly finger fucked her ass as they drove to the party. When they pulled up at the house, she saw it was a huge three story home. There were several cars in the drive and many men and women walking in. All the women were naked as she was. The rich gave very good and wild sex parties.

Her man then pulled his fingers from her ass and told her "I have a surprise for you. I want you to look exotic when we walk in." He then shoved a butt plug in her ass which had a hoop on the end. He attached a fine chain to the hoop and then connected the chain to one of her pussy hoops. They chain hung down several inches and she could feel it on the inside of her thigh. Then he hooked two chains to each nipple hoop and brought them down to her pussy hoops and connected them. The last thing he did was hook a heavier chain to a pussy hoop and he held on to that one like a leash. He said to her "Now I can keep you close to me." He then fastened the end of the leash to his belt buckle.

When they walked into the party every one looked at the chains on the young whore. Several of the nude women had piercings but no chains. She was going to be very popular tonight. A man walked up to them and pulled lightly on the chains to her nipples. He looked at her man and said "Mark, you have outdone your self tonight. You are keeping your whore close so you may watch us fuck her." He then bent over and sucked each of her nipples before he ran his tongue down one chain to where it was attached to her pussy. He licked the chains at her pussy and grabbed each one with his teeth. He then told Mark to bring her to his table.

At his table were three naked but sexy women who were also street whores. He told Mark to lay his whore on the table so she may entertain him. When she was laid on the table they spread her legs wide and the man began to finger her pussy as the others watched. He had three fingers in her pussy fucking her when he stopped and grabbed one of his whores and pushed her face to the girls pussy. "Lick her clit and suck it and then tongue fuck her cunt. I want to see lots of tongue in her pussy." He then looked at Mark and told him. "Pull your cock out and let your whore suck you as my girls enjoy her sweet pussy." Mark pulled out his cock and the girl began to suck him. She licked his cock and his balls then took him deep to her throat and sucked him as the other whore licked and tongue fucked her.

When Mark had filled her mouth with cum the man came over and rammed his cock in her mouth and told her to "Suck my huge cock cum slut." She gave him a good hard cock sucking and felt his cock enter her throat. She loved sucking cock and was very good at it. She had even sucked a twelve inch cock last week and it was wonderful. Two other men came over when they saw how good she could suck cock. By the time they would let her quit she had sucked eight cocks. She had cum dripping down the side of her face.

Mark then stood her up and removed the plug from her ass and unhooked her from his belt buckle. They then tied her hands and put them over her head and fastened her to a hook in the ceiling. The man told her "You have a nice ass. First we shall spank it then we shall fuck it. You have nice tits too. Big and firm for all my guests to suck. Tonight you will be the main attraction at my party." He then had two men begin to suck on her huge nipples as her got the belt and began to spank her ass. Every one could hear the belt smack as it whipped her sexy ass. The two men sucked her tits and fingered fucked her cunt as the man whipped her ass. The pain and the fingering turned her on like she had never felt before. She kept cumming and cumming loving the pleasure of pain and sex.

After fifty lashes with the belt the man told the crowd. "I think this whore loves spanking and fingering. She really was turned on. We will save more spanking for later. Now it is time to fuck this street lady like she has never been fucked before. Each man was given the choice to fuck her cunt or her ass. When they chose her ass they got behind her and wrapped their arms around her and pushed their cock into her ass as they played with her tits pulling and tugging the sexy chains and hoops. She was so full of cum from both holes it was running down her legs and onto the floor. Mark had chosen the right whore for this party tonight.

Then the man told them that he was going to fuck her in her cunt as Mark would spank her ass. He knew the whore loved the pain with the pleasure of fucking.He dropped his pants and every one looked at his monster cock. It was at least eleven inches long and thicker than they had ever seen. He looked at the whore and asked her "Are you ready for my jumbo cock? You are going to enjoy the pleasure of this big thing in your cunt as your ass is whipped. I want to see you cum hard as I fuck you for an hour." He then pushed his cock all the way in her cunt as every one watched making the young whore scream as Mark was then given the word to begin whipping her with the belt. Every time the belt hit her already raw ass the man would ram his cock in hard. She had never been fucked so hard with such a huge cock but the pain and the fucking was really turning her on. The crowd watched as she was whipped and fucked deep. Each time she came she let out a loud scream. She did not want the erotic pleasure to stop. The man fucked her like a maniac pulling almost out then plunging in deep as the belt hit her ass. He was true to his word and fucked her for an hour before he filled her with a huge load of cum.

By the time he pulled his cock out of her, her ass was raw and had many welts on it. The man took a handfull of cum and rubbed it over her ass. "That should help your fucking ass. I want you here next week and I know you will be here as you really get off on the whipping and fucking. You also were able to take my big cock in that nice cunt of yours. So we shall have more fun next week end too. Maybe make it last all three days if your ass can take that much whipping. If not I have more ways to give you pain as I fuck you till you scream." He then leaned over and bit her big tit and smiled and walked away. She was going to love coming back. She had never been so turned on.
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1 year ago
very good
3 years ago
Sounds like she really gets off on the pain and then the fucking. Love the idea of all the hoops on her body to be teased and pleased with....