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She was sitting in the small cafe drinking a Coke. She wore a tight skimpy tank top which her huge breasts pulled across the fabric. No bra and no panties. Her mini skirt was short and tight. She was young and very sexy. Long waist length brown hair. Today she was man hunting and men hung out in this cafe. She wanted a tough sexy horny guy.

As she sat, a man walked to her and rubbed her neck and looked her over. He liked the looks of this young sexy pretty girl with the huge firm tits. He was hard just looking at her as he took a finger and ran it across the top of her tits and down her cleavage. She smiled at him as she told her "You have a great set of lungs." He ran his finger under her top and down to her nipple. As he touched the round marble it got hard and both poked against the thin tank top. He played with her tits for a bit fascinated with the size on this young girl. He then grabbed a cube of ice from her drink and rubbed her neck and across her chest watching the ice melt and run down the front of her. Then he rubbed the ice over the thin tank top across her nipples making the fabic almost see thru.

She took his other hand and put it on her leg and smiled at him like he knew what she expected. He rubbed her bare leg getting close to her naked pussy. She spread her legs for him and his hand cupped her bald pus. He kissed across her chest as his fingers explored her pussy. She looked at his mouth as he kissed her plunging his tongue in deep as she sucked it. She whispered against his lips "finger me now!" He then pushed a finger in her pussy hole and liked the feel of how tight it was. He murmurred against her lips, "Do you like that baby? Do you like that finger in your tight hole? You are so warm and wet and so tight." She then closed her legs tight against his finger in her wet love hole.

He told her "Open your legs wide. I have a surprise for you that you will like." As she spread her legs again, he took the ice and rubbed it over her clit till she shivered then to the tight hole where his finger just left. He then pushed the ice into her hole and with a finger shoved it in deep. He kept his finger inside her as his thumb rubbed her clit and kissed her mouth as he felt her shiver and cum for him. He grinned and said "I knew you would like that. You are very willing to try new things aren't you sexy girl?" His other hand cupped her large tit and he watched his caressing make the big globes bounce up and down.

He then stepped close to her and told her "Put your hand down my pants and feel my hard cock." As she reached in and grabbed his cock he whispered to her "Do you want my big cock? Do you like a big cock in that tight pussy?" She answered by stroking his cock from top to bottom and rubbing his balls and then feeling the slit in the tip. He moaned loving her hand taking charge of his big member. She then grasped him tight and began to jerk him wanting him to cum in her hand. As she jerked his cock he kept his finger in her cold hole with the now melted ice cube. He tried to talk and tell her how good she made him feel but all he could do was moan and say "Yes!" It did not take him long to cum right in her hand. she cupped her hand and caught most of the cum before she pulled her hand out. She rubbed some of the cum over her lips then his and then kissed him so he could taste the cum in her mouth. She then licked the rest of the cum from her hand and coated her tongue before kissing his deep again and rubbing his own cum inside his mouth. She said against his lips, "Do you like me to feed you your cum from my tongue? Want to cum swap?"

She then pulled his finger from her pussy hole and liking it covered in her cum pushed the finger against his lips and coating them with her cum before she kissed him and tongued his mouth. He tasted her cum combined with his his and was again turned on. She then pushed his finger in his mouth and told him "Suck your finger and get my cum. I taste good don't I? I bet you want to lick my pussy with your tongue and shove it deep in my tight pussy hole. Let's go to my hotel room and let me make you beg for mercy."

They left and went up to her room. Inside the door she stripped him naked in no time at all. Then she removed her clothes as she noticed him staring at her tits and ass. She pushed him on the bed and began to kiss him as she stroked his cock. On the bed she could see he had a nice big cock.It was long and thick and very hard. She pulled it so it was standing straight up and she rubbed his balls and his cock hearing him moan. She began to kiss down his body sucking his nipples and biting them and pulling them with her teeth. She licked his belly button and his hip bones. Then she licked his hard cock as it poked in the air. "Mmmm you like that big cock licked don't you? You are very horny but I am going to take care of your needs for hours." She then began to lick the tip of his monster cock and then took the cock in her mouth and deep into her throat as she sucked hard and licked it. Just as he began to cum she heard him scream. She smiled knowing she had hit his tender spot.

As his cum filled her mouth she climbed on top of him and went to his mouth and kissed him with a deep tongue kiss shoving a huge amount of his cum in his mouth. She told him "Don't swallow it yet. Feed it back to me." He then pushed his cum back to her mouth. "Oh yes, you do taste good. Now lick your cum off my tongue". She then stuck out her coated tongue and he obeyed and licked the cum from her. She kissed him again and took the cum back and swallowed it but still leaving the taste in her mouth.

She pushed his head to her tits and he began to suck on them going back and forth. She laughed and squealed, "You are a great tittie baby. You do love titties don't you?" He looked up at her with a nipple between his teeth and told her "Only because you have such huge firm sexy tits. I love to suck and taste them." She pushed his head lower and moaned to him "Now taste my pussy. You will love my sweet pussy." He licked down to her pussy where she had spread her legs and he kissed her clit before he grabbed it between his teeth then began to suck it. As he sucked the clit he felt her cum for him. Still sucking her clit he told her "You smell so good. Now get ready as I lick that fuck hole and make you cum for me." He moved to her pussy hole and began to lick all around it fast then slow. Soon she was cumming for him and he then pushed his tongue into the wet warm hole. He felt her grip his tongue as she came multi times. He licked and sucked her cum from her tight hole then moved to her mouth.

"Now lets share your cum baby girl. Lick my tongue. Taste your sweet juice that I sucked form your wet hole." As she licked her cum form his tongue he then kissed her tasting her own cum on her lips and mouth. Swapping cum as she liked made his so horny. He liked the tasted of her cum and the little bit of his cum. This young girl was sexy and full of surprises. She had a thirst for sex and he could not wait to plunge his big cock in her tight hole. He wanted to fuck her all night and he was sure she would be wild as he fucked her deep and hard. He whispered in her ear, "Are you ready to be fucked in all your holes with my big cock? I am going to cover you in my cum and lick it off then fuck you more.

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1 year ago
Does it for me! Shame my cafe isn't frequented by such girls.... or maybe it is but because I don't have a big cock, I don't know about it!!
3 years ago
made me hard