Sara had come in late from her date. She quietly went to her room and when she opened the door her dad was there waiting for her. He yelled at her "You are late. Have you been fucking that boy again? You have turned into quite a whore haven't you? Take off your clothes and be fast. I am going to punish you like a whore again." As Sara took off her clothes and stood before her dad she knew she was in big trouble. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He shoved a finger into her cunt and said to her "Yes, your cunt is wet. Do you like a cock in that hole? Do you like to be fucked? Well, now you will be punished and punished hard." He then took off his belt and began to whip her with it. He pulled her across his lap and kept whipping her hard leaving welts and bruises. "You are a whore just like your mother and I am going to show you how I used to punish her when she was out fucking around." Sara had heard her dad abuse her mom before the mom ran away. He would beat her ass and tits with his belt till the mom could not stand.

After he whipped Sara's ass for a long time he then picked up a plastic ruler and began to spank her pussy. He knew hitting the pussy lips would really hurt and sting and he held her legs down as her whipped her hard. When he had beat her pussy hard enough he stood her and told her "Put your arms up over your head and don't bring them down till I say or I will really punish you. I am going to show you how a whore is treated." He then took the ruler and grabbed a tit by the nipple and then began hitting other tit leaving big red welts all over the flesh of her tit. Then he did the same to the other tit till it was red and had even bigger welts. He said to her "Get on the bed on your hands and knees. Stick that asshole up in the air." As Sara got on her hands and knees her dad took all his clothes off. He then got on the bed behind her ass and spread her ass cheeks. He took a finger and circled her ass hole. Then he pushed a finger in her. He finger fucked her deep then added another finger and kept finger fucking her and adding a finger till he had all four in her stretched ass. He fucked her ass with four fingers then pushed two in her cunt and fucked that hole too. He kept fucking her with his fingers till he had four fingers in both holes. Then he really fucked her hard lifting her off the bed as he rammed her holes.

He said to her "Now my young whore, are you ready for some cock? I am going to fuck that dirty cunt till it is raw. Then I am going to spank that ass and fuck you more. Tonight will be a long night of spanking and fucking. From now on you will be my little whore and I am going to fuck that nasty cunt any time I want it." He then pushed every inch of his huge cock into her cunt and began to fuck her hard. He kept the fingers in her ass and was cock fucking the cunt as he finger fucked her ass. He fucked her a long time wanting to be sure she was sore before he pulled out and got the belt again. He then gave her twenty lashes with the belt on her already sore ass then he shoved his cock into her cunt and began fucking her again. He always took a pill to make him be able to fuck for hours and tonight was no exception. The sun was starting to come up before he let her lay down and he quit fucking her.

He put a collar around her neck and lead her naked to the kitchen. He was also naked and sat on a chair and told her "Get down on your knees and suck my cock. I want to teach you to take every inch of this monster. I like to watch a bitch take this cock down their throat. Once you can get it all the way in then I will have you suck me every time I eat. I love it sucked all during my meals." She got on her knees in front of him and he grabbed her head and shoved his cock in her mouth. He pushed it in deep then pulled it out doing this over and over. "Get used to sucking my big cock." He kept forcing it down her throat watching her gag but would not quit. He kept at it for over an hour and then he pulled her up and told her "That was good for the first time. We will do this a lot and get you to be a good little cock sucking whore. I am going to keep you naked so I can keep your ass and tits well spanked and then fuck you any time I need a piece of ass or pussy. Now sit up here on the table in front of me and spread those legs and let me see that snatch. I am going to suck on your clit and make you cum like my slut should." Sara spread her legs wide as her dad sucked on her clit making her cum several times. Then he shoved two fingers in her cunt as he sucked her clit and finger fucked her making her sore cunt burn but cum.

When he finally let her rest he told her "Shower and clean up. I want to fuck again soon. I have a whole closet full of toys for us to play with. You will love them."
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very good
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