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[Story] Pleasure

I just got home when I heard the shower running. I opened the door and undressed and got in with mom. I told her "I bet you need me to get that pussy all clean. Spread your legs and let me clean you." As mom spread her legs I soaped my finger with a lot of suds. I then began to rub all over her pussy spreading the lips and getting every crease of her sexy pus. She began to moan when I gave her clit a very good cleaning. Then I soaped up again and shoved fingers in her love hole. She moaned and told me "Yes, do that deeper. I need that dirty cunt cleaned good. Clean that nasty hole." I really w... Continue»
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[Story] Punished

Sara had come in late from her date. She quietly went to her room and when she opened the door her dad was there waiting for her. He yelled at her "You are late. Have you been fucking that boy again? You have turned into quite a whore haven't you? Take off your clothes and be fast. I am going to punish you like a whore again." As Sara took off her clothes and stood before her dad she knew she was in big trouble. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He shoved a finger into her cunt and said to her "Yes, your cunt is wet. Do you like a cock in that hole? Do you like to be fucked? Well, now ... Continue»
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[Story] Pretty Mona

Mona had been used by men almost all her life. It started with her father then his friends and now her mean but powerful boyfriend. When she was just twelve her father told her he was taking her away for the day. He took her to his office which was closed and locked the door behind them. He removed all her clothes then pulled his pants down. He told her to lick her daddy's cock and his balls. She was afraid not to do as he said as she knew he had a mean temper.As she licked his cock and balls he then took her head and told her to suck the tip of his cock as she rubbed her tongue over it. She g... Continue»
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[Story] Daddy's Baby

Jill was just s*******n and quite a beauty. She was the youngest of the fifteen c***dren with nice firm tits and a cute round ass. Three of her s****rs had added c***dren to the f****y and all fathered by their daddy. Daddy had now decided it was Jill's turn to carry his c***d. He would now be sl**ping in her bed till she was knocked up with his baby.

Her mom took her and bathed her and put her in the bed naked and uncovered. She layed by jill and let her huge tits hang over her face. Jill reached up and fondled the big tit. Her mom placed the tit next to her mouth and Jill began to suck a... Continue»
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[Story] One Long Day

She was a street whore but was very popular as she loved it kinky. She would do most anything to earn her fee. She kept herself up and had a sexy body. A man had pierced her nipples and her pussy lips. She had four hoops thru the pussy lips. Sometimes she conected them with delicate chains. Men got turned on seeing the chains and she loved when they tugged on them with their teeth.

Tonight she was going to a party with a young man. It was a private sex party and they were her favorite. In the car the man told her to strip. He then pulled on the nipple hoops till she was sitting close to ... Continue»
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[Story] The window

My neighbor likes to look into my house all the time. Our houses are just a few feet apart so he can see in real good. I started to give him a show by walking naked past the window he can see from his house. First I would just walk by but then I began to stand naked in front of it. I could see him watching me over at his house which was next door.

I got a big charge putting on a show for him so I planned things to do to entertain him. I started with a dance shaking my tits and my ass. I could see him with a hand down the front of his jeans and he was really jacking that cock off. Next I pu... Continue»
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[Story] Hot sexy day


She was sitting in the small cafe drinking a Coke. She wore a tight skimpy tank top which her huge breasts pulled across the fabric. No bra and no panties. Her mini skirt was short and tight. She was young and very sexy. Long waist length brown hair. Today she was man hunting and men hung out in this cafe. She wanted a tough sexy horny guy.

As she sat, a man walked to her and rubbed her neck and looked her over. He liked the looks of this young sexy pretty girl with the huge firm tits. He was hard just looking at her as he took a finger and ran it across the top... Continue»
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[Story] Twin hubby


She loved her married life. She married a man who had an identical twin b*****r, and both of them lived with her and slept with her. It was a wonderful time. On the honeymoon they did not leave their hotel room. Why would she when she was bedded down with two ten inch cocks? Her fav was when Mat was fucking her pussy and Mik had his cock down her throat. It was almost as good as a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass.

Last night they started with Mat eating her pussy for over an hour while Mik sucked her big... Continue»
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