Kari was waiting for him to get home. She knew when he walked in the door he would want her body. He had a high sex drive and could not get enough of her. Lately he was interested in kink and bondage. He had bought a lot of sex toys and costumes for her. He loved dressing her in sexy revealing clothes. He took her dancing Saturday in a short silky dress that was low cut to her nipples. He would not let her wear any underwear and her dress barely covered her ass. Every guy was watching her sexy body as he danced with her. He loved showing off her tits and ass.

Tonight he was taking her to a sex club. He told her he had a new outfit for her and was excited to see her in it. She heard him pull into the driveway and soon he came in the door and grabbed her. He kissed her deep and tongued her mouth and ran his hands over her tits and ass. He pulled her top off and kisssed and sucked her huge tits. He sucked the nipples till they were big and hard as he liked them. He slid her pants off and fingered her clit just before he two fingered her cunt. She spread her legs for him giving him more access to her wet hole. She undid his pants and slid them down and grabbed his cock. She loved stroking his big long cock. He was quite endowed and all man. She slid down to her knees and cupped his balls and took his cock into her mouth. He had taught her to be a great cocksucker and taking his long thick cock was an easy task for her. He looked down and watched her mouth go up and down on his cock. He had never had a woman suck cock like she could. Most could not handle his big member. As she sucked him and took him deep he felt his cock tingle and he grabbed her head and held his cock deep into her throat as she knew to now suck hard. He was buried in her throat as she sucked and soon felt him give her the huge load of warm cum.

He then picked her up and sat her on the back of the couch as he spread her legs to see her pink pussy. His fingers rolled her clit between two as he thrust three fingers into her cunt and began to fuck her as she moaned and let him feel her cum. He then grabbed her clit with his teeth and bit and sucked her as he kept finger fucking her wet hole. He heard her scream "cock" and he smiled and said to her "You want my big cock in that nice wet cunt? Beg me for it. Tell me how much you need cock. Make me want to fuck you." She then began to beg "Please fuck me with that hard cock. Fill my cunt with your shaft. Fuck me hard. Hurt me. I want it all. fuck me now." He pulled his fingers from her cunt and pulled her to the edge of the couch and rammed his cock in her hole. He pushed every long inch into her and began to fuck her hard. He grabbed her by her ass cheeks and pounded her cunt. He loved having his cock into her wet cunt. He loved fucking his sexy woman over and over. He then said to her "Talk to me. Tell me what you want." She then told him "Fuck me hard with that big cock. Push it deep in my wet cunt. Show me how you like to fuck me. Talk dirty to me. Tell me I am your whore."

He laughed and said to her "Yes, you are my sexy whore. i like to fuck you like the slut you are. I am going to fuck you and take you and show off your sexy cunt to all the men tonight. I want to see their faces as they lust for your pussy. you will be the sexiest bitch at the party tonight. Now fuck my cock like a street whore." he fucked her for a long time before he took her to the shower and washed and dried her then began to glitter her body. He applied glue to her tits and covered them with jewels. Then on each nipple he stuck a big diamond. He did the same to her pussy lips. He put three gold balls conected by a ribbon into her cunt and left some of the ribbon dangling. He did the same to her ass hole. He tied a bell to the end of each ribbon that jingled when she moved. He covered her ass cheeks with glitter. He then put a very shirt skirt on her that just covered her ass as she moved. Then any one would see her glittered ass and the ribbons with the bells on them. He put a top on her that was see thru. This showed off her jeweled tits. The finishing touch was extremely high heels. She now looked the part of his whore. She loved playing the part of his whore.

He put her in front of a mirror to show her how she looked. He told her "Now you look like a high class whore. My whore. Your ass and cunt will jingle as you walk and your tits will glitter along with your ass. Look at your beautiful tits. I hope you feel like a whore for me tonight."

Then they got into a limo and went to the club. As they walked in every one could hear the soft jingle of the bells making them stare at her sexy body. As she walked they could see the cheeks of her glittered ass. Every man had his eye on her. She sat on the chair he chose for her and he pulled her skirt up and spread her legs. He said to her "Do you like to show your pussy? Look at the men staring at my sexy whore. They all want to fuck you and I am the only one that gets to put my cock in your cunt. You already have my cock rock hard just watching these men stare at your tits and pussy." He then kissed her tonguing her mouth. He then kissed down her neck and to the top of each tit careful not to dislodge the jewels. He kissed each diamond glued to each nipple then ran his tongue down between her tits. She was a beautiful girl and he loved her big tits and sexy ass.

There were many naked girls at this club and men were kissing and feeling them. One table had a latin girl who was laying and fucking any man that came over. One girl was eating another girl's pussy as the men cheered. A very old man had a young girl and she looked about twenty, fifty years younger than him. She was sitting on his lap naked and he was sucking her tits and had a finger in her cunt and in her ass. Every time she would cum he would pull his finger out and rub the cum on her lips then kiss her or lick the cum off and then continue finger fucking her. There was men with men, women with women, groups, orgies, gang bangs and any thing goes at the club.

Then the lights dimmed and they brought out a seasoned whore with huge saggy tits. The man then tied her to a bench with her legs spread and raised. He put clamps on each big nipple and two on her pussy lips. He put a gag ball in her mouth. He then picked up a bottle of champagne and began to push it in her cunt. The crowd watched her cunt swallow the big bottle. When he had most of it in her he fucked her with it till she was moaning and begging for more. He then inserted a can of beer in her hole. He pushed it in till it disappeared. Then he took a bottle of wine and began to shove it in her ass with the can of beer still in her cunt. The whore moaned as the bottle went deep and then the man began to play with her clit till she was screaming and cumming and the can of beer popped out. Cum was running out of her hole and the man picked up a baseball bat and began to insert it into her cunt. He was able to get it in but it was painful to the whore and then he fucked her hard with it. Every stroke got the bat in further and he fucked her harder. He began fucking her ass with the bottle as he fucked her cunt. She had both holes being ravaged.

Next he removed the bat and bottle and brought out a long stream of anal balls which were a huge size. He pushed about eight into her cunt then pushed another eight in her ass. the string was connected between her ass and cunt and he began to rub her clit making her cum. Then he spanked her pussy lips with the clamps on them. He would spank her pussy then slap her nipples with the clamps on them. He would lift her big floppy tits and slap them and let them fall back on her chest. To end the show he brought out a cane and caned her ass and pussy and tits till he had deep welts covering them. He then untied her and she bowed and left the stage with the anal balls in her cunt and ass and the clamps on her nipples and pussy lips. She got a big applause from the crowd. It showed she did this show often.

The man then began to kiss his sexy girl more. He kissed above her tits and down between them. He played with the bell in her ribbon handing out of her ass and cunt. He then kissed the diamonds on her nipples and pulled them off with his teeth and sucked on her nipples. He kept thinking about his cock wanting to be in her wet cunt and his fingers rubbed her clit. He pulled her skirt off and sat her on his lap with her legs spread wide. He told her "Put your hand in my pants and rub my cock. Make me cum." As she stroked his cock he wanted to fuck her hard as he decided as soon as she made him cum they would leave so he could fuck her in the limo all the way home. He got so excited he put a finger in her cunt with the anal balls and pushed the balls in deeper and as he finger fucked her the bells kept jingling louder. He yelled to her "Grab my cock. Squeeze it and make it cum. Show me how good you are. Do it like a whore." She jerked him till he filled her hand with cum then she rubbed the cum over his lips and kissed him and licked the cum. He smiled and said "You are better than any whore. You are a beautiful cum slut. I am going to take you home and cum in your mouth, your cunt and your ass and all over those huge tits. I am going to shove my monster cock down your throat and gag you with so much cum. Let me take you home my nasty bitch."

He walked her almost naked body from the club and when he got her in the limo he grabbed the ribbon with the balls with his teeth and pulled it from her cunt and began to eat her cunt like he had never had cunt before. She covered him with cum and then sucked his cock. He fucked her twice as the driver watched in the mirror. He waited till they got home before he removed the balls in her ass and ass fucked her for an hour. He smiled at her and said "I love you my beautiful whore. I am going to cock fuck you, tongue fuck you and finger fuck you all night. You will be my nasty cum slut and cock lover. You are such a cocksucking bitch. Now spread those legs and rub that pussy all over my face. You have a sexy cunt."
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