The Night

She knew it was getting late and he would be coming to her bedroom and making her undress. He was always naked with his big cock hard and sticking straight out at her. He started three years ago and would undress her and lick her flat tits and her bald pussy. He told her she was a "good girl" and made him feel very good. He liked her to look at his hard cock and told her she made it hard like that. He liked to rub his cock against her pussy but then he never put it inside her. He would leave a trace of cum over her as he rubbed against her sweet pus. After he licked and sucked her flat nipples he would lick down to her pussy and spread her pussy lips and lick her slit then suck her clit. He loved to kiss her fuck hole and suck on it but it took a long time before he put a finger in her. He loved to watch his finger go just a little ways in her hole. After several months he had his pinky finger in her and would then lick the finger and then lick her hole. He taught her to rub his cock and make it shoot cum. It did not take long for him to cum once she began to stroke his cock. Then she was told to lick his cock and soon she was sucking him. He would put his pinky in her as she sucked him. She started right away swallowing his cum as he shot it in her mouth.

He then began using bigger fingers to put in her fuck hole. He loved watching his finger in her cunt as she sucked on his cock. Sometimes he would lay beside her and as she sucked his cock he would suck her clit. He liked when she began to cum when he sucked and fingered her. She would cum fast when he fingered her cunt and sucked her clit. As her tits began to develop and grow he spent more time sucking them as he fingered her. He would lick the growing nipples and suck the whole tit in his mouth. He began putting two fingers in her cunt as he sucked the tits and then it was time to put his cock in her. He kissed and licked her pussy and tongued her hole getting her very wet after she came a couple times. He spread her legs wide and put the tip of his cock in her. She felt so warm and wet and tight that it took no time for him to cum. Each night he put more of the cock in her till he was able to get in her and fuck her before he would cum. He told he loved her pussy and loved that her small titties were growing bigger.

She slept naked at night now knowing he would be in to lick and suck her tits and finger her pussy or lick it before he put his cock in her. She liked seeing his cock stick out as he walked naked in her room. He told her she made it stick out as it loved being in her tight pussy. One night he was licking on her pussy and sucking her clit and then he tongue fucked her till she came several times and he sucked the cum out of her hole. He then went to her tits and started sucking them as he fingered her cunt. He loved that her tits were growing all the time and could not get enough of them. He had two fingers in her cunt fucking her as she began to move and moan and cum. He told her "Yes, let me fuck you with my fingers as I suck those tits of yours. Move your hips and fuck my fingers. Thats a girl, fuck me. Cover me with cum then I will suck it all out of you before I put my cock in you. You are so good at making me feel so good. You are a "good girl"." He felt her cum several times and then let go of her nipples and went down and sucked the cum from her. He loved how sweet she tasted and smelled. She was so good at sucking cock and fucking. He loved eating and fucking her.

He never fucked his wife any more with her sagging tits and hairy cunt. She didn't like oral sex and he craved what she would not give him. He liked the young tight pussy in the other room better than her stretched cunt any day. One day she told him she was leaving him and he could keep the girl as she wanted no responsiblity at all. This was a dream come true for him as now he could fuck the girl day and night. He was going to fuck her in every room of his house. He went to her room and told her to come naked to the f****y room. He was standing there with his cock hard and poking straight at her. He stood her in front of the mirror and got behind her and cupped her tits. He told her "See how sexy you are? Your tits are growing and getting bigger and I love them." He then ran his hands to her pussy. "Look at your pussy. You are so sexy and you have such a tight cunt for my cock to fuck." He then finger fucked her as she watched in the mirror. He then ran his finger around to her ass and fingered her ass. "Do you like my finger in your ass? Does it feel good? Would you like to feel my cock in that ass. Feel the cum fill it?" She whipsered "Yes." He then bent her over the arm of the chair and fingered her ass more and then spit on his fingers and got her asshole wet as he put the head of his cock to her opening. He pushed in slow and felt her give for him. He thought her cunt felt good but it was nothing to how her ass felt grabbing his cock.

He got most of his cock in her ass and began fucking her and he then heard her moan. "Do you like this ass fucking?" She replied "Yes. It does feel so good. Fuck me harder." And he did. He fucked her like he was r****g her ass. He heard her scream and knew she was cumming for him. He then ran his hand to her pussy and began to finger fuck her till he had her screaming louder. He never wanted to pull his cock form her tight hole and he kept fucking her harder and harder. But too soon he filled her ass with cum. He pulled his cock out and began to lick her ass and suck the cum from it. Her ass was gaping from his big cock and he wanted to fuck her again and again. When he had her ass clean of his cum he pushed his cock in her mouth and told her "Lick my cock and taste my cum mixed with your ass. You have the best ass to fuck. Now come sit on my lap and let me suck those titties till I am ready to fuck you more. I am never going to get enough of your cunt and ass." He then grabbed a nipple with his teeth and sucked hard.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
I Think that was the best story of seduction I have read in a very long time. It really got me HOT and hard as a rock!!! I intend to read the rest of your stories, and comment on them.
2 years ago
not bad at all. Only criticism would be that I wish you were more descriptive of her looks. Height weight hair color etc.
2 years ago